I'm hoping someone can help me out this. I don't remember a whole lot about it, as its been a while since I've read it. So here goes, Dean wakes up in a stream. Kali (the Hindu Goddess) is painting his body. She holds him down in the stream and Gabriel take possession of Dean body. He and Dean have an internal conversation about Gabriel using his body. I think Kali or Gabriel were rebuilding a body for Gabriel, while he was housed in Dean's body. That's all I can remember of the story, so if anyone can help me, many thanks.

Found, thank you, nonnie
05 February 2016 @ 06:53 pm
I'm trying to refind a fic I read once. I'm not big into Dean/Gabriel as a couple but I remember liking this one.

1. Dean is a racecar driver, he and Gabriel have a fling in a bathroom stall and Gabriel ends up preganant. There's a lot of drama, including an abuse ex-wife Kkali towards Gabriel, and Dean himself being a bit of a jerk before coming to accept the mpreg and Gabriel.

Ok, so this one has been deleted... and is not one of the ones I've ever downloaded to read on my ereader... does anyone have a copy of it? or a way to contact the author to ask for a copy of it?

And on that note (mpreg)

2, does anyone know the fic where Gabriel and somebody (I always assumed it was Sam, but now I'm thinking it could have been Dean) are forced together in a room and there's like sex pollen or something and Gabriel ends up pregnant. They escape and Gabriel gives birth in the woods and morphs himself into a women so it won't be suspiscious that there a newborn. Gabriel ends up standing outside Bobby's because he's not sure if he'll be allowed inside.

I have the worst luck, this one isn't on the web either... anyone have a copy or a way to contact the author? Please....

3. Gabriel is pregnant, dean attacks him because he believes he is making the whole thing up and playing them. Sam and Ccastiel have to pull him off and Gabriel is left shaken afterwards.

and lastly
Anyone willing to rec any fics that showcase Dean/Gabriel friendship (or brothership) I read a wonderful one where Gabriel lost his mojo and got bitten by a black dog and at one point sort of thinks of Dean as an older brother.
18 February 2015 @ 09:04 pm
I can't remember to much about this story, so sorry in advance.

I don't think Sam and Dean are a couple at the beginning of the story and this might be after Dean comes back from Purgatory, I think Sam is feeling guilty for Gabriel's death and somehow Kali gets involved either with helping Sam find a spell to bring back Gabriel or going to Sam to make a deal to bring Gabriel back, maybe that she can bring Dean back if Sam brings back Gabriel. I believe by the end Sam and Dean become lovers.

Im sorry I really can't remember much, the only parts that stick out is Kali, Gabriel coming back (I think he possesses Sam for a little while) and Sam and Dean are lovers by the end.

Help please???
I'm looking for two specific fics:

1. Tricksters from different mythologies and Kali gather to perform a spell to bring Gabriel back to life. Each has to give up something, and Castiel becomes a part of it and is tricked into giving up (his wings?) because he thinks it's the only way to save Dean (who was poisoned?) I think this may have been Gabriel/Sam and Cas/Dean but it may have been gen. I'm pretty sure the big push came from the original trickster (I forgot which name was used) and Kali. (I did check the Gabriel/Kali tag at a03 but no dice.)

----> Found: Blood Is Freedom's Stain by littlehollyleaf.

2. This was actually a series. I don't remember which season it got to (it may have been when Dean asking Cas to step down from opening up purgatory//Cas opens purgatory) but suddenly the story is back to when Dean is talking to a dead Sam after being stabbed in S2, before he made the deal. Cas, who I believe is in a different vessel, says none of that has happened yet and Dean could stop it from happening if he let Sam go now, and he does. I think the fic ends with him stopping/helping to stop Jake from opening the door to Hell. In another story in the series, he runs into Cas, who was bumped down and is now a cupid (yes, naked) and I believe can't remember why he's been bumped down. He was tasked with shooting Dean and Bela (so that when Bela goes down to hell in a few months he'll offer up his soul to save her) but refuses. Definitely read it on A03, though it could have been posted elsewhere too. 

-----> Found: Moebius Series by unadrift
    -- I ended up coming across it so for anyone who was curious.

Two gen requests:

1. Does anybody have Zachariah/anyone? Seriously, anyone. I've only found one Zach/Dean drabble, so you can definitely assume I have not read it if you have a rec. Even if it's marked pre-slash that will work.

ETA: Just to clarify I mean Zachariah shipped with anyone, not a story that has Zach and shipping in it. Thanks :)

2. Any fics that have Rufus/Ellen/Bobby (or Rufus/Ellen, or Rufus/Bobby). This can be slash or gen, but I need Rufus in it (so no Bobby/Ellen unless Rufus is a a major factor in the story/their relationship.)

Thank you! Self-recs for the two general requests are always open. You all are wonderful!

(Mods: there's no character tag for Zachariah. Or any of the pairings I asked about in the gen requests but not sure how much any of these comes up as tags so...anyway thanks!)
03 August 2012 @ 09:47 pm
Hey there, 

I'm looking for this fic, Cas was a fledgling angel and crashes into Gabriel Heaven and Cas ends up helping Gabriel deliver some messages, one to Mary (I think), I can't remember the other two but near the end Cas gets separated from Gabe and tries to finish sending the message himself and it starts to drain his grace or something. I remember they had this play fight somewhere with coloured dust or something and Kali was in that scene. It was part of a series, with all the other angels looking after Cas or playing with him or whatever. If anyone remembers it, please link me!
05 December 2011 @ 09:39 pm
Can anyone recommend any and all fics with Gabriel and Kali? I've read [livejournal.com profile] misachan's Daksinakali and loved it and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Mods, can we get a Kali tag, please? Or a pairing tag for them?