04 August 2017 @ 11:17 pm

Lately, I've been thinking about this story that I read a while ago. I believe it was on AO3 and it may have been a Destiel fic. One scene vividly sticks out to me. The overal tone of the story was pretty angsty. In this scene, Dean went to a liquor store and pretty much consumed all of the drinks in stock. I believe he suffered from alcohol poisoning which resulted in him going to the hospital. Mary and Sam were in this story and think Castiel may have been a preacher.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I would love some direction lol
31 March 2016 @ 11:41 pm
Hey guys, I'm just wondering if y'all could rec anything for the following:

1) pre-season 8 - any story that deals with sam while dean is in purgatory, but without amelia.

2) meg+sam - stories where meg and sam are friends or act like siblings because of azazel's blood in sam (kind of like their relationship in hell's bells by safiyabat)

3) apologetic!dean - stories where dean genuinely apologizes to sam and tries to make it up to him (canon or otherwise)

I'd prefer these stories be gen or wincest, but I'll take anything (minus destiel).

08 February 2016 @ 11:22 pm
I read this fic a while back and I loved it but I forgot to bookmark it. I remember that Sam was super protective/possesive over Dean, it's a Wincest story, I think it was a spell that made Dean a girl, Castiel appears in it, Ruby turns out to be Meg, Dean gets bitten by a snake or something and I think it was on AO3?
Also there might have been the real FBI in it at some point and nuns but I'm not sure on those two???
Now found- link in the comments
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Hey! I'm desperate to read this fic that I read a very long time ago. I hope I'm not too vague or making things up!

  • the demons are desperate for sam to claim his righteous place in hell

  • one demon in particular is persistent and kind of manages to befriend sam

  • the demon then helps sam break dean's deal and convinces sam to take the throne (i'm not too sure about this part)

  • i think the demon also told sam that ruby was actually meg, trying to get revenge

  • again, not sure if it was gen, wincest or sam/omc but none of these things are an issue either way

thank you in advance!

found: I Am The Very Model..." (http://vorpalblades.livejournal.com/63183.html)
12 October 2014 @ 05:20 pm
This is a request posted by vain_chan in 2011 and since the story hasn't been found yet, I'm reposting it:

I've been hunting for this fic for a few weeks and I cannot it anywhere. It's driving me insane, so I'm hoping to harness the comm's collective awesomeness to locate it.

The fic is several years old and it's an AU of season 2's 'Born Under a Bad Sign.' In the story, after Meg/Sam knocks Dean unconscious, he assaults Dean. Afterwards, possessed!Sam keeps Dean under control by threatening to hurt Sam's body (biting off his tongue, stabbing him, etc.), beating Dean, and tying him up. This goes on for several weeks while possessed!Sam kills hunters listed in John's journal. Eventually possessed!Sam takes a pretty broken Dean to Bobby's, trying to force Dean to kill Bobby. Bobby knows what's up, though, and he traps and exorcises the demon. I can recall specific scenes in detail: one in which possessed!Sam returns from a kill injured and Dean begs to stitch Sam's body up, and a separate non-con scene where possessed!Sam is in the bathtub, washing off blood from a kill and forcibly holding Dean's head on him under water, while thinking to Sam something along the lines of, "This is how the world is going to end: willingly drowned in blood."

This is a well-written, long-ish fic, and I think there we a sequel dealing with the fallout of Sam and Dean's recovery; it may have even been part of a series. As you can probably see, it's very dark and deals with some pretty rough subject matter including physical and psychological torture, non-con, and some pretty graphic violence. There's massive amounts of Dean abuse and no small amount of damage to Sam since it continues into the recovery phase. It was one of the first fics I read in this fandom before I got a delicious account, so I don't have it book marked. I also could not find it under the tags on this comm. Please, please help me find it. You'll be my favorite person forever. Thanks.

#1) So there is one fic that I know is K Hanna Korossy's that I can't find for the life of me (because of her 22+ pages of supernatural fics with generic summaries..). Sam gets hurt during a poltergeist hunt, and accidentally slices his wrist when it throws him (through a window maybe?). The hospital thinks he's suicidal, puts him on watch and restraints, and he's kinda freaking out about it. Dean comes in and busts him out of the ward. ^^This story is mentioned in her other fic My Strength is Your Weakness

#2) The other one I'm pretty sure is her's as well. Dean gets possessed by a demon (Meg?) and it drugs Sam and takes him from the impala to motel after motel, he's always tied up or handcuffed. Sam gets beaten up multiple times and at the last motel manages to get a splinter from the headboard and unlock his cuffs. He draws a devil's trap and catches Dean/Meg and starts to exorcise but she gets free and stabs him. Bobby bursts in and finishes the exorcism, cleans the boys up. Dean finds out he was possessed for about 5 weeks.

Thanks to whoever knows what these are!
23 June 2014 @ 11:04 am
I think it's a high school au. Dean and Cas are best friends. There's one scene where Dean and Cas are sharing bed and Dean is teaching Cas about spooning because Cas doesn't know how to do it with Meg. Then Dean kisses Cas' neck. I know it's not much, but this is bothering me for days, and I can't find it.

eta: I managed to find it myself. If anyone else needs it, here's a link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7311347/1/Touch
20 May 2014 @ 10:36 pm
I actually found this fic on this site while I was looking for something else. I swore I bookmarked it but now I cant find it.

Sam went to a witch I guess to find a way to save Dan. She says she'll help but he ha to give something up. He walks through a mirror and into a world where he finds that he and Dean aren't brothers. Dean and Jo are siblings and Sam is at Stanford where he has burn scars from trying to save Jess. He finds out that a demon (Meg) is after him and teams up with Dean(they end up in a relationship)_ . She catches up with them and several people end up dying including Jo, Ash, and Sam. Dean ends up going to the same witch and he has to give something up too. He and Sam end up brothers again.  I could go on but I'm hoping someone knows what I'm talking about. Thanks for your help!
10 February 2014 @ 06:37 pm
I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where Sam was taken by a demon (I'm almost 100% positive it was Meg) and tortured. She did things like burn his feet with boiling water. He was rescued by Dean and Bobby (maybe Caleb) and they took him to a hospital that was a safe haven for hunters. Everybody in the hospital was either a hunter or knew about hunting and Sam started recovering there. I remember a scene where Dean took Sam to a petting zoo and got a dog but he started barking at their sandwiches and they figured out that their food was poisoned. I'd really love to find this fic again and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Found in Comments
03 September 2013 @ 01:05 am
You know how you have that one ship that keeps creeping up and giving you the warm fuzzies without your permission, even at the same time it makes you wanna stab something because it's in the way of your OTP? Meg/Cas is that pairing, especially since I just finished watching episode 8x17. So does anyone know of any Dean/Cas fics where Dean asks/talks to Cas about what his relationship with Meg had been like? My only requirement is that the boys are very happy together (or working toward being very happy together, either one) and wholly committed to each other, but otherwise anything goes in the way of how they got together, what kind of relationship Meg and Cas had, what the conversation is like, how Dean and Cas feel, etc.
08 July 2013 @ 07:26 pm
I'm looking for a noncon fic where Meg possesses Sam, acts all sluttish and does all kind of sexual stuff like having sex with a group of men/gangbang (one of which i think was a hunter) I remember that one of the men decided to not go with it because he saw the helplessness in Sam's eyes.
hey guys,

i am looking for 4 specific stories i came across earlier but forgot to bookmark. would really appreciate the help in locating these

1. jared and jensen. Jared and jensen are part of a band and spend alot of time touring. Jared likes interacting with the fans back stage. Jensen gets jealous one day, when he sees a fan giving jared her number and jared pocketing it and asks jared to throw away the number. But later he finds the number in jared's wallet i think while looking through his stuff, and in a fit of anger breaks up with jared. Jared is hurt and when jensen tries to apologize and get back together after realising his mistake, turns jensen down, saying that no relationship can last if the people involved dont trust each other. i think finally they go to jared's mom's place for dinner while in town and later talk things out and get back together. sorry if this was a sucky summary

2. this is a specific fic with possessed dean, shortly after born under a bad sign. Meg goes on to possess dean after sam and makes dean shoot sam in the gut in the motel room. she then ties up sam and leaves him while she goes bar hopping, promising to bring dean back in time to allow him to apologize and watch sam die. Sam replies to this saying that dean doesnt need to apologize as he is not at fault. Sam then manages to paint a devil's trap with his own blood and trap meg in it, and exorcises her from dean. Dean rushes them to a doctor who is trusted by bobby i think and in the end both boys survive.

3. this sam and dean fic, revolves around that nasty voicemail message from season 4. i think its set in season 6, and involves dean finding out that sam has kept the message all these years and regularly listens to it. he then clarifies the misunderstanding and insists sam delete the message then and there. sorry thats all i remember, i think they were at bobby's but i am not sure.

4. sam and dean season 5. in the first episode, after dean drives off in the impala without sam, Sam doesnt go to the motel but throws away all identities and admits himself into a mental hospital. over the months he starts talking to the pyschiatrist, slowly becoming more and more comfortable. finally the doctor introduces him to dena, saying dean had come by a few weeks ago searching for him and the doctor had to make sure sam trusted him before letting dean meet him. dean insists sam get the clear from the doctor before leaving, as opposed to breaking out of the hospital. When they finally do leave, dean hands over sam's wallet, money clip and other identities to him, that he had thrown away.. indicating to sam that he had followed sam's steps in an attempt to find him.

thanks in advance
14 May 2013 @ 10:43 pm
Cut for a little spoiler ... )
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14 May 2013 @ 03:32 am

I am in the mood to read some good cliche fic - please rec me some, I'd really, really appreciate it. I'm feelin' kinda desperate (it's pathetic how my entire life revolves around fan fiction, but oh well). Anyway, I'd like complete fics or wips that are updated regularly. I'd prefer an NC-17 rating, but R is okay and if the fic is REALLY good I don't care what the rating is. I'd like long stories, but short are cool too - just please nothing with less than 2,000 words. Now for the cliches I'm askin' for (oh - first time Dean/Sam with happy endings only please):

Cut for a few spoilers for seasons 7 and 8 ... )

Okay, I got carried away and not all of my requests are cliches, but lately whenever I post here I hardly get any replies so I thought if I asked for a variety of stuff I'd get more recs (crosses fingers). Please keep in mind that not every little detail I put in this request has to be followed - I'm kind of OCD about details and can't help it - I just wanted to give ya'll a good idea of the stuff I like to read. Well, PLEASE give me recs! Thanks, ya'll! *HUGS* (prays for recs)

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24 January 2013 @ 02:32 am
Hey, I've recently come to like the cas/meg pairing, but the only fics i've been able to find have cas ending up with dean in the end, or cas/meg as a casual secondary thing to dean/cas. I was wondering if anybody has/knows any stories where its full on Cas/Meg with Dean and Sam just as friends? It would be awesome if someone could help. :) 

I'm not too picky as long as it meets my request above. :) 

Also, this is my first time posting so i hope i got the tags right, i apologize if not. (i couldn't find a cas/meg pairing so i just used their characters).  
14 January 2013 @ 04:02 pm
Hi guys!

I was wondering if there were any fics that are centered around "Castiel kissing Meg" scene? Something like Dean getting really jealous and pissed off because Castiel kisses Meg?

19 October 2012 @ 12:43 pm
Looking for any fics that are basically  Born Under A Bad Sign told from Sam's POV. How Meg possessed him, what it felt like having no control over his body, what she did during that week he was away from Dean. A must have would be follow up when Sam and Meg meet again in the future. I'm really disappointed that it's never even been mentioned that Meg possessed him, not even a snarky remark from Meg. Would Sam do something as revenge/payback?? Try to kill Meg sometime in season 4 when he's dosed with demon blood. Even a convo between them about that week would be great.

Am happy with either gen, het (Sam/Ruby2) or Wincest and the darker the better.

Now that I think about it, I do seem to recall a fic where Meg took Sam to some place ( a bar or club) very soon after possessing him and let some men (am pretty sure it was more than 1 or 2)  fuck him. Sorry I can't remember more.
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13 September 2012 @ 06:25 pm
Looking for a specific fic that's been driving me insane.

Cas agrees to go to Hell, I think in Sam's place or something. The boys and Meg find him later in hospital and he's mute. I can't really remember much else about it but if it sounds familiar to anyone help is much appreciated!
Dean and Cas are (or appear to be) cursed by heaven to kiss and fall in love and I think in one chapter Becky uses a spell to get them to make out.

I'm also 50% certain that the curse actually turns out to be that other people are manipulated by heaven to imagine Cas and Dean in intimate situations and because Cas reads their minds he gets ideas.

It was over 20k, non!au, and at one point Dean kisses Cas in a bar right after Meg and Cas kissed.

Found: Tripping by hatteress
18 August 2012 @ 07:34 pm
Hello all! :)

I'd love to read any/all Meg-centric stories. Any season, any length. Would prefer Castiel/Meg, but I'll read just about any pairing.


(Also, mods - any chance of getting a 'pairing: castiel/meg' tag?)
20 May 2012 @ 03:59 pm
Are there any fics set in seasons six or seven that deal with the fact that Meg possessed Sam back in season two? I imagine it could make working with her really awkward for him. Could be gen or Sam/Meg, crack, darkfic or a character study, I don't really care - it's just one of these thoughts that won't leave me alone.
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10 April 2012 @ 01:05 am
Hello, at first I've to say that I'm totally in love with this community!
Thanks for your help in advance :)

1. I'm searching for Wincest storys based on 02x20 What is and never should be. 
Dean x Alternative!Sam and stuff like this, maybe fluff and hurt&comfort.
I prefer NC-17, but also PG-13 or PG when there are good written ones and... bottom!Sam

2. Do you know any Dean/Castiel storys with a narrow-minded Cas about human things? Or totally virgin!Cas but more in a fluffy way than a sexual one? I would love some kind of first time storys and so on.

3. Any good Cas/Meg storys, maybe dark ones?
Hey guys :)

1) Been looking around for any Castiel/Sam (Sassy) AU fics, but they can be so hard to find. I'm not very picky, so whatever you've got to recommend, please do. :)

2) Castiel/Meg fics. Again, not picky, so if you've got any, please share them!
09 March 2012 @ 04:17 pm
I'm looking for any stories that focus on Castiel and his family(Lucifer, Michel, Gabriel, Anna,etc)  being human it can be slash/angst/humor  anything.
Also looking for one  particular story where the demons Ruby and Crowley were also his siblings and they were having a family dinner and talking about Castiel's  relationship with Dean
Thank you!! you guys always rec the most AMAZING stories 
02 March 2012 @ 11:22 am
Hi all! :)

I was wondering if anyone could rec me some fics centered around Caged Heat? Specifically some Soulless!Sam/Cas. But I'd take anything: Dean/Cas, Dean/Soulless!Sam, Cas/Meg.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
27 February 2012 @ 09:25 am
Yeah, I watched the vid again. And again, I'm craving these. Hopefully someone out there has some Meg/Jo fics saved?? Be it Meg-Meg, Sam-Meg, whatever, I don't care. Self-recs welcomed. And for this search, I'll even take non-con!! I just need some Meg/Jo.

*wibbles* Please?
24 January 2012 @ 10:34 pm

I've never posted here before so I hope I got this right. :fingers crossed:

I just watched "Caged Heat" and it left me wondering if there were any Dean/Meg/Castiel stories out there?

Love the comm by the way.

21 January 2012 @ 07:31 pm
Just saw a comment somewhere that reminded me of how Meg 1.0 told Sam she'd met Chad Michael Murray in California (in "Shadow").  Now suddenly I need Meg/Chad in my life.  There is, LOL, of course, no pairing tag for this.  Anybody know of any stories?  I'll take any genre, length, kink, whatever.
17 January 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Hi (^^)v,
I'm looking for long fic with a dash of Hurt!Dean with Protective!Sam in Case fic.
Gen fic preferably but still read any fics recommended, not that picky.
Such as fic written by gaelicspirit.

Thank you in advance. ;)
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I feel pretty lame about making another request so soon, but a lot of fics have been going missing with the delicious shift and I figure you guys tend to be awesome with that kind of thing. :)

1.  I read a fic a white back where Dean was a skinwalker. It was pretty much an AU of the pilot, only Dean was in his animal form when he came to Stanford. He was a big black wolf/dog and Jess let him in because she thought he was a stray. Dean was checking Jess out (looking up her skirt when she walked up the stairs at one point, I think) and Sam was annoyed. He called Dean out on it once she was gone. I don't know if it was ever finished, but any help in locating it would be awesome.

Edit: Pretty sure it was from Sam's POV. There was a part where he was wondering what was wrong with Jess because Dean was clearly a wolf, not a dog that was safe to take in. Also, Dean abused his puppy eyes and Jess thought he was adorable. Sam was not amused.

2.  I may have imagined this, but I remember a fic where one of the boys was possessed and wincest ensued. The possessed one tried to rape the other, but the other actually had feelings for them and went with it without even realizing that they were possessed. I remember that the possessed one was freaking out (possibly disgusted) and the demon was taunting them, while the other brother was really into it. I really want to say that it was set during BUABS, but again, I may have just made this up... >.>

FOUND! Link in comments :)

Anything similar with unrequited wincest coming to light or first time when one of the boys is not in their right mind would be appreciated, especially if it's bottom!Dean and the other is unaware anything is wrong.

3.  Are there any fics based on Dream a Little Dream of Me where Sam finds out that Dean has the hots for him? Or really, anything where Sam is able to read Dean's mind/see into his subconscious and discovers how Dean really feels about him? The reverse would be fine too, but I'm really looking for bottom!Dean here. Everything I've found so far has been bottom!Sam. Bonus points for kink.
22 October 2011 @ 01:33 am
I'm trying to find a fic where Dean is captured by Meg (or maybe it was Ruby?) and Meg blackmails Sam into becoming a part of her big plan. But Sam refuses so Meg calls in her human goons and tells them to rape him, which they do and video tape so the tape can be sent to Sam (to forcefully persuade him to join her side or else more damage will be done to Dean.) In the end Dean is saved by Sam however.

I think it continued around the middle of Season 4, just before Lucifer Rising.

Any help is appreciated, thank you very much in advance!

EDIT: Found it, it's called Blinded in Trust! (Thank you, )
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19 September 2011 @ 09:22 pm
I'm watching "Caged Heat" and Meg just made me growl by kissing Cas (grr).

Are there any completed, preferably long, fics where Dean gets so worked up/jealous about it that he later goes and "stakes his claim" on Cas? Bonus points if it involves Meg trying to lure Cas away!

21 August 2011 @ 04:55 pm
Hi, I'm looking for any fics involving femslash, I'm not picky about which ship and I'll read almost anything. If it's AU, I will love you forever. 

I'm also looking for some Ruby and/or Bela centric fics, no character bashing. 
11 March 2011 @ 07:33 pm
Hey guys so I'm a first time poster (hope I post this correctly)! Even though I've been using this site almost religiously now just browsing and looking at recommendations. So anyways I have a two stories:

So this one I know has been written but I just cannot find it or remember the author!
1. Dean and Sam are captured by Meg in possibly a wood type scene with two other younger girls. Shes keeping them locked up in there and in order to keep his brother and the girls safe, Dean puts himself in the focus of torture. So its pretty much hurt!dean with him getting stabbed and beaten.

Now this one I'm not sure if it has ever been written! (but...worth a look see)
2. Lisa and Ben have been captured by demons (or whoever) to get revenge at Dean. So in order to keep them from hurting Lisa or Ben, Dean submits himself to the beatings and torture. Possibly with Lisa and Ben watching Dean suffer it all to protect them. AND if not Lisa and Ben maybe Sam being captured and having to watch Dean undergo the same thing.

So Recs would definitely be appreciated for #2! Kind of along those lines or something quite similar. (:
*Open to all ratings
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Ok, so normally im a 100%, squick at het, slash only fangirl. 

HOWEVER, every once in a while, I start shipping a het pairing, and it just won't let go!
At the moment, I have been engrossed in trying to find Cas/Meg stories

Cut for itty bitty spoiler! :) )

I have found a few on FF.net, but most were just oneshots, 1000ish words.
Not that I won't take that, but I like longer fics more.

Also, another VERY random pairing - richard/misha, I think I have found 2 stories of this in the
history of EVER, so if you have any, send them my way!

Thanks in advance! Self-rec is fine, and I'll read anything.
(AKA, nothing offends me, no matter how out there it is, in fact, I dare you to try)

-mods, I hope I did it right this time! :P
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25 February 2011 @ 01:56 am
Yeah, I know. Odd combo. But I just stumbled across a fanvid that raised some really interesting points about the pairing, and now it's got me hankering for some. :/

Self recs welcome, and I'll take anything from fluff to dark, non-con/dub-con. Seriously, I don't care. *shrugs*
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03 January 2010 @ 12:22 pm
I've been rewatching season one, and after watching Shadow, was wondering if there are any Meg/Chad fics out there? Bonus points if she's possessing... well, anyone amusing (Jared, Jensen, John, pretty much anyone) but blonde!meatsuit is fine too.

Please? :)
11 May 2008 @ 05:14 pm
 I started reading this fic ages ago, and I can't remember a lot, but I remember that Dean gets bitten by werewolves, and then he gets possessed by Meg. I remember that Meg drives in a petrol station and starts flirting with the guy in the car/truck next to them, even though she's in Dean's body and Dean's still awake. There's implications between Dean and Cas by Meg, and Meg finds Cas and Sam and says that they can't exorcise her out of Dean, or else he'll be a werewolf. She's the only thing keeping him from turning.

I don't know why I stopped reading, but I lost it and I would like to read it again. Even if it's unfinished.
And it was definitely on fanfiction.net.

Any help finding this would be amazing!