I'm looking for a story I read years ago, probably around the 2011-2013 range. I remember it being really long, but I'm not certain if it was 100k words (which I thought was A LOT back then) or 500k words. It started off after the events of Season 5 probably (although I could be wrong). It started off with Dean being in a really bad place (because Sam was sent to the cage with Lucifer?) and drinking a lot. At some point Castiel and later Michael show up and help comfort Dean. Dean and Michael talk, and Dean eventually is willing to say yes. When Michael possesses Dean, it's like Dean is in the backseat and can still see/hear everything with the same senses that Michael has (including being able to see wings the faces of an angel).

When not possessing Dean, I think Michael was possessing some dead/comatized aunt?

Over time, Dean ends up forming a group with Michael, Castiel, and probably Raphael, and they're essentially who Dean is closest too.

They meet up with Sam and their cousins at some point, although they're all wary because Dean is with Michael (and even said yes to Michael).

There might have been a scene where Dean and Castiel go to the Vatican and end up borrowing some powerful ring that Dean learns how to use.

I think Dean/Michael eventually end up going to a museum to get some artifact (although it's surrounded by angel wards), and later on some Aztec pyramids with a ton of demons for whatever reason (although I might be confusing that with something else).

There's a possibility there was some form of wing grooming and wing kinks going on, but I'm not certain.

That's about everything I can remember. Any help would be very appreciated.
10 June 2017 @ 12:01 am
There are plenty of fic where Dean is really Micheal or Dean is Micheal & Sam is Lucifer or even a few where Dean is really Lucifer, a la the whole Anna situation. But are there any fics where Dean is really Lucifer & Sam is really Micheal in the same fic?
22 April 2017 @ 07:57 pm
So I have been looking for certain fics that focus on Dean saying yes to Micheal and Sams reaction to his brother being possessed by him

There's always fics with Sam being possessed as lucifer. But I just really want to read a story that is mainly Sam and Dean experiencing Micheal!Dean that brings out Micheals character a bit as well.

I'm just really interested in some angsty vessel!Dean Fics.

I'm also not really looking for Micheal and Dean as the same person. Gen, No Destiel please

Thank you so much :)
18 February 2017 @ 09:46 am
I am looking for a fic that I have the urge to read but cannot for the life of me find. I've gone through my bookmarks and saved lists, but I haven't found what I think I'm looking for.

It was a Castiel/Dean story where they had come up with an alternate way to stop the apocalypse. I know they get rest of the Angel Squad on board, because Dean spends various battles possessed by Michael (who has done an about face on previous stances and is now a friend of Dean and Castiel). Michael, however, does not possess Dean all the time, and the rest of the time he wears Dean's former aunt (she had been John's sister, and had been braindead in a hospital due to an accident, I think). They also get the Vatican on board to help stop the apocalypse, as Dean and various angels make several trips to Europe to meet with people snd collect things. I believe it was posted to Archive of our Own, but I'm not sure.

This sound familiar to anyone?
18 November 2016 @ 03:26 am
So, once upon a time I've read this fic, where Michael went missing just before the apocalypse. So they sent Castiel to find him, and make him remember his archangel past. Obviously Destiel happens. Then there is some bad guys issue, and Dean remebers being Michael, which distresses Castiel a lot. But Michael is like cool with everything and cancels the Apocalypse. Then at the end there is a scene were Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel are stitting at the table in the bar/restaurant. And yes, Michael's fall was Gabriel's fault.

I swear to go that I read this fic on ao3. But I just can't find it. I would be grateful if someone knew which fic I am talking about.
Hope the tags are right! Anyway, shortly after being sent to purgatory, Dean and Castiel escapes, but somehow Asmodeus is with them. Asmodeus helps Lucifer escape from the cage. Sorry can'r remember much else except maybe Asmodeus was either a fallen angel or nephilim?
03 November 2016 @ 08:25 pm
Most fics I see with Michael as any sort of character either have him as one dimensional character that's either abusive, sadistic, or basically Mussolini.

If you think about it though, in a certain light he's actually a fairly tragic character. Does anyone know of any fics that offer some sympathy to him? Or at least some character development?
15 August 2016 @ 09:53 am
I'm looking for a fic I read a while back and I can't seem to find it anymore. Can't remember the title, but I do remember a few standouts from it.

- It was long, something like over a hundred parts if I remember, and it was(maybe still is) incomplete

- It was post here on Livejournal

-Dean didn't become a vessel until well into the fic, and he was mighty reluctant at first, but it was something both he an Michael came to enjoy

- It was Destiel

- Raphael had been hearing prayers from a littler girl

- I rmember there being mention of the Jewel of Abel

- At one point Samuel stabbed Dean because there had been a suggestion planted in his mind

Those are the big standouts, and I'd be super glad if someone could help me find this fic again. It was one of my favorites!
06 August 2016 @ 03:05 pm
I read this fic Team WHAT?! by Lucillia, and I'm looking for any fics with the same subject "Dean is Michael and Sam is Lucifer". I prefer the genre of the fic is humor, but others are okay too.
1. Time travel that includes going to a previous season. (Would really like to see someone like Demon!Dean or Leviathan to go back)(Would like to include Lucifer if possible)(No Wincest)

2. Mpreg that doesn't include a/b/o (Would like paring to be Destiel or Sambriel but any paring apart from Wincest is acceptable)

3. A good long Chuck as God (Complete if possible)

4. The dead family, friends and enemies find out what's been going on in the land of the living and react to it.

5. If can be found, all the archangels help with the darkness.
I read a fanfiction where is in an abusive relationship with Michael and Castiel is Michael's boss. Michael forces dean to sleep with castiel in order to give himself better chances at work.
I think that it was in an a/b/o universe and I'm pretty sure that it was on ao3.

Does anyone know the story?

Oh and I think that it was Part of a series!
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17 May 2016 @ 02:01 pm
I read this story awhile ago. Sam decides to say yes to Michael instead of lucifer to end the apocalypse. He's mind becomes damaged and the angels take in Sam and take care of him. Eventually Dean finds them and wants back into Sams life. Gabriel and Michael i think were two of the primary caretakers.
04 April 2016 @ 12:37 pm
(This is a general search, not looking for a specific fic)

Basically I'm looking for fics with the angels acting like a family (I tagged my preferred angels, but I'll accept any angels, honestly). Specifically, I'm looking for non-tragic angel family feels. As in the angels hanging around with each other before things go all to shit, or realzing they've been shits to each other and working on becoming a family again. AU's are fine. Stories don't have to be strictly about angel family feels, as long as it's in there. Any pairings or gen is fine.

Thanks in advance =).
13 March 2016 @ 06:53 pm
I am looking for fics in which the angels are the main focus. I have read some fics which shows the brotherly relationship between them, and I would like to read some more of that sort.
And also, fics in which the archangels reconcile or have to band together to fight a greater evil, Lucifer becoming not-apocalyptic, or Gabriel not dying, etc... You get the idea.
Of course it can include the Winchesters and other humans.
And I'd prefer if it was gen. Even if it's not, it's okay as long as the pairing isn't the main deal.
The fics can be sad, happy, hilarious, anything really.

Go crazy with the recs; I have absolutely nothing better to do! ;D
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11 February 2016 @ 01:38 am
I swear I had this one great demon Sam and Dean fic bookmarked but turns out I guess I didn't or it got erased so I need help finding it again. I believe is was on ff.net and I have looked all over but can't find it.

Sam and Dean are demons in hell and angels go to hell regularly to find mates and take the back to heaven. Lucifer and Michael fight their way into hell and Lucifer knows that Sam is his mate but Michael is just drawn to Dean so Lucifer and Michael kidnap Sam and Dean and return to heaven. Sam and Dean are kept seperate in rooms for Lucifer and Michael who must tame them to fully mate with them. Lucifer and Sam hit it off and do well, Dean hates Michael and fights him constantly and Michael takes joy in beating Dean. Castiel is a soldier in heaven who works for Michael and cleans up the room and Dean after Michael is done with him. Dean and Cas fall for each othr, and I think in the end Sam and Lucifer help Cas win Dean from Micheal.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? If someone knows what fic this is could you please point me in the right direction, thank you.

I hope I got the tags right, I went a little overboard just to be safe
21 November 2015 @ 04:51 pm
Well, there's this abandoned fic(last updated 2009 so yeah) (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4559734/14/The-Falling)
Basically, any stories out there where Dean deals with the darksides of his soul? Maybe with Michael or Lucifer as a catalyst of sorts, or were actually parts of his souls. Demon Dean is also awesome too.

Not really interested in sex, but hey, if it fullfills the conditions above, then whatever. 
15 November 2015 @ 12:01 am
Can anyone recommend any good AUs with omega!Dean and an angel (Cas/Gabe/Michael/...)? I'm really looking for something with a world where angels rule and get omega mates, so the age difference can be played up, but I'm willing to consider most things if they meet the basic criteria.

No wincest or angel/Sam of any sort unless it's with Lucifer please.
24 October 2015 @ 02:56 pm
So I'm hoping that when I get home from work at 11pm I have something to sit down, relax read after standing for many hours straight. I've notice how selfish Sam and John are is sometimes and how people seem to blame everything on Dean. So I really want to read 3 types of fic all revolving Dean.

1. The angels (any of them are overprotective of Dean and dislike Sam for some reason. If Lucifer like Dean better than Sam or Lucifer and Michael are fighting over Dean you'd make my day.

2. Dean leaves Sam and/or John and doesn't come back. If John and/or Sam have to look for Dean and find that he's happy and better of without him. If Dean is a genius/smart it's a pluss

3. People (meaning Bobby, Adam, Castiel, Jessica Moore etc.) calling John and/or Sam on their treatment of Dean. I would be jumping up and down if it's Missouri (or Becky) that does it because in the show she favors Sam a lot.

4. I really want to read some fic where Jessica and Dean get along really well. It's can turn into romance but just friendship is awesome with me. If Jess gets angry at John and/or Sam on behalf of Dean then I'll be very happy.

TODAY ANGST IS WELCOMED but give me some fluff in-between please.
Please don't make Dean quick to forgive people (John and Sam) that have hurt him
I'm starting to hate bottom Dean because that's all the stories I've read have. Don't get me wrong I really used to not mind it but it got annoying , really quickly. Warning if there is bottom Dean.

Are there any fics with a character named Genesis??????
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05 July 2015 @ 01:28 pm

I'm looking for a fic that contain Dean and Sam as Nephilim because there was some leftover grace from the time Michael used John as his vessel. Once John starts hunting he learns what his sons are, but he doesn't turn against them. I only manage to read part of the first chapter before my computer crashed and, now I can't find the fic, and honestly don't now much about it, but in the summary of it it mention something about how the Angels become protective of the boys, and how in the Angels eyes they are just children, and it changes the plan of the apocalypse. I think the fic was on AO3 but not really sure.

01 July 2015 @ 09:47 pm
I'm looking for any fics where any of Cas' brothers/family acts brotherly/parental/protective towards Dean, ie, Gabriel or Michael or Lucifer or Balthazar, or even Chuck. Basically, I'm looking for Destiel fics where Dean becomes part of Cas' family, especially if any of Cas' family protects Dean from John or takes Dean in or anything like that. Protective Michael or Chuck would be particularly awesome!
Thanks : )
28 June 2015 @ 02:00 pm
I am looking for three things.

1) Angels as a family (Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael, etc). Either canon (where they are angels) or AU (human or otherwise). Short or long, doesn't matter as long as it is complete. I don't mind if there is incest ("romantic" family is fine).

2) Castiel whump of any kind (mental, physical, sexual). Any where he is young and being abused by his family are great as long as there is a happy ending! Bonus if it can be tied into request #1.

3) Any fics with Castiel having a mental disorder. Any type is fine (OCD, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc). Bonus for tying into request #1 or #2.

Any pairings welcome for all.
UPDATE: FOUND- Soulmate Bond 'verse

I read this not to long ago, pretty sure it was on AO3 but now I can't find it for the life of me. This is as much as I can remember:

  • Opened with Cas being 'assigned' to rescue Dean from hell.

  • There was one of those predestined soulbond thingies but Michael and Raphael don't tell Cas about it b/c Dean is the vessel.

  • Gabriel finds out at some point about the soulbond thing and is super pissed at his brothers for lying to Cas.

  • There was some backstory stuff about how Cas was really close to the archangels back before the fall.

  • It was essentially a pile of schmoop and Cas angst and angel backstory and I need it

26 May 2015 @ 04:43 am
Looking for a fic where it is revealed that the fight between Michael and Lucifer was actually about Gabriel having to pick one of them for a mate. In the end Gabriel picks either Dean or Sam
I'm looking for stories with archangels as humans. Depowered, AU, anything goes, as long as the focus of the story is on them. Gen is fine, ships are fine (I prefer Sabriel, Gabifer, Sabrifer, and Samifer, but I really have no issues with any other ship). Just, I'd rather not read PWPs. No evil!Lucifer, please.

Bonus points:
- hunters!Michael/Lucifer/Raphael/Gabriel
- reverse verse (ie, the Novak boys and Sam&Dean as angels)
- BAMF!(insert character here)
- apocalypses

Stories featuring hunter!Castiel/angel!Dean are more than welcome, too.

Mods, I'm not sure how to tag this.
Hi I'm looking for a fic by onelittlesleep called Rain Boy. It used to be on journalfen, but the page is no longer there and a google search didnt give me anything that worked. Also I was reading this really long Destiel fic that may or may not still be a WIP, and I cannot for the life of me find it our remember the name. Dean's with Cas and they soul bond/marry eventually and it's got a lot of wing!kink going on. Dean says yes to Michael and they are working together with all the angels to stop a restart of the Apocalypse. If I remember right it was canon divergent from Swan Song and seriously the longest fic ever. The angel Raziel is in it. Sorry I guess it's really not much to go off of but can anyone help me out with these two fics?
27 April 2015 @ 08:58 pm
I remember reading a story a couple months ago where Gabriel was in a band with his brothers (including Castiel, Michael, Lucifer, & Balthazar). Sam was friends with Gabriel's cousin (Anna?) and she took him to one of their shows because she knew he was a fan. Sam and Gabriel start dating. I know Gabriel's mother could not attend the shows because she was deaf and could not hear their music.

I'm pretty sure Sam was living with Dean and ended up as a published writer at the end (although I could be mixing this up with another story)

Thank you Casey679!!
A few weeks ago I stumbled on a story at AO3 that I would really love to read now but for the life of me can't find again. I'd only read the summary, here's what I remember:

- It was an AU story with the angels all being human
- Castiel was the youngest and either blind or deaf, which made his brothers, particularly Michael, very
protective of him
- this attitude of his brothers frustrated Castiel and made him feel suffocated
- I'm pretty sure that it was Destiel

It would be great if you could help me find it! I'm currently obsessed with AU stories of the angels being a human family so if you have any other recs I would also love to hear them.
09 April 2015 @ 12:50 am
I don't know how to explain this really well, but I was wondering if there were any fics focused on Castiel mating with an angel (preferably one that we know), when he was heaven, way back when things were uncomplicated, but then being heartbroken when that angel leaves for whatever reason (like mating with Lucifer before he was cast out, or mating with Gabriel or Balthazar before they left heaven). Anything really. I know there really isn't much fics like this (because trust me, I've searched), so I'll take anything...even if it only hints at this. I'm not too fussed about the pairings either (polyamory fics welcome) so anything goes :)
11 March 2015 @ 11:18 pm
Mods. I am completely lost on the tags. What on earth should I add?? ^^

This search is so unique, that I can't even find the proper tags for it ^^. I know it's of a long shot, but I would really like to read a polyamory fic about Angels. Any and all pairings are fine (Castiel/Lucifer/Gabriel? Michael/Lucifer/Gabriel? Micahael/Lucifer/Gabriel/Castiel? The possibilities are endless!)

I am also looking for fics focusing on Sam or Dean being chosen as the mate of more than one angel . For example, I am looking for Sam/lucifer/Gabriel or Dean/Gabriel/Castiel (this is just an example...I will literally take anything so long as it's Sam or Dean and more than one angel.

I know my request is kind of (ha ha) complicated, but I'm hoping someone can help me find something!
14 February 2015 @ 07:51 pm
Emergency! Does anybody know where I could find a version of 'As Simple As That' by Feagalad? It was posted on FFN a few years ago but was later taken down. I admit I did not notice the lack of it until now, and so I am wondering if anybody saved it? The summary's something along the lines of, 'Is even Heaven shipping us now?'.

18 January 2015 @ 03:11 pm
I used to read a fanfic about Dean and angels trap Lucifer!Sam like the end of season 5, but at the moment Lucifer tell Dean he is hunting with Sam these years, he don't want Sam say yes because he want to be with him, not possessed Sam, but they make Sam make this choie because angels tell Sam that Dean is hunting him down or something, at the end Lucifer!Sam jump into the cell and Dean punch Cas crazily nut stopped by Bobby. Cas said he didn't know too.

I remeber there is a sequel, Dean finally make Sam back, but Sam thought Dean is Lucifer and just calling him 'brother' instead of Dean's name, meanwhile, Lucifer is going to find Sam too, but Michael is looking for Lucifter too.

Does anyone have any idea about this fic?I am dying for this fic!><

And I 'd like to have some other Lucifer!Sam with Dean, bottom!Sam only please.
01 January 2015 @ 03:06 am

I am looking for a series of stories focused around Dean/Castiel but with Sam, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael and the other angels as a big part of it.

The first story in the series was called North and further stories were called - South, East and West.

They were fantastic stories set around defeating Lucifer and what happened in the aftermath.  If anyone can help me find these stories or has a copy of them I would be extremely grateful.

I have a few requests and self-recs are welcome!

1. Stories in which Michael and/or the other archangels are not complete assbutts. Unexpected Destinies is an epic length story that is a good example of what I mean. There used to be a fic 'I Celebrate No Victories and My Promises Are Sand' that was exactly what I mean but the journal has been purged.

2. Any fics out there where Dean or Sam is a vessel but it actually works out well (i.e. not the end of the world or one of them left comatose). I'm not sure there are any out there that I haven't read but it's worth a shot. I've been through aceofannwn's rec list.

3. I have just read Good Omens and I'm now craving some crossovers. What are your favorites?
1. De-Aged/Baby Angels

I'm looking for fics where Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, and maybe other angels are de-aged or are babies and Dean, Sam, or Castiel (he can also be de-aged or a baby) have to take care of them. It's be great if it's a Destiel. NO WINCEST. I prefer slash.

2. Permanently de-aged Sam

I want fic in which Sam is de-aged permanently. It can be Gen but I really prefer if it were Destiel.

Already Read

Brother to Daddy

To End Your Suffering

God Help Me

God Help Us

3. Pretend Dating/Marriage

I want fics where Cas and Dean pretend to be dating or married. If it's for a case I'd be happy.

Hello All,

I'm looking for the following fanfiction:

Together We Stand Divided We Fall
The Archangel Michael has spent all his time alone since he cast Lucifer out of Heaven. No angels, with an exception of a handful of other Archangels, has set eyes on him since. Dean Winchester is the Righteous Man, destined to house a powerful member of the Host within his body and slay his baby brother. He's desperately fighting Fate, screwing destiny over and fighting for the sole reason that he loves his brother too much. Michael loves his brother too; maybe they're more alike than Dean - or anybody - thinks.

It's by [livejournal.com profile] raindrops1mil and was originally posted on Fanfiction.net, however the link to the story is unfortunately broken. I originally found it on [livejournal.com profile] aceofannwn's rec list for Dean!Michael fanfics. The list can be found here: http://aceofannwn.livejournal.com/20662.html. I would also appreciate any other recs that fall within the theme of Dean being Michael. Thanks for all the help!

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06 October 2014 @ 09:26 am
Hi everyone,
first time posting, but I hope you can help. My computer keeps dying on me and this is one of the stories I've lost because of that. I had started reading, but can't remember the title, author or even specifics from the summary. I've tried finding it, but haven't been successful. Perhaps this will sound familiar to anyone?

It's an AU in which angels live close to humans - I think the Winchesters are hunters and there's a hunter community, too. Dean is in high school and Cas is home from college. There is a lake that Michael Novak gave Mary Winchester permission to visit, because it's on Novak land, and after Mary died, Dean keeps going there. When the story begins, he's there and takes a walk in the woods, running into Castiel (who might be nesting?). He tries to run, which is why Cas chases him down and claims him by biting his neck. Michael then talks to John Winchester about the consequences and hands Dean a book with some rituals/traditions on what's going to happen from now. I remember that Dean got introduced to the entire Novak family as Cas' intended, and that Dean is angry because Cas ignores him, even though Cas invited him to meet the family.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: found, see comment
04 October 2014 @ 11:09 am
Okay, so I've read this fic awhile ago, but I completely forgot its title. It had hunter!Cas who was being stalked by two angels – Dean and Sam. And then it turned out that Sam was actually Samuel (aka Lucifer) and Dean turned out to actually be Michael, and everybody was like, "Seriously Cas, you hang out with them all day. How could you have NOT known?" And Cas is like, "Oh it was so obvious! Sam always kept calling Dean 'M–Dean'. I think that Dean wanted to help Sam on his road to redemption but I'm not sure about that part.
29 September 2014 @ 03:28 pm
so the fanfic im locking 4 starts with cas at a lagoon and dean coming over to him
i remember that cas thinks that dean is going to fight with him cause even though they r both angels they fight 4 different partys

like there are no humans but angels with just 1Wing (or wingpair)
and lucifer coruptet them and made them his army and gabriel (or maybe balthazar though that possibility is like 3%) took the other "lower angels" and banfrt them together and sam and dean are his generals and cas fights in michaels troops and they r fighting over who gets heaven

anyway dean is like in love with cas and is trying 2 court him but cas hasnt noticed that and is prepared 2 fight but dean just jokes with him

i also remember that cas wings r black or charcoal and gabriels r red
and that sam is together with gabriel and i think there is even a flashback gabriel has 2 a talk with god when he gave him a lolypop and started gabriels sweettooth

also its either a realy song fic or a series though i lean more towards series

anyway loocking 4 this has been driving me crazy cause it is a couple of years old at least 2 and ive been loocking 4 at least 6 months and google has let me down on this count (but i found some other cool stuff)

and i know Eve was not yet in the show but i cant remember if it lucifer was already trying 2 get sam 2 b his vessel and it was ignored or if he wasnt yet released so i dont know where in the cronicles it should b

im sorry if i didnt tag it right but i'm only confident in the things that i tageed and not in other stuff
      I humbly beg help locating a fan faction which i somehow misplaced on my computer!  I do not know the title or the author.  I can describe the plot as much as I can remember, however.  After Sam left for Stanford, and John, of course, abandoned Dean, waving all the red flags of a lifetime of unforgivable neglect and emotional abuse against his firstborn.  Dean decides to continue hunting under the tutelage of his some-time stepfather, and full-time research assistant Bobby Singer.
      When Dean winds up tracking through the countryside, in pursuit of some creature or other, he quickly deduces that he has shifted into another dimension, with no clue as how to return home.  After retracing his steps, and no visible yellow brick road signs, Dean is left with the survival training his father beat into him at a young age.  Reduced to distant recons and nightly raids for clothing and food scraps, Dean realized everybody here possesses rather large wing-like appendages.  Furthermore, Dean's brief recons have uncovered a very dark picture of a "culture" comprised of a two-caste system.  The winged people are the "upper class" warriors, while those without those appendages are at the lowest of lower class (a.k.a. slaves), doing all manual labor in the fields, and serving in houses, and maintenance in towns. These lower castes appear to have had their wings brutally hacked-off by warrior sadists during some sort of ceremony to empress upon them their new lot in life.
    Nauseating recon totally over, Dean hauls ass away from these mutilating sickos.  While trying to quietly steal some provisions from a isolated manor far, far, away from that disturbing village, Dean is overpowered by a black-winged and totally hot homeowner called Castiel.  After the "What the F*** are you? questions and manhandling inspections, the reality of the shit storm hits.  Castiel seems to be a rather intrigued, enlightened, and chill angel, who would never tattle on Dean's alien differences.
     Since Castiel is something of a eccentric hermit to his own kind, he decides to hide Dean in his upstairs apartment, providing him with food, clothing, and a bed until everything can be sorted out.  With no one else to interact with, Dean and Castiel become closer, sharing stories of their lives and adventures from their different realities.  Dean expresses his horrific shock when he learns that the "slaves" are in fact warriors who were bested three times in combat and mutilated to prove they are worthless to Michael's armies.  After many talkings-to Castiel about the needless cruelty and sadism of such practices, Castiel agrees with Dean that these practices are atrocities.
    After much planning Dean convinces Castiel to travel back to his reality, where life is far from perfect, but still better than this bullsh*t! Even so, neither man knows the direct route back to the field Dean crossed over through, so they enlist Castiel's brother Gabriel to gather intel on areas strange animals are spotted roaming.  When they have the nearest coordinates, Michael decides he wants to challenge Castiel to blood combat to prove who's the better warrior.  Dean, of course, is of the school of "screw this noise" but Castiel cannot back down without loosing face.  Castiel looses to Michael two times and almost lost a wing on the third before Dean's message sunk through his thick angel head.  He hauls ass after Dean to his reality and leaves all that pointless deadly pea cocking reality behind.  Time to start a new life where being a warrior means actually battling evil and protecting those who cannot defend themselves. Castiel can find true self-respect with a smoking hot righteous man!
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] zoetron56 at In search of a Dean/Cas fic where Dean is trapped in an alternate universe with barbaric angels.
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] zoetron56 at In search of a Dean/Cas fanfic where Dean is trapped in an alternate universe with barbaric angels.
I humbly beg help in locating a fanfiction which I somehow misplaced on my computer!  I do not know the title or the author.  I can describe the plot as much as I can remember however.  After Sam left for Stanford, and John, of course, abandoned Dean, showing all the red flags of a lifetime of unforgivable neglect and emotional abuse against his firstborn.  Dean decides to continue hunting by himself with only Bobby as occasional step-father and research assistant.
    When he winds up tracking through the country in pursuit of some monsters or creature, he finds himself in another dimension, with no way of finding his way out.  After much retracing his steps, he gives up the quest for the magical doorway and starts thinking about day-to-day survival on this alien landscape. He then reverts to his training and tries to blend in with the alien society that he has absolutely no place existing within. Reduced to recons and snatch and grabs for food and concealing clothing, he can't help noticing everyone here possess rather large sets of angelic wings.  Dean also notices a rudimentary two-caste system to the angel's culture (if it could be called one).  The winged angels are the warrior upper-class, while the servants, field hands (a.k.a. slaves), and any other "undesirables" no longer possess those winged appendages.  These "lower castes" are treated beyond the bounds of cruelty, and Dean could only too well guess the sadism required to repeatedly hack a persons feathered limbs off to desecrate and humiliate  them to these pitiful creatures.
    Nauseating recon over, Dean took the only sane course of action, and ran far, far away from these sickos. While trying to steal some food from a isolated farmhouse, Dean is overpowered by a gorgeous black-winged angel called Castiel.  After the mutual, "What the F**" are you?" by both parties, the shit storm became readily apparent, that if anyone other than the two of them ever found out about Dean's differences.
Castiel decided to stash Dean in his upstairs apartments, in an attempt to hide him from everyone else.  Castiel brought him food and companionship.  They learned each others words, and described each of their respective realities.  Dean repeatedly expressed horror over the fact that if a warrior angle lost sparring combat three times, his wings would be hacked off and would only be useful in working in the fields.  After many talkings-to by Dean to Cas over the complete insanity of such atrocities, Dean finally convinces Castiel to come home to his reality, where far from perfect, but would offer him the opportunity to truly be a righteous warrior fighting real evil and not following demented brothers butchering those they don't consider worthy.
I went through the michael!dean search and wasn't able to find this so I figured I'd go ahead and ask if it rings a bell with any of you.

It's a fic I once found on AO3 where cas is a fallen angel on the run from heaven and he saves people that he can sense are going to die.

He senses dean who is a preachers son (I think? I remember the church being a huge part of the story)

and Cas stays in this small town and heaven is going to destroy it but then Gabriel steps in and puts a protective bubble on it.

Dean gets killed in the end but then it's all okay because he turns out to be michael reborn that wanted to experience what being human was like.

It ends with cas and dean on a hay ride with a bunch of kids and dean using his angel!mojo to get the song he wants them to sing in everyone's heads

There's a sam/jess/ruby triad as well on the side

I've read the story five or six times and now I can't find it again for the life of me.

Thank you in advance.
11 May 2014 @ 04:48 pm
I would really like to read stories where one character calls another "Little One". It can be between lovers (Cas to Dean, Gabe to Sam, Dean to Sam), between family (John to Dean, or Dean to Sam) or in a playtonic situation (example: Bobby or Ellen to one of the boys, an angel to one of the boys) like Michael to Dean in OTP_Destiel's Unexpected Destinies. I am really open to any situation, any or no pairing. I just want a character being called "Little One". Thanks for any you can find.
26 February 2014 @ 07:21 pm
Okay I'm having trouble finding a specific fic where God sends Dean and Sam and a whole lot of others to the HP world for a vacation. Before the levianthans. It had Bobby and Ellen as well as Jimmy Novak as adults with Dean, Sam, Adam and all the angels with some of the demons as kids. I remember that Dean is mad that Sam was in Slytherin with Lucifer and Crowley as well as Adam being a Hufflepuff (I think) with Michael. Also there was teasing about Dean/Cas. Any help would be appreciated I read it before and have been looking all over for it to read again. Thanks!!
Hello guys :)
So I'm looking for a fanfic I read a while ago (it was wip but maybe it's complete now) I can't found it anymore, I searched everywhere but maybe not in the good way and you are my last chance, hopefully you'll know where it is :D
pairing : Dean/Castiel
It started with Dean and his best friend (neighbor) Chuck they were hanging out outside Dean's house (porch I think) and they saw that the house in front was now landed.
A family just moved in and they saw a teen of their age (something like 17 or more), looking awkward in a suit (Castiel)
they decided to talk to him.
After they go together at school and Cas invit Dean and his little brother Sam to his house and they met Cas's family, Gabriel, Michael, Anna and all.
They are invited to supper and I know at a point Dean while going to the toilet overheard a conversation between Michael and Uriel about the fact Cas invited and really like Dean, Dean heard them talking about things (angels things) he don't understand but he feels weird about it.
Dean tell Chuck and they go investigate and heard more but still can't understand what's the deal.
I don't remember but Dean confront Cas and Cas reveals him his family secrets (they are angels) while Gabriel show Sammy his wings cause the kid asked him and he like him.
I don't remember much more I know there's a movie night in the basement with Dean, Cas, Gabriel and Sam but that's all.
(ps : I think there was a vessel thing too Michael knew the Winchester brothers have something special, it was different than being vessels like in the show)
Does it ring any bell to you ?
I think it was on fanfiction.net but I may be wrong.
Thank you so much by advance and have a nice : day - night !

found by me (after months :p ) http://archiveofourown.org/works/224119/chapters/338982
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17 November 2013 @ 04:13 pm
Hello! Somehow I didn't bookmark I fic I read a while ago, and I'm hoping someone here can help find it. In this fic, angels lived among humans. Dean was a mechanic with Bobby (who'd adopted, or at least taken him in as a teen), and Cas got a job here, after injuring his wing, I think? I remember that they developed a relationship and it lead to a bond, and this was very odd for this universe. At some point, Lucifer also gets a job at the shop. Anna then approaches Dean about adopting an angel/human hybrid child (I think it was Jesse? He was tenish) and his foster brother (already a teen, acted out a lot) whom he bonded to. Lucifer is estranged from his family, and Michael shows up at the garage to try and reconcile. Michael has a teenage daughter who hits it off with the human adoptive son (I want to say it is Adam, but it has been much too long), and his wife is uptight but is convinced to play a prank on everyone at dinner. Closer to the end of the fic, Sam and Lucifer get a house behind Dean & Cas' and they adopt their own child (a little girl, if I remember correctly). This is awfully vague, sorry, it's been a long time. I haven't had any luck searching on AO3, and honestly I cannot remember if I read it there or on LJ somewhere; I've been looking over kid fic rec lists but have had no luck. Thanks for taking the time to look at this!

EDIT: Found, link in comments to The Wings Were in The Way by Gedry
24 September 2013 @ 01:14 am
There's a fic I read a while ago and really want to reread but I can't seem to find it anywhere.  Anyway, Dean is fallen!Michael.  He was still human when Zach sent him into 2014, where he goes to Lawrence looking for a tree from his childhood only to find that it isn't there.  Lucifer finds him there, recognizes him as Michael, says that the tree doesn't exist in that dimension, and apologizes for killing him.  Later after Dean returns he goes to Lawrence, finds the tree, and regains his grace.

I'm pretty sure there's more but that's all I remember...
27 August 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Today I am looking 3 different fics.

Fic 1: John Winchester is somehow resurrected. Bobby, Sam & Dean try to research why John is suddenly amongst the living again. Later on, a spirit appears in Bobby's house and John starts speaking an unknown incantation which cause the spirit to break it's earthly bonds and go to the afterlife. Suddenly Gabriel appears and explains that John was brought so that he could absolved the spirit, which was the "last supernatural entity" on Earth. Gabriel goes on to say that John will be regarded as a saint, using the name "John Eric" since there is already a Saint John. John then moves on to Heaven.

I think the setting of this was post-apocalypse, with Gabriel having been resurrected after he was killed by Lucifer.

Fic 2: Dean goes to make the crossroad deal to resurrect Sam. However, the demon refuses to make the deal because it's fun to watch Dean being racked with sadness and guilt over not protecting Sam.

Fic 3: For some reason Team Free Will are in hell. More specifically near the cage. Soon the surroundings start to break apart and out of the crack comes creatures that want to eat whatever they can get their hands on. So Team Free Will make a hasty retreat. However, before the cage is completely out of sight, Dean looks back and sees that Michael & Lucifer are trying to get out of these zombie-like creatures grasps to no avail. It is implied that the 2 archangels were consumed by the creatures.

I hope someone recognizes these fics.

Edit: All fics found. 1) A Few Small Repairs by [livejournal.com profile] liadan14 2) This Road, Full of Mud by 3) Contrapasso by