On a job, Sam and dean find out there is an orphaned little boy there. Without thinking they take the child with them. Dean decides to call him Danny i think. In one scene they take him shopping and he's wearing sunglasses and imitating Dean. They decide to give him to Sam's friend Rebecca, but decide they will go get him. Dan and Sam do rock paper scissors about it.
Another scene is they are camping out and Sam is freaking about what could happen to the kid. While he is asleep the kid fills his mouth with salt. I remember Sam freaking out about a Pepsi truck coming along and hitting the kid.
If some one knows where I can find this or has a copy, I'd be grateful for your help
24 January 2017 @ 11:52 am
  Hey everyone,

To the mods: I tried posting this awhile ago but my post was deleted for not having tags. Originally I think that I didn't put tags because I didn't see any relating to the topic of self-inserts or oc's (probably because they're not very popular, lol) so I just put the au genre tag this time. If there are any other tags you feel should be added just let me know.

Alright, so I'm bascially look for exactly what the title implies. It's universally agreed that 95% of self-insert fics are wish-fulfillment garbage, but I've read a couple before that were actually pretty good. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations of their favorite self-insert stories. I don't especially care about length, pairings, genre, etc. It just has to involve self-insert in some way. Thanks!