27 August 2014 @ 11:44 pm
I can't remember much about it because I read it so long ago. I think Sam and Dean got into some sort of fight about something and Dean freaked out and punched Sam. Sam got upset and went for a walk but accidentally gets hit by a car and dies alone on the side of the road. I think there was a second chapter that expanded on Dean's reaction, and Tessa was somehow involved at the end, but that's really all I remember about the story. Is this ringing any bells for anyone?
11 August 2012 @ 06:51 pm
Hello, I just watched In My Time of Dying again, and I have a couple requests.
Looking for ghost/spirit!dean stories, gen or wincest. Also will take ghost!jensen stories. Prefer happy endings with Dean/Jensen getting back to to his body at the end.
Also looking for stories where Tessa has a big role in the fic. She helps out team free will or something.
Longer fics for both requests.
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05 January 2012 @ 09:06 pm

mentions episode 7.01 )

2. Any fics (AU or otherwise) where the couple is Cas/Dean but the focus is on the relationship between Cas and Sam, or the POV is of Sam watching the couple. (Basically, how Sam fits into the couple of Cas/Dean.) Just to clarify, I'm not looking for Cas/Dean/Sam, I don't want Sam slashed in. I also don't care if this is a positive or negative relationship between Cas-Sam.

3. I'm hoping for some Anna/angel!anna-centric fic and some Tessa-centric fic. (Not in the same story though if you found that awesome.) Gen preferred but slash (with anyone) is fine. AU, canon-related, whatever. I just want them being awesome.

4. Dean (or heck, Sam or Cas) do go after Walt and Roy for what happened in Dark Side of the Moon.

5. Are there any band/musician AUs, but with the Winchesters NOT RPF/J2? Any slash or gen, AU or they have to for a case or whatever.

Self-recs welcomed and if you just have something close-ish please list. As always thank you!
21 August 2011 @ 04:55 pm
Hi, I'm looking for any fics involving femslash, I'm not picky about which ship and I'll read almost anything. If it's AU, I will love you forever. 

I'm also looking for some Ruby and/or Bela centric fics, no character bashing. 
10 July 2011 @ 09:10 pm
These are specific searches, and any help would be appreciated.

1)First fic is one in which after 5x08.  In it, the homepage on Sam's computer keeps changing, and bookmarks appear seemingly at random, but that help with a case or two i think.   A group of them are clues (The Supreme Court home page was one of them) that lead Sam to figuring out that his benefactor is Gabriel.  Can't seem to track that one down.

2)Second fic has Sam wandering around outside Bobby's I think.  In the beginning of the fic, he calls out to Gabriel, and Gabriel actually tries to answer, but is unable to find Sam, and so he locates Castiel, asking him how to find Sam before he can track him down.  Fic was multipart, I do believe, and I think had at least one sequel.

Any and all help with either would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry mods, for the epic fail last time *is ashamed* I hope you forgive my insolence.  Just looking for a few things, guys:

1) Multi-chapter horror fics (can be casefics or other) that are so incredibly terrifying you can barely read any farther.  I'd prefer gen or non-wincesty slash in this case, unless you've got something amazing.  I'm not super squeamish, so hit me with your best shot (and ignore my attempt at being cool).

2) A phenomenal, long J2 historical AU with some smokin' bottom!Jen.  Oh, and are there any awesome rec lists for historical J2 AUs, while I'm on the subject? 

3) Super hot J2 fics in which Jared calls Jensen "baby".  I've got a thing *wink* Bottom!Jen once again, please.  Can be PWP, but I'd like some first-time and preferably some humour.

4) Any incredible femslash which includes Tessa (the reaper).

5) Any nice, long casefics jammed with hurt!Dean in which he's in an incredibly tight spot, is not in control, and his vulnerability is emphasized?  Gen or slash, and once again, I don't have anything against wincest but I'd prefer fics without it (unless they're fantastic).

6) Awesome, long, In the End-related apocafics!  Future!Dean/Dean and Dean/future!Cas both rock.

Please, no mpreg at all whatsoever for all of the above, no matter how amazing the rest of the story is.  And once again, I'd prefer no wincest this time around unless the fic is fantastic, but I'd never say no to some ust!Wincest, and would actually love this.  Overtones rock my world.  I apologize to the mods once more, hope I got through alright this time without shooting myself in the face, and thank you so much, everyone! *bows*
25 January 2011 @ 04:34 am
Hey folks, first post in the comm! I'd be quite joyous for recs from the following 2 subjects:Click for *ahem* details... )

Apologies if I went overboard on tags--I had to restrain myself and not tag on the pairings section ;) I also apologize for the detail I went into on 2 if it offends your eww het sensibilities.

Thank you to anyone who has recs in advance!

(ps, sadly, I have no spn icon, so I offer Manic Street Preachers)
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24 July 2010 @ 05:36 am
I'm looking for good Dean/Tessa fics. It's almost impossible to find any, which is a damn shame.

Also, could you rec me some must read Sam(or Dean(or both))/Ruby 1.0 fics?