05 November 2014 @ 08:23 pm
Hello Everyone,

So I'm a fast reader, and a very picky reader at that so I tend to go through story as fast as it takes someone to breath (clearly an exaggeration), anyhow I really want to read some lengthy and well written Destiel (A short fic for me has around 10K to 15k words). Please warn me if it's a bottom/sub Dean I'm not fond of it but this will not stop me from reading a great story. I don't read gender swaps unless it's temporarily, no prostitute/stripper Dean, and absolutely no pregnant Dean (pregnant Cas fics are very much encouraged).

I don't like to permanently hurt Dean, Sam or Cas so no blind, or deaf fics. Fics where any one of them are mute is surprisingly fine with me. I honestly don't care who Sam ends up with, although I have some favorite (Sabriel, Sam/Ruby Sam/Jess, Sam/Sarah). Two characters I can never get enough of are Gabriel and Lucifer. I love them both, especially when Lucifer is not completely evil. Please tell me if angst because those I read when I'm in a certain mood and I LOVE humor fics, emphasis on the love.

I just notice how demanding I am. Thank you some much for helping me out.

Edited: Self recs are okay and just wanted to say I absolutely love Charlie, so anything that has her in it I'm going to love.
So I'm looking for some recs and one specific fic, please.

First, the recs.

Does anybody know of any stories where the boys are werewolves, but Castiel is still heavily featured? Maybe they've been wolves from the outset, but everything else happened the same way. Or maybe they both get turned, and turn the situation to their advantage, leaving Castiel with two boisterous Winchester!wolves to contend with.

Also, any stories where Cas is finding the boys a bit of a handful and confides in his brothers or Bobby over how hard it is to keep them safe and in line.

And now the specific fic. I think the angels were fighting a major battle, and Castiel took a hit for Uriel. Badly injured, he went on instinct to Dean, and Dean has a major panic and yells on Uriel. There's a tense moment when Uriel pours some kind of healing liquid onto Castiel's wound and I think he stopped breathing before he got better. But with the battle still raging, Uriel leaves Cas with Dean and orders him to look after Cas. This goes on for a couple of weeks I think, and Cas ends up geek bonding with Sam which bugs Dean.
03 November 2013 @ 02:25 am
Howdy! I'm looking for fics that harken back to the theme of season 4 episode 7 where Castiel and Uriel were ordered to follow Dean's orders. Fics where Dean as the Righteous Man is afforded a level of command over the angels, where they join Team Free Will and follow his lead, where Dean collects them after the season 8 finale and helps them while they're stuck on earth, or where they just follow him around like little ducklings; anything of that vein really. I pretty much just want Dean being a BAMF and being a leader to angels.

I'll take stories set anytime in canon SPN seasons 1-9, even time-line AUs set in SPN universe, as long as there are angels and Dean. Would prefer Gen or Dean/Castiel, but will be glad of any recs that pop up. Thanks so much in advance!
27 August 2013 @ 12:08 am
Hello there,
A while ago-I want to say perhaps more than a year-I read a wonderful fic where Dean and Castiel are involved in a heavy battle against demons. Castiel is seriously injured, I believe trying to save Dean, and Dean then has to get them both to shelter to keep them safe. Castiel is looking less and less likely to make it, and Dean has just about given up hope when Uriel surprisingly appears and saves Castiel's life. While I'm quite certain of the plot, I'm only about 55% positive of the setting-the battle may have taken place in an open field, and the shelter was some sort of cave cut into a rock. That, however, may be negotiable.
I adored the story, but sadly when my old laptop died I lost all the files I'd saved on it, and this fic was one of them. I don't even have a title or an author's name to give, unfortunately. Any help whatsoever would be much appreciated. Thank you!
General Fics:

1. Cas being given honey by Dean (and/or Sam) to eat as a way to help him heal. Destiel would be a bous.

2. Any fic where Uriel is a good guy. (He doesn't need to like Dean or anything, but canon-AUs where he isn't the traitor, or non-canon AUs where he's a friend of Cas.)

Specific Fic:

3. I'm copying and pasting someone's tumblr post: "(Dean/OFC) where it was Dean’s first time. I think he was like 16 or 17 or so, but he lies about his age to her. And you don’t know it’s his first time either til the end of the fic, and it’s just so beautifully written. So he’s with this older woman (late 20s), who is a single mother, and they fuck and spend like a week together, and it’s so sweet. And they’re both kind of broken, but she’s so good with him, caring and careful. And he’s so great with her and her kid. And at first Dean tries to act all experienced and older, but she sees right through him and totally directs him and teaches him how to pleasure her, how sex can be this amazing thing."