27 October 2008 @ 08:11 am
HEY guys! I've only just joined this community right this second (seriously), because there's a story I've been trying to find with no luck whatsoever.

I've started reading the Anita Blake series, which reminded me of a Sam/Dean story I'd read ages ago. Sam and Dean turn up in St. Louis to speak to Jean-Claude, about a hunt I think. Anita Blake is there and she and Dean manage to piss each other off. While arguing, both Anita and Dean are hit with lust. Dean has to be dragged off to another room by Stephen, one of the werewolves (I'm pretty sure it was Stephen). Stephen tells Sam that Dean is affected by Anita's subbucus and Dean has to have sex to work it out. Stephen and Dean have sex with a turned on Sam looking on. This is a pre-wincest story.

That's the first story, and I know there's at least another sequel where Dean gets hit by the subbucus thing again and he has to call Stephen about it. I've looked for the first story in the spn crossover journal, but it's not there. Does it ring any bells? I would be REALLY happy if someone can point the way.


ETA: It's been found - it was the "Being" verse by [personal profile] brynwulf. Thanks.
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28 November 2007 @ 11:52 pm
Hey Guys I've always been a huge fan of crossovers, but so far I haven't seen SPN/Anita Blake....which is a shame cuz I think the combination could be so cool

Does anybody know of any? The longer the better, but I'll take any length!!

Thanks in advance :D