Hi guys,

I'm looking for a couple of fic:

1.) SPECIFIC: It's a were AU I believe. I remember that Jared was doing an internship/starting a new job at Jensen's company. For some reason Jensen invites Jared to stay at his house. I think Jensen was dating Daneel (?); Jared walks in on them at some point. During one of Jared's morning runs he comes across a white wolf (Jensen) and when Jared tells him about the wolf Jensen says he should be safe and the wolfs won't attack him. And I also remember a conversation between Jared and a butler/servant by the pool (?), where the the servant says something like, when Jensen told you you're safe from the wolfs they won't harm you... Ring any bells? I would be grateful, cuz there are so many were fics on J2 recs and I don't want to look through them all :-)

2.) SPECIFIC: My memorey about this story is very vague. Steve was the owner of a book store or maybe coffee shop/bakery, I believe he was living above the shop. But it's not the story where he is dating Chris; I think Chris wasn't even in the story. Jared is new in town and he somehow meets Jensen. At some point they are sitting in Steve's coffe and Steve serves them Irish coffee, or he asks for Irish coffe??? So yeah, that's all I can remember; hopfefully I'm not confusing two stories. Thanks for any suggestions, cuz I know it's not a lot to go on! FOUND!


3.) Didn't get any results the last time I searched for those, so here we go again:
Are there any fics out there with the Js as scuba divers/scuba instructors? Or maybe the winchester boys doing a scuba curse, either case related, or just for fun during vacation?

4.) Also, I was rewatching Battlestar Gallactica lately and I'm wondering if there are stories out there based on the series, especially stories that deal with them as academy pilots so Jensen= Lee and Jared= Kara or vice versa???

As always, thanks for your awesome help in advance!
13 September 2013 @ 10:26 am
So far I have read two great Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural crossovers and I would love to read more. Pairings/ratings don't matter. The two I have read are
http://ultraviolet9a.livejournal.com/39434.html - Kara/Helo/Dean story set in BSG universe
http://musesfool.livejournal.com/1594160.html -Kara meets up with Sam/Dean after the apocalypse on earth (with AU for the BSG ending).

03 March 2012 @ 08:43 am
Hey ya'll- sorry to be back so soon but this request is not for me but for my 17yo brother.

He's recently started getting into fan fiction but he's having a hard time finding stuff worth reading. Being the awesome sister that I am, I thought I'd help him out. :D

Here are some things that I had in mind:

Five or fewer chapters (He said he loses interest in anything too long)
Crack (He loves crack... crack!fics, that is! hehe!)
Crossovers (Battlestar Galactica, Castle, Chuck, Grimm, Psych, Teenwolf, Star Wars, Smallville, X-Men)

Good characterizations, interesting plots, gore, violence, brotherly banter, angst,hurt/comfort etc. It's all good :D Umm, Dean is his favorite character so bonus points if it's Dean-centric. Although definitely do not keep that from reccing something totally awesome that is not Dean-centric!

I'm also thinking that he would like some good het fics. Like maybe Dean/Jo, Dean/Carmen, Dean/OFC.

Not sure what he thinks of wee!chesters but go ahead and throw them in if you think they're really awesome!

Please no:

Anything NC-17 or higher
Mpreg (yeah, I think that would probably freak him out- lol!)
animal transformations
death fics

Thank you so much!
26 February 2011 @ 02:22 pm
So I know this is a stretch, but I figured It wouldn't hurt to ask. Are there any SPN/BSG (Battlestar Galactica) crossover fics? Bonus points if Dean's a pilot!
30 April 2010 @ 07:30 pm
If anyone can help me out with this I'd greatly appreciate it. I read a Supernatural/BSG crossover a while ago and can't seem to find it now. It was a oneshot with Dean as a raptor pilot and he was bringing Sam aboard the Galactica to help the Chief out with repairs. Cally yelled at Dean for putting dents onto the hangar deck and the Chief said he didn't need Sam's help.