22 June 2008 @ 03:56 pm
Hi all!
I was watching my Ghost Rider DVD the other day, and I suddenly started wondering - has anyone written a Supernatural crossover with/version of this film?
Many thanks for any responses!
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I am in need of help. *sadpuppydogeyes* 

1. I've been looking for a specific fic for weeks. It's driving me absolutely bonkers! I'm starting to think it's all part of my imagination...anyways, it has Sam and Dean in the Impala after a hunt. Sam is driving cause Dean got hurt (I believe it's the 2nd season?) and he was lecturing Dean on being more careful and to stop being reckless. Anyways, Dean was giving him the silent treatment and kept getting more and more annoyed. Finally, he kinda yelled at Sam and said that he didn't care that he got hurt. After hearing that, Sam blew up at him. That's all I can remember.....please, please help?

2. I'm also looking for any crossovers between Ghost Rider and Supernatural. Or fics that resemble Ghost Rider? *shrugs* Such as having Dean becoming the Devil's bounty hunter in return for getting his soul back. Don't know if there are any out there but if there are, toss 'em my way! *grins*  

One found in comments! Anymore? *begs*

3. Finally, any fics with Sam realizing how much he owes Dean for raising him is good too! Fatherly!Dean is a huge kink of mine..*blushes*...

Thanks so much!!!