08 June 2015 @ 07:58 am
I read a fic once that wasn't exactly a crossover, but in it I remember that Jared had an abusive relationship with Alexis Bledel (she was abusive towards him) while he was on Gilmore Girls and when he went to work on Supernatural Jensen found out about the abuse when he went to Jared's trailer to get him for a scene or something and found an upset Jared. It was a J2 fic where they ended up together.

Does anyone remember this fic? The GG reunion thing got me thinking about it.

FOUND, link is in comments.
19 December 2014 @ 07:29 pm
I just started watching the "Gilmore Girls" and I can't help seeing Dean Forester as Sam Winchester. Are there any fics out there were Dean Forester is really Sam Winchester. I don't care if he's always known he was really Sam or has no idea that he's really Sam Winchester. I'll take Wincest or Gen.
Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me out finding some fics with any combination of pairings involving Dean W, Sam, Dean F, Preistly, Jared, and Jensen. So basically, I am looking for any crossover fics that combine Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Ten Inch Hero, and some Supernatural RPF with each other. Any combination is fine and I don't mean I want all four together, I'm just looking for stuff that involves any of those pairings.

A while ago I had read a whole bunch of Priestly/Sam, Preistly/Dean W, and Presitly/Dean F fics and now I can't find any of them any more. I'm pretty sure at the time I read every Ten Inch Hero fanfic that had been written at that point, but now I can't find any of those awesome slash ones I had loved. If you guys could help me find them that would be awesome! The only one I can still find is Just Get In by eclecticxdetour on fanfiction.net. I also found one called Everybody Loves A Happy Ending by backinblack on here but it says access denied and I am guessing must be set to friends only. Her LJ page is still up so people can view her stories, but she is no longer active on it, so I was wondering if anyone had a PDF copy of this story they would be willing to share? Thanks! 
I am looking for a fic I read ages ago before I actually saw the GG and didn't quite understand all the references!!

Dean finds Gilmore Girls Dean and takes him back to a motel to have his wicked way with him. Meanwhile Sam is mistaken for Dean and ends up having sex with most of Star's Hollow (including Luke if I remember rightly!).

Would love to read it again now I have actually watched the GG so to find it would be wonderful!
11 November 2012 @ 05:03 pm
I found a Gilmore Girls crossover fic I wanted to read on someone's livejournal and forgot to bookmark it.  From the summary it sounded like it was post-series for GG.  Rory was a reporter who started following the notorious Winchesters since Sam looks like Dean Forester.  It was marked as Sam/Rory and Dean Winchester was listed as a character.  That sound familiar to anyone?
Alright, so I read this fic awhile ago about how Jensen has escaped Manticore and is in the woods. At the time he is in heat so he's trying to wait it out. Jared stumbles along and Jensen decided to have sex with him. He realizes that Jared has a knot at the end and asks him if he's also from Manticore and Jared admits he is. Any ideas what fic this is? Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh, and if you'd like to rec some of your favorite Alec slash fics, that would be great! :D
Hi! I'm looking for a Supernatural/ Gilmore Girls crossover, which I read half a year or so... I remember it was a one shot and there was a conversation if Sam or GGDean was taller and ended with Babette who was getting the measuring tape... So if someone could help me out?
18 October 2011 @ 12:33 am
Could someone help me out real quick? I'm looking for a particular story.

It's a crossover with Gilmore Girls and I remember the summary went something like: Two Lorelies, Two Deans, and a Sam. It was about these guys who kidnapped Sam, but he got away so they went after Dean (the Gilmore Girls Dean) to replace him and trick John into thinking it was Sam. They beat Sam up pretty good and he's on the run for most of the story but they rough GG Dean up even worse. There was a scene towards the end where Sam and GG Dean were in the back of the impala, both beat to hell, and it was a pretty awesome scene for a hurt!Jared girl like me!

Anyone please? I just cannot remember the author for the life of me, I'm sorry, author. But I really love the story if that makes up for it.

She (I'm 99% sure it's a she) wrote a couple stories about hurting GGDean actually.

ALSO, if anyone knows this author, GREAT! But does anyone know of any other crossovers involving hurt Sam or GG Dean? Or, any just Gilmore Girl fics that involve hurt GG Dean? I just love my boy in trouble no matter who he is playing. =]

Please, please, please!

And thanks!

I'm looking for a fanfic I recently stumbled onto. It was a short story in which a demon (i think) gave the winchesters what they wanted. Sam wound up as Dean in Gilmore Girls, Dean wound up as Alec in Dark Angel, and John wound up in another movie reference where he married a blonde woman who also died.

The author did very interesting things with the premise. She talked about how ironic it was that Sam wound up as Dean, the older brother, and this time the one dumped for the mysterious drifter instead of the drifter himself, and how even though his blonde wife wasn't killed by a demon, life could still wind up miserable. Dean as Alec was interesting because he was given an action filled life like he enjoyed and was given brothers and sisters who COULD NEVER LEAVE him. I loved it, but now I can't find it anywh
06 November 2010 @ 10:14 pm
Ok. So.

I've never liked crossovers. I guess I wasn't cut out for them.

Then I started watching GIlmore GIrls last week. ( I love how I'm like 10 years behind on the show)

I now would absolutley LOVE any fics that are a slashy Gilmore Girls crossover with any SPN related fandom. RPS, Ten inch hero, etc...

The best thing in the WORLD would be for Rory to discover Dean's relationship with another man. I'm well aware of what happens between them, and I want her to see Dean moved on and happily in a relationship with a man. That would be wonderful.

Please and Thankyou!
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20 October 2010 @ 11:13 am
Not sure if this is allowed here since it doesn't technically involve any SPN characters, but I wasn't sure where else to post this. (If it's not allowed mods, do you have any suggestions for where it might be?)

Anyway I'm looking for a fanvid that used to be on youtube that I can no longer find. It was a Dean Forester/Priestly pairing set to the song 'Strange and Beautiful' by Aqualung. Anyone happen to have that saved on their hard drives or know if I could find that hosted elsewhere now?

Please and thanks!
Having just just read [livejournal.com profile] queenklu's SPN/DA/GG crossover 'verse after re-watching most of Dark Angel, I now have this massive craving for similar Alec(DA)/Sam(SPN) fic. Any and all fic recs for this pairing would be more than welcome. Most of the SPN/DA crossovers I've found tend to be either gen or Dean/Alec, which I'm not quite as interested in.

And this is a bit of a long shot, but I'm also wondering if there might be any Dean (Gilmore Girls)/Alec fics about?

17 February 2010 @ 01:28 pm

Hi! :) I've had so much luck finding things here before, so I figured I'd give it another go.

I'm looking for long fics (20k+ w.c.) where Sam and/or Dean or Jensen and/or Jared have kid(s). Pretty much ANYTHING goes for this search (domestic or not, still hunters or not, AU, future!fic, MPREG, etc., etc.). I would LOVE if the kid(s) had a pretty large speaking role, but that totally isn't necessary.

The other two things I'm looking for may be a little bit weird. I've searched the Gilmore Girls crossover tag, but I'm not having any luck with what I'm really looking for. Are there ANY Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen fics where they live in or go to Dillon or Stars Hollow and the characters from FNL and GG are still present in the story, excluding Dean(Jared) in GG? Or are there any J2/Wincest versions of either of those shows?

The only specific thing for either of these requests are that the OVERALL pairings be Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen. Thank you so much! <3

Alright, so this has been driving me nuts for ages now. There are two fics I'm looking for.

The first is a Gilmore Girls/Ten Inch Hero crossover that's three parts long if I remember correctly. It was brilliantly written and had the pairing of Dean Forester/Priestly.

Fic number two I read ages ago and it was Sam/Dean set during Dean's time in hell. Basically Ruby inserts herself in there and when she realizes she's not getting anywhere with Sam she decides that he's going to be her best girlfriend and she's not going to wear pants.

Thank you so much in advance. You guys are helping to save what's left of my sanity.
30 September 2009 @ 11:16 pm
Has anyone ever written a J2 retelling of Gilmore Girls?  I've been watching GG rereuns on ABC Family all week and I've read so many different movie/tv show/book remakes, and seen a number of SPN/Gilmore Girls crossovers, but I really have an urge to read a remake of like the first season of GG J2 style.  With Jensen as the beloved town princess of course, and Jared as cute!Dean (what?  he did such a great job of it the first time!).  And maybe JDM as the gruff diner owner.  XD   I keep thinking of all the ways to make my favorite CW people into crazy townspeople.  Misha would be such an awesome Kirk.

I've looked through the tags and checked the tv retelling theme lists, but I haven't found anything.  I really feel that something like this should exist.  And if it doesn't....does anyone wanna write it?

14 September 2009 @ 03:24 pm
Are there any really well-written, believable Supernatural/Gilmore Girls crossover with Dean Winchester maybe meeting Dean Forrester and hooking up with him? There can be wincest hinted at, like Dean's one-sided lust for his brother, so he goes after this guy who looks just like him, or maybe it takes place while Sam is at Standford and Dean uses Dean as a replacement? I dunno. I'm just craving Dean/Dean after seeing the newest photos of the boys, where Jared looks more like Dean Forrester than Sam Winchester, lol. Bonus points if Rory catches Dean with Dean and freaks out in true Rory style. If there's nothing like this written, maybe someone wants to write it?
08 August 2009 @ 10:23 pm
So this is a weird and probably futile search, but I just got done rewatching the first season of GG and was reminded of how much I loved cute!Dean back in the day, but I periodically kept imagining Jensen in Rory's place and I just had to ask...are there any fics where he is

It would be really really awesome if such a thing existed, but in the (somewhat likely) event that there is no such thing I would be much appreciative of anything you could rec me that would even somewhat resemble this, i.e. the new kid Jared moving to town an unabashedly and adorably flirting with the shy and sweetly flustered Jensen. 

Any help at all please!  I miss me the cute!Dean.

I very recently started watching “Gilmore Girls” because I heard that Jared was a regular on it (I just finished season 3).

So what I am looking for are fics that strongly reference Jared’s stint as Dean Forester on that show, either as a J2 or our Winchester boys making their way to Star’s Hollow or something and meeting him. Maybe a little Dean/Dean action!
Slash is much preferred, but anything except het goes.

Alexis bashing is much allowed :) and appreciated! And if all you Jared lovers haven’t given Dean Forester any love…what are you waiting for?
21 February 2008 @ 12:48 pm
So here I am again in need of stories! I recently started watching Gilmore Girls, I have never seen it before (I watched Jensen since Days but I had no idea who Jared was until SPN...*facepalm* ) and I am in love with Dean...of course. 

So I'm looking for any spn crossovers that have to deal with Dean F., Jess Marino, Lorelai and Sam & Dean W. Any combo works for me. In character or RPS

The stories I would love to read the most are...Dean F/Jess Marino (Ever since watching 'the fight' I can't get that slash out of my head!), Lorelai/Dean F. or Sam (because to me Lorelai or Laureen and Dean F. or Jared is freaking HOT!),  Dean W. or Jensen/Dean F. (Cause Dean F. is such a good boy and needs to be dirtied a bit. =P !Extra cookies if Dean W. thinks he's Sam!)
01 February 2008 @ 08:26 am
Along the lines of another recent post, I'm looking for Gilmore Girls crossovers. Please warn if it's slash.

Thanks! :)