27 January 2012 @ 06:21 pm
Hi guys, I hope you're willing to help me out here, i'm going on vacation, (my first in three years) and i'm looking for a couple of different recs to read. I'm looking primarily for gen fics with the boys, especially dean, or dean and sam fics and maybe bobby (but not required).  I would love crossovers with either: prison break, sga, sg1, hawaii 5-0, or highlander.  I've already looked in fanfiction.net, and spntwisted, so i'm hoping more for specific story recs. Bonus points for completed stories. Funny stories would be great, crack is welcome, so are case fics and time travel, and i'm open to au, but, please, no depressing stories, like i said: it's vacation time so easy on the angst: please no death fics.  Thank you. 
The story I'm looking for has Methos with the SPN cast.. The story wasn't lengthy nor was it too short but average..The thing about this story that STANDS out most is that Methos was able to TALK/COMMUNICATE with GOD and got Castiel and that one angel that was stuck/trapped in circle of FIRE by Castiel, to also TALK to god. It was DUE to him that the other Angels near the end actually was able to talk to God..I believe he was Death or something along those lines and the demons wanted him and TRIED to trap or hurt him but he TALKED/PRAYED to GOD to save him and GOD did etc..

I know I saved/favorite the thing and I'm sure I have it somewhere but I can't seem to find it..I'll try looking harded and if not, then my next step is asking you  guys if you've come across this story..

Near the end, I think they won the war?!

Much Appreciated in Adv!

25 March 2010 @ 11:08 am
howdy guys! two things plz.

(1)i've recently gotten into the Highlander series (lawl early 90's, why so silly?) and was always a fan of the original movie, so I'm curious what's out there for Highlander/SPN crossovers :)

i've checked the tags here and there really isn't much, so i was hoping someone somewhere had collected lists or something that i could spelunk? self recs totally welcome.

I'm looking for either crossover or AU with -only- supernatural and highlander. (no other series please) slash, het, OC relationships are all great, but please no Wincest or keeping it in the family of any kind. i'll take pretty much anything under that criteria, but also preferably something with Castiel as well? preferably staring one or both the boys, although it can be any SPN character, really.
long, short, don't care, rec away :)

(2)also, and i know this is a long shot, are there any crossover/AU's out there with SPN/City of Ember? again, preferably not wincest, but i'm curious in general if there's anything out there.

thanks so much!
23 January 2009 @ 07:28 pm
Hi !

You just are amazing so I had to try this....

1) I'm looking for Supernatural/Highlander crossovers featuring Sam, Dean and Methos. Well, at least focussing on them. There can be other characters of course.

Bonus points and virtual home-made cookies for you if there is a love story in the fic too. Whatever the pairing is (including wincest)

Methos is a fascinating character and I'd just LOVE to see him interact with the boys in any way.

2) I'm also looking for Supernatural/Farscape crossovers featuring the boys and Moya's crew. And again, same bonus points and cookies if there is a love story in the fic too. Yes I'm a hopeless (and shameless) romantic...

Really, anything that more or less matches the descriptions is welcome.

Self-pimp is welcome and appreciated too of course !

Thanks in advance
18 May 2008 @ 06:49 pm

I don't know if this exists, but I am looking for a SPN or J2 crossover with Highlander. All I really want is for one of the boys to die and come back without the other realizing it. Duncan and company do not have to be there so the crossover can be just the immortal part with similar game rules and some original characters.

Bonus if its Wincest! (though if one is immortal they would probably not be related)

Bonus if Sam is the one that dies, and comes back.

I know that if this has ever been written this would be the place to find out!


01 April 2008 @ 07:29 am
Hi All,

I've seen several stories with SPN crossed over with Highlander where Dean is immortal and then tries to find a wife for Sam so that he'll have a 'normal' life, etc.

Are there any stories where Dean is immortal, crossovers with Higlander or not, where Dean is in a committed relationship with Sam and tries to find a way to make Sam immortal, too?

Thank you all!