Hey :)
So far I have only been reading posts and this is my first time posting.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend me any How I met your mother or the big bang theory crossovers. ( I would love some Dean/ Barney or Dean/Sheldon slash, but I would take anything ...)
Also  I have read a few fics in which one of the boys reads fanfiction and it would be great if someone could point me to some other storys as well.

Thank you.
27 February 2010 @ 12:39 pm
So do any of you all know of any crossovers with How I Met Your Mother? I know that there have been J2 AUs to this theme, and I've read those, but what I'd really love is to see Sam and Dean interact with the HIMYM universe (ie. Dean and Barney going girl hunting and Barney making Dean "suit up" would pretty much make my LIFE). Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!