17 April 2016 @ 12:44 pm
1. I just finished watching Ouran High School Host Club and wondering whether there are any J2 fics which are similar to the anime.

2. Any J2 fics where either Jared or Jensen is a twin.

3. Any SPN fic where Sam and Dean are incarnations of Merlin and Arthur. I wouldn't mind any reincarnation stories of the boys (famous or otherwise).

4. Would love to read some good Doctor Who stories where boys are more prominent in the storyline. I'm not a big fan of Cas so anything that focuses on brothers would be great.

For SPN stories I'd prefer Gen stories and no Destiel.
Hi! I've got a few requests for fics.

1. John returns somehow and sees how much his sons have changed over the years

2. Sam runs into his old college friends while he's on a hunt or something

3. Cas and Claire develop a father daughter relationship (Also it would be cool if Jimmy can see their relationship whether it be by him returning or just watching from heaven. But it's not required)

4. Sam, Dean, and Cas meet Jared, Jensen, and Misha

5. A Merlin/ Supernatural crossover or a Game of Thrones/ Supernatural crossover

I prefer no slash and I love long fics!
Thank you!
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30 July 2014 @ 10:10 pm
There are four stories I am in search of. deleted AO3 1-4 stories )Would appreciate any assistance in locating these stories or if anyone has a copy of them please let me know and I will exchange emails.

tags: pairing: dean/castiel, !deleted-journal/story, affliction: low self esteem, genre: high school, genre: hurt/comfort, affliction: depression, genre: au, genre: angst, career: military, career: firefighters, career: retail, crossover: merlin
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18 June 2013 @ 09:08 pm

New to Destiel fandom (I blame Season 8) and I was wondering, can anyone point me to:

1. Destiel fics where Cas has a fetish for Dean's bum? Doesn't matter what kink, i'm cool. :)
2. Fics where they're together but they're not really affectionate or anything. They're just them and people start realizing that.
3. They somehow end up married. (wakes u in vegas, cas needs to bond, etc.)
4. They're both evil and love turned them good.
5. Nerd/Jock tropes.
6. Human!Cas and Dean falling in love. (Or alternate ending to s8)
7. SPN/Merlin amazing crossovers!

I prefer lengthy fics with pdf's for long rides/flights but any would be great! Thanks!  
Hi, I am looking for any and all crossovers that may be for older shows or an odd crossover like...

Quantum leap
The Pretender
The Sentinel
Warehouse 13
The Dead Zone
Person of Interest

or any good long crossovers from Harry Potter, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, NCIS ext.

Any gene, pairing, theme, AU, canon, or whatever I would be happy to read. Thank you all a million times who responds to my search.

Oh...I am a total idiot for not saving the link but does anyone know of a Person of Interest crossover I think it was called 'Not Him Again?'

Mods sorry if I got any tags wrong or the mass tagging.
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25 January 2012 @ 02:37 pm
Hey there! I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. What happened was Gabriel and Sam were going through Gabriel's old memories about prophecies. I remember that the two they viewed were Merlin's and Joan of Arc. I think it was Sam/Gabriel, but I could be wrong. Are there any bells ringing?

Also, anyone have any Psych crossovers? Thanks!
10 April 2011 @ 02:45 pm

All of the JIB and Kapow Con reports made me remember this fic where Jensen & Jared met Bradley & Colin when both sets of boys were booked for a con.  I read it before I discovered Merlin and would love to reread it now that I'm a fan of both awesome shows. 

Also, any fics where Jensen & Jared meet Bradley & Colin would be welcome.  Dean & Sam meeting Athrur & Merlin would work too  :)