23 March 2012 @ 11:20 pm
Hey all I have one very simple request for you today. I'm looking for some Numb3rs/Supernatural crossovers. I normally don't do them but since they are both my favorite shows I thought I'd give it a try.

What I am REALLY hoping for in one is either hurt!Sam and hurt!Charlie (Younger brothers) That's what I love reading when reading from both Fandoms so anything crossover that has that? PLUS Protective!Dean and Don would be the best thing ever and make me SO happy.

Let's keep this request ALL GEN please. Meaning no pairings ;) Thanks!
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23 December 2011 @ 02:58 am
I have come to be a bit addicted to Supernatural crossovers and have been craving some completely awesome fics where the boys and the supernatural trip into other shows, especially the (semi)procedural cops-like shows. I've been able to find crossovers with NCIS, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Medium, Leverage, Dark Angel, Psych, Bones, ect, but I'm having terrible luck finding crossovers with these awesome shows!
-The Mentalist
-Hawaii 5-0
-NCIS: Los Angeles
-Rizzoli & Isles
I would be super grateful if anyone could find SPN crossovers with any these shows. Gen or Wincest is preferred (or very minor-barely there het), long or short is awesome, and self-recs are welcome.
I love, and I'm looking for, police investigational stories where the FBI/Police/whoever official is investigating Dean/Sam and/or John (or Bobby and Rufus! – I've fallen in love with those two as hunters) and their hunting activities as criminal cases.

I love stories that are outsider POVs of hunting, investigations where people don't know about the supernatural side of things, people who think that Sam, Dean, John etc are crazy killers or suspicious, dangerous people – things where the actions of the characters are viewed through a 'normal' lens, in which case they look like pretty scary folks.

I don't mind crossovers of any stripe. Criminal Minds xovers where John is an UNSUB, Numb3rs where the numbers guy is trying to predict the patterns of Dean and Sam and finds them bizarrely unpredictable, CSI type stories where evidence is contradictory and confusing, the story of Hendricks' investigation of the family before he was killed … anything of that sort.

I'd prefer that the outsiders never discover/realize that there's a supernatural world out there but that's not a deal breaker. I'm also neutral on wincest.
18 September 2011 @ 12:01 am
Sorry to be posting so soon after my last one but I forgot to include this in my inquiry.

I've been steadily getting into crossovers like [livejournal.com profile] ratherastory's, Smoke On The Water burn notice crossover or [livejournal.com profile] phx69's First Impressions and Close Encounters hardy Boys crossover

So what I'm looking for is well written Numb3rs, Prison Break, and or CSI: NY crossovers with Supernatural. Gen if you could please. Something that portrays both shows well.

Thanks guys XD
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14 June 2011 @ 12:28 pm
Hey guys,

I'm in the mood to read a fic that I remember reading ages ago, but didn't bookmark.

It was a Supernatural/Numb3rs crossover, where the boys are on the hunt for this spider-like creature, and they cross paths with Don and Charlie Epps. About the only other thing I can remember was that the it was established Sam/Dean and pre-slash for Charlie/Don.

Hopefully thsi is enough to job someone's memory. Cheers!
08 March 2011 @ 12:50 am
Hey y'all
I recently got to watch a lot of the Numb3rs-series (no competition to SPN, but still entertaining) and I was wondering if you knew some good (meaning well-written, good characterization of both teams, interesting case) crossovers with the Eppes-brothers?
There is so much potential, I think.

I know I read two already, one was about Don being somehow tied up or something and at the mercy of Dean and Sam, the second one was about Dean getting caught and Sam busting him out. Those were good, and I liked them a lot, but I want more.

I read [livejournal.com profile] zuben_eschamali's Numb3rs-fics, and I read her crossover, using Ian Edgerton as a character. (They're awesome, btw, if you're interested) but as I said, I really want some good crossovers with Dean, Sam, Don and Charlie.

Please help me out on this one.

Oh, please NO slash-pairings, though het is fine.

Thanks so much

Hallo everyone!! I'm here for my first ever spnstoryfinders post so bear with me please ;] I've been craving these fics for forever and been searching them for nearly just as long >-< I'm praying that someone recognizes these! :]

  1) I read this fic way back when I was a newbie in the fandom so what I remember is a bit sketchy (that follows where this was posted but I'm pretty sure it was lj) but I've been craving it like crazy >.< But anyways the fic was wincest and Sam and Dean were on a plane, I don't remember why -I think it was for a case (not Phantom Travelers)- and so of course Dean is having mini panic attacks and the boys end up sitting next to this little girl and her dad who I think is asleep for most of the ride(?). This little girl babbles on to them and keeps telling Sam and Dean (I think when they're separate because ones asleep or in the bathroom etc.) that the other one loves them very much and she's very persistent in telling them that they belong with each other and she was very very adorable :D

I think there was a scene where the dad wakes up while she's trying to convince them that they're in love and apologizes and when she falls asleep tells them about her mom who I think either left them or died and they're headed over to see her/her grave? In the end -after they get together :D- they see her again, I think it was on the plane again but I have the distinct feeling that it was in a house and they were posing as FBI Agents and what-not and they told her she was right about them and she smiled. I don't know if it's just my over imaginative brain but I think Scooby- Doo was mentioned.... I don't know why I think that but I hope it means something o.o

2) This one I'm positively sure was posted on lj and I don't know why but when I try and think of this fic, Christmas pops up in my brain?? I dont know if that's relevant of not but I hope it might help?
Anyways this one was also wincest and it was about Chuck having his Prophet-vision thing and seeing Sam and Dean doing the mattress dance. He wakes up and freaks out (I remember that the Chuck in here was so very Chuck that it was amazing) and he ends up writing them extremley drunk because he thinks they wouldn't do it otherwise and so of course there's the whole scene and afterwards he ends up calling them (I think Sam was the one who answered the phone) and he starts asking if they're alright or something and when they hang up Sam tells Dean and they realize that he saw this happen in his vision and more than likely wrote it ;P They end up going to his house and playing a prank on him, pretending to be all angry about how he didn't warn them or how he actually wrote it and such and Chuck is all resigned/freaked and I think they make him delete the document(s)? Of course he eventually realizes they're screwing with him XP

ETA FOUND: The Gospel Truth  found by the amazing februaryfinds

General search: 3) I'm looking for anything with Sam and Dean getting caught by the cops/FBI and being interrogated/profiled/blamed for the things happening in the town. Crossovers with Criminal minds is much appreciated but I'm not picky at all since I've been craving this for so long so I don't mind any sort of crossovers, really, as long as the boys are being profiled/interrogated and they linger on their 'unhealthy and dangerously co- dependent' relationship. Just a heads up I've already read Defect and the sequel Hell and Back and also the fic that started this obsession: All That I'm Living (Dying) For over on the SamDean Archive :D

EXTRA EXTRA points if the fic is either established wincest or in the early stages and such, though gen is alright too... I can also live with het as long as the fic doesn't linger on that for too long.

I hope y'all can help me with this because I think I've been going crazy with the need to read these fics for weeks and if you wouldn't mind, for the general search-- could you write, like, at least just a sentence or so for a quick summary of the fic? I'd like to know what I'm getting into, thanks! :]

P.S Self- Recs are welcomed!! :DD
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24 November 2010 @ 09:26 pm
I was wondering if anyone had any Delicious lists or  master lists  or know of any good archive sites?  I've gone through the tags on spn-xovers com  and the tags can be cumbersome to use plus I KNOW there are more stories out there.

thank you thank you thank you!!
19 May 2010 @ 09:22 am
I'm looking for Three types of fics. Please Complete Slash or Gen fics only.

1. Fics where detective/cop/FBI agent/etc digs into Dean's mind and try to figgure out Dean's criminal record. Be it AU, Crossover, OC, etc. I've read and enjoyed quite a few and is desperate for more of law enforcment trying to understand the Winchester boys.
Defect & Hell and Back (sequel) GEN Criminal Minds Crossover. I really liked how even though the CM crew know he's been charged with a bunch of crimes, he still charms them.
All The King's Horses & As You Are Now (sequel WIP) GEN Criminal Mind Crossover. I really liked this one too. Especially how even after all he's gone through, Dean's still Dean.
More X-Overs... )
2. Fics where there's some type of mentor for Dean. There was a MacGuyver fic where Mac helps Dean build a present for Sam. Also Conversations where a college professor helps him out and the conversations they have. There's this other fic where Dean's English teacher does volunteering at the hospital and when Dean was in the hospital b/c of a car accident, she came and read to him.

3. Fics where Sam and Dean run into Sam's college buddies who don't like/dismiss dean.
In Reverse Where Sam and Dean happen to be at same place as a few of Sam's friends. One of them really jealous of Dean. Also the place has a bit of a history for Dean too.

Please, provide a short summary when you post a link? I like to know what it is I'm getting into. The longer the fics the better! because I love deep detailed fics!! Or if you've got any Dean-centric fics.... ?
Thank you for the help!
I lost all my bookmarks when my computer got a virus and I had to do a complete system restore. So I'm looking for a lot of fic's.
I prefer fic's that are gen or have some wincest but, please, no het. Long fic's, one-shots, PWP's, even WIP's that are regularly updated would be great. Overall, I prefer a fic with a plot to one without but I will read the occasional humor and crack fic.
Read more... )
19 December 2008 @ 12:35 am
Hey everyone! I've been a bit too busy lately for reading, but I've got some time now that it's the holidays! So I've got a couple of requests and I hope you all can help me out!

1). I'm looking for a Supernatural crossover with any kind of doctor show. So that includes Grey's Anatomy, House, ER, etc, etc.

2). And also looking for a Supernatural crossover with any kind of cop/detective/FBI kind of show. So like Law & Order, Numb3rs, and a few other examples that for some reason I can't think of LOL.

3). Lastly, and this is kind of OT, so if it's not allowed feel free to totally ignore this, but I've had little luck asking elsewhere. I'm hunting around for articles written about Supernatural, kind of like reviews of the show and stuff. If anyone has any saved they'd be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any and all help!

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06 September 2008 @ 07:27 pm
Hi guys,

I come to you again looking for good fics.
This time, I'm looking for good SPN/Numb3rs crossovers. Gen only please.
Extra cookies if there's nothing supernatural involved, just being at the wrong place in the wrong time.

Thanks a bunch!
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Hi people!

I'm looking for au  fics were...

1.) ...Sam and Dean are NOT brothers. Not those  separated at birth fics or the djiin fic where they spend another lifetime as not brothers. I'm looking for fics wherein they have absolutely no blood relations whatsoever.... 

2.) ...I don't know if it done but I've been looking for fic that they have grown up knowing they are brothers but found out one of the is adopted or whatsoever (preferably adopted!Dean... cause really the "firstborns" are the most likely the adopted ones in the family)...

3.) ...Where in they have a semblance to normal life and without them ever knowing anything supernatural...

4.) ...this is kind of unusual but are there any spn fics x-over with Numb3rs??? I mean there are those x-over w/ other tv shows w/ brothers like Prison Break, Heroes, so why not numb3rs, right?  I kinda think that if the boys didn't grow up like they did they would be exactly like the Eppes Brothers...come to think of it  the  idea is canon...  with the djiin  episode and everything(just like to share: that episode with the djiin is the one and only ep of SPN that actually made me cry, as in bucket of tears cry... I mean really it hurts to see happiness only for it to be taken away... and that ep made me realize that sometimes we have to chose right path over the happy way... Okay I'm being so so...I'd stop here)

BTW this is my first post here yay!

Thanks to y'all... I've been trying to reply to all comments but I've been busy trying to read all fic rec so there...  Thank YOU ALL for these recs and keeping me from my "real" work.. XD...

And you can keep it  coming....:)