01 July 2009 @ 09:54 pm
Hey are there any J2 fics based off of Pretty Woman? Preferably with Jared being the hooker? But that's not super important. I'll read it either way.

Thank you
14 November 2008 @ 10:56 am

I'm looking for stories based off of movies.  I've read Be My Baby (Dirty Dancing), White Ladder (Ghost), It's In His Kiss (Pretty Woman), and Something Borrowed, Something Blue (The Wedding Date). 

Anyone know of any other stories based off of movies? 

EDIT:  Some awesome stories are listed in the comments!  Thanks for the quick replies!

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Some time ago I read a great Groundhog day J2 fic, unfortunately I have lost the link. Jensen had to relieve the same day again and again until he finally got it right. I remember something about Jensen getting seasick in some of his versions of the day but not so much more. I think it was written in the autumn 2007 or at least not later that january this year.
Also I´ve just read this great SGA/Pretty woman crossover and it made me wonder if there exists any Supernatural/Pretty woman crossover. I would prefer J2 but wincest stories would also be great.

ETA. Found! Thank You!