Alright, so it has been years since I have posted to spnstoryfinders. I've kept up with the show but tend to only focus on one to two fandoms fic-wise at a time. Writing in the Queer as Folk fandom pulled me away from my other ones for a while but now I am back and ready to read some great stories in this fandom that I may have missed in the past few years. Not a huge fan of Wincest, Sabriel, Samifer (unless it is dubcon or noncon) or complete AU (but am completely fine with canon divergance.) So, if possible, I would rather not have those pairings in the non-AU stories you share.

1. Dean/OMC: Are there any fics where Dean runs into a guy he had a fling with years before? Maybe it was a secret relationship he had in high school or while Sam was away at Stanford. Dean and the OMC could pick things up again or maybe they just catch up and Dean is happy that the OMC has a decent life. It would be great if Sam found out about it but it's not absolutely necessary. Destiel, Dean/OMC, or gen are all okay for this. It can take place any season, but it would be awesome if it took place in season 10, 11, or even after. For some reason I am really craving to read this but if none of you lovely people can find it, I'll just write it instead ;)

2. Dean/Castiel: If you all could rec your favorite Dean/Castiel fics written from 2012 to 2016, that would be awesome! I do love angst, but I also love humor and crack just as much. Of course, I will also take recs to earlier Destiel stories.

3. Awesome!Sam: I would love to read stories about Sam not only supporting Dean (either coming out as bi or his relationship with Cas or an OMC) but also have a storyline of his own, whether it be dramatic, romantic, or otherwise. In other words, I want him to be rooting for his brother's happiness but I want the story to also take Sam's own life into account and for it to cover what he's going through, making him a major and complex character throughout the story.

4. Wedding!Fic: As long as it is not Wincest or Daddycest, this can be any pairing. I am looking for humorous, non-AU wedding fics. Destiel would be lovely but Dean/Lisa, Dean/OMC, Dean/OFC, Dean/Benny, Sam/Jess, Sam/Amelia, Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC, Charlie/Dorothy, Charlie/OFC, John/Mary, and Bobby/Ellen would all be great options as well.

5. Depression: Can you all rec stories where Sam, Dean, or Cas are going through severe depression and stay relatively in character throughout it all? Of course, depression can completely distort your normal reactions to day to day life, but I would like them to be recognizable while the other characters grow more and more concerned over something being very wrong.

6. Long shot but...: Are there any stories where Dean is worried how his close friends and family will react to him being bisexual and they literally do not even care because the apocolypse is going on or the mark of Cain made him butcher people and they still love him despite that and that's a lot more concerning than him messing around with dudes. In other words, there are bigger concerns than who Dean sleeps with and now is not the time to fret over something rather trivial in comparison to people dropping like flies.

7. Sam finds out Dean was enrolled or is currently enrolled in college classes: Maybe Dean took them while he was with Lisa or maybe he's taking them online. Sam could find a document containing Dean's research paper, essay, creative writing project, whatever. Or maybe he answers Dean's cellphone and it is Dean's advisor checking in on how he's doing and if he would consider enrolling for the new semester since the advisor sees a lot of potential in him. Either way, I just would like to see Sam finding out and being proud of him, all while asking questions while Dean feels a little embarrassed about taking classes in his mid to late 30s.

8. Queer as Folk crossover: Since I have written over 20 stories in the Queer as Folk fandom and love the characters ridiculously so, can you all come up with some stories where the boys cross paths with the Liberty Avenue gang? Maybe they are on a case in Pittsburgh and it is directly affecting the characters in QAF? Maybe Brian tries to seduce Dean (and succeeds because I am sure the straightest of men would let themselves be fucked by Brian Kinney) or Emmett takes Cas shopping for more fabulous clothes or Sam gets into passionate discussions with Mel, who is a lawyer. In other words, I would like to see these characters meet and actually get along.
19 March 2014 @ 08:16 pm
Hello all. I've been looking for a j2 or sam/dean au! in the Queer As Folk universe. Not crossovers, actual fics where the boys are in the roles of Mike/Brian/Justin. I know it's a bit of an out there request :P the only things I'm picky about:

a) J2 or Sam/Dean as the main pairing
b) no crossovers, or ones where the point above still holds true.

Thanks ;)
16 June 2012 @ 10:54 pm
I was reading a Queer as Folk/SPN crossover earlier and it had me thinking that I'd love to read more of those, only with one major change. I'd prefer it if the crossover wasn't wincest.

Pure case fics where both Sam and Dean are straight and help out the gang from QaF would be perfect, though I'd accept pairings other than wincest as well. I don't mind someone mistakingly thinking they're together, just as long as Sam and Dean aren't actually romantically interested in one another.
07 July 2011 @ 03:25 pm
I've been wondering... Are there any SPN/Queer as Folk crossovers? ^^

I prefer wincest, but I can manage gen too ^^
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28 October 2010 @ 04:18 pm
1. I've recently started watching Queer As Folk and I just finished the first episode so now I'm looking for some stories where Jensen is a player of sorts and then he meets Jared (who is younger) and seduces him and they fall into an angsty, passionate romance.  I would prefer it if Jensen at first didn't think he should be with Jared, but then have Jared convince him otherwise.

2. Any stories where Jared is in high school and has a relationship with Jensen (who is older).  Bonus points if he flaunts it everywhere by showing off hickeys and kissing him in public and stuff.

3. Stories where Jared's parents don't approve of Jensen and kick him out of the house.

4. Stories where Jensen corrupts a younger Jared (teaching him how to smoke, drink, do drugs, and have sex.)

Thanks for any and all help!  :D 
27 May 2010 @ 12:24 pm
I'm feeling nostalgic for Queer as Folk lately, so I wondered if you could help me out with some good crossovers.

1) Specific gen fic: (ETA - Found!)
Michael got "sucked" through a wall by a cursed comic book and the Winchesters came to investigate. Sam shared Mikey's mishap; they were trapped together in some kind of room without exit. Dean and Brian worked together trying to rescue them.
And as unlikely as it is with this combination of fandoms - it was gen.

2) General request:
Anything similar to the fic above. Not necessarily gen, but with a strong focus on a case, and not just: "Any combination of Sam/Dean/Brian/Justin meet and then there's porn."
Not that I'm opposed to porn being a part of the story, I'd just prefer it if it wasn't the main part.
Oh, and no WIPs please!
16 June 2009 @ 10:01 am
I've just discovered Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk, and OH MY GOD, I never thought I'd say it, but Dean has some serious competition in the sexass department.

So naturally, I need some hardcore Dean/Brian slash now, now, NOW, like food, air and water. I will love you forever (and ever) if you rec me something new (because I already went through all the other recs here, and there weren't that many, sadly.)

Bonus if they're both wearing leather jackets in the beginning. Or if Brian is smoking. Or if they make out a lot. Actually.. just.. anything. I will be happy with freakin' anything, :D.

17 October 2008 @ 10:51 pm
I'm looking for any non-AU fics that have Sam trying to get Dean to talk about his time in hell. Dean resisting 
and just being the stubborn ass he is. Then finally breaking down and crying and allowing Sam to hug him and 
comfort him. I've tried looking for them elsewhere but my search has turned up nothing. So I'm hoping 
someone could find some for me please. Thank You.

I was just looking at the hilarious post here:
and reading the comments and was steamrollered by a fic search idea so here goes: Jensen/Jared or Sam/Dean do a
crossover with Queer as Folk and Dean or Jensen gets crowned the King/Queen of Babylon much to his embarrassment.
Please if there are any fics out there i might explode if i don't read them and get it out of my system because
I haven't the faintest clue where to start looking for such a thing. Thank You.