I've been a bit obsessed with horror video games lately so I'm curious if there's any fics out there connecting with the SPN fandom. These could be AU/fusions where plotlines are borrowed from a horror game or an out-and-out crossover.

In particular I'm very interested in Silent Hill related fics. Also topping my list are Fatal Frame (Project Zero) and Resident Evil. Other games are perfectly acceptable, though. (Dead Space, Jericho, Fear, Amnesia, Penumbra, etc etc)

Not wanted: Wincest. RPF or RPS.

A-OK: Gen, any other pairings besides wincest, self-recs, WiPs (preferably ones that aren't obviously abandoned), all ratings

(Bonus points if it includes one or more of the following: Gabriel/Sam, Ellen, Jo, Bobby)

Thanks so much. :D
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03 April 2011 @ 04:01 pm
As much as I absolutely adore all the seasons of Supernatural {I am kind of easily pleased sometimes} I have been itching for old school Supernatural. Mostly seasons 1 & 2, but three can work too.

Where all the boys have to worry about are YED and Dean going to hell. No apocalypse and no Angels vs Demons {though I do love those guys}. I would adore either Sam/Dean or Gen.

Also, I've been playing Resident Evil a lot lately, so I was wondering if there are any stories that have an RE feel to it. {Or a cross over, but not a movie crossover. More of the game cross over because I really don't like the movies.} They can be AU with the boys being thrown into something strange {i.e. like game 1} or anything like that. Just something that has the Resident Evil game feel about it.

Mod, are the tag okie dokie?
20 March 2011 @ 09:21 pm
The crossover and zombie tags yielded some stuff, but I'm looking for a kind of specific concept.

Here goes: I think Wesker would absolutely love to have both Leon Kennedy and Dean under his thumb (in his bed, collared, etc; to-ma-to, to-mah-to).
Are there any fics in which there is ANYthing like this? With Wesker being all slightly less (more?) than human and all possessive, dominant, etc., and thinking that, 'gee, those two guys sure are purty (and deadly), I'll take me some of that'.
Sam can totally be all "Uhhm, no, he's mine. The other one...is not mine, but is pretty, I agree."

Oooh, hell, Wesker could also be all wanting Leon and Dean to be B.O.W.s cause they'd make pretty kick ass B.O.W.s. Of the mostly-human-looking type (not the licker type).
OOOOHHH, B.O.W.s of any sort could be attracted to Dean&Leon, that'd be happy-making as well.

Pairings of awesome: Sam/Dean, Dean&Leon (I can't even begin to imagine who'd top), Wesker/Leon(&/or Dean), Sam/Dean&Leon, B.O.W.s/Dean&Leon

Sam could be made into a possessive Dean-is-mine B.O.W.

Does anything like this exist? I will take anything that is even vaguely related in any respect.

P.S. There seem to not be any specific Crossover: Resident Evil (or generally Videogames) or for tentacles. I feel like tentacles are almost inherent in any R.E. fic.

Much appreciated