27 October 2013 @ 03:25 pm
I've gotten majorly interested in Teen Wolf, and I think it would cross over prefectly with Supernatural. The problem is that all the SPN/Teen Wolf crossovers I've found so far are either Sterek or just as bad, Stiles-centric.

Do you guys know any Scott centric SPN/TW crossovers.  Any spn pairing is fine. I just really really want to read a fic that has Scott meeting and interacting with the Winchesters.

I'm not a a stickler on any pairing, wouldn't mind gen either,  just please no Sterek.
23 June 2013 @ 04:46 pm
I recently got into Teen Wolf and I was wondering if there were any crossover fics with Teen Wolf and Supernatural?

I'm also looking for any crossovers with The Walking Dead, or Doctor Who.
Thanks in advanced
16 June 2013 @ 12:44 pm
Are there any crossovers out there that specifically feature Sheriff Jodie Mills interacting with Sheriff Stilinski from Teen Wolf and/or (former) Sheriff Keith Mars from Veronica Mars? Dean and Sam can be in there, as well as any characters from either of the other shows. I just have this weird desire to see those Sheriffs interacting, maybe talking about all the really bizarre cases they have to deal with.

19 April 2013 @ 12:31 am
I've found a few SPNxTW fics and love them. Any type of relationship in the story is fine. I like everything (slash/het/gen, etc). Any style of story is fine and I don't have many triggers really beyond a dislike of rampant poor grammar and I can overlook a number of mistakes before that will drive me away.

I do prefer that one of the following TW humans/wolves be represented with strong roles in the story: Stiles or Sheriff, Derek or Peter .. But I'm happy to try anything.

More than anything, I would LOVE to see a crossover bringing Stiles instead of Kevin into the SPN Season 7, ep 21 (reading is fundamental ep). But again, I'm open to any suggestions.

I've read the AO3 (excellent) offerings by HaleWinchester and Vague_Shadows.
01 February 2013 @ 09:06 pm
hey all i was wondering if any one know any good fics where dean is either meeting a child he didn't know about, or bobby and sam and any other characters find out dean is a father and hasn't told them about it.
1. is there any fics where stiles is dean's biological child
2 . dean is stiles step dad 
3 . dean is Harry's biological father
4 . or any other fics where dean is a dad 
it can have slash the fic doesn't have to be focused on the fact that dean is a dad  i would like crossovers if there are any the people know, au are also welcome , mpreg welcome  
please and thank you in advance
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19 July 2012 @ 02:52 pm
to my shame i've jumped on the teen wolf bandwagon and now i'm completely addicted, so -- anyone know of any crossovers? i'll take any pairings, ratings, lengths etc. though i'd really love a fic about how kate argent and gordon walker are pretty much the same person, or anything about dean & sam hunting the beacon hills pack. or just. really anything. kind of desperate tbh

thaaaanks in advance! :)
03 March 2012 @ 08:43 am
Hey ya'll- sorry to be back so soon but this request is not for me but for my 17yo brother.

He's recently started getting into fan fiction but he's having a hard time finding stuff worth reading. Being the awesome sister that I am, I thought I'd help him out. :D

Here are some things that I had in mind:

Five or fewer chapters (He said he loses interest in anything too long)
Crack (He loves crack... crack!fics, that is! hehe!)
Crossovers (Battlestar Galactica, Castle, Chuck, Grimm, Psych, Teenwolf, Star Wars, Smallville, X-Men)

Good characterizations, interesting plots, gore, violence, brotherly banter, angst,hurt/comfort etc. It's all good :D Umm, Dean is his favorite character so bonus points if it's Dean-centric. Although definitely do not keep that from reccing something totally awesome that is not Dean-centric!

I'm also thinking that he would like some good het fics. Like maybe Dean/Jo, Dean/Carmen, Dean/OFC.

Not sure what he thinks of wee!chesters but go ahead and throw them in if you think they're really awesome!

Please no:

Anything NC-17 or higher
Mpreg (yeah, I think that would probably freak him out- lol!)
animal transformations
death fics

Thank you so much!
24 October 2011 @ 02:03 am
So im totally into Teen Wolf right now but i LOVE Supernatural and the two of them together would be perfect.
so does anyone know of any crossovers? can be gen or slash.

Its a good story idea if there aren't any out there.

Please and Thank you.