10 June 2013 @ 09:56 pm
I know crossovers aren't for everyone, but I really need good crossovers. My other fandoms are the walking dead, criminbal minds, torchwood, and doctor who. so supernatural crossovered over with any of those would be good! Anything is fine, even gen.

thank you in advanced!!
Hey guys,

I've been rewatching Torchwood when I should be studying for my exams, and it's giving me all the Ianto ~feels again, and now I really kind of need Cas/Ianto deadpan snark porn (or friendship).

- Cas/Ianto/Other acceptable, especially Cas/Ianto/Dean. (Or Cas/Dean fic in which they meet and interact with Ianto would be acceptable)
- Higher rating preferred, but I'll take anything.
- Any kinks etc acceptable.
26 December 2011 @ 04:08 pm

I'm looking for two things ...
1 .- A specific fic of first season, after John died, Sam returns to Stanford and Dean  continues the family business, in an investigation he known one of the Doctors (9 or 10), and becomes his traveling companion .
2 .- Any fic where Dean works in Torchwood.
Thanks in advance
Sorry for the spelling mistakes UU
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03 September 2011 @ 01:20 am
Hi I'm new here, I'm looking for a fic where Dean has to do the work of reaper and among the souls who takes this Ianto Jones.
 I'm looking for any stories, pre-series, where John isn't written as a jack@$$. Not necessarily ones where he's the best father in the world, but not ones where he's a jerk about something.

I'd love to see any werewolf!Dean fics, if they exist (I've only ever seen them with John as a bit of a jerk or completely trying to kill Dean), with John as a decent person ( if he starts against and ends up either neutral or totally with Dean, that works, too.)

Also, Dean/Cas fics that are kind of sci-fi AUs. Where Cas is an alien or they both are on a space ship. I read a really good Serenity/Firefly fusion that was really good. Dean = Mal.

Despite my squick toward Sam/Dean wincest, I'm curious about Adam/Dean. Can I get a couple recs, please?

Last, any crossovers with either Torchwood or Doctor Who.

As far as what I do and don't want. Please, no Sam/Dean, unless it's really minor and easily seen as brotherly love. I prefer Cas/Dean. I'm pretty good with most pairings. Nothing too NC-17 please. R or M is fine, but no PWP.

Thank you and I can't wait to see what you guys have.

*cookies for everyone*

MODS: I couldn't find a crossover: doctor who tag, though I swear I thought there was one.
23 November 2010 @ 10:25 pm
 Hullo everyone, just hoping that you can help me uncover some fics which I haven't been able to yet.  First and foremost, I've looked through all the tags and if they're a popular author, I've read it (though don't let this stop you from reccing).  I know some of these have been searched before, I'm just hoping to uncover those I've missed or some new ones.  

1.  A nice, long, Dean/Cas, fic that'll keep me busy for a while.  Wing!fic is love, and although I enjoy angst I could really use some schmoop.  

2.  An awesome Supernatural/House crossover in which Dean is under House's care.  House/Dean would be lovely, but I'll take what I can get.  The longer the better, the more House and his team learn about the boys' life the better.

3.  Transformed!Dean fic.  No vampires, but anything else really.  Wincest would be nice, along with some angsy Sammy.  Dean/Cas is great too, as well as gen.

4.  Pretty!Dean with possessive/protective!Sam or John.  I've completely exhausted this corner of the fandom, I believe, so I'm looking for anything that's almost unknown but fabulous.  I have an eyeliner kink as well.  Feed me. 

5.  Any crossovers with Doctor Who or Torchwood, but I'd only like the Eleventh Doctor.  Any pairings are great, heck I'll even take het.  

6.  Some meltingly hot bottom!Dean fic.  The kind that you can barely get through because it's so hot.  Sam, Cas, OMCs please.  OMCs are love.  Non-con, dub-con, I'll take it all.  

And that's it!  If I've done something wrong within my post, feel free to bring it up ;)  I tagged as best as I could.

Thanks in advance!
18 November 2010 @ 10:31 am
1. I am looking for a specific fic that is either all in poetry or the boys are cursed to speak in poetry. I think it was in the style of a different poet every day. Not the one where Dean speaks in Haiku (although that is truly awesome). I think there was an e.e. cummings day.

2. Anything where Dean goes all bible-thumper after he's saved from hell, or starts praying/going to church/trying to convert people

3. Crossovers with Torchwood (gen or Jack/Ianto)

4. Any fic where Dean is mute because of psychological trauma or very shy or just doesn't want to talk

Please NO wincest.
19 October 2010 @ 08:25 pm

So, in the spirit of midterms and procrastination this past week, I had like, sixty tabs or so open in firefox that were primarily SPN fic.

I'm looking for a story in particular that I've tried pulling up from my history and my current tabs, but I'm at a loss. I absorbed so much this past week (fanfiction/papers/novels), that I don't particularly remember what the pairing in the story was. I do remember one particular line: it's Castiel (I believe speaking to Dean), saying that he's not sure if humanity should even deserve to be saved because he happened to watch an episode of the Soup.

The story probably had Dean/Castiel in some way, too.

Does this ring any bells for people? I know it's a long shot when I'm just going off that particular line, but it's a line that sort of stuck with me this past week and now I really want to reread that fic <s>especially since the Soup was on last night, and I giggle/snorted lemonade when I realized what I was watching</s>

And, I know this is a long shot: but by any chance, are there any crossover fics with either Leverage or DW/TW (maybe something like Sparky22's </i> How Ianto Jones Quits His Job and Decides to Take Over the World (Without the Help of a Kangaroo Army)</i>)

06 June 2010 @ 08:18 pm
I just recently have gotten into Torchwood and I was wondering if there are ANY new crossover stories with Torchwood... I prefer slash/or wincest (Jack/Dean, Jack/Ianto, Dean/Sam, etc.)... gen is fine and I can read barely-there het when I`m in the right mood... I have read all the other posts... It can be any kind of theme (AUs, dark, whatever you got)...
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25 April 2010 @ 03:02 pm
Hi all

Looking for some fabulous Torchwood/SPN Crossover fics please! Have checked out the already-tagged entries, but hoping there's been some new one's written. Happy to read any rating, pairing, and kink!
09 August 2009 @ 03:24 pm
I feel like reading some Torchwood/Supernatural fics. Are there any Sam/Dean and Jack/Ianto ones out there? I know there's a few Sam/Ianto and Jack/Dean ones but I'd like to keep the characters with well, their tv shows characters, y'know?

Preferred pairings: gen, Sam/Dean, Jack/Ianto


Are there any Impala pov fics? Almost like she's her own character? I'd love for it to focus on her view of the boys. Her missing Dean, worrying about Sam etc

Preferred pairings: gen or anything. Don't really mind :)
19 July 2009 @ 11:57 am
1. I've been glued to the Tour de France and wanted to know if there's any fics where either or both of Js are professional bike racers. I'd also take them as athletes or coaches in other sports.

2. I'm also looking for any crossovers where either Dean and or Sam are paired with Eric from True Blood.

3. I'm also looking for Torchwood crossovers that feature some combination of Sam and Dean with Jack and Ianto.

4. And are there any fics where Jensen, preferably, is a chef, but if Jared's the chef, that's fine, too.

Self recs are welcome. Please no underage.
30 June 2009 @ 04:19 pm
I was checking out the crossover: Torchwood tag and read the very cool Gonna Teach You Tricks That'll Blow Your Mind, and wondering if there's anymore Sam/Ianto fics out there? I'll take Sam/Jack as well (only one I've read so far is The First Thanksgiving) also any recent Torchwood/Supernatural crossover fics in general would be great :o) TIA!
05 May 2009 @ 01:46 am
I'd just liked to know if there're any crossovers with Torchwood. I'd prefer the pairings Ianto/Jack and Sam/Dean. Thank you
27 January 2008 @ 06:09 pm
Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone knew of any good crossovers with the movie Four Brothers or the tv series Torchwood? I'd build a shirne in your honour if you did. Well, probably not, but I'd be grateful :)

Thanks in advance
So I ran across this sometime last year on FF.net, but I seem to have lost it again.  It's a short little fic about Gwen and Owen, (I think)  being bored at work and looking up Jack's ancestors for fun.  Dean pops up at the end, apparently as Jack's great-great-great odd grandfather.  Does this ring any bells for anyone?  Please?
05 January 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Man, I'm tapping you guys a lot lately, but you're so GOOD.  I read a Torchwood/SPN fic written by James at Gila's Cave, and I was wondering if there were any other crossovers of this kind out there.  Didn't see a link in the tags, so I'm assuming no one has asked yet?

For the curious, the xover fic can be found here:


I'd love to read more.  Gen, slash, doesn't matter to me, and it sure doesn't matter to Cpt Jack!

Kam : )