Hello lovely people - you're always so wonderfully helpful when I have a fic itch that needs scratching, and I'm hoping you can help me out again.  Here's what I'm looking for:

1.) "Benders" fics - tags, missing scenes, AUs that focus on hurt!Sam.  Specifically anything in which Sam is hurt more than in the episode, or where there is attempted of completed non-con included in his abduction.  Dean to the rescue, of course!  

2.) Fics in which Sam doesn't die in AHBL part II, but where he is hurt and Dean has to patch him up.  For instance, Jake seemed to punch his shoulder out of joint while they were fighting, and hit him hard in the ribs, so something focused on those injuries would be awesome.  I'd actually prefer fics in which he isn't stabbed, or where the stab wound is not severe enough to really maim him - I really prefer H/C fics that don't involve hospitals if possible, because I love Dean and Bobby doing the patching up.

3.) Fics that focus on Sam's scar from Sam's stabbing in AHBL.  Lingering problems with pain, muscle spasms, etc.  I know I read one good fic that involved muscle spasms, and I'm hoping there are others.  In fact, any fic that focuses on lingering issues with an old injury of Sam's would be great, canon or not.  Things like aching from broken bones, scar tissue, etc.  

4.) Any good Hookman tags that address Sam's wounded arm and Dean patching him up.

5.) Any fics in which Sam has dislocated a joint of some kind and Dean has to pop it back in.  Shoulders, elbows, hips, whatever.  Bonus points if they're stranded away from medical help (in the woods, etc) and have no pain meds.
And and all warnings are fine (except for character death for Dean, Sam, or Bobby).  The one thing I am a stickler for is grammar and writing quality - at the risk of sounding snooty, I'd appreciate quality over quantity.  I really am only interested in WELL WRITTEN fics with good characterization.  Also, no "doormat!Sam" please. :)  As in, Sam is written with the temperament and self-sufficiency of a whiny child, or Sam is pretty much just a punching bag that cries a lot, etc.  I LOVE my hurt!Sam, but I also love Sam to be the strong, resilient, smart, and yes, flawed, man that he is.  Fics in which he weeps on Dean's shoulder for three chapters as Dean carries him bridal style through the forest just don't do it for me LOL. :)  Self-recs are fine as well.

Thanks in advance!
16 March 2009 @ 12:01 am
Hi all! So tonight, I'm looking for codas for the Episodes Skin and Hookman. I'm specifically interested in them delving into the injuries Sam received in them, and Dean patching him up, taking care of him after. I'll take Wincest, Gen, Self-Recs, all of it!
12 January 2008 @ 05:27 pm
Does anyone know any Wincest fics that occur either during or after "Hookman"? Maybe their are some that deal with Sam's arm getting hurt by the Hookman. Anyway I would be grateful for any recommendations. Thank you.