The author on was under the name 50boys. I don't know if they ever posted on other sites under a different name- I searched under deleted but nothing under that name.  The story was The Most Important Thing
Sam interrupts Dean's tirade after ELAC. Dean punches him. Later he finds Sam on a bridge, feverish and disoriented. He finds out that Sam was hurt in the accident and his stitches were infected. Sam tells Dean that he wanted to be there for him the way Dean was for Sam after Jess died. Dean goes through Sam's things for a clean outfit to wear home and discovers that his brother has nothing. If Sam died, there would be no physical reminder that Sam had ever existed.

Anyone have a copy of this?
Disclosure was another great story by this author.
19 July 2015 @ 07:38 am
hellooo... this is my first post in this wonderful community... please help me find the following fics...

1) "A girl makes a deal to bring back Sam from hell, I remember a scene where Dean cas and sam come across this girl at a bar singing and are impressed by her voice... i dont relly remember but i think dean is staying with lisa but i am not sure, they also find out later that this girl is half human/demon and half angel, sam gets extremely angry when he finds out about it" I know its vague but please help me...

2) "In season 5 Sam plans to commit suicide and Chuck informs about it to Dean through a mail, cas brings sam to Dean, Sam assumes Dean to be Lucifer..."

3) Stories from season 2 where Dean ignores Sam and says hurtful things to him but later feels guilty about it

4) stories where Dean decides to stay at sonny or where dean and sam are seperated and when they reunite sam is a changed person, he is emotionally withdrawn, Dean tries to connect with sam and tries to make him the old sam

5) john blaming sam for mary's death and is emotionally abusing him... dean finds out about it maybe in season 2 and later and hates john for it...

5) stories with guilty dean and hurt sam

i prefer only general fics, no slash fictions
27 February 2014 @ 09:28 pm
Read on AO3 about 6 months ago; I thought I had bookmarked the work but apparently not.

After the scene in 2x2 when Dean takes a crowbar to the Impala, the story goes AU with Dean/Sam dub-con in Bobby's garage. The remainder of the story is the two of them trying to continue working together after that, with Sam trying to convince Dean that he did want it, and Dean hating himself for it.

Later, Dean goes out to a bar and basically asks a guy to rape him; the guy leaves him bloody and battered in the back room of the bar. The owner finds him and helps him to the Impala, and Dean drives himself back to the motel. Sam finds him and goes ballistic, tracking down the guy who did it and beating him until he finds out that Dean had asked the guy to do what he did.

EDIT: I figured it out! It was Nishkawolf's The End and The Beginning, but it seems that they've deleted it from AO3. Sad day.
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29 November 2013 @ 02:01 am
I'm looking for three general fics

1) After ELAC Sam makes a deal with a crossroads demon, for either Mary, John, both(anyone else in the deal is a plus) and he succeeds.  I'd really also like to see everyone's reactions to being back and Sam being dead as well
2) John is the one who dies in the house fire, not Mary
3) Any time during the series John, Mary, Bobby or other friends/lovers come back from the dead
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Hey guys,
the story I'm looking for sets place in the beginning of season two. Dean is dealing with John's death, and their is a hunt. So Sam goes alone but on the way he is getting into a car accident.
I've read this story on livejournal and I think the title has the word curve in it...
Thanks for help in advance.
14 February 2012 @ 10:36 pm

Hello everyone,

So I read a fic a WHILE back. Details as stated below!

* one shot
* Dean/Sam post John's death.
* Set around ELAC, like before and after that. It was more of a Dean dealing and Sam dealing fic
* Basically, it's Dean falling apart, and Sam trying to help, and Dean never lets him. Sam always brings a sandwich I think, but Dean ignores him. They're staying at Bobby's by the way. One night, Dean puts his feelings into having sex with Sam. They're in a relationship, but it kind of halted when John died. Dean's been using Sam as his vent. It progresses and Sam ends up being physically hurt one day, and Bobby comments but Sam just says something like it's not Dean's fault. However, it doesn't end there, and Dean ends up forcing himself on Sam. Only then, did I think Dean is back in reality; a reality where Sam is still there.

I hope this helps!

Thanks in advance!!



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01 January 2012 @ 11:40 pm
OK, got a couple of impala requests. These are general requests, insofar as I don't have any specific fics in mind, so please, rec away!

1. Ok, I realise this is a well-used and asked for trope, but, the impala gets turned into a woman. However, what I specifically want to read, is something where, somewhere in the story, the fact that Dean beat on her while he was fixing her after John died gets brought up, dealt with in some way. Maybe in her human form she even has a scar or something... I want it to end happy though, so definitely angsty and Dean!guilt, but reconciling and such too. Maybe, it could be set just after it had happened, so it's all still a fresh issue, so there's dealing with some of Dean's deep grieving issues or something...

2. The impala is still a car, but is aware. There are two kinds of this I'm looking for: 
    a) Dean doesn't know about it, but it's always been there. I just want to hear her side of those special conversations between Dean and his baby. Her thoughts and such about his taking such good care of her, maybe when he's under her hood it turns her on, who knows, I just wanna hear how she responds to stuff, like Dean calling her baby and sweetheart and telling her sweet nothings and such. 
    b) Something happens to make Dean be able to hear her thoughts/talking to him. Maybe it's that she can suddenly speak, so Sam can hear her too, or maybe it's that somehow Dean suddenly has the ability to hear her, so it's only him, but I want to see how the sweetness he shows her develops when he realises she's aware.

(The second request is inspired by a fic I read a long time ago, where Dean was cursed somehow to be able to hear inanimate objects talk. Most of them were rude to him, but there was a bit at the end, where they were about to reverse the curse, and he just wanted to say one last goodbye to the Impala. Sam said something about how he always talks to her, and he replies that yes he does, but she doesn't usually speak back to him. It was really sweet and got me thinking about those special one-sided conversations Dean has with his baby, and all that love he showers on her, and how loved she must feel...)

Ok, thanks guys! :D

ETA: I've also been asked in the comments about the fic I read ages ago I mentioned in the brackets. I cannot find a link and I even googled but couldn't find it. I'm sure I came across it on here, but it was a long time ago. If anyone recognises it and has a link handy, please comment! Actually, I'd like to read it again myself too, so, please?? :D I remember, most of the objects were mean to him. I especially remember a scene in a hotel room where a pen and a lamp both insulted him. But his baby was nice to him, of course. Although, the fic wasn't really about the Impala much. Which is why I'm so interested in the #2 requests so much, I guess! K, thanks!

ETA2: I eventually, a while back, posted here again, asking about the fic I mentioned above in the brackets, about Dean hearing inanimate objects talk. It is The Pen Is Mouthier Than The Sword by [ profile] kellifer_fic. Highly recommend her stuff.

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17 December 2011 @ 12:09 am
I have read this fic ages back but for the life of me I can't remember the title or author. *facepalm* Searching among my bookmarks yielded a big fat zero. So please awesome storyfinders - help me! Here's a small description:
It's a post ELAC fic... )

ETA: Found by the great [ profile] cherry916. The fic is What I Can Do.
18 October 2011 @ 11:15 am
I've tried googling for this story, and I can't seem to find it.  I thought I had it saved in my bookmarks, but apparently not.  I'm not positive, but I think it takes place around "In My Time Of Dying" and "Everybody Loves A Clown".  Sam and Dean are at Bobby's and Bobby is working on a vehicle, hoisting the engine.  Suddenly, the chain holding the engine snaps and hits Sam in the neck.  Anyone recognize this one?

EDIT:  I found it! Ripple Effect
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14 October 2011 @ 10:59 pm

I have two requests please :)

1) RPF where jared has a hard time with getting into sam's head space for a scene or has a difficult time with a scene for whatever reason

2) any fics where dean is being mean or an asshole to sam and sam ends up hurt or sick and then dean ends up guilty. I have read a few set after ELAC and those are by far my favourites so if anyone knows ones set around early season 2 I would really appreciate it :)

No WIP's please and self recs welcome. Thanks in advance :)
13 October 2011 @ 04:35 pm
I've been searching for months for one coda to ELAC. Sam didn't walk away, he continued to push Dean until Dean finally hit Sam with the crowbar instead of the impala.
It was on, but might be here, as well. I've searched Delicious and googled it. I don't know the title. All I remember is that Sam didn't stop pushing Dean to talk. Dean tried to warn Sam to stop, but he pushed Dean past the limit. After Dean beat his ass, Sam managed to get back inside and Bobby figured out what happened.

11 May 2011 @ 12:52 am

So I know this might seem a little bit strange, but I have two requests. One, I just finished watching "Everybody Loves a Clown" and I was wondering if there was any fic out there that has Ash and Sam as major players? Or even interacting at all? Bonding over their unfinished terms at classy universities, even just sharing a beer. Gen (slash is good, preferred but not required), any length: whatever you can find. Self-recs are good too. As a note, though, I have read the Regrets series by Jassy.

And two, I was wondering if anyone could rec any fics that deal with Sam and his fear of clowns? Pre-series, bitty!Sam, terrified!Sam, any season -- anything. How the fear developed, how he deals, if he gets over it (how badly Dean teases him). You know, whatever. Sam guidelines apply: any length, any genre, any rating; gen, slash; self-rec or not.

Thanks so much!

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I know, there's been ALOT of requests lately. And I've held off for as long as I could. But.... I need some help fellow Story-Finders. Allow me to explain:


[001] I found this as one of my very first SPN stories, over on I have hunted by every variation of dentist, wisdom-teeth, tooth, whatever, and can't find it. Ironically... I have the story saved. Just not the title or the author's name. And I'd love to rec it, but I can't find that info to share it with anyone. So I guess this is a reverse search. In it, Sam (teenaged) had just had his wisdom teeth removed, and was on painkillers. And hallucinating badly. He was weilding a wooden spoon as defense against the gremlins that were trying to invade the motel room, and had 'salted' the windows and doors with baking soda. When Dean asked WHY the gremlins were trying to get in, Sam said it was because they were after their socks (which Sam threw in the bathtub, since Gremlins don't like water). It was more from Dean's POV than Sam's, and short and sweet and Dean kept thinking that he and the dentist were going to have a LONG conversation about this. Help? 

[002] ~~FOUND~~ I have this one saved somewhere, and when I hear it, I know I'm going to beat my head on a wall. I have a line saved as a status of mine on Facebook, and it's bugging me that I can't find what story it's from: “Jenny, that boy didn't even come when you were pushing mail through his slot at two in the morning.”

“Wow!” says Mike, appearing at their sides like magic. “Are we playing the How Many Sexual Innuendos Can I Fit in One Sentence Game? Here, I'll go!”
[ profile] ratherastory found it...thank you again!

[003] ~~FOUND~~ I found the banner for this on GoogleImages, but no link anywhere, and my google-fu is failing me tonight. It's "Cop'Verse", and the banner has an image of handcuffs dangling between the boys. I'm assuming it's a J2. Thanks to [ profile] marlowe78 .

[004] ~~FOUND~~The story where Jared gets a fever,and dreams that his liver ate it's way out of his body and was trying to destroy civilization, and Jensen was all panicked over it. Ring any bells? The awesome [ profile] peppervl shared her link for it! 

[005] ~~FOUND~~There's a J2 fic out there, I think college-based, in which Jensen keeps making Jared drink pineapple juice. cut to protect the innocense of small children and grandmothers everywhere... ) Thank you to [ profile] sd_singer for the link! 

[006] ~~FOUND~~ So I was researching "Everyone Loves A Clown", and SupernaturalWiki says that it's a shout-out to, in which there was a story that involved Sam and Ronald and it looked good, but their link was dead. And I can't find it at I thought maybe the veteran SPN readers around here might know...[ profile] funshine908 found 'em!! Link in the comment area. *smishes*

[007] I think this was a mockery of wincest, but it had Sam ...those pesky grandmothers and kids.... ) Odd, I know, but does anyone know what I'm talking about?

[008] ~~FOUND~~I lost this one last night. >.< It's an AU, Boy's not as brothers... Dean runs the Singer Salvage Yard after Bobby dies,and runs into Sam, whose fleeing his abusive boyfriend Dex with his daughter Em. Sam's into physical therapy/massage... I lost it. I meant to save it, but the laptop shut down too quick. Help??  THANKS [ profile] cherry916 for the link!!!

General Searches:
[009] Okay, so in "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things", Dean was all "What's dead should stay dead, right? Are there any fics where Sam throws that back in Dean's face after "All Hell Breaks Loose" and Dean's deal? Because... I see that as too much ammo for Sam to not have used... you know? 

[010] Any fics that involve Sam's broken wrist after "CSPWDT"? Getting it set and all that, Dean forgetting in his chick-flick moment, anything? I'll take Jared too. ^_^

[011] I don't remember what episode, but the boys busted through a stained glass window to escape from a church. And somehow...were perfectly fine. O.o Yeah, can we replay that, with some abuse and hurt and maybe stitches for the cuts from the glass? Thank you! EDIT: [ profile] ratherastory let me know it's "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and yeah, the boys DID get hurt. I'll happily take any and all fics that involve that scene.

[012] I've found a few stories that have neurotic/OCD-cleaning Jensen. I can't remember them, but I adore obsessively-cleaning-Jensen... got any recs for me? I'm happy with self-recs, any rating, any genre (except horror), and wincest is always, always welcome.

Thanks guys. You all rock, you know that??

EDIT: Still looking for #1 and for #7, and still taking the general search recs.

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28 January 2011 @ 01:34 am

I was hoping you guys could rec me some fics for the following:

1. Fics dealing with the aftermath of John's death and how Sam and Dean are affected. Doesn't matter if its wincest or gen. 
2. Casefics that deal with shapeshifters. I read The Abyss by aussiechick21 awhile ago, which deals with the shifter posing as Dean and attacking Sam who doesn't realise its not him at the time. If you know of fics similar to that plot it would be great.
3. Pre-series fics with Sam breaking the news he's leaving for Stanford and John and Deans reactions. 
4. I really love AU fics, so could you please rec me your favourites? It can be gen, wincest, slash or anything as long as the pairings are Sam/Dean or J2.  
5. And lastly any really heartbreaking (eg. dealing with an illness) gen fics with a happy ending.

*All self-recs are welcome! =D
Thanks in advance!
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10 January 2011 @ 08:42 pm
-Hey guys I'm back. I'm looking for a fairly basic premise of Sam getting really sick or ill early season 2 like around Everybody Loves a Clown and such. Like where Sam might have lasting injuries from the accident that he hides from Dean or an illness that he hides which Dean only finds out later due to Sam's rapidly failing health. And Bobby being all knowing and trying to get his 'idjits' in gear is an awesome bonus. Gen is preferred but will take Wincest as well.

-Another general request is adorably schmoopy domestic fics featuring Jared/Jensen. Don't care if it's cannon or au. If their married or boyfriends or even if they have kids. I just want some schmoopy domestic!boys.

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23 December 2010 @ 08:57 pm
Hi guys, I'm back again!

After my recent request for Bobby centric fics (here), I'm now after some Ellen centric fics. The same thing applies really, gen or h/c fics that are Ellen centric. My preference would be that it be heavy on Dean, Sam or Bobby (if it's all 3 I'll be a very happy camper!), and as few mentions of Jo as possible!! I know that one may make it a bit difficult, but I just never took to Jo, though I realise that she's bound to feature in some fics!

Happy to give 'shippy fics a go if people can recommend, but please, no femslash!! :-/ *shudders*

Something related to the eps Everybody Loves A Clown and Good God Y'all would be especially welcomed; and self recs are always welcome! :)

Again, thanks in advance. You folks never let me down! &hearts;

P.S. Thank you so much (again!) for all the Bobby recs, and I'll get them all read ASAP.
23 December 2010 @ 07:44 pm

I've read a fic a long time ago at about Dean was attacked by a demon/monster and impregnated by it. He suffered through rapid pregnancy and Sam were trying to finding a doctor that can operated on Dean. Dean survived but he slips into despondency and helped by the doc's daughter. Probably ties with Everybody loves a clowns MOTW.

Please any body recognize this fic.

Totally forgot title though.

Thanks in advanced. (^_^)
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23 November 2010 @ 12:13 am
Hey guys I'm looking for some angsty tags/codas or just general stories surrounding the episodes In My Time Of Dying or Everybody Loves a Clown.

What I love to see is some hurt!Sam with protective/guilt!Dean. Maybe Sam had an injury that went untreated after the accident or Dean's been giving Sam the cold shoulder and in turn hurts Sam (not on purpose.)

Just some hurt/comfort for Sammy during those two episodes.

*No wincest please :)

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23 October 2010 @ 01:25 am
I'm interested in finding codas or tags to Everybody Loves a Clown when Dean was beating up the trunk of the Impala with a crowbar. Are there any where Sam is standing there at the end when Dean turns around or he runs out of Bobby's house to stop him? Or even that he surprises Dean by finding a new trunk cover for the car? I know there was one fic like that where the boys got into a car accident when driving for a new trunk and ended up in a hunt. I've read that one but are there others?

After Twihard I just need some brotherly love!
05 August 2010 @ 12:56 am
Hey all - quick request for a specific story. I

t was a follow-up to In My Time Of Dying/Everybody Loves a Clown, about the boys not really dealing too well with John's death and all of the related issues. They're still staying with Bobby, and Caleb lived through his encounter with Meg (although he did still have his throat cut). Dean gets angry and beats the living daylights out of Sam, and Bobby and Caleb bring Sam to the hospital.

I don't really remember where it goes from there, but does this ring any bells for anyone? I read it a really long time ago, but was recently reminded of it. Thanks in advance!
30 May 2010 @ 12:13 pm
Hi all,

So I was watching season two last night (Aaah, the memories) when I remembered a fic i'd read a while back.
It's a hurt!sam fic set after ELAC and basically, sam is working over-time to get money to buy parts for the impala. Dean's so absorbed in fixing the car that he doesn't even notic how sick/hurt sam is. I think he only realizes when Sam passes out or something. It's one of those classic fics and it might have been of ffn.

Any help would be awesome!!!


I'm looking for fics that are set at some point post IMTOD in which Sam finds out Dean and John were lovers prior to his death.
Please, no non-con, dub-con or Dean agreeing because he thinks it's his duty or something like that, nor (forced-)feminsation.
I mean, it's okay if the thought that Dean looks a lot like/reminds him in some way of Mary crosses John's mind but I don't want Dean to be the stand-in wife for John.

If the relationship is in another way screwed up and dysfunctional, e.g. dependency/abandonment issues, that's okay.

I'd really love to read something from Sam's POV that deals with him realizing Dean isn't just messed up because he lost a father but also a lover, focusing on the emotional rather than sexual aspect.

I hope there are some (at least close to this) out there.

Any rec is highly appreciate. Thank you :)
24 April 2010 @ 08:51 pm
I read a fic a while ago about Dean and the Impala and I NEED to find it, it's consuming me!  I think it was set at the beginning of season 2 when the Impala was wrecked and Dean was fixing it (but I might have that mixed up, he may have just been washing it or something).  Dean was angsting over everything he'd lost, had to do, etc, and masturbated over the Impala because it was the only thing he had left.  It was a beautifully written oneshot, and I have NO idea where I found it.  Please help??  Thanks!! :)
24 May 2009 @ 10:04 pm
I once read this fic that takes place during/after ELAC, and it's where Sam bakes Dean an apple pie, well, a horrible one, but Dean loves it, and at the end of the fic, Dean asks Bobby if they had any ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.

..but I can't remember what this fic is, so... please? And thank you! :D

Found in the cmnts! ♥
04 December 2008 @ 01:17 am
I started watching "Carnivale" the other night, and was thinking about "Everybody loves a clown."

Now I am craving fics with the Winchester boys 'working the circuit'. Any fics that involve Sam and Dean at a carnival, a circus or a country fair, I will love. Midgets, bearded ladies and 'strong men', and I'd love to see some sort of tie in between the 'Freak Show' and Sam or Dean feeling they belong because they are sort of freaks too. (Dean's own words)

I remember one story in particular, (which I didn't bookmark) where the boys were investigating a carnival and the workers kept going missing, or being kidnapped. Sam has a discussion with a woman who has no arms or legs. I believe it was set after No Rest For the Wicked.
26 January 2008 @ 11:33 pm
I was editing my earlier request and accidently deleted the entry. Let's try again.

I'm looking for a story that is definitely post In My Time of Dying. Dean is working on the impala, on a creeper (that thing that rolls under the car) and Sam comes out and then there is h/c sex. I'm not sure if the boys even talk and I think after Dean rolls right back under the car. It might even have been called creeper!sex or something to that effect.

I've searched and searched but I can't find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ETA- FOUND! [ profile] pez_gurl is my hero.
27 December 2007 @ 09:14 pm
I've been going through screenshots lately, and it's kind of been making me want to read fics. So, can anyone rec me any of these:
1. "In My Time of Dying"/"Everybody Loves A Clown" fics - during, or after, or even AU. Will anyone please rec me their favs?

2. Are there any fics out there where John and Sam kind things out? Have an actual conversation, instead of just fighting?

3. Fics where Sam takes care of Dean - whether he's sick or injured, I just wanna read some.

4. Any fics where one of the guys is high? Not as in "they went out and got high" really, more like a side-effect of pain meds or something?

I'll take wincest or gen for any of them!