As the header says I'm looking for a specific fic that I read years ago but I have now lost.

I remember that it was a Mpreg fic. I think it was Dean, but I'm not 100% certain, who was cursed by a fertility goddess (as a thank you I think?) and then he became pregnant. The brothers ended up in a town where the doctor from Croatoan had moved to and she becomes their doctor. I think they settled down in that town and got new identities so that they weren't legally brothers anymore (there was a spell involved?). I'm pretty sure that Sam started work doing something with the local sheriff.

Major plot points that I remember:

Later in that fic or possibly in a sequel Sam and their kid got into a car crash but were virtually unharmed because the Impala is made of strong steel and didn't crumble like a new car would have. Also later in that fic or maybe in the sequel Sam is worried about their kid not walking yet and he is concerned because they are after all brothers and maybe that has genetically affected their kid. But at the doctors office the kid starts walking just before their appointment. 
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03 September 2014 @ 03:04 am
I have read this fiction sometime ago but I cant remember what the name is and I didn't bookmark it. All that I remember is that the Castiel that was in season 5 episode 4 who had no angle power's and did a lot of drugs and drinks had died. He wakes up on a empty street in River Grove and the year is 2006 ( season 2 episode 9). He has no memory of how he got there. He runs into Sam who tells him to run because he is being chased by croataons. The two of them go to the doctor's office in town. Castiel still has no powers but can tell when someone is infected. They kill the demon and when everyone leaves Castiel goes with the Winchester. I think that was the first chapter. The only other thing that I remember is that when dean was captured and being held in a cabin as bate for someone to kill same Castiel is the one that saves dean. Does any of this ring any bells? Please help
Hey guys, I was just wondering if there were any fics out there where during the episode Croatoan, Sam isn't immune to the virus and does end up getting infected. It can be slash or gen, either is fine. Death fic, suicide fic, somehow-happy-ending fic, everything is fair game. Thanks in advance ! :)
13 April 2012 @ 10:17 pm
Hey everybody :)
So, remember back in season 2, right at the end of 'Croatoan' / the beginning of 'Hunted' where Dean 'fesses up to having to kill Sam if he goes darkside? He says something about 'maybe we oughtta... go to the Grand Canyon'. Now I know it's because he was beating around the bush, but are there any fics where they actually do go to the Grand Canyon?
Maybe they go not long after Dean's said that (even though that'd probably be a case of severe OOC-ness on Sam's part..), or after 'everything' (whatever that may be :P) is over; as long as it has Sam, Dean, and the Grand Canyon.

Wincest strongly preferred, but not absolutely nessecary. Other slash is alright as is gen, but no het please. No other 'restrictions', hit me with what you got :)

Thanks in advance ^_^
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13 July 2010 @ 06:58 pm

I’ve gone through my past postings and some of the specific searches I’ve made, which have never been found, at least not when I posted the search. So I thought I’d give them another try because I would still like to read them.


1) Wincest. Sam and Dean are staying at a motel. Sam comes back to the room and Dean is still asleep. Sam ties him up and blindfolds him (going for kink). Dean wakes up and totally freaks out. He starts pulling at the ropes tying his wrists to the bedpost. He almost breaks the bed he's pulling so hard, and I think his wrists start to bleed. This freaks Sam out cause Dean is willing to hurt himself to get away. Dean didn’t realize it was Sam who had tied him up, thinking it was somebody else.


2) Any AU's to Croatoan where Dean gets infected by the virus.


3) Does anyone remember a story set right when Dean tells Sam what John whispered to him and Sam hits him and then leaves Dean there out in the country??? Dean keeps thinking Sam will come back but he doesn't and it turns out Dean had left his wallet and cell phone in the Impala so he is stranded. Most likely this is a gen story.


4) Dean snaps and goes after Bela to kill her. He shoots her a couple times, and she is crying for him to stop, and is afraid he is really going to kill her. Sam shows up before Dean kills her, and talks Dean down, holds him while he cries and stuff.


13 February 2008 @ 09:27 pm

So, like the stupid idiot that I am, I went and somehow deleted a load of my memories and can't find this fic I've been wanting to re-read. *Sighs* So I need your help people! Okie dokies, it's a wincest fic, set during croatoan and it's got Dean revealing how he feels about Sammy...I think there's some getting slammed against walls and some ravishing on Dean's part...but that's all I can remember. I know you know it!!!

Oh, and can anyone rec me some good freckle fics? You know, the ones where Sam or Jared make a big deal about Dean/Jensen's freckles...gotta love the freckle!porn.

Please and thankyou!!!

And no season 3 spoilers please!