16 July 2015 @ 11:42 pm
I am looking for fics that are about hunters like Gordon who come after Sam. Looking for some major hurt Sam.
06 July 2013 @ 09:57 pm
Hi again,

In rewatching "Hunted", I realized I still wish we had met Scott for more than just the intro and brief excerpt of his session via audiotape.  Are there any stories about him?


I don't really know how to tag this, mods, sorry. 
13 April 2012 @ 10:17 pm
Hey everybody :)
So, remember back in season 2, right at the end of 'Croatoan' / the beginning of 'Hunted' where Dean 'fesses up to having to kill Sam if he goes darkside? He says something about 'maybe we oughtta... go to the Grand Canyon'. Now I know it's because he was beating around the bush, but are there any fics where they actually do go to the Grand Canyon?
Maybe they go not long after Dean's said that (even though that'd probably be a case of severe OOC-ness on Sam's part..), or after 'everything' (whatever that may be :P) is over; as long as it has Sam, Dean, and the Grand Canyon.

Wincest strongly preferred, but not absolutely nessecary. Other slash is alright as is gen, but no het please. No other 'restrictions', hit me with what you got :)

Thanks in advance ^_^
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28 November 2010 @ 02:27 am
Ok guys I have two singular requests. I'm kinda bed ridden with being sick and I wanted to bookmark a few fics to read because I'm bored as hell.

First request
Any good tags or codas to the episode hunted? That maybe deals with the aftermath of it all. I really want me some hurt!sam and protective!dean ^_^ No wincest for this one please :)

Second request
Any and all Jared mpreg. I've read alot but I know there's still more to read (does that sound weird? lol) So any mpregs for Jared as long as Jared is the one pregnant.

Thanks guys!
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25 May 2010 @ 06:23 pm

1) I read a story a while ago about kidnapped Sam and Dean...More details... )

2) I like Kidnapped!Sam. Insanely cruel hunters angry he caused the apocalypse and Gordon returning would be great. Anything'll do. I'm a big Sammy girl...

3) Any hurt!Sam tags to Skin, Home, Criss Angel Is A Douchebag, Fresh Blood, Hunted, Dead Man's Blood, Bloodlust, The Benders, Simon Said and Time Is On My Side. Wow, there's a lot there, but I'm not too picky which appear. I like tags to these particular episodes.

4) Any awesome epic fics you could recommend. As you can probably tell, I love Sammy :) So, hopefully edging towards that. Every now and then I come across a fic that I find really stands out, my particular favourite was Edge of Madness by Dawn N, so I'd love to find another. There are only two epic stories I consider to REALLY stand out in my favourites.

NO wincest, please. I'm only interested in the brotherly bond. :)
I'm ok with teen fics, where Sam is around 16, at the youngest. I don't like future fics much nor J2.

Thank you! Sorry for any mistakes etc. I'm a newbie but I've been going on here for months. :)

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Fic search #1: Just read [livejournal.com profile] dragonspell 's Payback and it's sequel, So Damn Sweet and just fell in love with how Gordan was and how he wanted to kill Sam and "save" Dean. Was wondering if there were other fics out there like these two.

Fic search #2: Also, wanted fics that has evil!Sam/AntiChrist!Sam but has humor. Like [livejournal.com profile] smallcaps 's Teen Antichrist series

Fic search #3:
Any fics where the boys talk dirty are awesome :D

Wincest and J2 slash are wanted and needed :D (Prefered Dean/Jensen bottom, plz ^_^ ). And self-recs are always welcomed ^_^
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13 December 2009 @ 03:31 pm
I'm pretty depressed 'cause i have to wait 'till January 21th for new ep. so i decided to do something that will keep me occupied-i started watching Supernatural all over again :D And considering I'm hurt!Dean fan,i found some of my fav scenes,and thought of some different endings...and so on...so i thought: "Hey,maybe someone wrote them" So here is what I am looking for:
*Some Asylum fics where Sam actually DID shot Dean...
*Fics where it's described how Dean felt when he heard that shot in Benders(when he thought Sam was shot)
*Fics where it's described how Dean felt when he though Sammy died in Hunted...from that explosion!
*Maybe some All hell breaks loose fics,describing how Dean feels when he holds his dying brother in his arms :(
*When the levee breaks fics,fight scene between Sam and Dean....especially if Sam actually DID choke Dean,and then the realization what he did hits him...or similar :D

Or anything with Dean being hurt emotionally/crying...'cause of Sam's condition..
or Dean being killed by Sam...even better if Sam after killing him realizes what he's done and he's totally broken :D

I'm bad xD
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28 May 2009 @ 08:37 pm
Hi! This is my first post to this community, so hopefully this is done correctly.

I've been through quite a few of the hurt!sam tags so I'm hoping to find some stories I may have missed.

Basically, any story where Sam gets shot: it can be serious or just a flesh wound, an episode tag or something completely AU. Gen, Het, Wincest are fine, my only wish is that (if you can) warn me if its a death fic, those are fine I just want to know ahead if possible.

Thanks so much!
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02 March 2009 @ 10:40 pm

Just finished watching 'Hunted' and I was wondering if there was any fics where Gordon does naughty things to Dean while is in his clutches, ie non-con, bad touching.

Bonus if when Sam finds out he gets uber pissed off and kicks Gordon's ass even more.

EDIT: I was thinking about it later. Are there any stories where Dean gets hurt in the explosion? All that flying wood and debris when the grenades go off, it's possible something could hit him.

Thanks so much

I was watching Hunted (2x10) and listening to Dean's speech about cut for spoilers for 2x10 )
Does anyone remember this? From either an episode or a story they've read?? I'm leaning more towards story thus why I posted here.
*tagged as best I could*
09 November 2008 @ 05:04 pm
Hi, I am a newbie here and I am looking for some stories I forgot to bookmark when reading and would like to re-read them.

Here are they:

1, It was missing scene from IMTOD with Sam in a hospital and he had a concussion, or something like that.

2, This was an AU for Hunted where Gordon knocks Sam out when they fight.

3, This one was when sam wanted to leave because of Jo, but Dean sets him straight and it was from Dean's POV.

4, It was a tag for Nightmare which had Sam falling asleep and after having a disturbing dream he kinda acts out on Dean (similar to Unguarded by K Hanna Korossy, but it's not that)

I remember reading these on FF.net

Hope that helps and you guys can help me.
04 November 2008 @ 03:11 pm
Are there any Hunted AU's out there where Sam was actually injured (or even *gulp* killed) when the grenades went off?

1) I'm looking for a fic that came from the S3 ep Fresh Blood.
After Gordon is killed the boys go to a hotel room and Sam forgets to clean himself up before tending Dean's neck wound and gets blood into it. Sam goes to a priest for help and later finds out that he's a vamp that agrees to help Dean with being a Vampire, at the end Sam tricks Dean into turning him.

2) I was just re-watching the S2 ep Hunted and am looking for h/c fics with Sam taking care Dean afterwards. I'd prefer bottom!Dean but bottom!Sam is okay.


1) Found: Blood Brothers by muffymorgan
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22 January 2008 @ 09:30 pm
Okay so I'm looking for a fic thats J2, and its during the filming of Hunted. Jensen gets like hit a little too hard with the gun during a fight with Gordon (aka Sterling) and Jared gets the phone call, etc. Its pretty angsty and I cant seem to find it. Someone Please Help!

03 May 2007 @ 02:02 pm
Looking for specific stories this time.

1) It was a Hunted AU. Dean and Sam aren't demonic, but they're a little amoral and they kill Gordon with a knife, I think. It was definitely Wincesty. If I remember correctly, just before they kill him, they have him pinned against a wall and kiss in front of him.

2) I read this a while ago, before Season 2 started, I think. It was Jess' point of view. I think there was something about a box of stuff in Sam's closet, one of the things in the box was a picture of Dean and, when Jess meets Dean in the Pilot, she realizes that Sam loves Dean more.

Anyone recognize these two? *hopeful look*

Edit: Found! thank you!
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02 May 2007 @ 09:26 pm
I've spent the last week looking through this comm, totally addicted. It's love, I tell ya.

Anyway, I'm looking for a few different things. Firstly, any stories that has a focus on how pretty/beautiful/godamnit gorgeous Dean/Jensen is. Or at the very least, something that has a spiel about his looks (I'm not shallow, I swear! He's just that pretty)

Secondly, any one shot whumping!Dean fics. Preferably ones where he's being whumped by a human, not a demon.

Dean gets attacked/raped in prison is another thing I'm looking for.

And finally (for now) are there any fics out there where Sam actually died in 'Hunted'? That would be great.

Thanks a lot, you guys! Kisses to all!