Dont know if the´re any stories where Jared gets a hard on in a "fight"scene (in which he has to sit on Jensen - like in 2.15 when Sam and Dean´re wrestling on the bed) and Jensen notice it. Jensen thinks Jared is sexual actracted and plays with him (like blow the scene so that they have to repeat the scene often) and Jared has to go away and maybe jerk off in his trailer and then they have one time sex together in one of their trailers (Jensen because of he wanted to and think that Jared´s sexual atracted to him and Jared because he think its the only thing he can get from Jensen).

BUT: Jared is in love with Jensen, Jensen dont know and after the incident Jared acts weird around Jensen (because its more difficult for him than he thought) until Jensen realise that Jareds not only interested in Sex with Jensen, he realize that Jared loves him.

Please fighting "best" friends but I need a happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And only Non-AU.

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29 April 2012 @ 07:10 pm
Hi there,
I'm looking for a Sam/Gabriel story that I found a while ago but can't remember the name of. The prequel was written after the original fic, if that helps. Gabriel saves Sam's life at some point when he's separated from Dean and John and Sam becomes sort of like Gabriel's apprentice, playing tricks with him. Sam doesn't see his family for years until he meets Dean and John during the events of "Tall Tales" as the two of them are hunting together. I can't really remember anything else about the fic(s).
If anyone could help me find it I would really appreciate it!
29 December 2011 @ 10:14 pm
Hi guys!

I'm looking for Supernatural 2.15 "Tall Tales" fic or coda, wincest fics are more than welcome!

Many thanks :D

P/S For mod: There's no tag for ep:02x15