Fic search #1: Just read [ profile] dragonspell 's Payback and it's sequel, So Damn Sweet and just fell in love with how Gordan was and how he wanted to kill Sam and "save" Dean. Was wondering if there were other fics out there like these two.

Fic search #2: Also, wanted fics that has evil!Sam/AntiChrist!Sam but has humor. Like [ profile] smallcaps 's Teen Antichrist series

Fic search #3:
Any fics where the boys talk dirty are awesome :D

Wincest and J2 slash are wanted and needed :D (Prefered Dean/Jensen bottom, plz ^_^ ). And self-recs are always welcomed ^_^
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28 May 2009 @ 08:37 pm
Hi! This is my first post to this community, so hopefully this is done correctly.

I've been through quite a few of the hurt!sam tags so I'm hoping to find some stories I may have missed.

Basically, any story where Sam gets shot: it can be serious or just a flesh wound, an episode tag or something completely AU. Gen, Het, Wincest are fine, my only wish is that (if you can) warn me if its a death fic, those are fine I just want to know ahead if possible.

Thanks so much!
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Hi all! I'm a first time poster here, so hopefully I've done this right...

I've just been re-watching Supernatural Season 3, in particular the Bad Day at Black Rock (episode 3), and it's got me hankering some real-person fics with a similar theme I've cut just in case anyone hasn't seen this episode & doesn't want to know... ) - primarily focusing on Jared like in the episode, but I wouldn't be averse to the focus being on Jensen either. I just love how puppyish Jared acts, and am looking for any fics which have that kind of cute frustration!

I'm not sure if there are any fics like this out there, and so I'm not looking for ones which exactly match the episode's happenings, as I've said in the cut - but if anyone can think of any even remotely similar I'd really appreciate the recs!

I ♥ both wincest & J2, as well as gen so feel free to rec any, but please specify what they are.

Thanks in advance! :)

~p.s. I couldn't see a tag for Jared/Jensen at all so I just wrote it in, but if there is a specific tag to use and I'm just being blind can someone let me know & I'll edit? Cheers!
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16 May 2008 @ 09:59 pm
Hi, I remember reading a fic that was an Excellent Crossover with Aliens the movie. Dean was Marine and Sam Was on the colony world. I was watching Aliens again over the last two days and Now I want to read it again. So if anybody knows what the heck I am Writing about could you please give me a link.

Found In Comments
28 November 2007 @ 06:22 pm
Looking for two possible plot lines;

-Anyone know of any SPN/Dexter crossovers? I prefer Wincest but don't think I can really afford to be picky on this one.


- anyone come across any wincest fics set during Bad Day at Black Rock with an attempt at sex by the boys when Sam's luck is bad? It ocurred to me the other day just how hilarious that could be! self pimping completely encouraged! cheers in advance!