01 February 2011 @ 11:48 pm
Ok everyone helped me out last time so I am hoping that someone knows what I am talking about now. I know a few things about the fic I am looking for:

1) It was on Fanfction.net
2) It was set during Jus In Bello
3) Henrickson was talking about deciding between surf and turf
4) The line "Daddy probably touched you in a bad place" was a big part of the story
5) Dean made Sam tell him why he fliched and looked away when Henrickson said that line
6) Dean was very mad at John

May have eventually turned into Wincest, don't remember.

Thanks so much!

ETA: Found! www.fanfiction.net/s/4304684/1/Dont_Say_a_Word by authoressnebula
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03 October 2010 @ 07:08 pm
Are there any stories out there in internet land that have John and Henricksen (that FBI agent that was on Sam and Dean's asses until he found out about demons and died) interacting? Or just Henricksen thinking about John? If you know of any (besides Tomayto, Tomahto; already read it), could you point me in the right direction? Thank you!
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14 May 2010 @ 12:31 am
I'm looking for a story and it's remix about the people Sam and Dean helped and knew (I think it had Andrea and Lucas from "Dead in the Water" and Haley, Tommy and Ben from "Wendigo" and Lisa and Ben and some others) visiting the destroyed sheriff's office and setting up a small shrine to the Winchesters and they all share some memories of the brothers. In the remix Bobby stops by and finds the group and he talks about how he knew the boys and they all exchange numbers to keep in touch.

I could have sworn I bookmarked these two stories, anyone have any ideas what they are? Thanks in advance!

Found by [livejournal.com profile] hiasobi they are Warm Strangers by [livejournal.com profile] extraonions and Warm Strangers (The Next of Kin Remix) by [livejournal.com profile] dsudis. Thank you!!
I lost all my bookmarks when my computer got a virus and I had to do a complete system restore. So I'm looking for a lot of fic's.
I prefer fic's that are gen or have some wincest but, please, no het. Long fic's, one-shots, PWP's, even WIP's that are regularly updated would be great. Overall, I prefer a fic with a plot to one without but I will read the occasional humor and crack fic.
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19 February 2010 @ 09:52 pm
I'm curious if anyone's written fic for some of the more minors characters in SPN, specifically:

-Any Dean/Nancy (Jus in Bello)?

-the publisher from 4.18 (The Monster at the End of This Book)?

-Emily from 1.11 (Scarecrow)?

-Tyler (little girl) from 2.11 (Playthings)?

-any Dean+Becky (heckling each other, driving each other insane, yadda...)?

Gen or het, preferably, but slash and wincest are both all right as well.

Thanks in advance!
06 August 2009 @ 11:10 pm
In episode 3.12, Jus In Bello, Agent Hendrikson says the boys were brainwashed into thinking there were bad things out in the dark as kids because they grew up with John the way they did.  This got me thinking about several different fic ideas that I would LOVE to see written!  They are:

1. Pretty much what Hendrikson said: John raised his boys on the road to fight evil creatures, but there's no such thing as monsters.  Dean and Sam grow up brainwashed, and Sam is so rebellious because he, unlike Dean, is willing to see the truth.  w/e

2. Either Sam or Dean hallucinates fighting evil, and the other has to go along with it in case they have a psychotic break.  OR, one brother hallucinates the other, and other people have to play along.  w/e

I've never seen any like this, but I'm no good at fanfic searching anyway -__-  If anyone knows anything like these, please comment!! 

No 1st-person POV, please.  Self-pimps = love.  I prefer longer fics, but anything goes.  Wincest or gen, please.  No het unless it's REALLY well-written (4th-season Ruby-bashing makes me smile)
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01 August 2009 @ 09:49 pm
I was thinking back to Jus In Bello, and I happened to really like Nancy. I was wondering, are there any Dean/Nancy stories out there? Maybe even Dean/Sam/Nancy? Thanks!
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Hey all!

I'm looking for a specific story I was reading just a couple of days ago. I'm like 99% positive that it was called Eye od the Beholder and was by Persnicket (Not sure of the spelling). It was about the boys having their bodies switched and I remember they had to make heart cookies to get rid of the spell, but it didn't work. Any ideas?

Secondly, I've been looking for stories relating to the scene in Jus In Bello when Agent Henrickson is talking about how John probably touched Dean in the bad place, and I can't find any! Surely there must be some out there somewhere, right?
Thirdly, I was reading a story where Sam goes back in time or something and then gets into a relationship with Dean while at Stanford. I remember them going shopping a lot and being worried about their dad finding out through pastor Jim.

And last of all, I generally am a strict slash fan regardless of show or book, but I have a craving for some Dean/Anna. I think a lot of people hated Anna, but I actually liked her, so anything would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
17 June 2008 @ 10:57 am
Hello, all! 

I am looking for a fic I read once, but had to leave before I could bookmark it.  It's basically a wincesty version of the episode Jus in Bello.  I think it was just a collection of missing scenes, but the one I remember clearly is Sam and Dean somehow have sex when they're  in the cell before Henrickson comes to taunt them and Dean has the line about not swinging "that way, you kinky s.o.b." 

I finally have a couple of free hours, so I'm going to keep looking for it, but I hoped someone might know it off the top of their head!

Thank y'all so much!!

AS OF NOW: I feel like I may have imagined this fic now....I searched for awhile, and couldn't find exactly waht I was looking for.  I think I may have combined one or more fics in my head, one of which is in the comments.
04 June 2008 @ 10:44 pm
Looking for a fic.
Hi, I just joined and my name is Jasmine Tea. Nice to meet you all!
Sorry if you've seen a similar post in other places, or fic searches but I'm looking for some fics and I was wondering if any of you guys can help me.

I'm looking for fics with mentions of:
-the tattoos Sam and Dean have that they showed during S03E12.
It can be ones where they're getting one, a tattoo!kink fic, anything with their matching tattoos.
-Latin speaking!Sam.
I can never get enough of this.

Sam/Dean'll be great (my favorite, actually), but gen fics will be wonderful too, but not het or other pairings, please.

English isn't my first language, so sorry if there are any mistakes.
Thank you in advance!
21 May 2008 @ 10:55 pm
Sorry if there have been similar requests before, I've looked around here and haven't been able to find anything like it.

Okay, rewatching Jus in Bello, I'm totally intrigued by Hendrickson's vision/description of Sam and Dean: "Think Hannibal Lector and his half-wit little brother. You know what these guys do for kicks? Dig up graves and mutilate corpses. They're not just killers, they're Satan-worshipping killers."

So, I'm looking for two kinds of fics:

a) Fics from the perspective of an outsider (Hendrickson preferably, but anyone will do) who thinks of the Winchesters like this


b) AU fics where the boys really are brainwashed crazies or serial killers. I've seen and appreciated this entry, but are there any others?

Gen is preferable, but anything is okay really. Pre-series or stuff with John is also fine.

14 April 2008 @ 07:19 pm
So, I just saw the Jus in Bello eppy last night and am in dire need of some fics!!!! Anything from wincest, to het, to j2 will do! Just gimme something people! A coda! Anything!
Please and thankyou!
13 April 2008 @ 07:34 pm
Are there any Jensen Ackles/Orlando Bloom fics out there? 

Also, there's a certain "Jus in Bello" fic
spoiler )

The specific story is found.  Still looking for the other!
07 March 2008 @ 01:20 am
Hey all,

I was just wondering if there had been any post-Jus In Bello Hurt/Comfort fic written about...

Spoilers behind cut )

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25 February 2008 @ 09:18 pm
Hello. :] I was wondering if anybody had any recs for Jus In Bello based fics? Self pimp is love. ;]

Lengthy fics based on season three are also quite lovely. =] No wincest though, please.

Thanks in advance! =)