14 November 2010 @ 05:26 pm
Hey, all. You guys are terrific I finding fics, so I'm REALLY hoping you can find these for me since they've been making me crazy.

Fic 1 is an amazing fic I read maybe a year to 5 months ago in which Sam had gone missing and Dean and Bobby were trying desperately to find him. The search ends up going terribly wrong in a warehouse, however, and when Dean awakens he finds himself in an alternate universe where religion and the supernatural don't exist, technology is rather advanced, John and Mary are alive, Sam is a recovering alcoholic who nearly died in a car accident a year previous, and Dean supposedly died of a rare illness as a baby. Dean is sent home with John and Mary and makes contact with Sam, only to discover that this Sam is actually his Sam, who had been missing, and Bobby was also transported there and was happily living with his wife. Jess may or may not have been alive and Mary and John were ecstatic to have a son that they'd thought was dead home again. The hospital assumes that Dean was kidnapped and his records falsified and Dean comes up with a cover story that he was raised by a drifter named McGillicutty who'd died a few years ago. Everything seems perfect, but then the Winchester luck kicks in and . . . well, then then the hunt for a way home is on. Dean doesn't want to leave, though--even though he will die if he stays.

Fic 2 is something I read aaaaages ago (possibly on FF.net) and was kind of a remix/AU of the episode Long Distance Call. I don't remember very many details, but the calls from John were driving Dean towards suicide and there was a fight of some sort in a Wal-mart (I think). Lots of Dean angst and protective!Sam.

Fic 3 was an always-a-girl!Dean fic with John/Dean pairing that felt kind of blurrily dubcon to me. Cut for possible triggery-ness or squick )

If anyone can find any of these fics, I would be really grateful. I've scoured my Delicious to no avail and they're driving me nuts. Thanks! ♥
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01 March 2009 @ 02:23 am
I'm interested in reading some Long Distance Call, and Ghostfacers' fics. =D I'm big on hurt!Sam, so any of that is more than welcome! I also dig Wincest, and Bottom!Sam, if it goes there.
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19 June 2008 @ 04:28 pm

Hello peoples!
Can anyone rec me their favourite long distance caller fics please? I don't mind wincest or j2, I just need something to tide me over until the next eppy is aired over here in the UK! So, anyone???
Please and thankyou!!!

08 May 2008 @ 08:45 pm
So I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell in a handbasket that's on fire for this one: is there any Sam/Lanie fic out there? (She's the girl from Long Distance Call)

I'm searching for good fics where :
1.Jensen is sick or suffer from an allergy. (I already know the story about the kiwis and I thought it was awesome! XD) J2 please!
2.Someone in Jensen's family is really sick or may be dying in a short matter of time. Jared becomes concerned about it. J2
3.The was episode was awesome and I would like to know if there was any good fics about "The long distance call".

Thank you in advance, this community always help a great deal and you're awesome guys 8D!