31 August 2012 @ 09:25 am
Hey guys,

Are there any good stories where Sam or Jared has severe food allergies? Especially a wheat/gluten allergy, like Celiac's disease. I've already seen the Sammyverse, so not that. Actually, Dean/Jensen would be fine too, though I'm all about the hurt!Sam. Preferably with a protective Dean along the way? Gen, Wincest or J2 are all fine :)

Hey guys...

I read a fic where Castiel regrets that he threatened to throw Dean back in hell (in episode 4.02) after he finds Dean injured during a hunt. That fic is pretty short. I remember that Dean ans Sam were separated and Castiel found Dean and then Dean asked Castiel if he is going back to hell and Castiel regrets his threat. That is all. Not much to go by. I hope someone knows what i am babbling about.

Also if anyone knows any fic that is something like this where Castiel regrets his threat, please rec them!

31 January 2009 @ 09:16 pm
1.Can anyone help me find a fic modeled after that episode where all the spirits came back to kill the hunters that couldn't save them. Anyway in the fic Castiel comes to Dean when Bobby and Sam are asleep at threatens to send Dean back to hell. Then when he sees that Dean has back down a little Castiel takes it a little too far and corners him into a counter.

2.Also does anyone know if there are any fics with a Dean/Castiel pairing where as Castiel is the Dominant one.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
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