26 May 2014 @ 09:48 am
Does anyone know any fics where after Sam lets Lucifer out, he looks for too long or doesn't look away fast enough and ends up blind? Anything would be appreciated.
Hi there,

I've recently been reading a few stories that mentioned some episodes from the show that mention or reference fans, fandom, or fanfiction (Wincest in particular). Now, I'd love to watch these episodes again where "we" play an important role and I'd be really grateful if you could help me find these eps - just so you know, any kind of reference would be wonderful (you know, like the really obvious one 4x18 "The Monster at the End of the Book" or the ones that have Charlie as a character or the ones with indirect references like when Sam and Dean are believed to be gay).

Also, I'd be happy if you could help me find some more stories with the same topic!

Thank you so much!
Hello there! Can someone give some good recs for fictions which are set immediately after 5x01 (don't want big spoilers for whatever happens next), and in which Sam harms himself or tries to kill himself because of what Dean said to him about not being able to trust him anymore? 
Bonus if they turn out to be wincest.   
Thank you guys!!
Basically, it was a one-shot fic attempting to explain why Bobby (who, being Bobby and paranoid, would be the first to get an anti-possession tattoo) could have been possessed in the beginning of season five. In the end, I think he'd been injured, and the wound had scarred over, and he hadn't gotten it fix yet. 

I remember reading it somewhat recently, in one of my huge searches for Bobby fic, but I guess I didn't bookmark it, because I can't find it anywhere. 

Help would be much appreciated.
03 June 2012 @ 04:06 am
Hey y'all. I'm looking for fics in post season 4 fics in which Sam mourns Ruby's death whether openly or in secret. Or, since I'm guessing this might be rareish, anything approaching that general theme.

And for something completely different: your favourite fic.
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27 January 2012 @ 06:26 pm
Hey guys, sorry for the post so soon after my last one but I of course forgot a couple of things.

Specific fics:

1. One being a specific fic which was a tag to Sympathy for the Devil. Sam had problems with his knees after what Zachariah did to him (Which was practically shoot his knee caps) and I remember Sam like collapsing at the back of the Impala telling Dean something was wrong. I seemed to have lost the fic and any help getting it back would be greatly appreciated.

Found! Link in comments

2. I am once again still looking for this fic. I am determined to find it one way or another. It dealt with Sam using his powers after the great Pumpkin Sam Winchester. Uriel carries out that threat to kill Sam and starts trying to kill him in his sleep/dreams. I clearly remember Uriel trying to choke Sam when he was sleeping and even coming through a mirror. If ANYONE can help me find this fic I will be SO grateful. I've been looking for it, for months now.

FOUND! Link in comments

And here are a few general requests

1. Any fics where Chad is fiercely protective over Jared.

2. Fics that have John Sam and Dean, except not any weechesters or teenchesters more a long the lines of John during Salvation or even Dead Man's Blood.

3. Any and all fic where Dean stands up for/protects Sam from the angels during Season 4 or 5. I don't know why I'm suddenly craving something along those lines. He can even protect Sam from Castiel or Zachariah. I just want to see Dean protecting Sam from angels in general.

And that's all!
30 October 2011 @ 03:59 pm
I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics about Nick and Nick's thoughts about being Lucifer's vessal. How he feels, if he think's he's made a mistake, if he remembers anything about the experience. I know there are fics like this dealing with Jimmy and Jimmy's thought's about being Castiel's vessal, but are there Nick ones?

Just, fics about Nick. Not Lucifer. Thanks. :)
22 March 2011 @ 12:32 am
I was reading a fic written during Season 5 and wondered if there are any stories out there about Nick, Lucifer's first vessel. I wasn't a huge fan of the vessel storyline, but it made me curious.

In canon, Dean is Michael's true vessel. The possibility of being a vessel runs through families, as supported by the fact that Jimmy Novak's daughter Claire is also a possible vessel for Castiel ("The Rapture"). This also makes it possible for Adam and John to be vessels for Michael (the end of Season 5, "The Song Remains the Same").

By this logic, Nick should be a relation of Sam and Dean, since he, like Sam, is a vessel for Lucifer.

Are there any fics where this family relationship is addressed, or maybe just mentioned in passing? AUs, gen, whatever.

I'll also take stories about Nick (his life with his wife and child, finding them dead, etc).

There isn't a tag for Nick, so I put Lucifer instead.

P.S. Mods, I don't know if you noticed, but there's a tag that says, "ep:you can't handle" and another one that says, "ep:you can't handle the truth." Also, the "ep:heaven and hell" tag is misspelled (missing an "n").
21 February 2011 @ 03:32 pm
 Hello wonderful internet peoples - I have three requests. :)

1.) Any fics dealing with the scene in 5x01 (Sympathy for the Devil) where Sam confesses to Bobby that he started the apocalypse, and possessed!Bobby tells him "that sort of thing don't get forgiven," and "lose my number."  It can be an exploration of Sam and Bobby's feelings during, immediately after, a year later, anything.  Sammy's kicked-puppy face in that scene just KILLS ME, OMG THE DELICIOUS ANGST.  He looks SO DAMN VULNERABLE that I just want to smoosh him and hug him and maybe bite him a little.  *Ahem*.  Sorry.  But anyway, yeah.  Also, fics dealing with the end scene in the hospital where non-possessed!Bobby tells Sam that he's not cutting him out.  Sammy's happy little relieved smile = ADORABLE.

2.) Any fic dealing with Dean and Sam's little parking lot talk at the very end of 5x01 where Dean tells Sam "I'm having a hard time forgiving and forgetting, here," and "I just don't think we could ever be what we were, ya know?  I just don't think I can trust you."  Specifically I'm looking for Sammy-angst and hurt/comfort, with Sam being the one comforted.  Sam feeling overwhelmed by guilt and shame and desperately wanting to earn back Dean's trust, etc, with Dean eventually realizing how much Sam is suffering and how badly he feels.  Anything where Dean is able to see how manipulated and taken advantage of Sam has been is great.  Hurt!Sam is awesome.

3.) Any fics where the boys are raised by Bobby for part of their childhood?  Like, John is an asshat or dies or abandons them and Bobby takes them in and they become a family.  the boys could also be de-aged with Bobby caring for them. I just adore the paternal relationship that Bobby has with the boys, and would love to see a fic where his house is more fully their HOME.  It could also be a fic where the boys are fully grown but live with Bobby long-term due to an illness, injury, they've retired from hunting, etc.  I'm totally a hurt!Sam girl, and I just don't care for hurt!Dean that much, so if they're staying with Bobby long-term b/c of illness/injury, I'd much prefer the injured/ill one to be Sam or at least both, please.  Could also be John and Bobby finding out about Wincest, John freaking out, but Bobby being supportive and taking them in.  Anything where John is a jerk and Bobby fights for the boys and protects them would be GOLDEN (like John is abusing or neglecting the boys and Bobby finds out and takes them from John).  If you've been reading the wonderful story Occam's Razor  by [livejournal.com profile] cosmic_medusa you'll know the type of Bobby/boys relationship I'm looking for. :)  And if you're not reading it, what the heck's wrong with you? LOL :)

Wincest is fine, all warnings/ratings are fine, self-recs are fine.  All I ask is that the fic is well-written.  I have kind of high standards for grammar/plot/characterization.  So if the fic meets the plot requests but is written by someone without a working knowledge of punctuation, you can probably skip recc'ing it. :)  

I am looking for the fic which starts when Dean and Sam start to run away from Lucifer. When they are trying to get out, Dean is being pulled back by something and Sam falls unconcious. When he wakes up again, he finds Dean lying on the altar where Lillith died. I know it´s not much, but can anyone help me?
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16 December 2010 @ 10:29 pm

I'm hoping someone can rec some Bobby centric fics. I don't really mind what it is, gen, h/c or slash, as long as it's not slashing Bobby with someone. I'm fine with, say, Bobby's PoV on Sam & Dean's *cough* brotherly love *cough*, but much as I love the grumpy old git, slashing him? No, just no! :s LOL

I'd particularly like something from Bobby's POV from 5x01, Sympathy for the Devil, but anything would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance! :)

EDIT: you guys are making me very happy with the volume of recs!! :D *loves this comm* More than happy to accept self recs... if you're proud of it, it's worth shouting about!!
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