I am looking for a story based on "I Believe the Children are the Future". In the story Castiel is still a toy at the end of the episode and Dean carries him around and absentmindedly rubs him on the wrong (or right spot) and Castiel is very frustrated!.
Thanks so much!
  I am looking for two things:

First, does anyone out there know of any stories that continue where 'I Believe the Children Are Our Future' left off, or have and alternate ending where Dean and Sam take Jessie and raise him?

Second, I feel like such a goob for losing it, and not to mention bookmarking it, but can somebody please point me in the direction of the story in which Jared is a spy and Jensen is his handler. I thought that I saved it cause I heard great things about it, but now I can't find it. :( 

Hey, I'm looking for a lot of  Sam-centric recs:

1. Is there any tags to The Curious Case of Dean Winchester where Dean and Bobby find out Sam wasn't just 'lucky'? Also, any fics where Sam interacts with Patrick again. I'd love to read a Sam/Patrick pairing fic.

2. I Believe the Children Are Our Future tags where Sam and Cas talk about what happened or Cas thinks about Sam afterward.

3. Stargate SG1 crossovers where Sam interacts with Jack and/or Daniel; as a hunter, soldier, suspect, whatever.

4. Any fics where Sam knows magic or learns magic. Dean and/or Bobby find out and accept it. Crossovers are especially welcome.

5. Any fic where Dean, John, or Bobby don't approve of Sam's girlfriend because she's somehow supernatural or just a bad influence. Crossovers are, again, especially welcome.

I'll take gen, slash, het, or wincest for any of these. Just no non-con. Thank you in advance!

04 December 2009 @ 12:59 pm
Are there any fics out there where Jesse, from the episode I Believe the Children Are Our Future, ended up going with Sam and Dean at the end? It could be anything; them taking him to Bobby's or they keep Jesse with them. Could be Sam/Dean or gen, I'll take whatever there is. Thanks!
I am wondering if there are any Sam/Dean stories out there that involve Dean seeming to favor Castiel over Sam. As in, he's more concerned over Castiel's well-being and is either purposely (or not) neglecting Sam because he is still angry with him or losing faith in him. So basically, I want Dean and Sam to find thier way back to each other somehow despite all that is wrong between them for both story searches.

Some spoilers and further details under cut...

Thanks! )
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