24 January 2012 @ 02:19 am
Hello my lovely's!! After re-watching Supernatural season 6 final last night I really need to find an old Cas and Sam friendship fic. 

I'm looking for a specific Cas and Sam friendship story I read awhile ago and thought I bookmarked!!! But of course I didn't, My Bad. XD

Don't remember a lot but there is a few part's that come to mind.

Anyway what I can remember about the fic was each chapter was based on a different Supernatural episode for example The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. When Sam go's to get his "boaster shot" he was in the waiting room at the doctors and he found a little bouncy ball. Cas shows up and they talk, I think Cas asks why Sam is at the doctors etc and Sam gives Cas the ball.

Another chapter was set in the 100th episode Point of No Return. It was from the opening scene when Sam finds Dean at the motel, and when Dean starts yelling at Sam, Cas hears what Dean say's and is upset with Dean for saying those things to Sam.

If I remember correctly the ending was sad because of course Sam ends up in the pit. The very last scene was Cas standing where Sam fell into the pit and saying good bye.

Any help is most welcome!!

Also I don't think it was on LJ or Fanfic.net.   

FOUND!!! Link in comments ^^
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12 November 2010 @ 09:57 pm

Am looking for a short ficlet set after the Curious Case of Dean Winchester, although I have a feeling it might have been a comment-fic.

It was from Patrick's point of view, and a man comes to play poker with him- no name is given, but from the descriptions in it it's clear to the reader that it's Castiel. They start playing, and although Patrick starts out winning he's getting unnerved by this novice guy who's losing years and years and showing no sign of it. Castiel then starts winning.
It wasn't dark as such, but it was written with a tone of gradually increasing unease to it.
It isn't [livejournal.com profile] maskedfangirl's All In, but I have no idea about who it could have been by or a possible title. It was definitely on Lj or Dreamwidth though.

Anyone recognise this?
28 September 2010 @ 06:35 pm
Howdy peeps!

Remember in curious case of DW where right at the end Sam takes himself off to a clinic to get a shot for his um *clears throat* clap. Well it got me thinking, any fics out there where either of the boys (though preferably Sam) takes themselves off to a clinic or a hospital to get routine thing done or something they have tried to hide from their bro thinking they can handle the hospital trip alone, and it goes wrong. The other brother has to be called to pick them up or stay in the hospital with them until they get better. Either allergic reactions, broken bone got set wrong or the booboo being bigger than they anticipated... anything along those lines... hope this makes sense!

Thank you!

PS. Least wincesty it is = happier me! x
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