21 February 2013 @ 09:39 pm
Ok, I need to stop watching supernatural. (damn that Misha Collins for being so awesome!)

So yeah, Jimmy Novak, I want all the fics you can offer! ok, ok, seriously.

1)Something based on the Rapture, maybe an AU where Jimmy does end up travelling with Dean and Sam and the interesting things that happen now that he's sorta on the team. (or anything based on Jimmy) I think Jimmy would add an interesting dynamic.
2) Jimmy's relationship with Castiel, Maybe something where he's still a devout man. I sort of like the idea that he doesn't hate Castiel for what happened, maybe Castiel apologises after the event s of Rapture and Jimmy is all "I understand. I was just frightened for my family. I knew you would come... the whole taking over my daughter thing though, that I didn't expect"
3) Any fics where Jimmy ends up taking control of his body because something has happened to Castiel? Castiel would still be in his body, but for some reason cannot, or will not come out.
4) Castiel asking Jimmy's permission to be with Dean, or Dean asking permission to be with Castiel while he's in Jimmy's body.

5) Are there any fics where Cas takes up residence in a different vessel (for whatever temporary reason) and Dean finds himself attracted. Castiel (who is in love with Dean of course) thinks it is only because the vessel is attractive to him. But it's really just Castiel that Dean is attracted to, no matter what the vessel.

6) Any fics where Dean see's Castiels true form.

7) Some fluffy Dean/Cas cannon or AU's. Just the fluff, just something to take away all of the sad feelings I get watching Castiel pull away from Dean and Dean being Dean and yelling at him

Lastly I swear
8) Please tell me someone's done a fic to make up for the terrible treatment of Castiel in 99problems. He looked to be in real agony there and was completely ignored! I need some ficage to fix that please. I would prefer one where Dean looks after him.
Help! I have found distressingly few fic that even make a mention of these facts, much less explore them in depth! What I would like help finding is fics that explain or mention why could Dean could kill The Whore and Zachariah. I would love slash fics and like gen fics, but I prefer no het. Pretty Please?
24 January 2012 @ 02:19 am
Hello my lovely's!! After re-watching Supernatural season 6 final last night I really need to find an old Cas and Sam friendship fic. 

I'm looking for a specific Cas and Sam friendship story I read awhile ago and thought I bookmarked!!! But of course I didn't, My Bad. XD

Don't remember a lot but there is a few part's that come to mind.

Anyway what I can remember about the fic was each chapter was based on a different Supernatural episode for example The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. When Sam go's to get his "boaster shot" he was in the waiting room at the doctors and he found a little bouncy ball. Cas shows up and they talk, I think Cas asks why Sam is at the doctors etc and Sam gives Cas the ball.

Another chapter was set in the 100th episode Point of No Return. It was from the opening scene when Sam finds Dean at the motel, and when Dean starts yelling at Sam, Cas hears what Dean say's and is upset with Dean for saying those things to Sam.

If I remember correctly the ending was sad because of course Sam ends up in the pit. The very last scene was Cas standing where Sam fell into the pit and saying good bye.

Any help is most welcome!!

Also I don't think it was on LJ or Fanfic.net.   

FOUND!!! Link in comments ^^
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16 June 2010 @ 08:58 pm
Hey, it's me again. I just keep coming back for more, I know. Thank you for your help previously as well.

Anyway, here's the deal I am looking for 3 general ideas or what not for stories to read because I've been hankering for something "more" I guess.

1. The Sassy pairing. Something with the Sam/Castiel pairing please. It can be long, short, self-rec I don't care as long as it is written well, and Dean is the enjoyable character he always is in it. Ever since the Episode "99 Problems" I have had a soft spot for Sassy and a kind of craving for them.

2. Some mild to no angsting Sam/Dean. Preferably established relationship [though first times work too] and preferably with a plot not just PWP. Rating doesn't matter at all, and it can be AU, the boys don't have to be brothers, or whatever. Really guys this is as broad as it gets, but I also want it to be kind of lengthy.

3. A John Winchester story. No real pairings wanted [though there could be a side of Sam/Dean] other than him and Mary [which can be past or what not]. I've always loved the character of John, but I haven't really found too many awesome John stories.  
27 May 2010 @ 01:08 am

Exacly what it says on the tin! Can anyone recommend any fics about this episode, or better yet the ending??? Any pairing is fine. Angst would be greatly appreciated.

Please and thankyou!!!