Does anyone know any codas or alternative takes on the episode "You Can't Handle the Truth," where Veritas asking Dean to explain how he really feels about Sam takes on a more Wincesty feel?

Or, more generally, truth-telling curses, etc that lead to feelings being revealed? Sam/Dean, Sam/Cas and Dean/Cas are all fine.
31 May 2011 @ 05:53 pm
 Hello community!^^

I come with two general requests today:

1. After rewatching "You can't handle the truth" I have been craving some nice fic focused on the Bobby and Sam relationship, especially focussed on maybe Sam feeling like all his father figures favour Dean over him? Angst and schmoop both equally welcome (the best would be a package deal^^)

2. We all love some protective big brother Dean, but most I have found focuss on the first 3 seasons. Are there any protective!Dean set in/after Season 5? Especially with Dean having to kind of rethink his standard big brother role, since Sam isn't a little kid anymore (but still sometimes needs his big brother ^^)
thanks <3
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31 October 2010 @ 07:17 am
After watching You can't handle the truth I really need some Sam lovin' fics. Anything goes. Whether Sam's physically hurt or mentally or even emotionally as long as there's Dean to give him either brotherly lovin or some sexin lovin. Wincest or Gen is fine. Thanks.