07 October 2015 @ 12:20 am
Having just re-watched the French Mistake I was hoping some people could reccomend some fics on Jared and Jensen - as they are in that universe - returning to their lives and having to deal with the mess that Sam and Dean have left them with. I'm specifically looking for fics that take place primarily post-episode, rather than during it.

I'm also not looking for any Jensen/Misha (or Dean/Cas, or variations thereof). Other slash (especially J2), gen or het is fine, I just have a weird mental block with that ship.

Thanks in advance guys!
While googling for something new to read came upon mention of 'Blazing Saddles' by hobnailedboots that incorporates several of my favorite things in SPN fics. It sounds great and I would love to read it but the link to the fic doesn't work and I couldn't find it anywhere else. Does anyone have a copy or knows where to find one?

Title: Blazing Saddles
Author(s): hobnailedboots
Artist: the wonderful votaku
Crossover: SPN/SPN RPF
Word Count: ~17k
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Misha/Castiel, Vicki/Misha
Warnings: Mentions of self-harm (i.e. Sam's Lucifer-coping mechanism), some portrayal of mental illness (again, Sam and Lucifer), meta
Spoilers: Up to 7.10 or thereabouts
Summary: Misha wakes up in his very own French Mistake. When Sam and Dean meet him (at some point after 7.10) they think he's something evil: a Leviathan, perhaps. He's taken to what remains of Bobby's house, where they interrogate him. At that point, Castiel appears inside Misha's head. With Misha's intimate knowledge of the characters, the Winchesters refusing to talk anything out, and the hordes of flesh-eating Leviathans determined to take over the world (not to mention Hallucifer and Crowley) it promises to be a bumpy ride. Oh, also, there is porn.

Summary taken from the following link:

08 December 2014 @ 09:03 pm
Hi guys,

I believe this story was set in the French Mistake. Misha doesn't die and he seeks out Jensen (who is really Dean) for comfort since they use to date. Except Jensen left Misha to date the guy that plays Doctor Sexy.

I can't remember what happens in the middle, but I love the last few scenes, which is the real Jensen basically professing on the red carpet that he and Misha are a couple. He also whispers to Misha that he love him.

I loved this story so much! But now I can't find it in my bookmarks!

Thanks in advance!
22 November 2014 @ 03:23 pm
1. First off I am looking for , Dean and cas, Jealous sam sadness. hoping in the end they end up as cas and sam can be Cas dean in the beginning

2.Misha and sam <, not Sam cas . So Mainly meta from the French mistake verse I have read Meta death and Tweet it if there are any others I would love that

3. last but not least , sam loves cas and wont tell him and Cas, But Dean knows and tries to help them out .

Any fics of like this any rating any length please and thank you so much , This is my first post so I hope I did alright thanks again .
16 November 2014 @ 11:01 pm
I'm looking for a couple different kinds of any fics based in the French Mistake episode/au.

1. Jensen and Misha as a couple, married or with UST. I am hoping to find something with Dean and Sam going to the French Mistake world and Dean having to deal with Misha thinking he is his significant other. Or Jared/Misha, with Misha thinking Sam is his significant other, something like that.

2. Any more fics like The French Kiss
by ArchOfImagine with Dean and Castiel in a relationship, and when Dean sees Misha he mistakes him for Cas and acts accordingly.

3. Anything like French Mistake 'verse by StarAndrea that has Jared and Jensen in the Supernatural world that Dean and Sam came from.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
I've checked both the episode-related recs and the dean/jared pairing, but can't find a story I know I've read before.

Don't remember too much about it, except that somehow Sam and Jared are switched. In the Supernatural world, Dean teaches Sam to hunt and falls in love with him (or lets his latent feelings for Sam show?). (I think one of their hunts is a wendigo.) In our world, Sam becomes part of the TV show cast - and in the end, I believe he stays so he can have a 'normal' life, while Jared chooses to stay with Dean. (Sam may also have been attracted to Jensen. . ) Maybe Castiel goes back and forth between the two worlds . . ?

Any bells? please and thank you

CORRECTION to request: Should read "Dean teaches Jared to

FOUND in comments!
I want to find a fic where Sam and Dean decided to screw everything and stay in French Mistake universe. Can be Wincest, meta!j2 and variants of those two (like meta!Jared/Sam etc), het or gen.
Thank you!
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I've been looking for this story for three days now and it's making me a little crazy because I remember a lot about it, but I just can't seem to find it anywhere.  Here's what I remember:  Dean is at Pastor Jim's and he falls through the floor of the barn into a cellar of sorts where Jim keeps his homebrew.  Dean is hurt and can't get out by himself, so he waits for someone to come looking for him only no one does because no one realizes that Dean was there, they all believe he was off doing something with someone else.  Bored and feeling a little sorry for himself, Dean gets into the homebrew (I think he's underage and not very experienced with drinking during this story.)  His friends and family finally realize, hours later, that Dean is missing and find him.

I was sure this story was part of Ridley and Tidia's fantastic Brotherhood 'verse, but I've skimmed through most of them and I can't find it.  Did I dream this one up, or does anyone else know what I'm taking about?
18 January 2014 @ 04:10 pm
Hi Brilliant People!
Been treating myself to a SPN fest today and realized that I'd lost a bookmark for a great story kind of AU to the French Mistake. I think it was a Dean/Castiel fic. It's also a "Dean with powers" fic, I think, because I vaguely remember Dean healing Misha after Virgil kills him.

Anybody have any idea what I'm remembering?

Thank you so much!!
10 January 2014 @ 01:30 pm
Hello all in this wonderful community!!

I just got done reading the Double Jeopardy verse by Dr. Sexy MD on the sinful desire website. In this Sam and Jared are twins as well as Dean and Jensen. It ends up Dean/Jared and Sam/Jensen. I was a little hesitant at first but it quickly sucked me into the verse.

I am now looking for more along these lines. I did read the Looking Glass verse, which was awesome in its own right.

I don't care if it is along the French Mistake episode or completely au with the twins.
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14 November 2013 @ 09:15 am
1. The specific fic I'm trying to find is based off The French Mistake. Dean and Sam are in a relationship and when they are at Jared's (Sam's) house, Dean feels really insecure that Sam cheated on him with Gen. He brings it up and Sam tells him that they didn't do anything, she went to sleep right away and Sam was researching all night.

2. Thus one is for the kink lovers... Read more... )

Thank y'all so much in advance!
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04 November 2013 @ 06:32 pm
I'm looking for a fic that takes place in The French Mistake and in which sam and dean find out that Jensen is either dating or married to misha in a way similar to when they find out about jared and genevieve. But not the misha from that that episode but a version more similar to the real misha with all the sarcasm and oddities. Perhaps dean plays along because misha looks like cass whom he's in a relationship with or simply to not9t mess things up much doesn't matter.
Hey, so there's this one really good French Mistake!verse story that features Sam and Dean staying in the French Mistake universe longer than canon. After Misha is killed, it turns out that Gabriel is alive in that universe and brings Misha back to life, after which Dean gets to know him better. It turns out that Misha is in love with Jensen, but Jensen is in denial of his feelings and is a total jerk to Misha, cue Misha and Dean having sex. At the very end, Dean, Sam, and Gabriel go back to their world and Jensen starts dating Misha. Castiel and Dean still have tons of UST between them, though. Oh, and there's some Balthazar/Gabriel in there as well.

Can anyone help me find this?
24 September 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a specific fic that takes place after "The French Mistake." It's about Meta!Jensen and Meta!Jared. The story deals with the aftermath of Dean and Sam's visit to that universe. That Jensen and Jared and been in a relationship that ended badly and the events of "The French Mistake" help them get back together. If someone could provide a link or at the least the title of the story, I would be grateful!
16 April 2013 @ 07:04 pm
I was wondering if you know any AU fanfics where instead of Sam and dean traveling to the Supernatural Tv show universe (s6e15), Jensen and Jared (and Misha?) travel to the Winchesters universe. (I don't mind what pairing)
18 February 2013 @ 01:20 am
1) Anyone know any fics where Sam and Dean manage to save Misha in French Mistake? Or something that deals with the aftermath of that? or fics where he realises who they are and decides to help them.

2) And also, any fics where Misha and Castiel trade places similar to French mistake, with either Sam and Dean trying to deal with Misha in the back of the impala on hunts and trying to figure out what to do to get him and Cas switched back, or Cas in the "Real" world, blundering along adorably.

3)I keep stumbling across fics where Gabriel in them and was wondering, are there any good fics where Gabriel looks out for Castiel, I'm leaning towards something involving matchmaking, but even just something where Gabriel protects Castiel from something, or does something nice for him or something.

and lastly 4) Dean and Cas sharing a bed, and Cas wearing Dean's clothes.

Thank you all for your help.
I don't know if it's ever been written, and I might make this sound really confusing but here we go. Is there a fic where Dean and Misha get together? And by DEAN and Misha, rather than Jensen and Misha, I mean where in ep 15 of season 6 when Dean and Sam are transported to an alternate reality, is there a fic where that Misha and Dean hook-up or start a relationship? Perhaps Dean ends up wanting to stay in that alternate reality? I know there's not even a tag for Misha/Dean, the possibility of this fic existing is highly unlikely, but just perhaps...

Seeing as that may be highly impossible, I'm also looking for just Misha/Jensen fics where they have an established relationship (I very much prefer Misha to be the dominant one). Bonus points if they talk about there relationship in an interview about Supernatural, or just are together in an interview related to Supernatural.

Did any of that make sense?
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28 September 2012 @ 07:23 am
Are there any stories where Sam and Dean are stuck in Jensen and Jared's world, and they have to survive there?

Bonus points for Wincest!
24 August 2012 @ 02:35 am
Dean and Sam are caught in the "French Mistake"/Meta!Universe and Misha is in a relationship with Jensen. Assuming Dean is his Jensen, Misha takes him to their home and cares for him etc. Dean gradually falls in love with Misha and more so, Cas because he understands how perfect Cas is compared to everyway Misha is perfect for Jensen.

There are two specific things which define this fic and may help narrow the search:

Misha buys Jensen a car that is exactly like the Impala, right down to the S.W and D.W engravings (not knowing that he's giving it to Dean, not Jensen) 
Dean takes a picture off of the fridge where Misha and Jensen are looking very happy with each other, before he returns to Cas. When back in the SPN universe Cas finds the photo and realises Dean loves him.

I hope this helps.
Hi there! Three fic searches, nothing specific though.

1. Any mental hospital au's, can have no pairings, destiel, wincest, sabriel, sastiel, wincestiel, preferably fics where Cas has multiple personality disorder and his "other side" is Jimmy or Jimmy's "other side" is Cas, where Dean and/or Sam thinks monsters are real but they actually aren't. 

2. Wincest fics where Dean calls Sam "baby boy", either in bed or just in general use of a pet name. 

3. Any fics where the characters meet the actors, even briefly, this request is mostly inspired by The French Mistake. 

Anway, thanks for any and all recs, self-recs are welcomed.
09 June 2012 @ 03:12 pm
I'm looking for a specific SPN/RPF crossover set during "The French Mistake". It's basically what happens to Jared and Jensen while Sam and Dean are in their world. I've already looked through the RPF crossover tag and haven't been able to find it anywhere. Please, please someone find this for me!!!

This is what I remember:
Jared and Jensen get sent to the Supernatural universe while Sam and Dean are in their universe. Bobby puts Jared and Jensen to work digging up a corpse (they use explosives to break the concrete seal around the coffin), extracting venom from a snake (Jared distracts the snake lady with acting skills and his hot bod while Jensen stumbles around and breaks things), and stealing something from an ex-priest (they break into the wrong house and spray the owner with a fire extinguisher).
14 April 2012 @ 02:58 am
Hi all. Been lurking for a long time, and this is my fist post so I hope I don't mess nothin' up. I'm really hoping for some DeanxMisha slash. Not Dean/Cas or Jensen/Misha, but Dean and Misha. Preferably it wouldn't be PWP. Let me know if you all know of something!
*fingers crossed*
01 August 2011 @ 05:31 pm
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could recommend me fics about the episode The French Mistake, or anything at all having to do with Sam and Dean with Jensen and Jared.
04 April 2011 @ 08:05 pm
I've been out of the fic loop for a while and missed whatever wonderful fics no doubt have arisen from the episode "The French Mistake." I would love some recs. No Dean/Cas, please! Sam/Dean, however would be awesome as would gen. Thanks!