Hello, I've been re-watching "My heart will go on" and I was wondering if there were any AU fic, preferably long fics or verse, where Ellen and Jo are still alive and Bobby married to Ellen? Of course our boys definitly need to be in the story and I prefer gen, but will check anything that you guys can rec me. Thanks a lot
23 November 2012 @ 09:36 pm
I have 3 specific stories I am looking for right now.

1. Bobby wins a tropical vacation (maybe to Hawaii) and takes Sam and Dean with him. They end up finding some sort of hunt. Or any story where the Boys go outside the continental US, if this one can't be found.

2. Dean is brought back from Hell and eventually turns into a demon, soon after he becomes a demon, he and Sam kill Lilith together and break the final seal. Shortly thereafter, Sam is turned into a vampire... and I don't know what happens next. Failing that, I'd live to see any stories where demon!Dean helps Sam hunt Lilith.

3. At the end of 6.17, things are only partially put back. Ellen and Jo are still alive, but the Titanic sank. Castiel is no longer working with Crowley, and he has to give the boys the Impala back.
21 October 2011 @ 01:09 pm
Hey all!

A friend of mine told me about a story that was written as an AU of the episode "My Heart Will Go On".

cut to be safe... )
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