29 June 2017 @ 12:09 pm
Dean has been discharged from the military after combat I think and he may have PTSD. I think Castiel appears at night and watches over him or checks on him but Dean thinks he's a hallucination. I think they start dating not sure how and at some point Dean realizes that Castiel ended the world when he was full of the purgatory souls and has a flashback to Sam killed gruesomely by him. I think Cas tried to reset things because he was remorseful and Dean isn't supposed to have memories but does.
I'm looking for fics that take off from 6.20 "The Man Who Would Be King", either from when they trap Cas in the fire or when he visits Dean at the end of the episode. I'm open to however much of the rest of the season the author wants to add, but I prefer it going AU from one of those spots, or at least this episode. I'm really looking for Destiel in this case (either with them in an already established relationship, which means s-6 being AU already, or starting during the fic). 

Self-recs welcomed. Any size, though I'd prefer longer fics for this one.


Good Example: The Law of Conservation of Energy by peroxide-fic

Added Clarifying Note: I'm not so much looking for codas for this episode (though I've read some good ones) but for AU fics taking off from this episode.  But if you have some amazing ones (or vids) feel free to add them. :)