Hi All,
okay I am going to try again: I am looking to you guys for help- I really hope someone can help me?

I am looking for a copy of a SPN Spanking fic:
Title: New Rule
Author: Atalantaj
Prompt summary: "You steal my baby, you get spanked"

from season 7 Ep.3 the girl next door

Does anyone have a copy of this or know the author and asked her if she does not mind sharing?? I've tried to contact her and send the author an Email in LiveJournal,since her account is locked?

It looks like her accounts been silent since 2011?

Thank you guys for all your help,
24 March 2014 @ 10:08 pm
Hey guys, first time posting.

So, ever since I have watched episode 7x03, I have wanted to read a good Sam/Amy fanfiction. I have looked but I haven't had much success. I'm hoping that maybe someone knows one(hopefully more than one) and can recommend it(them)to me. I would really appreciate it and would love you forever!

I just finished watching "Hello Cruel World" and am watching "The Girl Next Door" and I wondered if there were any fics that dealt with the voicemail that Dean left for Bobby when they were at the salvage yard where they found Bobby's house burned to the ground and were afraid that Bobby had been trapped inside and died. You all know the one "I'll strap my beautiful mind brother in the car and drive off the pier". I would like any conversation between Dean and Bobby after Bobby has heard this message. Naturally Dean is going to be all "no chick-flick moments" and not wanting to talk about it but Bobby being Bobby will want to really know how Dean is feeling about stuff.

Also, any recommendations that you may have (self-reccs are awesome!) about these two episodes and all that Sam and Dean are dealing with between Dean's broken leg and Sam's broken head. Can be gen or slash.

While we are talking about these episodes, any fics out there that deal with Jared and Jensen shooting these episodes, Jensen directing TGND would be most welcome - again slash or gen are fine!

Thank you!!
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10 February 2013 @ 10:09 pm
Heya. So I'm looking for fics where Sam actually leaves with Amy the kitsune when she asks him to run with her. Maybe they run away then grow up together and start new lives? Bonus if Dean tracks them down when they're all grown up.
Thank you!

Ps, I'm not sure how to tag this one. So I hope its ok.
I need help finding a story that takes place in the 3 week break in ‘The Girl Next Door’

Story Spoilers Inside )

Any help would be awesome! Also if anyone wants to recommend any awesome Hurt!Dean stories I’d appreciate it!

Story has been found! Link is in the comments!
18 October 2011 @ 08:06 pm
Wow, people here can be quite nasty.

I wasn't aware that fic requests were supposed to be impartial, but if that is a rule then I'll happily edit my request to conform to it. I apologise for having a passionate response to the show.

What I'm looking for is a story where the boys grow closer together, post season six, where Dean either acknowledges that he has made mistakes as well or has it pointed out to him in an undeniable way by a third party.
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