I'm looking for a story I read years ago, probably around the 2011-2013 range. I remember it being really long, but I'm not certain if it was 100k words (which I thought was A LOT back then) or 500k words. It started off after the events of Season 5 probably (although I could be wrong). It started off with Dean being in a really bad place (because Sam was sent to the cage with Lucifer?) and drinking a lot. At some point Castiel and later Michael show up and help comfort Dean. Dean and Michael talk, and Dean eventually is willing to say yes. When Michael possesses Dean, it's like Dean is in the backseat and can still see/hear everything with the same senses that Michael has (including being able to see wings the faces of an angel).

When not possessing Dean, I think Michael was possessing some dead/comatized aunt?

Over time, Dean ends up forming a group with Michael, Castiel, and probably Raphael, and they're essentially who Dean is closest too.

They meet up with Sam and their cousins at some point, although they're all wary because Dean is with Michael (and even said yes to Michael).

There might have been a scene where Dean and Castiel go to the Vatican and end up borrowing some powerful ring that Dean learns how to use.

I think Dean/Michael eventually end up going to a museum to get some artifact (although it's surrounded by angel wards), and later on some Aztec pyramids with a ton of demons for whatever reason (although I might be confusing that with something else).

There's a possibility there was some form of wing grooming and wing kinks going on, but I'm not certain.

That's about everything I can remember. Any help would be very appreciated.
Hi there guys!
It's me again. Im trying to find an AU fic that I read a while ago and then lost. From what I remember of it, Sam had been kidnapped and taken to a remote island full of monsters. Dean found out where he had been taken and went to rescue him. Whilst he is there, he meets Cas who has injured wings and is full on feral (tries to kill Dean and everything). After that I'm a little fuzzy on details, but I think it had a happy ending? I'm also not sure if it was gen or a Dean/Cas pairing. All i know is it was AWESOME.
Sound familiar to anyone?
The story I'm looking for had Chuck as God returning to heaven and deciding he needed more Archangels. He asks the Winchester, as well as Ellen and Bobby, I think, to become the new Archangels. I remember one of their wings being described as a vivid red.
29 May 2017 @ 09:19 pm

Sorry for my bad english, i am german, understand english very well.
I am looking for a destiel fic, i dont even know all the details anymore. The story was that the existence of angels was known (I believe), people keep away from angels. It turns out that Dean is Castiel's mate, Castiel visits him, but leaves him immediately.
This is the only thing I can remember. It was then a one shot. It was released at the end of 2015 or 2016 on archiv of our own.
please help me find the fic, i can´t stop thinking of it, thanks.
03 April 2017 @ 11:19 pm
I'm looking for an old destiel fic where angels were known but like a higher, revered class with humans below them.

Dean somehow catches Cas' eye or is in an arranged marriage but because of the human and angel hierarchy he doesn't have much choice about how the situation starts and comes together. Once they are together it slowly starts to work out but not without several mishaps along the way and misunderstandings as neither group knows all that much about the other. Or at least Dean doesn't know much about angels as he was never really interested.

I believe Mary and John were still alive and Dean was living at home with them before this happened. Dean, if not a virgin entirely, hadn't been with a guy before.

Anything similar would also be appreciated as long as there is no Sam/angel pairing unless it's with Lucifer.
18 February 2017 @ 09:46 am
I am looking for a fic that I have the urge to read but cannot for the life of me find. I've gone through my bookmarks and saved lists, but I haven't found what I think I'm looking for.

It was a Castiel/Dean story where they had come up with an alternate way to stop the apocalypse. I know they get rest of the Angel Squad on board, because Dean spends various battles possessed by Michael (who has done an about face on previous stances and is now a friend of Dean and Castiel). Michael, however, does not possess Dean all the time, and the rest of the time he wears Dean's former aunt (she had been John's sister, and had been braindead in a hospital due to an accident, I think). They also get the Vatican on board to help stop the apocalypse, as Dean and various angels make several trips to Europe to meet with people snd collect things. I believe it was posted to Archive of our Own, but I'm not sure.

This sound familiar to anyone?
Could you recommend some good crossover fics where people find out about angels? I just really like to read about the reactions :) Chaptered fics would be great, but anything is fine. I've already read "The Last Archangel" series.
02 February 2017 @ 12:23 am
Looking for Destiel fics set around s4-5 but it doesn't have to be about what happened during those seasons. I'm looking for that feeling where Cas was an awkward angel, we had cases with Bobby (I love that guy!), motels... and things were just better and easier.
I don't know how to describe it really, so I'll make points:

- preferably not ao3 ones (cuz they're give that s8-11 feeling, feels too new)- gimme ones from lj or other communities/sites
(- preferably written around s4-5-6 airing)
- slowburn please (UST is good), gimme long ones, preferably with Cas and Dean not knowing they like each other romantically and slowly building it up (well, Cas would know pretty quickly so that's good too), I prefer pre-slash -> slash rather than established relationship
- no big au (no abo, no 5x04 timeline, no affliction other than what the boys already have, no genderbender), just Sam and [Dean & Cas] + impala + hunting monsters, maybe dealing with angels (liked that storyline but I also like it if it's about Cas being an angel and the consequences of that)? and Bobby if he's alive - just the normal shtick
- pretend couple is good but only for a short time (like before the motel manager or something), not through 95% of the fic
- pov Dean or Cas
- no Sam hate (just no) but also no threesome with Dean and Cas
- it can be case fic or not, as long as it's interesting

Please tell me if I can help in any other way!

I would like to read
1: Lucifer-centric hurt/comfort stories; like some kind of angelic-family-fix it stories where Lucifer get comfort/protection/understanding from his family, and
2: any angel-family(fix-it) h/c fics.

I looked hard but I barely can find any. Anyone know any well written fic like that?

What I need:
1: hurt!Lucifer
2: any physically hurt!angel brother
1-2: protective angel-family/brothers
1-2: Lucifer only in Nick (if it's mentioned)
1-2: keep the characters in the show (no full human Au, or kidfics)

Please don't link
angelic incest
incurable injures
any school centric fics
sad ending

Gen or Destiel or Sabriel is okay. Any level of torture is okay until there are aftercare/comfort too. Human Luci or other humaned angels are also okay. THANK YOU!

[No hurt!Lucifer or fallen!Lucifer tags, can we get them pls?]
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04 January 2017 @ 06:39 pm
I'm in the mood for some Angel!Sam fics. I've noticed 3 main types:

1.) Sam turns into an angel/gets wings due to magic/ritual/curse/etc. I haven't found any really good examples of this that aren't dean-centric.

2.) Sam used to be an angel, but fell, and therefore forgot. Example: Unlikely Places by EclipseWing

3.) Non-hunter AU where basically angels are the norm. Example: Flight by vamprav.

I like all three variations, but haven't been able to find that many, so anything you can give me would be wonderful. I'll take any parings, or even no parings, I don't care. I'd just prefer the fic not be Dean-centric.

Thank you in advance!
04 January 2017 @ 10:45 am
Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm looking for a specific fic I read about Cas' time being controlled. Unfortunately, all I can remember is there's a part where Dean's observing Cas, and notices that his eye looks strange (ie irritated, red, bruised, like something had been inserted into it, etc. I don't remember specifically how it was described).

And in general, I'd dearly love any fics dealing with what Cas endured under Naomi and the "lobotomy," (as seen in flashbacks here). I'd also be very happy reading any fic surrounding the angels who captured him in season 11, the ones who used those creepy head contraptions. Honestly, any fic surrounding these or related subjects would be fantastic. Aftermath is good, too! I'm a sucker for hurt!cas, caring/comforting!Dean and/or Sam, others. Can be gen or slash.

I hope some part of that drivel makes even a bit of sense; I'm afraid I am not very articulate at the moment.

Thank you all so much!
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21 November 2016 @ 01:04 pm
There is this author that does a lot of stories with fledglings that I am looking for, that has fledgling Sammeal and castiel, among others, with guardian!archangels. I remember one story where the fledgling was the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about and trying to find.
18 November 2016 @ 03:26 am
So, once upon a time I've read this fic, where Michael went missing just before the apocalypse. So they sent Castiel to find him, and make him remember his archangel past. Obviously Destiel happens. Then there is some bad guys issue, and Dean remebers being Michael, which distresses Castiel a lot. But Michael is like cool with everything and cancels the Apocalypse. Then at the end there is a scene were Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel are stitting at the table in the bar/restaurant. And yes, Michael's fall was Gabriel's fault.

I swear to go that I read this fic on ao3. But I just can't find it. I would be grateful if someone knew which fic I am talking about.
11 September 2016 @ 05:55 pm
So, I've been reading books about the history of Christianity - not because of Supernatural, they're for something else - but one of the topics that keeps popping up is the history of the god that is now most widely recognized as the God the major monotheistic religions.

Long story short, Capital G-God originally existed as Yahweh and he was part of a polytheistic pantheon like basically all deities of his time were. His role in that pantheon was as the god of war, something similar to the role of Aries in the Greek pantheon (which part of the reason why the Old Testament of the Bible is full of such violence - it was pretty much considered acceptable for gods of war to behave in such a violent, jealous, petty, capricious manner because there were other gods in the pantheon to balance them out). Over time, as monotheism evolved, people went 'Hey, we can't pray to a god of war about love, or for good crops, or other stuff that NOT WAR', so Yahweh evolved from being a specialty sort of god (war only) to a more generalist type of god (one who was involved in everything and, thus, could answer all prayers).

Are there any fics that deal with this at all? The idea is stuck in my brain now and I want to read about, but I've searched the 'god' character tag on multiple sites and haven't found anything. I'm willing to be open minded, but here's possible stuff I would be really, really, interested in reading:

1) God not as a benevolent being, but as Yahweh, god of war still.
(Maybe he faked good behavior long enough for monotheism to get off the ground and then went back to his warmongering ways? It would fit with what we've seen of the rest of the gods on the show. It would also explain why he can't be found - everybody's looking for the wrong kind of being.)

2) The transition from Yahweh, god of war to Capital G, benevolent and merciful Almighty.

I'm mostly interested in #1, though because I think it fits better with the show. However, I'm open to anything. If there's a Yahweh fic out there (or one that calls him Allah or Jehovah, it doesn't matter to me) I would like to read it.

Thank you for your recs. :)
25 August 2016 @ 09:31 pm
So, I read this awesome fic - namely, Sam Lucifer Winchester by kirallie (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6233300/1/Sam-Lucifer-Winchester) - and now the idea behind the fic is stuck in my head. Are there any other fics out there that revolve around the idea that Sam is not just Lucifer's vessel, but Lucifer incarnated/manifested/born/whatever as a human that eventually gets his powers and memory back? It seems like no matter how I phrase this in trying to search with other methods, I always get fics where Sam is Lucifer's vessel, nothing more.

If they exist, I would love to read them. If there are ships involved, I'm not all that picky. Dean is a okay paired with anybody, although my all time favorite is wincest.

Thank you in advance. :)
06 August 2016 @ 03:05 pm
I read this fic Team WHAT?! by Lucillia, and I'm looking for any fics with the same subject "Dean is Michael and Sam is Lucifer". I prefer the genre of the fic is humor, but others are okay too.
15 July 2016 @ 11:23 pm
Hi! I'm looking for any fic where Dean is an angel and Sam is a demon, but they're still brothers that so close to the borderline of incest (though maybe not incest) like in canon. And plus, if there's reason on their species differences (like maybe Sam used to be an angel too but he got involved when Lucifer rebeled). Double plus, if Dean took advantage of the angels' plan about the Cage and Lucifer to free/meet Sam again. Triple plus if the fic can make me moved to tears. I prefer Gen, but if the story's slash I want it wincest or destiel with bottom!Dean only.
30 June 2016 @ 12:36 am
Does anyone know any stories with Castiel and Gabriel, where:

1. Castiel leaves heaven with Gabriel when Gabriel first leaves

2. Castiel and Gabriel were close in Heaven, which affects their meeting in Changing Channels (e.g. Castiel is hurt by what Gabriel has done, the two talk about it, ect.)

3. Gabriel is really protective of Castiel, and isn't happy about him helping the Winchesters.
26 June 2016 @ 06:10 pm
Do you know any good fics where outsiders find out about Castiel, and are shocked/amazed by the existence of angels? Or even fics focused on other angels, and having people find out about them. I'd especially love it if it were a really large group of people, but I'm not overly fussed about that.
Okay so I've read a couple of fics where Castiel is either raised by another angel as a fledgling (most of the time it's Gabriel), and one or two where he is the child of two other angels (through them combining their grace, ect.). These are the fics I've read like that so far:

Blessed is his child, by ameonna1

Of Seraphs and Men, by daksgirl

the Gift by NHMoonshadow

Of Baby Angels and Older Brothers, by I am psycowriter

So yeah, does anyone know any other fics like this? It'd be great if it also included moments after Castiel has met Dean and Sam.
17 June 2016 @ 03:14 am
Hey, friends!

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago and seem to have lost. It was definitely an A/B/O, and mostly porn, with omega Dean and alpha Sam and everyone involved had wings.

Dean spent most of his life hiding his pretty/brightly colored wings to pose as a beta until Gabriel, I think, or possibly Lucifer, scented him and hauled him back to the nest, where the other archangels and Cas-and maybe others? I don't remember-were waiting with a nest. It was tagged as dub-con but read a lot more like thinly veiled non-con to me. Dean was only going through with things to make Sam happy, since they couldn't be a "real flock" without an omega, and spent most of the fic incredibly unhappy with the situation. Most of it was spent trying to make Dean happy, but it didn't really seem like anyone would be taking no for an answer.

There was both Destiel and Wincest going on, but no Team Free Love as far as I remember. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
04 June 2016 @ 04:28 pm
After reading this story The new baby by Dabbleindrabble I started craving more stories like it. So I hope someone will know some stories for me. :3

I'm looking for stories where

1. Sam is either somehow turned into an angel
2. Was an angel by mary having sex/cheating/filled with grace by an angel and there for is a Nephilim

But with both of these senarios I want the other angels to look at him as if he is a child, some one to be protected. Dean can be included in this too but I want the main focus to be on sam.
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Do you know any stories where Gabriel and Sam start dating before Sam finds out he's an archangel? I don't mind if he knows about Gabriel being a trickster, but just not an angel.
31 May 2016 @ 10:00 pm
Any fics where any of the other angels are protective of Castiel? I've read a few with Gabriel. Long fics would be great, but I'll take anything.
I'm looking for fics where Castiel's wings are visible and Dean, Sam and/or Bobby see him fly with them. I'd also love to read fics where Castiel takes any or all of them flying. I've already read The Redemption Road series and Flight by NorthernSparrow. I'd prefer not to read any Wincest, but all other pairings and gen fics are fine.
04 April 2016 @ 12:37 pm
(This is a general search, not looking for a specific fic)

Basically I'm looking for fics with the angels acting like a family (I tagged my preferred angels, but I'll accept any angels, honestly). Specifically, I'm looking for non-tragic angel family feels. As in the angels hanging around with each other before things go all to shit, or realzing they've been shits to each other and working on becoming a family again. AU's are fine. Stories don't have to be strictly about angel family feels, as long as it's in there. Any pairings or gen is fine.

Thanks in advance =).
31 March 2016 @ 07:23 am
Are there fics where Dean is like a catnip for angels? I mean... whenever an angel laid eyes on him, they would trying to woo/seduce him or something. And Lucifer is not an exception. I want to know what happened if Lucifer saw Dean and immediately feel something to him, I think it would hillarious.
30 March 2016 @ 11:40 pm
I don't have a lot of details for this one but I hope it rings a bell with someone.

In the fic I'm looking for, Sam dies (I'm pretty sure it's before the apocalypse ends). While in heaven he decides to keep fighting, so he finds and gathers all of the hunters in heaven to fight with him. There's a big battle at the end where Sam defeats Lucifer by becoming more powerful himself.

Does this sound like something anyone is familiar with?

I'm looking for a specific fic, in which Jared was an angel. He fell from heaven and Jensen found him naked in the garden. Jensen had a girlfriend but she was away and Jensen looked after Jared, teaching him how to be human. I am almost sure Jared was the angel not the other way around, but I'm not sure.
I hope someone will recognize it.
02 March 2016 @ 02:15 pm
hii! so, i read a destiel-centric fic years ago (on either ff.net or ao3, i am not sure, its been so long.) and i honestly don't remember much, if i knew the title i probably wouldn't need to submit a request on here so yeah.... but i will try my best to make this search for you all as painless as possible and give as much detail of the fic that i remember so you can have better chances of finding it! This summary is super long, i am so sorry!
____________________ fic summary starts now:

It may or may not have had some Sabriel but i'm not positive on that. i just remember that Gabriel was there. i also remember it had a lot of chapters soooo yeah. this was not a short story, not by a long shot. and i don't know whether or not it is a completed work or not. though by now i am sure it is completed.

So what i remember it being an AU fic where Dean and Sam retire from hunting (possibly temporarily, i think Dean and Cas might have still been hunting together and the others were just doing research in the beginning?) and stay with Bobby and Kevin at the bunker (or maybe not?? i dunno, i just remember it being Bobby Kevin Sam Cas and Dean in some sort of homey place). Dean has started to come to terms with the fact that he has feelings for Cas. some things happened after that, but i dont remember what it was and then there angels appear. Fate specifically, and she comes to Dean and says that he is going to be the mother of a new race of humans, one that will be able to bear children despite their sex ////or something like that. Fate tells him that he'll be the one carry and birth the children, but he can't keep them all. Sam offers to take deans place because he feels that Dean has suffered enough in his life and deserves to be cared for but Fate says no because it has to be Dean who brings the new race of human into the world and fate personally thought that Sam wasn't strong enough for the burden/ or wasn't worthy. i think the latter, but i dunno.

Anyway, so the first few births at are quick and painless, but eventually progress and become painful and long. Dean gets to keep at least 3 or 4(?) of the children and has to go and give the others to childless people who really really want kids. he gets attached to one of the kids, because when Dean had given birth, it wasn't the right time for the couple that were destined to get the kid, so Dean had to keep it until fate said they were ready. he left a note when he eventually did drop off the baby at the couple's doorstep. at one point there is a particularly difficult birth that Dean goes through that requires the help of various angel because the angel of fertility/childbirth was unavailable or unwilling to help Dean and Gabriel was there to help as well. On one of the last kids Dean was having, he went alone off to do something or other and stumbled upon a mother with her young son who were being harassed by a mugger or someone with a gun/knife and came to their rescue, killing the guy hat tried to hurt the woman. i think he went with them to the hospital because he goes into labor due to the whole excitement of the situation. i don't remember what happens next but the woman and Dean become friends and they become a part of deans big family.

On the last pregnancy, Dean gives birth but instead of giving it to a stranger, Fate tells Dean to give the baby boy to Sam because he is stronger than she originally thought and throughout this whole journey Sam was envious and had internal turmoil because of the fact he couldn't have a kid or didn't have a kid.

Then i think a while or so later, one of the children Dean had been able to keep was supposed to become deaf at age five, and so he made a deal with Fate so that he'd take the kid's place and be deaf instead??? two years or so in, he has become completely miserable because of not being able to hear and being a part of everyone's life and at some point everyone doesn't even bother to sign for him when they are all talking fast and whatnot with him present. he gets severely depressed, i think maybe unintentionally isolates himself from everyone and eventually commits suicide. his eldest daughter finds him dead in his and Cas' room. they give him a hunter's funeral but a few years or months after he is resurrected and turned into an angel because of all the stuff he's done for heaven and didn't really complain much about his burdens, and that the angels were very grateful so he was granted a second chance at life but as an angel. (i think this paragraph may or may not be from another fic that has similar plot. there was another future!kid!fic where dean gets pregnant as well. but i dunno anymore. im prettyyyyy sure its part of this fic, so yeah..).
ANNND thats all i remember of that amazing fic.
I hope this helps in your search, thank you!
11 February 2016 @ 01:38 am
I swear I had this one great demon Sam and Dean fic bookmarked but turns out I guess I didn't or it got erased so I need help finding it again. I believe is was on ff.net and I have looked all over but can't find it.

Sam and Dean are demons in hell and angels go to hell regularly to find mates and take the back to heaven. Lucifer and Michael fight their way into hell and Lucifer knows that Sam is his mate but Michael is just drawn to Dean so Lucifer and Michael kidnap Sam and Dean and return to heaven. Sam and Dean are kept seperate in rooms for Lucifer and Michael who must tame them to fully mate with them. Lucifer and Sam hit it off and do well, Dean hates Michael and fights him constantly and Michael takes joy in beating Dean. Castiel is a soldier in heaven who works for Michael and cleans up the room and Dean after Michael is done with him. Dean and Cas fall for each othr, and I think in the end Sam and Lucifer help Cas win Dean from Micheal.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? If someone knows what fic this is could you please point me in the right direction, thank you.

I hope I got the tags right, I went a little overboard just to be safe
06 February 2016 @ 11:52 pm
(Mods, I don't know if I've got all the tags?)

Hey guys :)

Sp basically as explained by the title, I'm looking for fics which involve the boys grace bonding or just regualr bonding (the magical kind) with an angel. I'm particularly looking for pairings outside destiel (and Sabriel, but I haven't read a lot of those, so if you find a good one, please feel free to send it my way), as I know there's a lot of fics available in that pairing. Anything else goes (particularly Sastiel, Samifer and Debriel), because I'm finding it incredilbly hard to find fics in this trope that doesn't involve Dean and Castiel (and a bit of Sam and Gabriel).

Thanks in advance
25 January 2016 @ 10:30 pm
Hello, I have a couple or requests if you could help me out!

1) Redeemed!Lucifer - where lucifer kind of joins team free will or just doesn't want to do the whole "Satan" thing anymore. i think im thinking of an actual story i've read. I thought it might have been Unexpected Destinies, but It wasn't. Since I remember no other details, i'll just ask for any fic recomendations, any paring, as long as it's complete!

2) Fics featuring the angelic family. like i said, Ive just reread Unexpected Desitnies and I'd love more of the family dynamic between the angels. I read this other fic called make it on your own by SailorChibi that started out with Gabriel taking care of fledgling!Cas, that was so cute and i wanted more! Please no Human!AUs, and complete fics only.

28 December 2015 @ 07:53 am
Anyone know stories dealing with Cas calling Sam an abomination and Sam's (previous) faith in angels? More importantly, them getting past that and maybe Cas helping Sam, befriending him, taking care of him? Slash or not.
01 December 2015 @ 05:44 pm

I am looking for AUs where demons and angels are normal people and at least one of the characters is/are (?) one. No slaves, pets, overlord type of thing, just normal people going about their lives. Either real person or Supernatural characters. Below are two examples. I've read a few but I would like to read more. I would prefer Jensen or Dean centric slash but anything would be great.

Home is where the flock is http://archiveofourown.org/works/5205518?view_full_work=true

This is all life really means http://gedry.livejournal.com/150741.html
23 November 2015 @ 01:37 pm
So one of my favourite fics have been deleted, apparently, so now I'm hoping anyone has a copy of it? It's called Wings of Despair and was on both AO3 and ff.net. I don't remember the author's name though.

It's about Sam being bitten by a werewolf, and it can only be reversed by an angel or smth like that. Since Cas' grace is fading, he gives some of his grace to Dean, which unexpectantly turns him into an angel. Most of the fic is spent with Sam passed out and Dean leaning how to use his angel swag.

If anyone has a copy of this you'll have my eternal thanks!

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18 November 2015 @ 11:31 pm
Okay, so for some reason I've been really interested in seeing fics with Cas being emotionally beaten down and defeated, and then comforted by someone else. The cause of his sadness can be his failure to find God, feeling lost after becoming human, being rejected by/having relationship troubles with Dean, you name it. The person doing the comforting is preferably Dean, but Sam, Bobby, and Gabriel work too.

I don't care for AUs, although canon diversions are perfectly fine. Bonus points for anything with Castiel crying (not throughout the whole story like a crybaby, though) and especially for Destiel, either established or at the end. I'll read Sam/Cas too, and Gen is always good.

I rarely read any fics above 10,000 words, and I don't care for fics over 20,000 words, so please do not suggest those. Fics 5,000 words or less would be ideal.

Other than that, please post anything you have with some sad angels and some comfort, and a thousand thanks in advance! :D
15 November 2015 @ 12:01 am
Can anyone recommend any good AUs with omega!Dean and an angel (Cas/Gabe/Michael/...)? I'm really looking for something with a world where angels rule and get omega mates, so the age difference can be played up, but I'm willing to consider most things if they meet the basic criteria.

No wincest or angel/Sam of any sort unless it's with Lucifer please.
This is quite an old one, but hopefully someone will remember it.

Sam becomes King of Hell, not sure how. He isn't evil but he is very dark. Naturally, Dean is with him, and Castiel too - I think because he wouldn't leave Dean with Sam (or possibly to avoid being taken by Heaven, or both). But now he's reliant on Dean for protection from Sam. (Possible Dean gets powers in this due to being Sam's brother and consort).

I do remember Castiel being scared of Sam and having to play it very carefully.

There are three scenes that have stuck in my mind:

1) Sam follows Castiel into a room and Cas wants to leave but thinks Sam won't let him pass - he does though.

2) Sam is in a relationship with Dean, but wants Cas too - a combination of actually wanting Cas for his own sake, and because he's an angel, and because he's a little jealous of how Dean still cares for Cas. I remember Cas drawing a promise from Sam not to hurt him, and having to remind him of it a few times because while Sam isn't rough he isn't gentle either. Dean's there to support Cas through it and make sure Sam reigns it in.

3)The Host show up to negotiate / deal with Sam, and it ends up with Sam, Dean and Cas on one side of the table and I think Michael and Zachariah on the other. They want to take Castiel back, and claim that Sam is holding him against his will. Sam disputes this, and says Cas is free to go anytime, but I think he gets a few barbs in about how he's treated Castiel better than they ever did. Michael and Zachariah tell Cas his place is in Heaven with them, not in Hell with the Winchesters, but Cas says he'd prefer to stay. (I think he says something like he'd rather serve in Hell than in Heaven). Which pisses them off and I think they threaten to take Cas, but Sam tells them Cas has made his choice and if they try to grab him Sam will just turn them and their armies back at the gates. I remember Cas being quite stunned at Sam being so protective of him.

Thanks in advance!
06 October 2015 @ 05:04 pm
Hi! I'm looking for any type of fic where Dean somehow gets turned into an angel. Like he could be the subject of a spell that turns him into one, it doesn't really matter as long as he gets transformed into an angel. I don't want an AU where he's always been an angel, and I'd prefer no slash.
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1.) I'm looking for fics where Sam gets to observe Dean and Alastair's relationship (Gen or otherwise). Great examples of this are Amaresu's creepy stockholm syndrome fic These Bones of Mine and reapertownusa's whump-filled Through the Shadows of Hell.

2.) Fics that use a different interpretation of angels than they are in canon. For example, ones that don't take vessels, or act more in line with traditional Biblical depictions. (Meaning, I'm not looking for those AUs where angels are minor creatures on par with vampires, or Slave AUs, nothing like that.)

3.) Protective!Bobby on behalf of Dean. Somehow I haven't come across a lot of that??

4.) Preseries fics where Dean's more... Unpleasant fates/qualities (Alastair's apprentice, the Mark of Cain, etc) are hinted at or revealed, to the confusion of his family. Perhaps he's told his fortune, or comes under the effects of one of those many spells that are supposed to reveal or depend on innate qualities, or something that bares the soul. That kind of thing.

5.) Speaking of that, there's a specific fic I can't seem to find again where the boys find an artifact in the bunker (maybe it was a crystal ball?) and it shows them representations of their souls. I believe Sam was a tree and Dean was a dragon?

Gen for all of these, please, except for possible Dean/Alastair. I don't mind if they're just smaller events in larger fics.

I am looking for a fic that has Castiel's wings visible. I don't remember much except for one scene. The scene was that Dean and Castiel and possibly Sam were driving somewhere. Then for some reason Castiel had him/them stop the car because Castiel had to roll in the dirt. People were stopping to take pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
28 June 2015 @ 02:00 pm
I am looking for three things.

1) Angels as a family (Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael, etc). Either canon (where they are angels) or AU (human or otherwise). Short or long, doesn't matter as long as it is complete. I don't mind if there is incest ("romantic" family is fine).

2) Castiel whump of any kind (mental, physical, sexual). Any where he is young and being abused by his family are great as long as there is a happy ending! Bonus if it can be tied into request #1.

3) Any fics with Castiel having a mental disorder. Any type is fine (OCD, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc). Bonus for tying into request #1 or #2.

Any pairings welcome for all.
17 June 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Hello all!
I need fic recs about Dean is actually reincarnation of something big (big like he's a reincarnation of an angel or a pagan god or maybe even a horsemen).

And I'm looking for this fic. In this fic, Dean is reincarnation of Azrael (the angel of death), that's why Death (horsemen) interested on him. I remember that Azrael is one of the first angels the God created, and he'd fallen not long after Lucifer's rebellion (I recall it's because of God's will). But his fall didn't happen like most fallen angel. He tore his grace and morphed it to become horsemen (that's Death) while his body frozen inside a glacier and his soul kept reincarnating as a human again and again until he become Dean Winchester and met his "grace" again (though he didn't know about that and Death also didn't tell him). I quite remember that the angels didn't know that Dean is reincarnation of an angel. And then someone (I didn't remember who, but that someone knew Dean) found Azrael's body and confused why Dean (Azrael's face similar with Dean) frozen in the glacier when they just spoke to him in the phone.

That's all. Thanks for your help in advance.
Looking for 2 Gen Fics: Wee!chesters+ fledgling Cas+John+Gabriel & autistic Castiel

Its been a while since I last read these two fics. They may have been deleted and if so I am hoping someone was smarter than I was and managed to save a copy of them.

The first one: Wee!chesters + fledgling Castiel + John + Gabriel
found: Plan B by: Kitkat0114 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7892342/1/Plan-B

John kind of freaks out about the baby angel. I remember John tries to ditch Castiel a couple of times and Gabriel rescues Cas and drops him back off with John and the kids. Gabriel is getting pretty fed up with John. Also, the last time John tried to ditch Castiel it was in a restaurant and when John got back to the hotel Missouri called him up and gave him an earful about responsibility and I think she even threatens to come after John with her spoon if he does not stop his foolishness.

Second fic features autistic castiel. He’s non-verbal. Adult Guardian Dean takes Castiel to a shop for clothes and the lady offers to sew angel wings on Castiel’s trenchcoat.
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21 May 2015 @ 10:16 pm
I read this a while ago and have been trying to find it again. Basically, John left Dean and Sam at Bobby's. The Winchesters go to the high school there and Castiel shows up. He's still an angel and is basically stalking Dean because he was ordered to. Dean gets freaked out but they eventually become friends, and then more.
I don't remember anything else.
02 May 2015 @ 01:32 pm
I'm looking for destiel fics (established or starting) where some angel custom crops up and causes either problems or confusion. be it nesting, a particular view on the roles of humans and angels in matings, or anything else whatsoever so long as it causes a bump in the road as it were. So if its a fic before they get together it can be about how castiel views them as already together or as dean belonging to him due to the handprint scar or what he's done for dean.

angelic pon farr/nesting/egg!fic

anything not normal/common/expected/... in human relationships.

some good examples of what I'd like are home or clue feathers

no sam/angel pairings other than Lucifer or dean/sam
09 April 2015 @ 05:21 am
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a specific Sabriel. In the story, Gabriel had gotten separated from his vessel. I don't remember why but I think he had died. The unique thing about his vessel was that without his angelic host, it was a monster. Specifically, a Horse-beast monster. One that had to be corralled to a tree because of its feral nature until Gabriel was ready for it.

I was hoping y'all can recommend some Night Vale parodies. Wincest/destiel/J2 etc.... Please help! Thanks!
05 April 2015 @ 05:53 pm
I've just reread the Holy!Dean Verse and was looking for simpilar fics where Dean is maybe placed in charge of angels or given some holy task or responsibiliy. I've alread read Named and On the Wings of War. Despite all the listed stories being Dean/Cas, I have no preference about pairing, as long as it's dean centric, please,and complete!