Older story, but here is what I remember: Sam and Dean are still hunting, Sam has lost an eye, writing sigils or devils traps, etc causes him pain, but he's grateful to still be working with Dean. I think the demon blood is causing the problem. Very short story and pretty sure it's Gen. I tagged au and possible future fic. Thanks so much
05 September 2017 @ 06:48 pm
Hi everyone, looking for 2 fics I read a few weeks ago on archive of our own.

The first one, Sam and dean find cas being tortured by some guy. The guy has carved Enochian sigils on cas so his wings manifest physically against his will and can be seen.
Cas keeps freaking out when brothers have to or accidentally touch his wings. He compares his wings being forced to manifest and then touched/seen without his permission was like rape. Sam and dean look after him and Eventually becomes okay with dean touching his wings. May have been gen or Destiel.

The second fic has cas suddenly appearing in the bunker. Sam and dean have to go through cas's important memory to keep him alive. They are able to feel cas emotions and find out how much he cared/admired them for the start.
One example I remember was them realising when cas first met Sam and called him boy with demon blood he actually didn't mean to be offensive he was actually happy to meet Sam and greatly admired him.
Jensen and Jared are teens and Jared has moved around a lot because his dad is in the military. Jared's dad's leg is injured so the family moves to this really small town while he recovers and Jared meets Jensen there. Jensen's older brother died so Jensen's uncle moved in to help out the family. One day, Jensen is hurt and crying and Jared assumes it is Jensen's father who abuses him. However, at the end of the story, it's revealed that it was Jensen's uncle who was abusing him and it's implied that the uncle killed Jensen.

Thanks for any help!
21 August 2017 @ 07:35 pm
I've been looking for a specific fic for a couple months and can't find it.

It's on ao3, most likely mature, +20k, and takes place after season 11. Human!Cas. The author went "f it" to canon, and early season 12 spoilers ). Cas is missing, then Sam and Dean find a John Doe in a hospital matching Cas' description. They go pick him up in the hospital. Cas goes through a long check-up, and has a moment where he runs his hands through his hair in the bathroom. (this sounds strange, but trust me, it's important). They take him back to the Bunker, and everything is sunshine and rainbows for a few weeks.

Then Cas leaves the Bunker 'cause he has a job or something. Cas comes back, but keeps leaving without answering their calls that much. Dean is suspicious but Sam says there's nothing to worry about. Dean follows Cas one day, and turns out he's working at a Gas N' Sip and is trying to get money... for something.

Cas visits the Bunker every couple weeks, and each time he's wearing a new knitted hat. Due to a slip-up, Dean is jealous and thinks Cas is hooking up with a girl named Erin, but really MAJOR spoilers for fic )

It's a delicious slow burn, with a ton of angst, and I didn't get around to finishing it, so help finding it would be appreciated.
21 August 2017 @ 05:00 pm
I read a specific postcage Sam story and I can't find it anywhere. Basically, Sam is struggling with his PTSD and hallucinations post Hell. He researches ways to cope. He finds a post that says knitting is supposed to help. So he knitts whenever he can't sleep or is having a particularly hard time with Hallucifer. It's a great story and I'd love to read it again! Thanks!
20 August 2017 @ 04:34 am
Hey everybody! I really need help finding a story that I have been looking for for weeks. All I can remember from this story was that it was a Pre series story with both sam and dean still going to school and john had dropped them of at bobby's house. I don't know if the story was over the course of a couple years but I know that it's very likely that it was from Bobby's POV and that it was mostly his thoughts on dean and how he acted as a kid. Although there is a very big difference from many other stories like this in the fact that there is a scene where sam ( and sam in this story is only in it for a very short time and he is described as being bratty and kindoff mean to dean) was lying to bobby about something. Bobby knew that sam was lying but for some reason I remember that bobby kindoff chose to belive sam because he thought that dean maybe needed to mature or something. I think we can see form his point of view his decision to chose sam over dean and how dean kindoff reacted to that where he felt very betrayed and there was this lose of trust. I know I'm not explaining it very well. But I'm not really sure it its a line in the story but I remember either reading or thinking (that bobby like many others chose sam over dean)because bobby was one of the few people that treated dean well and I think bobby thought he was coddling him to much and made a choice that resulted in him betraying dean. Which hurts very badly because in the story everybody knew sam was lying and dean was very trusting that bobby would listen to him but instead bobby killed the trust and hope in dean. I am so sorry for the terrible description but If anybody could help me find it I would greatly appreciate it.

Also if their are any stories that kindoff give of that vibe about how dean was forced to grow up to fast or pre series on the neglect dean suffered. Anything dealing with the fact that dean was just a little kid and everybody especially john basically forced him to ignore his safety and do everything he could to protect sam please do rec them to me. I would love to read any recommendations.
05 August 2017 @ 10:24 pm
Hi! I've scrolled back forever in non-au's and tried everything, so hopefully someone can be my savior here! Supernatural ended and Jared and Jensen are on bad terms because Jared ended it to do bigger and better movies. Jensen has not been very successful. Eric Kripke suggests that they do a Supernatural movie to see where Sam and Dean are now, and Jensen still has trouble forgiving Jared. It's not the Play Nice Proviso or the Jared Padalecki Untitled Project. SOS! 
02 August 2017 @ 09:46 pm

I'm looking for Sam/Dean stories where the boys are already in an established relationship, and someone (or something) hurts, attacks, wounds, kidnaps, tries to kill or targets Sam somehow, for whatever reason. The angstier the better; protective Dean to the rescue will make my week. I'll take first time wincest stories as well, but I'm really hoping to find stories where the boys are already together when bad things happen to Sam.

My only other requests are no death fics, and no WIPs. Oh, happy endings are a must for this one.

Many many thanks in advance.
15 July 2017 @ 02:31 am
I read this fic a long time ago that was set soon after Mary died. John was very drunk and Dean enters the room. He yells at Dean about how upset he is that Mary died and, when Dean starts getting scared and crying, he yells him to stop crying. It's from John's POV and he's thinking that he should really stop yelling at Dean, but he keeps going.

Any other fics that have little Dean dealing with upset or drunk John would also be appreciated. Thanks for any recs!
14 July 2017 @ 04:58 am
I was hoping you guys would be able to help me find a fic I read a few years ago.

It was an spn/American Idol crossover, set in a world where the supernatural isn't real, and where Sam and Dean both sign up for American Idol. With several other spn chars participating as well.
And it turns out that Dean had to have John institutionalized because he became a threat to Sam.

Anyone know where to find it?
06 July 2017 @ 10:09 pm
I'm looking for a mpreg fic that I know used to be on the samdean archive, but I'm not sure if it was ever transferred to AO3 since I can't remember the author or title. What I remember is that Dean got pregnant, but ran away because when he'd asked San if he ever wanted kids Sam had said no. So he ends up at this cabin where Sam finally tracks him down. Dean acts like an ass to get Sam to leave, telling him the kid isn't even his, that it's just the result of either a one night stand or a john, I can't remember which way he went. Anyways, Sam leaves initially, and Dean goes into labour right after.

If anyone could help me by either having a link that works or a copy they could send me that would be amazing.

05 July 2017 @ 10:18 pm
Hey community -I need your help again please. I'm looking for a specific fic where Jensen and Jared are mates and I think Jensen is pack alpha. Jared may have been rescued/found and is very insecure. The part I remember clearly is that Danneel shows up after having been away on a mating quest. She and Jensen used to hook up and she is convinced that Jensen is her mate. She says some pretty awful things about Jared which he overhears.
28 June 2017 @ 09:39 am
This morning, I was reading a really good destiel casefic, called Marked by mansikka on ao3. I bumped my phone screen and shut the page down by accident, and when I tried to re-open it, ao3 told me it had been deleted! I can't find it anywhere, and I was just about to get to the great part where Sam finds out about destiel!

Some details in case you have a copy but aren't sure:
Canon verse, established relationship, Cas is concerned about what might happen if they go public, Sam and Dean live in the bunker, Cas can still teleport (not explained), Cas and Dean go undercover at a cafe to flush out a monster hunting couples. It's hard for them to pretend to be lovey-dovey when they are actually a couple but Sam doesn't know and Cas doesn't want to be close when they are in public. Sam keeps teasing and its really hurting Dean, cause that's what he actually wants.

Dean is heartbroken when Cas wants to go 'on a break'. Dean gets drunk and makes friends with the barmaid (just friends) and then is kidnapped by a karaoke singing half-undine (mermaid) who wants a soul? or something? I was just in the middle of that chapter. Sam and Cas are looking for Dean, feeling super guilty.

Does anyone have a copy of this fic? I desperately want to finish it, it was great.
24 June 2017 @ 02:56 pm
I am looking for a fic. I don't recall much of it. I recall it being a Destiel fic, a road trip type fic, and Cas dies. Dean follows in John's foot steps. it was a work in progress.

NorthernsSparrow did a fic similar called "into the fire"
I suppose I am looking for any fics that are similar to "Into the Fire"

any assistance in locating this fic or similar fics would be appreciated.
thank you,

Tags: genre: angst, genre: au, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: death!fic, genre: slash, character: castiel, character: dean, pairing: dean/castiel,
18 June 2017 @ 10:10 pm
I am looking for any sad J2 stories that make you cry, but that have a happy ending. Although Jensen/Jared is preferred, Jensen/anyone else is great too.

Thanks for any recommendations!
05 June 2017 @ 10:39 pm
Does anyone know of any fics that have Dean's shitty behavior/actions (i.e. the thing w/ Gadreel, the demon blood withdrawal, the way he belittles Sam's achievements/accomplishments, etc.) towards Sam pointed out? I've already read 'The Sam Winchester School of Hunting', and something along those lines would be great. Thanks!
04 June 2017 @ 11:45 pm
I read this AU Destiel fic a long time ago where Dean is depressed and sometimes it gets very bad. Sam is with Jess and they try to help him. Then he meets Cas and they get together. But Dean has an episode of extreme depression and ends up killing himself, thinking Cas would be better off not having to deal with him. I think he jumps out window in front of Cas? Cas then later also kills himself.

Yeah, very tragic ending. But if anyone can help me find it that would be great!
02 June 2017 @ 07:34 pm
Hey ya'll! This is just my second time posting here but I got such awesome results with my first one -like, seriously, there were so many- I couldn't resist posting again!

So, I've got an intense craving for some hate to love fics. I'm mainly craving destiel, but J2 or Dean with some other characters will be fine too- all the pairings I'm cool with will be in the tags.

I would just like fics where Jensen or Dean and his eventual SO hate eachothers' guts at the beginning. I do like high school aus, but if they're written well- I tend to find ones that are quite tacky, however I'm willing to bet that it's just my horrible google-fu that's doing that for me- so I do hope some of you could hook me up with some goodies! However, anything works for me- in the topic of aus, that is.

I do love me some Jensen/Dean!whump, so I would prefer it if he's the one that gets the worse end of the stick- whatever the stick may be. Though I do want the hatred to be generally mutual- I don't want Jensen/Dean's partner to be the only one dishing out the harsh hatred (ooo alliteration) while he remains helpless and pining, that would be bordering a somewhat abusive relationship, and I'm really not up for anything a little more than petulant hatred between the two.

So yeah, not anything too heavy. I'm just in the mood for some angst- arguing, a few hurtful words, maybe some tears, enough to frustrate me- but enough cuteness and schmoopy boys mixed in to make it a little more pleasant than painful!

I prefer bottom + submissive Dean and Jensen, though I can deal with switching as long as he remains the submissive one. Other than that I haven't really got any squicks when it comes to smut, and with a trope like this I doubt there'll be anything too intense anyway.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading, you! I hope I see some recs coming my way soon!
31 May 2017 @ 10:14 pm

I'm looking for fics where Cas is kind of a bully or jerk to Dean.
28 May 2017 @ 05:19 am
I'm looking for fics that have someone cheating on Dean. I don't want Dean to just forgive the cheater either. I want fics where the cheater has to work for Dean's forgiveness or Dean finds someone else. Slash pairing at the end/happy ending please.

Any recs are appreciated. Thank you.
22 May 2017 @ 11:11 pm
Hello, I'm new to this whole thing so I may get some things wrong, so please bare with me.
The fanfic I'm looking for is J2 based. In the fic, Jared is the son of the president and him, Jensen and their family live in a world where you can't be in a Boy/Girl relationship. In the fic, I remember Jared being arranged to marry Jensen and that he (Jared) doesn't want to because he's secretly in a relationship with Sandra.

I don't really remember the name of it but I believe that I read it on here. Please help me find it! I did search everywhere but it didn't come up in the searches. Fingers crossed that it isn't taken down. Thank you!
21 May 2017 @ 10:03 pm

I'm looking for any recommendations for fics where Dean and Cas have a less tban amicable break-up. They reunite months/years later with awkwardness or angst abound.
18 May 2017 @ 01:03 am
Hi there! So I read a fic about a year ago now that I thought I saved but now can't find it anywhere. The story wasn't too long, probably about 20,000 words and it was AWESOME. The world was split into two sets of people. I can't remember what these groups were called so let's call them 'betters' and 'lessers' for now. As kids, Cas and Dean were best friends and then they were judged. Cas became a better and Dean was a lesser. Dean then was assigned as Cas' servant/slave and is treated terribly by Cas' mother, Naomi. By the end of the story, they left the betters district and went to Dean's home turf and then ended with them hating each other. I'm really hoping theres a sequel now...anywho, if anyone recognises this fic it would be much appreciated. Thank you!!
For the J2 au, Jared was kept in some kind of government institution against his will. I don't know if he had ever been outside. Jensen goes to work at the facility (perhaps as an intern?) and JDM might be his supervisor. Jensen bonds with Jared and eventually realizes that it is wrong for Jared to be kept a prisoner. Jensen helps Jared escape (and perhaps tries to get them to Jensen's parents for help). It is not Dream Him Free or To Dream, Perchance to Live. They were teens or early twenties at most in the story.

#1 found by [livejournal.com profile] maryjo24. Predicted by Cha at sinful-desire.org.

The second one I am still looking for is probably wincest, but I am not completely sure of that. The boys are staying at a place by the sea, I believe, for a case. The "monster" turns out to be a human male who disguises himself as a creature and intentionally scares a young girl badly enough that she falls into the sea. Sam dives in to save her and he ends up smashed into some rocks by the waves and damamging (permanently?) an appendage (I think it was his hand/arm). He has to cling to the rocks and be pulled out. The girl is very much a human and believed in the monster, which is why she got scared and ran from it. The person who disguised himself as the monster had no remorse for their predicament. It is not O sea-starved.

Any help would be appreciated.
16 April 2017 @ 03:00 pm
Hey. I'm looking for fics where Dean struggles with guilt over the things he's done in his life and/or he feels like he's not good enough, a failure, a horrible brother/son etc.
Thanks guys.
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04 April 2017 @ 10:50 pm
I'm trying to track down a fic I have only vague memories of. I believe the Js got together in high school, but then someone - maybe Jared's brother Jeff? - found out and threatened Jensen so he took off without a word to Jared. I remember Jared falling apart when Jensen didn't show up for his graduation. Jared gets kind of wild, drinking and smoking pot. I think it's several years before they reconnect, and Jeff helps Jared find Jensen again in the end. Ringing any bells?

ETA: Found! It's For The Love Of Jensen Ackles, link to Mediafire for pdf in comments. Thanks so much all!
Summary: The prompt: A J2 version of The Ugly Duckling. Jensen is the fat kid at school and Jared either bullies him/is his only friend, but because he's younger he doesn't stand up to the bullies. The boys lose touch but meet again in college where Jensen has lost the weight, but is still very self-conscious and shy. Feelings ensue and they go back home to visit Jensen's family/friend and meet up with the bullies
Im looking for a Pre-Series Wincest story that was deleted from fanfiction.net, called How Do We Deal? by PoeticallyPathetic19.

In it Sam and Dean are in high school two gunmen come into Sam's class that broke out prison. One of them leaves looking for their kid/daughter. The other guy stays in the class and takes Sam and Dean hostage and makes them make-out and do some other stuff (they both secretly like it but are ashamed/guilty). I'm sure Dean was a senior, and he purposely failed so he could stay in school and keep an eye on Sam.

Offical Summary: An incident at school changes everything for the boys. AU. Wincest.

If anbody knows where this story might be posted elsewhere, or has a copy, I would be extremely grateful!  I've been looking for this fic for weeks, and finally found the name/author only to discover it has been deleted.
06 March 2017 @ 03:01 pm
rainylemons has deleted their journal, and though there are five long fics on AO3, Brighter Than Sunlight and its sequel aren't there. I was wondering if anyone has a PDF version to share? 
1. I'm looking for any established Destiel fics where Dean's family doesn't approve of their relationship for some reason... Mostly along the lines because Cas is an angel but it could be because he is a guy (canon or au) I have read a lot of the ones where John comes back to life and doesn't approve of Dean and Cas together so I'm hoping for other family members such as Mary or her side of the family.

2. Established Destiel where Dean left the family behind (it can be canon or alternate universe) and maybe he reconnects with them later and introduces Cas or they try to find him and realize he is in a relationship with a guy and are shocked or worse.

3. Any really good established relationships Destiel fics really

I would appreciate any help guys, thanks so much!
27 February 2017 @ 09:09 pm
Hey guys, it's been a while. I'm back with two specific requests, one that I searched for before but never found.

1) crossdressing - Sam and Dean make a bet about something, Sam loses and has to wear a pair of panties, Dean laughs at him and teases him, Sam says something about Dean thinking he's disgusting and gets really upset because he likes wearing the panties. (wincest)

2) suicidal!sam - After Sam finds out he's Lucifer's vessel, he tries to kill himself. Lucifer brings him back but Sam eventually starts committing suicide just to get some rest. This works for a while but eventually the damages start carrying over after he's brought back. (ex. he shoots himself in the head, he's resurrected with a hole in his head; cutting his wrists leaves scars, etc.) (gen, i think)

Thanks for any help!
24 February 2017 @ 08:40 pm
Hi, guys!
I am looking for a specific wincest fic, where Sam forces (kind of) Dean to have sex with him, then they have a fight and and Sam goes to Stanford without telling him. After that Dean stays at Bobby's and stop eating and talking at some point. Then he has some relationship with a hunter that visits Bobby and then I don't actually remember how, but he gets a little better. John comes to take Dean on the hunt. And they continue hinting.

Thanks in advance!
14 February 2017 @ 05:25 pm
I've been trying to remember the title and author of this one. It would have either been on LiveJournal or Ao3.

It is probably wincest, but I am not completely sure of that. The boys are staying at a place by the sea, I believe, for a case. The "monster" turns out to be a human male who disguises himself as a creature and intentionally scares a young girl badly enough that she falls into the sea. Sam dives in to save her and he ends up smashed into some rocks by the waves and damamging (permanently?) an appendage (I think it was his hand/arm). He has to cling to the rocks and be pulled out.

Any help would be appreciated.
I for one love the episodes when Dean had the Mark Of Cain. Sam was really trying to get rid of it, and Dean was just kinda excepting it. I'm looking for some episodes that base off what Crowley had told Dean about how the mark would make him unwell, and eventually kill him if he doesn't kill in time.
I'd prefer it if Sam is unaware of this effect of the mark, and finds out some reason after Dean collapses, or just gets really sick.
Please no smut, or wincest, or really any kind of relationship besides you know, Sam and Dean's awesome brother bond. Of course I welcome any self recs, and I don't really care how long or short the story is.
I don't mind deathfics, just as long as it's kinda well written, as some deathfics are kinda rushed or something, you know?
(P.S): This doesn't have to be there, but you know what would be cool? If Sam is being kinda mean and selfish about the whole Gadreel deal thing while Dean is getting sicker and sicker. I know, I'm horrible, but you have to admit, it'd be cool to read.
Anyways, thanks to anyone for replying, you don't know how much I appreciate it. :)
Me again, seeking help from those with better recall than mine. I read a fic a few months ago that I simply cannot find it. Jensen had been in a relationship with Jeff, who suddenly ended things. Jensen then meets and egts involved with Jared, who is pretty much Jeff's opposite. Jared is sweet and earnest and loyal, but not sophisticated or worldly, and maybe even still a student? Jeff comes back to town, and Jensen begins getting together with him for dinner and movies and things, neglecting Jared. Then something happens - I think Jared is in an accident? - and Jensen realizes where he really wants to be. I'm sure this is one is blatantly obvious, but I'm just not finding it. Help please!
31 January 2017 @ 09:50 pm
Hey y'all,
It's a bit alarming, but I went to visit sinful-desire.org for their archive of fics, specifically "Riot Gear" and the entire site has been suspended.
Anyone have a copy of Riot Gear? Or any others off the site? Riot Gear is possibly one of my favourite stories to read.

30 January 2017 @ 06:38 pm
I'm looking for J2 fics were one of the boys outs the other; could be set in high school, college, ect. I'm in the mood for angst so the more angst the better but preferably with a happy ending. Can be either short or long I'm not fussed. Thank you!
29 January 2017 @ 04:43 pm
This fic popped into my head the other day and I have had no luck finding it yet, so I'm hoping you guys can help.

In it, Chad and Jensen are in a serious relationship and have been dating for a while, though neither of them are officially out. Jensen is up in Vancouver shooting and has been blowing Chad off who is in LA. Cue angst of Chad putting up with it because he just wants Jensen any ways he can get it. Christian Kane shows up and buddies up with Chad when he see what's going on and how no one is supporting him. Jensen finally gets a clue and there's a confrontation between Chad and him to resolve everything.

Thanks for your help!
26 January 2017 @ 09:04 pm
I'm looking for some fics where Sam seriously hurts Dean. By this I mean physically, not mentally. The injury could be near death, or just really painful to Dean. Sam might do this by accident, like maybe he screws up on a hunt, or maybe he might want to hurt Dean in some way, but accidentally takes it too far, such as maybe Sam and Dean are in one of their fights, and Sam hits Dean too hard, or possibly he might do something really serious like stab or shoot Dean whilst in a really angry mood. Any of these would be amazing, or any other suggestions. I don't mind pre series fics, and I don't mind Castiel or other characters in it, as long as it is mainly based on Sam and Dean. No love or smut, especially no Cas/Dean or Dean/Sam pairing, all just Sam hurts Dean, and NO DEATH FICS! I know, I'm a horrible person, I just love these kind of fics. for a bonus, maybe Dean doesn't tell Sam how badly he is hurt, until he collapses or something, and Sam is guilty as hell. Thanks in advance! :)
I recently read Redemption Arc by galaxysoup. And it has me craving Castiel-centric fics.

I am especially looking for hurt/comfort and whump (abuse is fine). Castiel with mental illnesses (depression, PTSD) or phsyical disabilities (injuries, deaf, blindness). Fics similar to Redemption Arc would be great.

Any pairings except wincest are fine (wincestiel is okay). Happy endings preferable.
11 January 2017 @ 02:55 am
The fic I'm looking for was from Sam's POV and was fairly long. There was a lot of Sam who was in high school pining for Dean who I don't think was. I remember two scenes clearly.

1) Sam and his girlfriend call Dean from the high school bathroom stall they're hiding in because someone's running around the school with a gun. Dean gets to the school and runs in and finds Sam and the OFC in the bathroom. Dean may have fought the shooter, but I can't remember. They all get out safely.

Second scene )
08 January 2017 @ 05:40 pm
I'm looking for any stories where Sam says or does something mean to Dean when he's drunk (or on drugs or grieving or something). Would prefer if he realizes and is sorry later, but that's not necessary. Thanks!
06 January 2017 @ 11:12 pm
I am looking for any fics where Sam has been kidnapped by someone and then when he is found, he has to go through some sort of therapy - physical therapy, counselling, things like having to learn something again - because of the trauma he went through during the time he was kidnapped or because of an injury. It is the aftermath that I am particularly interested in, and is why I am asking for something with Sam having to have treatment of a certain kind.

If anyone can recommend any fics, that'd be great. Thanks!
19 December 2016 @ 08:26 pm
It's been years since I've read this fic, probably back to at least '07 or '08. All I can remember was that the boys were on their own when they find out about the 9/11 attacks. I don't remember if John was showed up later or not. I'm almost positive it was between 5,000 and 10,000 words and I read it here on LJ.

Thanks for the help, everyone.
I've searched for this fic once before but didn't get any results a few years ago, and it's sprung to my mind again and is now driving me crazy trying to find it so I figured I'd try again. This is definitely an older fic (I'm thinking probably around 2007/8) and is longer one...

I'm not 100% sure if it's a curse or a spell but Sam gets either sent back in time or to an alternate universe where there is another Dean and Sam - the two Sams swap consciousness but still retain their own appearances. In the past/alternate universe, Dean thinks Sam is insane as he is speaking of a different Dean and the future and possibly demons so he sends him to an asylum where he is very much mistreated. He's kept in isolation and chains practically 24/7.

I remember two specific scenes where he is being bathed/tortured, and another where Dean goes to visit him and he is very withdrawn and gaunt, and his hands are covered with a shawl to hide the chains/bruising. He begs Dean to take him home and Dean sees the chains, but he is convinced that his brother is violent which is why he needs the chains... Sam ends up escaping or being rescued by Bobby, and cared for by Jess who is Bobbys daughter... In the present time Dean and Sam from the past try to work out what happened and break the spell/curse to return them to their own timelines...

If anyone knows this specific fic it would be very much appreciated! I'd also like some recommendations along these types of stories & themes.

I'm looking for stories where it is either an outsider or the impersonal 3rd person narrative that comments on the destruction or vengeance Sam or Dean will wrought if the other is killed. I guess implied in that is also what they will do to get the other back.

I'm not looking for Sam or Dean saying or thinking this. And I know about the Suite!verse which I've read many times and love but that isn't what I'm looking for.

It doesn't matter if its Wincest or just the dysfunctionally close relationship they have in canon.


I am looking for a specific story I read a few years ago. There is not much I remember (sorry!), but I hope someone can help me out.

The most prominent thing I remember is that Dean had some pretty bad facial burn scars. He was used to being an outsider, scaring others off.

He was by himself, maybe homeless? Maybe he was hiding, but on a mission. I think at the beginning he was in a kind of warehouse or dilapidated building in a city, observing a street.

The boys were raised apart, didn't know each other. At some point he met or saw Sam. It's possible that it turned into a hurt/comfort-story at some point, where he was adjusting to being part of a family.

The story had a kind of intense, bleak or sad atmosphere.

It was either on LJ or fanfiction.net.

Thank you so much in advance!

Found on fanfiction.net: Lick the Valleys Up by xxCerezasxx
04 December 2016 @ 11:07 pm
I am looking for a fic that starts pre-Season 1, i.e.: the J's meet for the audition, hit it off, film the pilot, then end up in Vancouver for season 1. Jensen & Jared would make plans but somehow Jensen would get sidetracked by Chris, Steve, Mike Rosenbaum and Tom Welling dropping by. Being a new friendship, Jared tried not to make a big deal out of it but his feelings were really hurt. There was one scene where Jared was going back to his hotel and was accosted by fangirls. He tripped over the curb and ends up in the hospital with a concussion. Things get so bad that even Eric mentions something to Jensen. I have looked everywhere for this fic and I cannot find it.

Any ideas?
04 December 2016 @ 10:09 am
Looking for the fic where Dean and Cas sleep together for the first time and Dean thinks it is the start of the relationship he wanted but Cas then acts like it was just a one night stand and proceeds to sleep around like it's going out of fashion with everyone but Dean. Dean is upset and hiding it and definitely goes to cry on Charlie's shoulder at one point. And I think Cas may have been either falling or in some way depowered? It was pretty satisfyingly angsty all around.
28 November 2016 @ 11:41 pm
I have looked for well over a month to find these and I could use some assiatance.

I remember Sam and Dean lived jn an apartment and Dean took care of Sam and they no longer hunt. It was a series of fics And In one Sam got sick and was having sensory issues and Dean has all these things to help him like a crash pad in the living room and closet with is full of different sensory items like different textures of things and lights depending on whay is needed at the time for Sam. They were eating breakfast and Sam panics and Dean has to take him to the special closet to calm him. Sam also most of the time sleeps in Deans bed with him and it was not a wincest fic. Just for comfort. It states Dean researced autism to help figure out how to deal with Sam's sensory issues. In a fic in the series it talks about Sam's obsession with blankets because soft things remind him he is not it hell anymore.

Any of this ringing any bells for anyone? It is driving me crazy!

Thank you in advance!

P.S : if anyone else also has any good post hell sam fics where Dean has to help take care of him feel free to drop those in as well.
28 November 2016 @ 01:53 am
I am looking for a Jensen/Jared Alpha/Omega arranged marriage story. In the story Jared is an omega whose family is horrible to him. They tell Jared how horrible sex is going to be and thats all hes going to be worth a sex toy. They tell him that he's going to be treated badly by his new alpha.Jensen treats Jared like hes a treasure. Jensen who is the alpha that Jared is marrying is also kind,thoughtful and doesn't act like a knotthead. Jared's family hooks him up with Jensen because of the money and just to get rid of Jared. They blame Jared for not getting their money especially Jareds brother.Jensen doesn't give Jareds family anything because of the way they treated Jared.Jensen gives something to Jareds only friend who was always there for Jared. Also Jared is an artist. Jensen gives Jared a surprise birthday party and invites one of Jareds old friends before Jared became an omega. He cant invite more because they havent been checked out for anything unusual or criminal. The story has multiple parts to it. In one of the stories Jareds brother tries to kill him during an omega rights march/protests. Jensen is a prince, his brother will be king someday. In another one of the stories Jensen tries to make Jared angry because Jared never gets angry. For Jareds birthday Jensen gives him a dog. Im not sure if they have sex on their wedding night. Jareds family hates omega s and thinks all there ment to do is have sex,birth pups and take care of the house.Thats all I remember.