29 July 2017 @ 05:02 pm
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a fic I've read before, and I'm pretty sure it was on here? Maybe.
It's set around the whole leviathan era I believe, in a kind of post apocalyptic setting. The main things/scenes I remember are:
1) I think in the beginning Dean takes Sam to a cabin somewhere (Dean has a broken leg) and Sam is practically comatose. It takes a long time for him to start speaking.
2)Sam has really bad nightmares and the only thing Dean can find to stop them is some sigil he carves into Sam's back with a knife. He does this at least twice throughout the story.
3) At some point they get invited to join this group of survivors/hunters and eventually help train them. They also help plan an attack on the leviathans.
4) Sam mostly uses knives because he feels more in control.
5) Walt and Roy make an appearance.
6) The boys are completely bamf. Most people are terrified of them and think of them as "legendary" and I think for awhile they hide their real names because of it.
7) Towards the end the boys have a fight. They're extremely codependent.

I've been looking for this fix for awhile, so any help finding it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
So, it's Real People Fiction (I can't recall if it was slash or not; I don't think it was) and it's set in a post-apocalypse (I think zombies; the settlement/camp reminded me of The Walking Dead).

It had a rather wistful/sad tone to it.

Starts out with Jensen's POV and nobody knows he used to be an actor on a show called Supernatural, although I think someone realizes he's the model on a burnt/destroyed billboard watch advertisement. He's like "that was a long time ago" or something. You also find out his family perished during the outbreak & he's just pretty miserable/unsure why he's even still trying to stay alive.

Scouts of his camp/settlement alert everyone there's a band of survivors approaching, and Jensen always hopes/prays it's someone he knows.

I'm pretty sure the climax of the story is just that the band of survivors includes Jared Padalecki (whose family also perished) and they hug it out & cry.

There might be a little bit more after that... describing how meeting each other pulled them both back from the edge & became more personable with others as well as better contributors to the community, but I think that's it.

It was pretty short, but the scene where Jensen recognizes Jared was friggin great. I'd love to give it a reread.

Also, after checking with /r/fandomnatural on Reddit, it seems like When the World Ends; That Is When We Begin by TruelyEsoteric might be the fic I'm thinking of, but the details seem off: Jared was alone when he arrived at the camp, Jensen didn't have a surrogate daughter, & I don't think it was slash.

Thank you so much for any/all help on this!
31 May 2017 @ 09:47 pm

My details are sketchy, but heres what I remember:

--I believe this lost fic may be loosely based on The Road by Cormac McCarthy
--Sam was injured somehow, and is now childlike
--The brothers stumble across a well stocked bunker and spend some time there
--Im not sure if they're being chased/hunted in particular, or if its just the circumstance of this post apocalyptic new world
--There is some Dean/OMC. Its a survival thing, but Dean did actually care about the guy
---Theres some Castiel in there, too...I think

Thanks for any help!

18 February 2017 @ 09:46 am
I am looking for a fic that I have the urge to read but cannot for the life of me find. I've gone through my bookmarks and saved lists, but I haven't found what I think I'm looking for.

It was a Castiel/Dean story where they had come up with an alternate way to stop the apocalypse. I know they get rest of the Angel Squad on board, because Dean spends various battles possessed by Michael (who has done an about face on previous stances and is now a friend of Dean and Castiel). Michael, however, does not possess Dean all the time, and the rest of the time he wears Dean's former aunt (she had been John's sister, and had been braindead in a hospital due to an accident, I think). They also get the Vatican on board to help stop the apocalypse, as Dean and various angels make several trips to Europe to meet with people snd collect things. I believe it was posted to Archive of our Own, but I'm not sure.

This sound familiar to anyone?
I've been looking for this for a while and can't find it. It's a fairly older one, so it might be deleted. It was a J2 fic on Livejournal, fairly short. It was placed in a city post apocalypse or in an otherwise dystopian universe. People lived in tribes all over the city. Jared's dad died and Jared became the leader of the tribe but they were suffering and Jared had to go ask for advice from Jensen. Jensen lives on top of a skyscraper and gives vital information to the tribes (who were fighting against each other for resources?) in exchange for money or goods. Jared has nothing to give, ergo Jensen asks for sexual favours. It was pretty PG though. Thank you to anyone who might help.
02 December 2016 @ 05:50 am
Hey guys!
I am looking for a fic and it is driving me insane.
Started reading it not so long ago, was still in progress I think.
Summary goes like this:
The boys are teens (14-16/18-20 I think), Mary and John are dead. There has been a zombie apocalypse going on since forever (I think even before the boys were born). They are living in a city with other survivals, everyone has their own duty to do. Sam and Dean are outside the city walls (their duty was to kill zombies I think) and Sam gets bitten. They both know that now Sam will die. Dean takes Sam back with him to the city to their own appartement to let him die there only to find out that Sam is immune. They both plan to flee from the city (because they are afraid that someone will kill Sam because of the wound/ scar?) and take a friend with them...
I hope some knows the story :)

Sorry for my bad english,
18 September 2016 @ 05:09 pm
Hi there,
I am looking for a story I read about four years ago. It's post apocalyptic. Sam rules a kingdom on earth and somehow Dean is there with him but I THINK he is mute, but maybe not and acts as Sam's hound. Not a dog, but scouts for him and fights for him. I think Meg or Ruby are there too. They are fighting a battle against the last free humans on earth.

I don't remember a lot about this story, but in the end Dean betrays Sam and goes to work for the human's. Rather than lose Dean, it forces Sam to change his mind and come along side him.
I know this description is super vague, but any help finding this would be appreciated

Dare Frame thy fearfull symmetry by [livejournal.com profile] keerawa on LJ
Also on AO3 (link thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dinkwerks)
Hi! I'm looking for 2 separate specific fics, both involving Sam & Dean, probably Gen although maybe Sam/Dean.

1) A casefic set in Season 1-3, I believe, when Sam's psychic powers were still active but before Cas/Ruby become involved. Sam has some sort of vision or premonition about a woman who's in danger (in a vision, he sees her involuntarily commit suicide due to some supernatural influence) in a town somewhere in the Midwest or East Coast (I think). I don't remember why, but Sam hesitates to tell Dean this. Instead, he convinces Dean to come with him to this town on a thin lead regarding a water monster in a lake or river nearby. Dean doesn't believe him from the jump and knows Sam's hiding something, but trusts Sam enough to play along, although he's not happy about it. Sam finds the woman (who I think is a divorce attorney or something), through the help of a local diner waitress, and visits her on his own while he sends Dean off to do more research on the fictional water monster. Turns out, the water monster is real and the boys eventually take it out. Sam then sneaks off on his own again to help the woman; he stays at her place overnight and somehow prevents the supernatural influence from causing the woman to commit suicide. Dean keeps calling Sam's phone as he doesn't know where Sam is, but Sam again being sneaky doesn't call back until he saves the woman. At the end of the fic, in a token of gratitude, the woman invites Sam and Dean to have dinner at her house. This fic is probably moderate length (at least a few thousand words) and had, I think, 3-4 sections/chapters, and I think I read it on LJ or Dreamwidth.

2) Fic set in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization is rebuilding itself, and the Winchester boys have become myth/legend for saving the world. Dean and Sam have become separated and Dean lost his memories somehow. It's written from Dean's POV but his name isn't mentioned because he doesn't remember who he is, and we only know based on description of his physical appearance and other hints. He seems like a storyteller/seer-type figure to the people around him. At the end, Sam comes and finds him, and I think I remember that Sam touches Dean's face, which is when Dean remembers who they both are. This fic is shorter (maybe 1-2 sections/chapters on LJ or Dreamwidth).

I've gone through all my bookmarks, sifted through my history for the last several months trying to find these stories but somehow I can't find them. Any help would be appreciated; these fics were beautifully written and I'd love to read them again. Thanks so much!!
14 August 2016 @ 04:10 pm
Does anybody have a copy of After the Flesh by QueenGeekKeri. I really want to read it. I found the pdf version but after the first page nothing else shows up and I really want to read it. The story has appERANTLY been deleted and I was wondering if anybody has a copy if so can you email it to me asterdreams@gmail.com.
05 August 2016 @ 05:41 pm
Sam has to complete tasks to become the king of hell; Sam had a bunch of demon followers.

I remember specifically a part where Sam and Ruby go into a bar and then into a room where the devil shows up and makes him pick a consort - where he picks Dean, not knowing that means they will have to have sex. There was also a part where Sam leveled a city to get rid of some monster.
18 June 2016 @ 02:57 am

Someone help me. I’m having a brain fart.

What’s the name of that fic where Sam and Dean travel the USA and all of the worlds population is gone? They count the missing population over the course of their travels. It’s basically gen fic. They end up finding a house to settle in that’s away from the dangerous chemicals etc that would explode in a few years without maintenance.

It might have started with a G, or that could've been what the author's name starts with.

13 May 2016 @ 10:52 am
Hey Guys
I made a pot last night but it didn't show up or something, I don't know, this is the first time Im doing this so please excuse me if I screw up

Its a request for General Non-AU fics preferably with bottom! Dean and Jensen

1)Wincestiel - Not pointless ones , some with a good storyline a bit longer maybe ?
2)Destiel- Slow Burns- Epic lengths
3)Post Demon! Dean on how he deals with everything he's done.
4)Mark of Cain! Dean and how he's trying to get control
5)Team Free Will and Bobby fighting the good fight - in this scenario I want some fics which are very well written and stick to the characters as much as possible. Dean-Centric ? if possible ?
None of these AUs please. In the SPN set maybe ? Lengthy fics ?
6)Well written humour! focused J2 and Cockles
7)Well Written angst! h/c J2 and Cockles
8)Well Written apocalypse fics
9)I read this fic once called Unexpected Destinies By otp_Destiel, I liked it a lot , so If there are more fics like that ?

all dean-centric

Thats about it. Am i allowed to make so many requests ?

Thanks in Advance guys!
15 April 2016 @ 11:00 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic that I've read a very long time ago so I'm little fuzzy with the details.
What I remember is that it starts with dean just getting out of hell. He wonders (in pain, not completely healed, a little insane and believes it's a trick) until he is found by the resistance (and their leader Sam).
They think he is sent by Lucifer and they don't trust him.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't trust them either because Lucifer kept torturing him similar way (showing him Sam and then killing Sam).
I also think that dean believes Sam is dead.
There is a traitor in the resistance and (he/she) make everyone suspect Dean.
The fic is very much hurt dean.
Also they fic does have good angle with the resistance but they don't mention Cas by name.
I also remember in the end Lucifer summons dean and dean goes and I think maybe Lucifer makes him do something humiliating.

I'm 70% sure this fic was posted on LJ if that helps.
And I'm pretty sure it was GEN.
Also if possible could you rec me fics with similar theme!
Hello. I haven't been on LJ in literally years. It's good to see this place is still running! There is a really great older fic - I'd say at least six or seven years old - that I've been looking for. Demons have overrun Earth and Sam and Dean must make it to the last refuge for humans - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I thought it was just called Truth or Consequences but none of the fics I've found under that name are it. I'm pretty sure Ash was in it but not 100 percent. It's a great story written during the early seasons when the fandom was just starting to pick up steam. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
06 March 2016 @ 01:32 pm
Alright, so I've just updated my movie remake comm [livejournal.com profile] spnremakes and it made me want to start another project.  So, i'm putting together a master list of all the amazing science fiction stories that our fandom has created. Apocalypse, Alternatre Histories, Zombies, Superheros/Powered up boys, time travel, Aliens... whatever fits in the sci-fi realm.   I've gone through every list, comm, and author that I know writes sci-fi but I don't want to miss anything!  So, please rec me any and all sci fi!!  Any pairing, SPN or RPF, any rating!  If you have a great rec list, or know an author who writes a lot of sci-fi, lead me their way!!   There can be crossovers, but the story needs to have one of the SPN/RP characters as a main character.

And yes, I have checked the tags here already :P

Thank you !!
06 February 2016 @ 07:21 pm
I need titles here ('cuz I'm sure these are both on my hard drive) - driving me nuts because I can't remember the names...

Both are Sam/Dean.

1.  This one begins with ALL the hunters in a big fight with all the monsters, fighting out in a field back to back.  Just when they think they are all dead, something happens and all the monsters disappear.

2.  This has Sam saying "yes" and disappearing.  Dean eventually ends up heading up a compound of survivors - there's a bunch of going out on supply runs, and moving the salt lines out to make their safety zone bigger.  Eventually he figures out where Sam is and makes his way to his compound, where he's almost a prisioner, as he tries to talk Sam out of what he's doing.  Baby is there, and he's allowed to work on her, and takes her out for a drive a couple of times.  He drives off with Sam in the end.

I've read these both a number of times, really like them, and really wish I could remember the titles.  Thanks for your help!

!!FOUND!!  links in comments.  Thanks!
25 January 2016 @ 10:30 pm
Hello, I have a couple or requests if you could help me out!

1) Redeemed!Lucifer - where lucifer kind of joins team free will or just doesn't want to do the whole "Satan" thing anymore. i think im thinking of an actual story i've read. I thought it might have been Unexpected Destinies, but It wasn't. Since I remember no other details, i'll just ask for any fic recomendations, any paring, as long as it's complete!

2) Fics featuring the angelic family. like i said, Ive just reread Unexpected Desitnies and I'd love more of the family dynamic between the angels. I read this other fic called make it on your own by SailorChibi that started out with Gabriel taking care of fledgling!Cas, that was so cute and i wanted more! Please no Human!AUs, and complete fics only.

12 January 2016 @ 10:28 pm

I'm looking for a fic that either either zombie-themed or post-apocalyptic. In it, non-AU J2 are apart from each other when the end of times come in the form of a disease that causes people to become violent and overall zombified.

Jensen somehow ends up in a community, as as their unofficial _de facto_ leader, waits for Jared to show up, even though he doesn't have any real evidence that he's still alive. Every one in the camp knows that he's expecting someone, they just don't know who.

One day Jared finally shows up with Chad (IIRC Chad has an amputated arm due to a close encounter of the zombie kind) and every one realizes that he's the one Jensen's been waiting for. However Jared is changed by the harshness of the apocalypse and is no longer the bubbly person he used to be in his Supernatural days.

A slow, but deliberate courtship begins and they make babies, and although things are hard at first, they both acknowledge the feelings they've had all along, and happiness (inasmuch as happiness can exist in a post-apocalyptic world) ensues.

Please, please help. My google-fu fails hard, and I've been searching for this for at least a week ---

Thank you

ETA: Found by [livejournal.com profile] phoenix1966, right here http://archiveofourown.org/works/612790/chapters/1104514
Dear friends,
I am lookin for "What is Always and Everywhere" by portrait_of_a_fool. It was written for the werebigbang and the summary was as follows:

One cold night in Michigan, Sam went for a walk and met something else on his way. Two years later, he had finally learned to cope and Dean was actually dealing with things pretty well. Then the sky fell on Ash Wednesday and left them separated by thousands of miles.

These days, Sam is a freak amongst freaks and surviving the best he can as a latter day gladiator. Every time he steps into the arena, he doesn't know if he will live to see the next fight. As for Dean, he’s still out there and trying to make it back to his brother in one piece, which is sometimes a lot harder than he’d like it to be. It’s a long walk; so long sometimes that he doesn’t know if he’s walking to Hell or New Orleans.

If anybody has it saved i would appreciate a copy to:


Thank you in advance
15 December 2015 @ 01:36 am
The fic I'm looking for I read a couple years ago. I'm tempted to say it was like a book--a lot of chapters and details. Sam and Dean were living in The Bunker after the war with Angel's ended. There was a virus that killed infants very quickly and Sam was working on a cure at some outpost/rural city that begged them for help to survive. People are demoralized. Dean denied his feelings for Sam and hooked up with human Castiel because he was worried about the incest being found out. Dean is like a commander or general. There's a bar that everyone hangs out at and finds partners at. Dean goes into the city and gets Sam a kitten at one point. Sam and Dean follow Castiel after Dean ends it with him and he's in an old church going through a ritual attempting to get his grace back or into heaven or absolution for getting between Sam and Dean. There's a Doctor working with Sam that encourages his relationship with Dean.
14 October 2015 @ 10:33 pm
So I have been looking for this fic for about 4 to 5 yrs. I have finally gotten frustrated enough to get over the fear and shyness of posting online and try and get help to find this fic. As I have only read it once and it was years ago I may be a bit vague on the details.
Anyway the fic was set during the apocalypse but Sam did not accept Lucifer and was saying no to do this Dean carved ruins into Sam's back. At the start of the story they were coming down from the mountains I think? It had something to do with Sam. Sam then saved a kid and Dean wondered why anyone would be scared of Sam. They later met up with a camp or refuge base where the others were wary of them. I do not believe the camp at first knew who they were. They bunked together in the same room and pushed the beds together but I think it was only for comfort I don't think it was slash.
Sam and dean then helped to fight the demons (?). One scene had them fighting together to show the rest of the camp how/ or what it was like and the camp was amazed at the brutal and efficient way they fought. They finally managed to kill Lucifer only the rest of the camp then thought Sam and Dean were dead as a building collapsed on them. The ending had them being seen in the mountains alive though.
From memory Sam was portrayed as traumatised and was very scary. Dean was the over protective big brother. So overall not much difference to many other fics there.
I think the fic was around or at least 100k.
Thanks in advance for any and all help :)

Ps. As this is my first ever post on LJ if I have done something wrong please let me know!

Found: Explaining is an Admission of Failure
28 September 2015 @ 02:10 pm
Hello, all. I'm looking for a specific fic that I know I have read but cannot find in my 250+ bookmarks.

This one is set in either a roadhouse or diner. I think it is a diner. I can't recall whether Sam is Lucifer or just rules hell. The opposite applies to Dean (rules heaven or is Michael). I remember there is an old man in the diner who is the only not one freaked out by them walking in. He keeps telling the waitress/whatever that it will be okay. Dean(?) gives him some kind of message about a relative (maybe mother). Sam flips out when someone insults Dean.

I know this is really vague but it popped in my head the other day and I can't find it and it's driving me nuts. Sorry for how vague the description is.
09 August 2015 @ 09:40 pm
Hello -

Not much to go on here, but I am looking for a fic - a one-shot that I read on LJ (I think...).  It was set in a futuristic/post apocalyptic world where Jensen was a highly trained/programmed assassin or soldier who had escaped from/was in hiding from the people who had trained him.  He was with Jared, in a remote place - cabin in the woods or on a mountain, somewhere.  They were doing all right, under the radar, but then Jensen came back from town or wherever, with a body - someone had tracked them, and Jensen had killed the man to protect them.

It was a beautifully written story, gorgeous language - spare, almost, and I think it was a winter setting.  Anyway, I would be very grateful if anyone can help!  I swear I had saved this fic to memories, but I just can't find it!

Thank you!

Story found - author has locked journal, but has been granting access on request.  See [livejournal.com profile] downjune
29 April 2015 @ 01:51 am
Hey guys,

this is my first post ever here so I hope I'm doing this right...

I'm still not over The Last Of Us. It's such an amazing game with a thrilling & exceptionally human Zombie Apocalypse story. I'm fairly certain some of you are familiar with Joel and Ellie and their adventure.
Sooo... I'm looking for (Zombie)Apocalypse and/or Dystopia fics with Sam and Dean in the middle of it! I've read "Last Outpost Of All That Is" and it was heartbreaking & hauntingly beautiful and had the exact atmosphere that I'm looking for. The "Last Of Us"-vibe!
Since then I've been looking for other stories like that all over the internet but for some reason I didn't come up with much. Even browsing the Apocafic-tag here... there are many many J2-stories but only a few with the Winchesters.
Maybe you could help me find some more and/or point me to some more Delicious-tags to browse through? :)
Length doesn't matter, rating doesn't matter... I prefer complete fics but I will take WIPs if they aren't abandoned!

Thank you so much! <3
(oh and sorry for any mistakes - english isn't my first language, please bear with me ^^)
05 April 2015 @ 05:53 pm
I've just reread the Holy!Dean Verse and was looking for simpilar fics where Dean is maybe placed in charge of angels or given some holy task or responsibiliy. I've alread read Named and On the Wings of War. Despite all the listed stories being Dean/Cas, I have no preference about pairing, as long as it's dean centric, please,and complete!
02 March 2015 @ 09:09 pm
There was some sort of virus of perhaps zombie apocalypse and the world is going nuts. Sam and Dean are driving around and heading east, they end up on an island with a lighthouse and I think a friendly ghost.
19 February 2015 @ 05:15 pm
Hey everyone,

I'm looking for 2 different types of fics, I hope you can help!

1. I've been in the mood for J2 "post-apocalyptic" stories, where earth has nearly been destroyed (war, disease, etc.) and everyone is just trying to survive. I'm looking for something along the lines of "Every Old Town's Just Our Pasts Burning Down" by akitay, just to give you an idea what I have in mind. But I'm also open to other suggestions! I'd prefer J2 but gen is fine as well.

2. Stories that are set on a farm or ranch, or maybe where there is an emphasis on hiking and being outside. It's pretty vague, but I've just cam back from Texas and I want stories that have that open space feeling, or maybe where they are outisde during a storm or something. J2 or Sam/Dean or Gen are all fine

Thx in advance!
11 February 2015 @ 01:26 am
What I remember of this story is that the Apocalypse is over, Sam doesn't remember his part in it, Castiel is dead and Dean is the only human alive that remembers anything. It takes place in a church with Dean confessing to a priest, basically asking if there is a heaven for Angels. I'm pretty sure Uriel makes an appearance near the end and wipes the priest's mind as a form of punishment for Dean.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sometimes I read awesome stories on LiveJournal that have no AO3 link or PDFs. I could copy and paste everything into a Word document and create my own PDFs, but I figured I'd ask around about a few specific fics first and maybe even find some gems... and if anyone knows how to download ff.net fics, that would be amazing. Reading them is great, but sometimes authors delete their own work. I've been collecting my favorite fics lately to ensure I can always read them.

1. I'm looking for the PDF of Instinct by highermagic. Or an AO3 link.
2. Anything by K Hanna Korossy or KKBELVIS, two of my favorite authors. I love love love their stories, but I can't find PDFs anywhere.
3. What is Always and Everywhere by portraitofafool, an apocalyptic AU in which Sam is a werewolf gladiator and Dean is crossing the country in search of him.

4. And, hey, any amazing recs or self-recs that have PDFs. I prefer lengthy Sam or Jared-centered fics, nothing too dark, wincest okay, bottom!Sam or Jared, and minimal Cas. But I'll take all suggestions, and others on this board will have other tastes. I also love sick fics!

01 December 2014 @ 02:06 pm
The first one is driving me crazy. I have read it several times, but I can't find it even after a search of this com. It's a J2 fic. I think Jensen is either a paramedic or a firefighter and his station gets a call to a car crash in which Jared is involved. I think Jared hotwired the car and was driving it to the hospital when he gets into the crash. Mike Rosenbaum is in it and he's not too fond of Jared. Jared delivers the baby in the ambulance. FOUND! It's Accidental Delivery. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] phoenix1966

The second fic is a post-apocalypse I think. J2 or Sam/Dean. I'm very vague about the details. All I can say is Jensen/Dean is looking for somewhere safe for Jared/Sam to have the baby. I have read a few similar to this, but I would be very grateful if you could rec any at all in the hopes that I will find it.

Many thanks.
27 November 2014 @ 07:12 am
Hi y'all :)

So I've been really getting into the whole end of the world thing (thank you the walking dead), and I thought want's better than a few j2/wincest zombie fics?

1) I'm looking for those really good long J2 fics around that idea. Dean/Sam are welcomed as well, wincest is a plus.

2) a specific search about a j2 apocalypse fic I read a really long time ago. I believe it stars with jensen and that j2 has split up somehow, and jensen is kind of a leader? I remember one scene that every time new people came jensen always looked if jared was with them until he finally was. It wasn't a long story, no more than 3 parts.

Thank you!!!
23 November 2014 @ 09:49 am
Looking for a fic (pretty sure it's also a podfic) where Sam and Dean are the only people left on earth. Everyone else just seems to have disappeared like in the Left Behind senario.

Things I remember:
-Sam sees a puppy (lab?) and even if he wants to bring it with him Dean convinces him that the dog will be better of with the other "wild" dogs roaming around. They drive away.
-They end up at a farmhouse. They find a small dead dog in a corner. Dean cleans up the mess so Sam doesn't have to.
-One night, while they are traveling, they end up somewhere and Dean is forced to turn on the music to keep from hearing all the dogs trapped in houses and apartments howling.
-Also almost certain it's a Sam/Dean fic. I don't normally read that but in this case it actually seemed logical for them to end up together.
-Don't think Castiel was in it. Just Dean and Sam.

Almost 100% sure I heard this as a podfic but have't had much luck looking for it at Audiofic.

Link to fic: http://gekizetsu.net/sn/lastoutpost.htm
Link to podfic: http://www.audiofic.jinjurly.com/last-outpost-of-all-that-is
18 November 2014 @ 03:40 am
Hi guys, I have one fic that has been driving me crazy trying to look it up. It's an old story from years ago, and from what I can remember, Dean and Sam and Ruby try to stop the apocalypse, with the final reveal that Ruby is Lucifer. At the end, Gabriel shows up with a sword for Dean to slay Azazel. It's a fairly long story, I remember reading it in several posts on livejournal. If anyone have a clue what I'm talking about, please let me know.
16 November 2014 @ 09:42 pm
I'm doing a rec list for a friend of mine who's new to the wonders of Supernatural fandom. And I remembered this series of oneshots I read awhile ago. Basically, Gabriel came to help the Winchesters avert the apocalypse without Sam having to say yes. They backstabbed Lucifer (literally, I think) and Team Free will went to Chuck to celebrate. I think in part 12 or 13, Gabriel figured out that Chuck was God. And he was bugging Chuck so Chuck teleported him to the Antarctic. It was either gen or Destiel.

Sound familiar? Would love some help.
22 October 2014 @ 12:54 am
I've been searching and searching for this fic (lost in the bowels of my computer), it was a WIP last I checked (year or more ago?) Hopefully y'all can help me!

Dean and others are fighting against a demonic apocalypse. A zombie disease is wiping out people everywhere-Dean is affected and becomes a full-out zombie. I think he kills some Hunters (maybe Jo?) who don't realize he's been zombie-fied. He becomes a mindless killer, part of the zombie hoard. However, something happens and he recovers, still looking like a zombie but now in control, and begins to remember stuff from his non-zombie life. His recovery is taken as a sign of hope by some of the uninfected, but demons and zombies are still run around, killing people and endangering Dean. Dean is trying to figure out what the heck happened to him and the world while he zombied-out and his possible role in stopping the apocalypse...can't remember where Sam fit in with all of this.

That's all I remember, ring a bell with anyone? I'd be so grateful if you'd direct me to what hopefully is a now completed fic. Thanks!

FOUND! Thanks kassidy62, "Old Bones Upon the Mountain Shake by indiachick"

Not updated in a while, hopefully will be added to and completed soon!
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I'm looking for a fic where Sam and Dean are bounty hunters of a sort, rounding up rogue angels that have escaped from owners and turning them into the authorities. They find Castiel and Gabriel and instead of turning them in they help them to freedom. I'm almost certain it had Destiel and Sam/Gabriel, and a bit of Castiel whump.
Hey all, I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam, Castiel, and Dean are sticking together as the world ends. The apocalypse ends in a mighty flood and they stack sandbags and stuff on the stairs of an old house or firehouse or something to try to stop the water and they kinda just hole up and wait for the water to come drown them. It was very sad! It might be wincestiel or just destiel or wincest, I'm not sure, but I do remember that a part of it had to do with Dean becoming comfortable allowing himself to touch these two and show emotion.

FOUND! In comments
14 September 2014 @ 09:18 pm
I read this fic awhile ago and now I can't seem to find it again.

It was a Jensen/Jared AU, where the world ends (natural disasters and I think they have to stay out of the rain?).  It starts with Jensen being at work in the city when the world ends, and he eventually leaves the city and goes out on his own.  He then meets up with Jeff and Danneel (?), and they stick together and avoid the big cities (because they're unsafe).  Eventually they find a ranch/farm, where they meet Jared, Chad, Misha, Genevieve, etc. and they decided to stay with them for awhile.  Chad's against them staying and generally dislikes Jensen and his group for the whole fic (I think because he liked Jared first, before Jensen showed up and Jared and Jensen started talking).

I remember Jensen was unsure about starting anything with Jared because Jared was still kind of young (in college) and he didn't have a chance to explore his sexuality properly.  One night, Jared and Jensen share a moment on the couch when Jared cries to Jensen because he doesn't know what he's doing, even though everyone looks to him as their de facto leader because of his knowledge/ownership of the ranch.  Eventually, Jensen and Jared get together and are able to share a bed together in the attic, I think.  Jeff and Danneel also get together.  And at the end, Chad and some of the other people at the ranch decide to leave to try to reach a settlement/base toward the West or something.

If anyone could help me find this fic, I would greatly appreciate it!  I've been wanting to re-read it.  Thanks!
29 August 2014 @ 11:56 pm
I would very much like to find a fic that I read about 5 or 6 years ago. At that time it was a WIP with only three or so chapters posted. I remember it as J2 AU, but it's possible that it was Sam/Dean. I don't remember the rating.

The story opens with Jared walking down a dirt road (he possibly pauses at a crossroads). He collapses from exhaustion. His parents/mother had died and he was trying to make his way to a town but was close to giving up. Jensen comes by on horseback and (I think) saves him from being eaten by something. Jensen is the son of someone important (a king, maybe, who lives elsewhere). Jared befriends a monk/hermit (Jim Beaver?) who came into town. It is revealed that the hermit was Jensen's uncle, who had abdicated in favour of Jensen's father. Jensen was surprised by this and found out just before he had to leave to defend the castle/fort/town from something.

I remember it being sort of medieval/post-apocalyptic, with dragons mentioned but not yet seen (or it's possible I just felt there should be dragons . . . I'm not too clear on that.) For some reason it's tied in my memory to the movie Reign of Fire, but I can't remember why. At the time, the journal had white text on a black background, which I found a bit harsh to read.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Before I got around to bookmarking it, my computer crashed. I remember thinking that I would never forget the name of the author, and I stupidly didn't write it down. *facepalm* Full disclosure: I read this late at night, when I was sick with the flu and had a mild fever. But I'm sure that I didn't imagine it! (Well, mostly sure.)

I searched for it here a couple years ago and received links to various collections, but still had no luck. This will be my last search before I give up on it and chalk the whole thing up to a really interesting sickness-induced hallucination. 
14 June 2014 @ 08:02 pm
Sorry for bad grammar on this, I was barely remembering the fic and wanted to make sure I got down all the sparse details. Aaand, too lazy to fix it :p
dean-- at least i think it was dean pov, pretty sure-- wakes up from something (something canonic, i think) and finds that Chuck and Becky are, like, the organizers of the entirety of the 'down to the apocalypse' club and they're all training in the field behind bobby's, i think? there's angels and friendly monsters, oh and ellen and jo are there? and i'm pretty sure jess was brought back to life somehow and it was a bit awkward? and the final battle against lucifer takes place, i'm pretty sure in vegas? and some angels are flying around the perimeter really fast to keep all the fighting and people inside, and there are demons chasing them, and there's something about the patterns they're flying that's important, and also someone is riding a motorcycle on the same patterns? and there are dragons, i think, or at least something really big like that. and the final battle of the final battle has to do with this pyramid at the center of town and when lucifer gets trapped inside it crystalizes?
There's a fic I've been struggling to find that basically went like this:

One day out of the blue, ordinary small town student Adam Milligan gets a visit from (or is summoned by? can't remember exactly) Sam and Dean, who went darkside and took over Hell. They rule openly and the masses are well aware, and know very well to fear the brothers, so Adam is extremely apprehensive at the prospect of meeting them. He's outright terrified when Sam and Dean reveal that Adam's father John was a hunter.

Almost 100% certain this was both a oneshot and posted to LiveJournal. Not entirely sure Adam still lived in Windom, but I can't remember that he didn't. May or may not have been Wincest. Pretty sure Adam was already in college, but he might have still been in high school.
What are some of ya'll's favorite dystopian fics? Either Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen. Tales where the world as we (they) know it has disintegrated, and every day is a struggle for survival. Not necessarily related to canon apocalypse. (There may, or may not, still be monsters in the earth.) I've sometimes thought that the show could (should?) explore this path more (e.g., 'The End.')
Recs appreciated - the longer, the better.
17 April 2014 @ 11:11 am
Hi guys,

I'm looking for two dystopian fics that I'm hoping someone here remembers and can link me to.

1. Sam and Dean post s4-finale. They're driving around a post-apocalyptic society while Chuck and Castiel have their roadtrip to find the Winchesters. Chuck keeps having visions of the Winchesters and writes them down. There's a scene I remember where group leader tries to get Dean to give him sexual favors in return for supplies and Dean laughs and shoots the guy.

2. A long in the future fic where Winchester gospels are part of a Hunter-esque religion in a dystopic/post-apocalyptic society. 2 young boys meet a guy calling himself Castiel who tells them that they are Dean and Sam reincarnated. There's a scene where church mass leads to Castiel finding Dean and Sam.

I'm still working on reassembling my fanfic library from mmemory after my latest laptop was stolen and it's slow going, coming back to me in bits and pieces. Dean and Sam aren't together at the sudden apocalypse, either a meteor or explosion of unknown cause. They had fixed up a place to meet if this ever haped so Dean heads for their safe house, a seemingly condemned house by the sea. He finds a little girl unhurt under the body of her mother in a store and when he too her out to the car they were surrounded by ghosts. Dean calls out that they're dead and he can't do anything for them. Th ghosts go into the woods except for one who Dean recognizes as the girl's mother. He assures her he'll take care of her and mother thanks him and disappears. He meets a man who was underground when it happened. He knows who Dean is; he was a librarian/info man for hunters. They make to the house, finding the ocean water black. Sam does show up after a week or two, like Dean, trailing his own group of mostly kids he picked up on the way.
As usual I recall just about everything about a story but what it's called, who wrote it, and where I can find it.
I lost all my bookmarks a while back and couldn't remember the names of two specific fics (one of them has a sequel, but both fics are on ao3, so I don't need to find that sequel's title/author)

The first fic is a re-write of season 3 where Dean meets Castiel as the "dumb angel who got stuck in a ring of holy fire about a thousand years ago" in a cave while trying to run from a Wendigo. He agrees to let Castiel (who wears a toga) out if he heals Dean's broken legs. Reluctant friendship ensues, au season 3 with Cas occasionally helping out and the fic ends with Castiel dragging Dean out of hell 4 months post!death.

The 2nd fic is basically an au where Dean and Sam killed Lillith before all 66 seals were broken, so Michael is all like "fuck it" and sends angels down to bring about the apocalypse by killing all humans. Dean and Sam + practically all the human characters that were killed off in the show form a resistance and give Zachariah a headache, so he sends Castiel down to destroy said resistance and to find Gabriel, who they suspect is the reason why they can't find the humans. Castiel poorly pretends to be a human (it works) and eventually is won over with the power of hope by Dean's existance. The fic ends with the Castiel and Gabriel tearing out their Graces so that the continuously activated angel banishing sigil web they spread around the Earth doesn't send them back to Heaven.

Also neither fic actually has ~*Destiel*~ in it (the <3 kind anyway). Like the other characters imply it (it's really heavy in the second fic), but Dean and Cas don't really get past being INTENSE BFFs.

Thanks for the help! (I could not get lj-cut to work).
09 April 2014 @ 08:25 pm
I am looking for a specific post apocolyptic J2. It starts off with Jared and Gen together, possibly with their child, but she succombs to the same virus that killed most of the women. It ends up with Jared and Jensen together. I thought I had saved it, but I can't find it.
26 January 2014 @ 11:59 am
I started to read this a long time ago, never finished and it's driving me crazy because I can't find it.  It was post-apocalypse, Dean was leading a group of survivors  who were holed up in a city.  Sam wasn't there and I believe he was leading the demons outside the city.  The bit I very clearly remember was that the survivors got the idea to take back the city block by block by painting a large devil's trap around a whole area.  A group would go out and all at once paint sections of the trap, each person in the team responsible for one section of the trap.  I think they did this several time, each time expanding their territory. I think Sam was trying to capture Dean or get him to come to Sam.  I believe it was heading towards Sam/Dean but I didn't get to finish it so I'm not sure.  Anyone recognize this? Thanks in advance.

22 January 2014 @ 12:21 am
Hi everyone,

I'm having a craving for two types of fics:
1: where Dean or Jensen is a typical bad boy: drinking, smoking, tattoos, maybe getting arrested, or when people just think they are trouble. I am looking for fics like the one where Jensen and Jared meet when Jared is on a holiday with his family and they meet because Jensen sleeps outside on the porch (I lost the link to this fic, if anyone could help me find it that would be appreciated).

2: fics where Jensen does something incredibly heroic. Fics where he is just this regular guy who is put in a position where he has to act and simply does. I remember this fic where Jensen could turn into a dragon (named Alamo?) and he played a large role in saving the world (again, I lost the link so if you recognize this one as well..). I really loved that one, but anything where Jensen is part of a large fight for the right would be great!

I prefer gen fics, but really anything out there is fine! :)
I started reading this fic way, way back when I was just entering fandom.

It was either a gen fic or a Sam/Dean fic, and I believe it was centered around the apocalypse. There were, I think, either spirits of the elements or old gods of the elements that were trying to get Sam and Dean to pick a side. I do remember that the boys (or at least Dean) were threatened by the elements that they'd become hunted if they chose a different side.

I don't remember if the whole angels and Castiel plot was involved or if this apocalypse was the author's invention.

I don't even know if the fic was completed, though I do know that it was a longer one.

There was a scene where there was a windstorm caused by the elements, and Dean was in Bobby's junkyard trying to escape it. I think that he ended up scaling something, perhaps to try to get inside Bobby's house because it was warded?

I know it isn't a lot to work on, but I've seen miracles worked on here before, so I'm hoping you might be able to help out!