23 November 2016 @ 02:02 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Sam injures his shoulder (I think), and a teacher notices that he's carrying his backpack in a weird way, so sends him to the school nurse or smth and they call CPS. They check him out for injuries, I think they find that John has stitched a wound up and are horrified that Sam wasn't given proper pain medication, but I might be wrong there... And they also get Dean in and check him over. They then both go home with one of their teachers, and I think a case ensues, leading to everyone realising that John isn't a bad father and the supernatural exists.
I think I read it on fanfiction.net and not on AO3 and it would've been some time back now, but I desperately want to reread it, so thank you for any help!!!
Cheers, Emily
09 November 2016 @ 08:20 pm
Hi! I'm looking for non-specific stories involving John being accused of neglecting his boys. I don't really care whether those assumption are true or not, I just want the conflict with law and the boys panicking at the thought of being separated from their father or each other. So, any stories involving CPS welcome, though I prefer longer fics, if you have some in handy.

Thanks in advance, you guys always rock!
Hello wonderful community. I was wondering if I could request your assistance in finding a specific story. I just read a story (Find and Seek by K Hanna Korossy)that had Dean stuck in a small space with dead bodies and rats where he later reveals why he doesn't like/fears rats. It reminded me of another story that I recall liking and would like to read again but alas, I have been unsuccessful in locating it.

The specific story I am searching for has a young Dean(and a very young Sam) hiding in some cabinets and Dean being nibbled on and bothered by rats but the whole time he stays quiet even though he's freaking out. The boys may have been hiding from CPS or some bad guys, I can't remember. I also think (but not 100% sure) this part of the story may have been told via flashbacks.

Any assistance you can offer in locating the story would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like any stories that have Dean or Jensen dealing with claustrophobia. Do not have to be stories where he's buried alive or locked in a casket. Can be just a tiny closet or a crawl space or whatever. Please no WIPs or Destiel. Wincest, J2 or Gen is fine.

Thank you in advance!

Specific story found-thank you!

Still looking for recommendations for my other request. Thank you again in advance.
23 February 2016 @ 09:59 pm
Do any of you know of some good fics with Dean as a high school student trying to take care of Sam? Especially if they still move around a lot and they've just come to town (although that's more a bonus than anything else). Hunters or not, whichever. Cas as a highschool student, if he's in it. General fics are good too. Anything that loosely matches any of that, really, I've just got some anti-John feels right now.
02 December 2015 @ 07:26 pm
This fic is about the brothers who run away from Pastor Jim & Bobby and Caleb. At one point Sam drowns while surfing. And also they find out John is still haunting Sam. Please help me find this fic. Another scene include someone shooting Dean while he is dining in a restaurant with sam.
Happy Friday Everyone it is 4:30 pm here in Los Angeles, waiting for the clock to chime quitting time :)

While I was looking thru Live journal and came across tags about of course CPS that Dean, John and Sam had to deal with from time to time when they where kids/teen and it got me thinking.

Are there any fics that they have to deal with this crap again years later even though they are adults?

I read one a long time ago where a doctor accuse Dean of abusing Sam and would not allow him to see him. I think this was in season 2 or 3? So something along those lines. Hospital staff thinking Dean is hurting Sam.

Or how about are there any that came back to bite them in ass years later? An old CPS case and they happen to be back in the same town; same hospital and the social worker remembers them and call adult protective services?

Or Adult services does get called in and they try interviewing Sam and he is angry that they would think Dean would abuse him. They don't believe him thinking he is not emotionally/mentally capable to know he is being abuse - since abuse victims are in denial.

yeah so anything along those lines would be awesome to read :)

thank you guys for all your help! CHEERS ( will have glass of wine on your guys behalf)
02 April 2015 @ 09:08 pm
I've been looking to find an old destiel a/o fic back that I read ages ago and really want to reread!!!
In it alpha cas works at home (restoring manuscript? translating them?) and the Winchesters move in next door. apparently when dean was discovered as an omega the family got money as there is some organization that looks after omegas and (unbeknownst to the alphas) the omegas are actually in control of who gets mated and who doesn't.
dean falls for Cas but cas sees himself as far too old and john doesn't like dean's new attitude and all. especially when dean starts reading after something cas said and starts to learn the rules.
later there is a fire in which john and mary die and Cas manages to save sam and dean and then goes crazy on one of the emergency workers who tries to intervene to look at the boys and dean has to calm him down. henrickson later turns up sent by the omega organization to check on them and see that dean is being treated okay.

Please help!!
06 February 2015 @ 05:51 pm
Looking for stories where Castiel has to care for or protect younger versions of Sam and/or Dean. Can be de-aged or just pre-series.

Specifically looking for stories where the boys are abused and Castiel is a doctor/pediatrician and is able to care for them, but other comfort stories work too. I think I read one where Castiel worked for CPS and had to care for the boys and I would like to find more of those as well.

If you know of any stories where Castiel has to gain wee!chester trust and comfort them that would also be awesome. Thanks!
02 October 2014 @ 09:25 am
Hey everyone :)
I've got two requests, one specific and two general -
1) It's a fic that I read recently and loved but forgot to save. Dean and Sam had a secret language that John didn't understand - I remember that at one point he felt something like 'excluded from his own family'. Either the FBI or some kind of law enforcement are involved - it might have been a NCIS crossover? - and in at least one part Sam and Dean were being held in a police station. The police were getting edgy because they were talking and nobody could understand them. One of the police said that the language was a mixture of Latin and Russian. Does anybody know this?
2) That gave me a taste and I was wondering if anybody knows any other fics where Sam and Dean have their own language? Or another way of communicating that nobody else understands.
3) And finally, any outsider povs about how close Sam and Dean are? Could be from a streanger, a CPS official, a psychologist, a teacher, or anyone really. Wincest is great but not a necessity, just someone who doesn't know the boys thinking about how close they are - whether they know that they are brothers, or about wincest, or anything.
Thank you!

EDIT - 1) Found: Broken English
Hi :)

I´m have one general request and one specific. No wincest if you don't have to, please, but if it is, please mention it so that I´m prepared :)

1) Any story where either the CPS, suspicious neighbors, teachers or friends (I would love to read a story where someone at their new school...) suspect that Sam and Dean are being abused or neglected - either because of something they say or something they don´t, or bruises or where they live, or after meeting John. Either stories from an Outsider POV or from the Winchesters.
+ If there is a story from the Stanford!era where Jess suspects abuse I would love to read that too.
Preferably gen and no wincest (but if the story is good enough - I can read that too.)

2) This is a story I´ve been looking for for quite some time and I can´t find it. I think Sam just got accepted to Stanford - and he fights with John and runs off. John sends Dean after him with money (after they discover that Sam doesn´t have any), but he is already gone. Sam hitches a ride with a truck driver - and after a while ends up with this family who has a ghost in the barn (their dead son I think...)

3) Any really, really good fic that you feel falls within the range of these requests :)

Thank you! :)
22 September 2014 @ 07:55 pm
I've been craving some SPN fic as of late and it's been quite a while since I've read, so I thought I'd see what people might suggest with the themes I'm craving.

All of these I'm looking for are Sam-centric. I'm happy with gen-fic or If there are pairings involving Sam, I'll go for Jess/Sam, Castiel/Sam, Gabriel/Sam, Balthazar/Sam, or Crowley/Sam. (Admittedly, I'm willing to try anything but Wincest.)

1) Powers!Sam - precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, whatever. I prefer something within the canon universe.
Bonus if Sam's struggling with accepting the powers and Dean's reluctant or outright against Sam using said powers.

2) Bobby and Sam bonding. Whether this is young Sam or adult Sam, no matter. I just want some good ol' Bobby and Sam interaction.

3) Non-au stories involving child abuse and/or neglect by John. Particularly focused on Sam. -- Does not have to happen "on screen" but it needs to play a major role in the story.

4) In the same vein as above, something dealing with John having been aware that Sam was different (or that he had demon blood) and the fallout from that.

5) Reincarnation, Sam's an old soul, whether he's human or perhaps something different (angel, demigod, what-have-you)

Thanks in advance!
05 July 2014 @ 05:59 pm
I have seen a few good stories that mention Sam and Dean around/avoiding CPS so I wanted to find some more. Give me any stories with CPS being involved from Sam and Dean dodging them to being take in by them and getting away or taken in by them and in a home/fostered out. Any with CPS investigating to filing suit against John or Sam and Dean slipping through the cracks. Maybe they get the boys and split them up, or they get the boys and John, Bobby, Caleb or Jim or even Ellen come get them. Can be a major or minor part of the story. Also any cases where as adults they solve a case involving CPS or the kids in CPS or a CPS worker they ran into as kids. Can be gen or a pairing (don't care who pairs with who). Crossovers are cool too (think Criminal Minds/NCIS/CSI or something with cops) Happy or sad endings, angsty plot, dark plot, heck I'll take fluff too, or holiday stuff.

Any recs or help pointing me in that direction I would be grateful for. Thanks.

Also not sure about tags so I added a few.
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Hey, looking for a story I read a while back. It features:

1. teenchester dean, I think he was around 16/17
2. Family troubles where I think for once dean was the one who didn't like theri lifestyle because.....
3. He had found a girl he liked at school.
4. I remember scenes with Dean coming over for family dinner.
5. I think it was from the girl's POV with slight disapproving fatherI think

and the biggest one

6. I think there was some mention or even a scene of John hurting dean, like physically abusing him. Not major just enough you know to make him feel bad and like it's his fault but bad enough that when he ran to the girl in the middle of the night she didn't feel right about it.

I can't for the life of me remember anything more. Not the girl's name or any plot beyond the things I mentioned although i think it was fairly long, not a one-shot. I don't know how it ends but I don't think it was very AU and I'm almost sure it was on fanfiction.net but it might be elsewhere.

PLEASE GUYS!!!! Help me find it
Hi there!
I'm looking for two stories, both old, as in read them a few years ago.
1: it was wincest, and I know I managed to find it once using spnstoryfinders but for the life of me I can't seem to find it again.
the boys were separated when young, Sam was either kidnapped or taken in by child protection. I think he didn't have a good time there. Years later Dean stumbles upon him, but they don't recognize each other. I don't remember how but Sam sends up going with Dean hunting and they end up in love. I remember at one point Dean was telling Sam about his brother Sam who him and John we're looking for, and how both his brother and lover had the same name and how he was worried that Sammy might hate him for not finding him sooner, and Sam was talking about how he wants to find his family but thinks they abandoned him. Later they find out that they are brothers.

2: I think it was on fanfiction.net Something happens and Dean is turned into a panther. Could have been another big cat but I seem to remember him having black fur. At one point they were in a park or somewhere and a little girl, that was playing with Dean, was in trouble, and Dean roared and brought everyone's attention that Sam was going around with a pet panther. The police come, and after some talking he was ready to let them go but then some animal protection guy comes and is all "wild animals need to be in the wild". He was depicted as a real jerk, being all smug about quoting laws and statistics about big animals in captivity, in the end a vet had to come to asses wether or not Dean the panther was healthy. He finds some white fur which is aperently an indication that the panther had been hurt, and Sam tells him that some time ago they were in a car crash (meaning the one at the end of season 1 - I think) and that Dean almost didn't live through it.

Thank you!

1: FOUND - The Other Sammy by Rini, Saklani
2: FOUND - I Thought I Saw by The Cat's Whiskers
21 March 2014 @ 07:15 pm

I'm looking for a specific fic which I really want to find which had either Dean or Cas being deaged and taken into like a children's home, sorry I can't remember which one was deaged but I'm fairly certain it was one of them and not Sam.
Not looking for anything specific... just new fics with:
- John being an asshole / horrible father.
- Dean falling apart after Sam leaves.
- Hurt/Sick/Depressed Dean

I would prefer wincest (Sam/Dean) - No John/Dean unless it's included in a dub-con/non-con situation which would go with John being an asshole.
(* Although just Gen fics are fine too!)

Anything where Dean shows up bloody or battered at Sam's door or where someone calls Sam and he finds out how bad Dean really is since he left.
I feel like Dean is (despite his anti-chick flick attitude) a total nurturer and would probably be lost for what to do with himself after Sam is gone.

TLDR; Pre!Series/ Stanford-Era Hurt-comfort with Sam and Dean and maybe some asshole!John.

:P Just another excuse for Dean whumpage.
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I've been looking for these for several days, and it was fun because I found a bunch of other great fic that I'd lost, forgotten or never read. But I'm giving up now because I don't think I'm going to find them. My google-fu has actually been pretty good lately, I've found several things (for myself and my girls) by playing with search strings, so I'm a little disappointed I can't find these. However (there's always a however) I know the good people here will help. Seriously, this is the best story-finding com in fandom.

So, first - and I know I had this! - Dean's well endowed, so guys always want him to top or want to suck him, and he can't bring himself to ask for what he really wants, which is to bottom. But Cas knows and shows up and convinces him that it's okay to let himself have what he wants. Hot sex, some cuddling, all good. I need this one back in my folder.

Found: in comments.

Second - Child Services gets Dean and Sam, they get split up, John finds and retrieves Dean but they don't find Sam. Then one night adult Sam walks into a gay bar and is instantly taken by a green-eyed beauty in a micro-mini and a Metallica tee; they have a great night together and the next day or so realize who they are. They hit the road together and eventually decide to be a couple. And John doesn't know about the crossdressing. And Dean has a toned-down version that Sam recognizes as 'work drag', or something along those lines.

Found: in comments.

And Third - this one's a little fuzzier and I'm not sure I've got the details right. I'm going to put it under a cut because it might be triggery.

possible trigger )

Found in comments!

So, that's it. It took me about ten years, I think, to save all the stories and bookmarks I had before my computer crashed, and I'm thinking it may take me that long to find them all again. Or even remember them :-)

Thank you!
02 September 2013 @ 03:25 pm
In the first Sam and Dean are in a shelter posing as abuse victims (investigating a haunting I think).  I remember that Dean shows the woman (whose point of view the story is from) bruising on his back or ribs and she takes it as abuse.  I don't remember much else other than a picture at the end of the woman and her brother (I think it was her brother).

The second was outsider POV where a coach went to see about Sam after he broke his wrist and he got a glimpse into the Winchester training regime and his opinion of Sam changed.

Any help with these would be much appreciated.
Hi there!!

I've been searching erverywhere for this one specific fic but it seems that i can't find it.
The story goes like this. Jensen was very young when he went with his parents to chose his angel. he chose Jared because he only had one wing and Jensen felt sorry for him and he was scared that nobody would pic jared because he wasn't perfect like all the other angels.
From what i remember is that Jared falls in love with Jensen but he is sure that jensen doesn't return his love ( and I thinsk he walks in on jensen making out with a girl or he finds out that jensenw went on a date or smoething similar) because he has only one wing so he tries to cut off his wing and ends up in the hospital
I think Jared's mood shows but only to his mother because he glows different kinds of colours.
I could be mixing up two different fics but i would be very glad if you guys could help me find them!!

Thanks very much in advance
01 June 2013 @ 02:53 pm
hey guys! i was wondering if you guys have any stories like The Art Of Balance by SciFiNutTX?

With John being a good father but not in the story much. Mostly just Teen Sam and Dean on their own, Dean being Fatherly and responsible and CPS thinking Sam is abused. (no foster care, and if there is very temporary) Dean may be Sam's legal guardian or something. Preferably a Long fic. :) Sam and Dean could fight or anything! i really don't care! But i looove angry!protective!Dean!!! no major au's though. Happy Endings.

Thank You!
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10 March 2013 @ 01:54 am
I'm looking for fics where any outside character thinks the brothers are being abused. Maybe s/he's seen bruises (caused by hunts), maybe the boys act in a way that sets warning bells ringing, maybe s/he's seen John and drawn conclusions based on his appearance/behavior... etc.

I've read a few fics with this plot point, but it's been years since I last searched actively for fics like these, so I thought I might enlist your help! I also want to emphasise that I'm not looking for adopted!boy fics, though if the only fic you know of that fits what I'm looking for happen to include adopted!boys, I'll of course take that anyway.
27 February 2013 @ 01:42 pm
Hi! :)

1) Are there any good fics about Bobby's long relationship with the Winchester family? From my-buddy-John to WTF-kids to Bobby's falling out with John to his 'raising' of the Winchester boys?  A bazillion points to any fic that includes Bobby contemplating his own childhood, worrying about how much it parallels the boys', and trying to figure out how much he/John are fit parents. Also, anything centering around how Dean was 'always his favorite.' :P

2) Any 'Winchester boys raised apart' fic that is gen? I looked through the tags, but they're quite Wincest-leaning. :\

Many thanks!
Are there any pre-Stanford/Wee!chester fics out there where John is clearly abusive (or simply neglectful), especially toward Sam, and:

(1) CPS steps in? Bonus points if CPS really does remove Sam (and possibly Dean) from John's custody (temporarily or permanently, either is good).


(2) Dean puts his foot down and threatens to take Sam and go (or something similar) if John doesn't wise up.

Dean/Sam OR Gen -- both are fine.
19 October 2012 @ 06:08 pm
I'm looking for fics where Dean is Sam's legal guardian. The only one I've seen like this is The Art of Balance by SciFiNutTX. Basically I don't care if it's AU or not, I just want Sam and Dean to still be brothers but for Dean to be legally responsible (regardless of whether or not the paperwork is forged) for Sam and see how they deal with things like CPS or maybe even striking it out on their own.
15 September 2012 @ 08:46 am
(or a mental hospital, or whatever.) The catch is that there really is something wrong with their heads, for any reason. Basically any stories like these: Blue Skies From Rain and Folie A Duex because they're both incredible. These involve one or both of the boys not really knowing who they are. Wincest is appreciated, but not required. ;)  Destiel works too.

I'm also looking for fics about the boys ending up in the foster care system, that shows how one or both of them grew up. Mostly looking fot wee and teen!Chester rather than "oh hey, this happened, it's in the past and something else is happening now." although I wouldn't say no to that as long as there is substantial reference to that past. Happy endings appreciated but not required.

I'm only up to 7.11 right now so if you have something that fits set later than that, please, by all means rec it but do not give me a summary that has spoilers in it, and mention that I have to wait...

04 September 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Heyy, I'm new at this so i'm sorry if i got a few things wrong!!! I've been looking for a few certain stories. please no wincest, or slash, other than that everything goes!!! and please no abusive John. neglectful!John is fine, Strict!John is also fine. please no deathfics, i guess except for #4, but he has to come back in the end. and nothing in season 3 or 4 and no soulless!sam please. and nothing thats really short, but also nothing that takes you like days to read,(i know I'm picky!)

1. Dean is between 16-22 and sam is between 12-17, around there. and someone, like a teacher, calls Child Protective Services, or the police. and Dean is Sam's legal guardian, and he gets all protective and angry when people accuse him or PaPa Winchester of abusing Sam. of course happy endings, and no wincest or slash please. and no AU's. thanks. something kinda like "The Art Of Balance by SciFiNutTX" i love that one.

2. pretty much anything with fatherly/brotherly Dean to Sam. legal guardian would be awesome! but its not completely necessary. you know something were dean has to go to a parent teacher conference, or has to talk with Sam's principal, or something. again, kinda like"The Art Of Balance by SciFiNutTX"

3. I would also love if Sam goes into the foster care system for a little while, and he gets a bad home, but dean and john get him back.

4. i would like to read something in the 1st, 2nd or 5th season. Sam temporarily dies, and dean does mouth to mouth (NOT wincesty) and Sam comes back, and Dean is like crying and hugs him. or sam temporarily dies and Dean kisses him on his forehead or on the top of his head. (again NOT wincesty) but of course sam comes back to life like 2 minutes later. 

5. It would be nice to read something, in the beginning of season 5 after The End 5x04 where Sam has an awful nightmare and he wakes up with a gasp or screaming and has a panic attack.

6. i also would like to have a motel fix up, but Sam's in A LOT of pain, and Dean feels bad about it(of course) but they don't go to the hospital, its just in the motel. and nothing in seasons 3 or 4

okay! well thats it for now i guess. i think i got all the tags, but like i said, i'm new at this. so thanks all!
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13 August 2012 @ 11:45 pm
Hi! I suddenly got this craving for troubled youth fic, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any J2 stories where one J, Jensen preferably, is a troubled teen living in some kind of home for boys who have behavioral or emotional problems, have a history of anti-social or sexualized behaviors, or drug abuse or dependency. One of those places where they live there and go to school there because they are currently considered a danger to themselves and society. I'd even go for a place like juvie, but it doesn't have to be. It could also be a place that takes in runaways or youth that have no place else to go. And the other J, preferably Jared, is a worker there who is trying to help them and he does help and eventually they fall in love.
I'm also looking for stories where one J, preferably Jensen, is is in foster care. The other J takes him in and they get close and form a relationship.
I'd like it if Jensen was around 16-17 for both of these so that he is close to getting out of the system when they meet and then they have their happily ever after, but I am open to anything. Does anybody know of any stories like this?
28 July 2012 @ 05:12 pm
I'm looking for any fics where Dean goes missing/is kidnapped/taken away by social services as a child, and finds his way home years later. I'm looking for reunion fics between Dean and his family, whether an oc family, John, Mary, Sam, grandparents, etc. Destiel fics would make my year : ) Please, no fics where Dean is involved with Sam-wincest isn't my cup of tea. Thanks guys.
13 July 2012 @ 06:46 pm
If you guys could help that would be great! Here is what I'm looking for:

1. Boys raised apart for some reason or another and they find each other after a while. -they become attached to each other.

2.  The boys are grabbed by social workers or whatever and are separated in adoption or in foster care.  I would love if John or Bobby is trying to get them back.  Or I would love if Sam gets the better home while Dean gets the crappy/abusive home.

I'll take Jensen and jared fics too!  And I would preferably would like Dean/Jensen be the one in trouble.
Thank you so much!!!
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I am looking for wee!chester, teen!chester stories in which Dean and/or Sam (preferably Dean) are abused and they try (unsuccessfully) to hide it. Could be discovered by a teacher, a doctor, a friend, the other brother, whatever.

Also, stories set during Stanford where John takes his anger, frustration, grief, etc. out on Dean after Sam leaves.

Finally, I'm looking for stories where MotW causes permanent injury to Dean.

I adore multi-chapters but one-shots are good too. And anything with lots of brotherly comforting would be adored!

Please, no slash :)
12 March 2012 @ 07:32 am
Hi, I'm looking for two stories that I think were at fanfcition.net but I can't find right now, they are:
1.- Brotherhood story, in which Dean is alone at Pastor Jim's farm, working in a car inside the pit of the barn, i think, and the car moves and traps him ther, and no one else but Sammy remembers  he was alone and realizes he's missing. Then John, Caleb and Mac go to the rescue
2.- Dean and Sam are put in foster care, while John works to get them back, legally, they are in a abusive home, there were several other kids and Dean tried to protect them from the foster dad, until one night he tries to protect his foster mother and the dad beats him up with a bottle and put him and Sammy in a closet, Dean had a baseball bat, John meet with them at the hospital, where Sammy accuses their case worker of ignoring Dean's claims of abuse.
Ring any bells?

Found both of them!! thanks a lot!!!
01 March 2012 @ 12:14 pm
I am in desperate need of some fics!

I'm all out of Delicious accounts to dig through and I've scoured the last several days worth of StoryFinders posts. I need some suggestions :D

I'm not really picky. At the moment, I'm in the mood for some really good one-shots (but throw me some multi-chapters too because my mood changes often :P)

I like schmoop but I don't like all schmoop and no plot and I don't really like fever/colds stories. Please, no slash :) And please no Cas or any other angel. (Unless it's a very brief appearance)

I love AUs, and angst, and humor, wee!chesters, teen!chesters, etc.

Really, I just want something to read :)

Thank you guys so much, you're awesome!
15 February 2012 @ 10:00 am
I couldn't find a tag that really fits what I'm looking for the first time, so I'm trying again. I'd like to see a story where someone (neighbor, school, hospital, cops, Bobby, Ellen) thinks wrongly that someone (Sam, Dean, John, Bobby, Ellen) is being abused. With their lifestyle/line of work, the Winchesters have to have lots of bruises, scars, broken bones, etc., which mean more the average number of hospital visits. Or maybe Ellen, Father Jim, or Bobby think John is beating one or both of the boys. Or how about Bobby thinking that Sam and/or Dean is abusing John. Don't want actual abuse, that's too easy to find, but someone THINKING someone is being abused.
12 February 2012 @ 04:26 pm
Hi! I am looking for a fic where Dean was 17-18 (still at school). He had an essay for school and he wrote a story about prince Samuel, the knight Belac , (don`t remember the other).I think that was "company of the dragons".Well, he won an award and 1000 dollars but his family didn`t seem to care. The night of the award he and Sam got an accident. Dean was some times in hospital and the hell broke loose at home. Also the cps got involved. Something like that. Does that sound familiar? Please??????
I am looking for fics where Dean and/or Sam are homeless. Where they're trying to survive on the streets. Like maybe they get lost, maybe get kidnapped and escape but then can't find John. Whatever, doesn't matter how they got there.

For my backup request (in case no one has anything for my first!), anyone know of any really good Dark Angel Crossovers (w/alec and/or Ben)?

Alternate backup requests: The boys dealing with child protective services and I really, really want to read musician!dean fics- where he plays the guitar or he sings or something like that.

Please no slash for any of these requests!

Self recs are great :D
Sorry about this, I'm a bit shy, so I put all my requests in one post. I hope you don't mind.

I was hoping that some of you might know of some J2 or Sam and Dean (Wincest or gen) fics where the Jensen or Dean is royalty/alpha royalty and Jared/Sam is a commoner? Or Homeless Sam/Jared (never found any of these).

Also I am looking for adopted boys, where Jared/Sam has been adopted into Dean/Jensen's family?

And any Stargate crossovers with Sam/Jared heavily featured?

I would adore some hurt/abused Jared/Sam or bottom! Jared/Sam in all of these stories where possible (I think this might be out of character for him). 

I would also love to see JDM/John being awesome in these fics if they're out there?

I have already read a few, as I do love Supernatural, but if anyone knows of any I would be eternally grateful.

Please can you try not to link me to friendslocked journals? I can't friend anyone successfully because I find it very hard to comment and it upsets people. I just am a bit desperate for something to read, I love fanfic. Complete work is best for me too.

Sorry if this post looks a little awkward, I suffer from some behavioural disorders so I'm not good with people.
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01 January 2012 @ 01:18 am
I am in the mood for some good daddy!Dean fics- anyone have any recommendations?

And, while I have your attention, I am also looking for abused!Dean. Preferably weechester and/or teenchester stories. I don't really care what kind of abuse, I just want some bad daddy!John...or bad adoptivedaddy!omc.

If the story itself is not pre-series, I want the abuse to have been preseries.

Preferably gen for both of these requests though I will accept het. Please no slash!
21 December 2011 @ 11:45 am

I’m looking for J2 fics similar to the movie, ‘Beautiful Thing’.

Jared and Jensen are neighbours and become friends because of an abusive parent.  Abused in physical not sexual.

Long fics. Slash. R-NC-17 preferred.

Thank You ~

16 December 2011 @ 07:33 am
Hi!  I'm looking for a fic I read a while back that took place around Christmas time.  Teenaged Dean told Sam to stay in the Impala all night to watch somebody while he went out with a girl.  Sam caught hypothermia and Dean had to carry him to the hospital, and Sam was taken away from John's care because of it, and for the next few months John and Dean go crazy trying to track him down.  This is kind of a vague summary, but the story was a one-shot that was written out of order and played around with time, if that helps.  Thanks so much in advance!
19 November 2011 @ 09:07 pm
I'm looking for a couple of specific fics and a general request.

1.  I'm looking for a specific fic that I think was a 5 times fic. The only one I remember had Sam & Dean running away from CPS and ending up freezing to death in an alley.

2.  Any fic where Sam and Dean are living on the streets (both underage).

3.  Any fics roughly based on WIAWSNB or alternate realities.  I don't care if it's Sam or Dean who go and I don't care if the "other side" is evil or apple pie or somewhere in between.  I just want to read some "fish out of water."

4.  The two specific fics are one that had Dean stuck in WIAWSNB reality and Sam shows up as Dean's daughter's (son's??) teacher.  The other one has Dean going to an alternate reality where his counterpart is dead and he decides to stay with the other Sam because his Sam is dead too.  Then he discovers that the alternate Sam is evil.

Any help with any of these would be greatly appreciated.
07 November 2011 @ 09:35 pm

I'm looking for stories where  teen or adult Dean get extremely hurt by human, like hunters, bad cops, gang, or maybe John etc.

please no wincest. 
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30 October 2011 @ 02:18 pm
Recently I was reading "A Shell of Myself" over on FF

And I was disappointed when it was temporarily put on hiatus so I guess I am looking for other fics like it.

Essentially something where Dean is kidnapped or something at a young age so he and Sam are raised apart. Eventually they find each other but Dean is really broken.

Yes, I have read "In Shadow" (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5057112/1/In_Shadow) but that's a good example of what I'm looking for.

I want a multi-chapter fic with no wincest or destiel and I want it to be hurt/comfort/angst-  it must have comfort.

Oh, I just thought of something- is there a fic like what I mentioned above but where Dean has amnesia and doesn't remember John and Sam but they remember him and are looking for him? And perhaps he was kidnapped and has/hasn't run away... maybe he's living on the streets?
29 October 2011 @ 12:26 pm
Hello fellow spn-fiends. I'm looking for a couple of fic recs if you would be so good as to help me out.

1. Looking for au fics where dean and sam are taken by social services and put into foster care or adopted by another family.  I'm a dean girl so dean-centric would be ideal.

2. I just said I'm a dean girl but I'm also srsly loving Cas. I've found a sad amount of main character Castiel fics. I'm looking for good story/plot/characterization fics with Cas as the main character or the main plot point, please!

3. And for fun, I'm loving most of the crossover fics with supernatural. Any golden glories that anyone wants to rec?
24 October 2011 @ 04:25 pm
Long time searcher, first time poster so forgive me if I do something wrong, but I have been looking for two specific fics for a while now and I'm getting quite upset at not bein able to find them with my super awesome searching abilities. I know I've gotten linked to them through spnstoryfinders, but they might've been on either fanfiction or livejournal. Anyway without further ado.....

1) This first one is kind of an AU thing. Basically John dies when the boys are young, like 14 and 10 or somewhere close to there, and Bobby and Pastor Jim come to help them and CPS figure out what's going to happen to them. But Dean overhears a conversation between Bobby and Jim and misunderstands it, thinking they're going to split Sam and him up they run away. It goes on to describe some of the places they've lived, off the radar, and bobby and Jim constantly searching for them with no luck. Then years later when Dean is 16 and they've settled down somewhere where dean is a mechanic and is the "legal gaurdian" to sam, everyone thinks he's 18, and things are going well until Dean is shot in a drive by shooting while eating at a restruant with Sam and it makes the news which Bobby sees. That's all I remember but there is a very vivid scene after dean is shot with Sam holding his brother and crying. I really want to read this one again help me!

2) This one is also sort of AU on 1st season where there is a third Winchester brother, I'm pretty sure his name is Daniel, but he is the youngest brother. He grew up with john, Dean and Sam but ran away like Sam only when he was in High School. He settled down in Lawrence and the story picks up on his high school graduation. He notices Sam and Dean there and they tell him about their father missing and tries to get him to come with them but he doesn't want to. Then a little while later YED finds him in the Winchester's old home, and yellow eyes threatens him or something. Then Sam and Dean break into Daniel's apartment and kidnap him to protect him, taking him on the road with them. That's all I remember besides the fact that it was really cool.

If you know of these stories please help me out and post a link in the comments. Thank you!
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22 September 2011 @ 12:34 am
Looking for a story I read a long, long time ago when I first got into SPN fiction. It was a wee!chesters/teen!chesters where John (and Bobby) are cursed by something to forget that Sam and Dean are his sons/exist. John calls CPS or the police to deal with these two random kids who show up in his motel room. I think Sam and Dean are separated by CPS. Dean ends up finding Bobby and convincing him to do a reversal on the spell. I remember afterwards, Bobby shoving John against a wall because he was mad he forgot the boys.

Found in comments.
21 September 2011 @ 07:52 am
hi i don't know if there are any such stories but im looking for any crossovers with His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass) Where Dean and Sam have daemons. No wincest or slash please.  

Other than that im also looking for stories where Dean and Sam are taken away by CPS or something like that and John or Bobby comes to the rescue. Once again, no slash or wincest please.  Oh and also no sexual abuse please!

I am aware that there are many stories like these but i haven't been able to find any that do not involve wincest and slash. Please help!

Thank You!! =)
16 September 2011 @ 12:34 am
I read a story a long time ago I think it was WIP but I'm not sure. This is what I remember from the story.
Dean/Jensen was in a type of group-home.
Sam/Jared came there later, because he had stolen a car(i think)
sam/jared and Dean/jensen slowly started to be together.
Deans/Jens dad came and took him away only to bring him back after abusing him.(i think sexually)
Dean/Jen always wanted to wash himself.

I can't remember for sure if its a J2 fic or a Dean/Sam fic. 
The think I liked the most about this story, was how the two boys where written together. It was nothing sexual about it, they where just together. 

Any other stories like this would be highly appreciated as well .
Thank you all . <3
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Hi, I'm new here, but I've gone through most of the archives, and I was hoping ya'll could give me some recs.

1. I like AU, pretty much anything that is NOT WINCEST, any stories where the boys don't hunt the supernatural, limp!boys work too, gen and het only please.  I don't want any slash, J2 or wincest, please please please, I'm not into that.

2. Any recs where the boys are adopted by John and Mary, I've read 'Lightness and Darkness' and 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain'- so fics like those would be great.   If Adam is in the fic too that would be amazing!

3. Also any boys as parents fic recs, for this I prefer Dean as the parent and Sam as a supportive uncle.... bonus point for Grandpa John.

4. And one final request, some non-slash tattoo/piercing fics.

06 July 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Hello everyone!! I'm looking for any J2 or Sam/Dean fics that have to do with the boys meeting in foster care. The boys can be related or not. I prefer something with an NC-17 rating. No mpreg and no noncon between the boys please. Thanks!! :-)
26 June 2011 @ 02:13 am
So after rereading my stash of wee!chester fics, I've been searching for more of them to read. Could you rec gen wee!chester fics that showcase how awesome wee!Dean was? Maybe how adorable wee!Sam was? It could be with or without John. I don't mind au. CPS fics are awesome, but I haven't found that many that struck my fancy, so I'd like more of them? BAMF!wee!Dean is just such fun reads (even when it's all angsty and tortured) because in the end Dean ends up kicking ass...or Sam does, or John does.

And um...fics where something happens to John, or he dies or something, and the wee!chesters are left to fend for themselves. (I feel like such a jerk for requesting recs of this, but...but...yeah.)

Please, no non-con fics?

Thank you!