11 October 2016 @ 08:50 pm
I'm looking for a fic I read ages ago, but I can't find it now. It was Sam/Dean, non-AU, and I feel like it was early years. The main thing I remember is the boys spoke latin to each other, almost like a secret language. I *think* they also got matching tattoos of a latin phrase, which bound them somehow, although Sam didn't realize that until later. I might be blending two fics though. I'm pretty sure it was on sinful-desire. Sound familiar to anyone?
1. I just recently finished a story where Jensen and Jared became soul bonded. They were able to feel what the other person felt mirrored in their own body, as well as the others thoughts and emotions.

I'm adding body switching to the tags because this would work too.

I would absolutely LOVE more of this if anyone knows of any!

2. I would love to read any good case fics with Sam and Dean as the primary characters. I'd really love to read some that feel like they could really be part of the show! Hurt!Comfort, pre!season and/or Wincest would only be pluses!☺️💕

If not Sam and Dean, maybe ghosts or something haunting / similar to case fic but with J2?

J2 and wincest only please. Self recs are great !
Thank you in advance! :)

*The fic I mentioned was Heart of the Matter: AU dragon!fic, for the prompt "He was supposed to slay the creature, not end up soulbonded to it."
27 July 2016 @ 11:16 pm
Could anyone suggest some good spn x pacific rim
( gen / wincest only. I don't really like other pairing)
I have read everything i could find by google and ao3, so uf you could suggest some more pleaseeee and thank you :)
Self-rec are fine too.
Oh, and happy ending only please

(I tagged with connected!boys since it's basically the usual plot in pacific rim,
and i hope it's ok for me to write new tag in crossover: pacific rim since i couldn't find any)

I'm looking for trope reversal fics. Soulmates that don't really get along, slavery fics without the secretly-a-rebel/antislavery owner, alpha/omega dynamics with one of them being infertile or not wanting kids - stuff like that.

The best example I can give is Intolerable cruelty by stripysock and its sequel.

Please no mean characters for the sake of being mean, no pwps. Wincest and J2 only, happy ending is not necessary. I just want plots and tri-dimensional characters.

Thank you all in advance!

(Mods, I browsed through old posts but I couldn't find any tag that really fit my request)
02 June 2016 @ 09:08 pm

Hello Everybody:

I wanted to ask for your help, because I can't find a story about Dean, Sam and Cas living together. I don't remember that much, but these are my clues (or semi-clues) :

1) Sam and Dean were soulmates, I don't remember if it started whith their relationship being established and then Cas joined them, or if it was first Destiel and then become wincestiel. But I do remember Sam trying to woo Cas, taking him out on dates and Dean making fun of Sam because He dressed more stylish while Cas truly really appreciated the visual of Sam in tigh jeans and shirt XDD

2) They settle down in a big house.

3) I think Castiel gave up his grace to help the boys.

4)Sam had powers, some of them were of the healing kind, so He used them to help hunters at the house.

5) At some point of the story, they gave housing to a witch who tried to kill them. The girl was not very accepting of their relationship, specially because of the incest part of it.

6) Crowley was infatued with Castiel and tried to kidnap him a few times.

7) It was really long and well written story.

I hope you can help me.

Take care!!

Found: http://archiveofourown.org/series/44502

Call me a hopeless romantic but I am looking to find stories where J2 are werewolves where Jensen either fights for his right to mate with Jarod or to protect Jarod and he is injured and after the battle there is much love/admiration and comfort in the care and returning Jensen back to health. I am looking for schmoop people...where they are all heart eyes for one another and just know they were meant to be together and you can almost "feel" the love between the two of them.

And now that I am thinking about it....they don't have to be Were stories, just Jensen in the role of Knight in Shining Armor protecting and saving the love of his life with a healthy (or should that be unhealthy) amount of hurt Jensen and love and care from Jared.

Thank you so much in advance. (Please no WIP's - they break my heart....). Self Recs are always welcomed.

Thank you again.
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I am searching for a story I read a long time ago and can only vaguely remember the details of. It was a Sam/Dean story where they get mentally bonded and at first don't handle it well but over time they grow to depend on it. After they get used to and even begin relying on the bond it ends abruptly (it might have been a curse originally?) and the story ends with them freaking out about not being able to hear and feel each other anymore.

The other story I am looking for (it might actually be the same story) is where the boys get cursed and they are constantly changing, at some point one or both of them grow tails temporarily (for a month or so maybe?). I believe the author even wrote a short sequel thing about the time they spent with tails as in the original story it is kind of truncated over.

Any help finding either (or just the one if they are indeed the same story) would be much appreciated.  I apologize for not being able to remember more.
Hi, if anyone can help me find this i shall be very grateful.

Jensen works at some sort of institution for people with powers, it's run by JDM if memory serves me right. Jared comes along and is unconscious and trapped in some sort of recurruing nightmare and jensen can enter his dream. Its a massive risk and he gets fired (maybe?) Or JDM tries to, but he saves Jared and wakes him up.

I dont know if it was slash or gen, but it was heavy J2.

Thank you! this is an awful description, so i hope you can help.
19 March 2015 @ 12:35 am
So. Basically what it says on the tin. I'm particularly looking for wincest please. I'm looking for fics where Sam and Dean have been together for lifetimes, and their souls keep finding each other again and again and again... (Soulmates?)

But here's the thing...I'm also a massive fan of Samifer, Sastiel, Sabriel, Debriel and Ducifer. So I was wondering if there were any fics like that in these ships? I know it's really rare, but are there any fics where say, Dean or Sam is the mate of a particular angel, and has been through many lifetimes finding their way to that angel, over and over again?
It's a very long shot I know, but fingers crossed! (I will actually take Sam/Dean with any angel, not just the ones I mentioned, but just please no Destiel!)

EDIT: I will also accept Destiel. Thanks!
I´m searching for a J2 fic.
It is an AU as they are not actors on "Supernatural" but I don´t know what their profession is (though one or both of them may be actors).
It takes place in current time.

Jared and Jensen don´t know each other but Jared dreams or has visions of Jensen. Jared tells a friend (I think Chad) from this.
I´ve got this one scene in my head where Chad sees Jensen (who is out with his friends - Steve? and Tom?) and recognizes him.
I´m not sure if Chad addresses Jensen right away or not.

I´m not sure if Jensen also dreams of Jared.

It´s not
- Orbit Verse (Ours is a Reciprocal Gravitation Orbit / Candied Yams and Sticky Conversations / A Fork in the Road / The Space Between Your Heart and Mine) aka "Husband Tree" from Kaleidoscope Heart (Viridescence)
- The Empty Room by germanjj
- In Paradise from [livejournal.com profile] aelia1980
- Somebody for me out there from [livejournal.com profile] aythia
- Beautiful Dreamer from [livejournal.com profile] crynintherain
- Drifting Through Doorways from Rainywriter
Even though that are also amazing stories!

Thanks for your help!
23 December 2014 @ 08:14 pm
Hi everyone,
I just got through reading Chinooks, Conventions, and Other Hazards of Life and I was wondering if there are any other j2 soul mate fics out there with the same sort of story line were one of the Js denies the soul mate bond which causes the other J to suffer excruciating pain due to the bond being denied. But then they fall in love.

Also if anyone has any other good soul mate J2 fic recs that don't follow the above story would be appreciated as well. However I don't want soulmate fics with A,B,O themes or anything with were-creatures or knotting in them.

Thank you in advance!
I can not for the life of me remember the name of this fic--the Js are rival shippers/slash writers who meet and imprint/bond at a con and attempt to deny it for the weekend before caving to the inevitable. it's delightful! the usual CW rpf suspects show up, with Tom Welling, Mike Rosenbaum and Matt Cohen starring in the show that the fandom revolves around and Chad Michael Murrary is the terrible big bang artist who 'shops dragon heads on everyone.

Hey guys!

I am looking for stories where someone discusses Sam and Dean's closeness with either one of the brothers. Could be out of awe for their strong bond or because they are jealous or because they don't understand the complicated relationship the brothers have...

Maybe like Ben or Lisa being jealous of Sam for taking Dean away, or Adam for not having a big brother to take care of him while growing up and then initiating a conversation. Anything like that would be great!! :D
(Could also be OC) Only gen, please!
03 July 2014 @ 11:12 am
ok! I've got one for you!

Jared and Jensen get together and they end up at a fair/carnival, they decide to get their fortunes told. The fortune teller tells them that in their past lives they have get in love but they both end up dying. The good news is that they will live happily ever after this time! in between all this is flashbacks to their previous lives and how they meet or how they end up dying (I believe in the beginning of the story they've been in a fatal car crash one's alive while the other is dead/dying, then they pass.)

thank you!!
30 May 2014 @ 07:58 pm
Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to help me find a specific fic.

-Sam has his psychic abilities but something happens and then Dean can feel Sam's emotions (I think it's something like Dean can feel Sam's emotions and Sam can hear Dean's thoughts, but I could be wrong).
-Sam tries his hardest not to let them bleed into Dean but he really struggles and when he's asleep he has zero control over it. I think at some point they try and separate but not for long.
-Eventually they give in and they learn how to work them together and beat the big bad together (it actually has a Breaking Dawn kinda vibe about it, but I like to forget that I've read the book to make that connection)
-It has Wincest undertones and I'm pretty sure Dean think it's his own fault Sam has the thoughts he does and he tries to fight them for as long as he can.
-I think it's a pretty long fic

This is rather vague and I am sorry, but I'm really hoping someone can help me out.
10 May 2014 @ 09:23 pm
Looking for Dean/Sam soulmate fic, either they're dead and together in a shared Heaven or they realize they WILL share a heaven when they die and it leads to feelings, whatever, self recs are welcome!
I'm looking for a fic that went AU during the pilot if I remember correctly. During the first season at least.
The demon comes for them in a motel (with ugly flowers on the wallpaper that are creeping them out, which is an odd detail to remember...). Sam bonds himself to Dean with a ritual that just comes to him out of the blue. It makes him Dean's, means he has to obey his orders. He tries to hide that from Dean for a while, who is not thrilled when he finds out. The bond can somehow differentiate between suggestions and real orders, and also means the demon can't have him, because he already belongs to Dean.
Alright, I read this fic years ago, so what I actually remember from it is very thin but here it is :
It's not an overly long fic, maybe 2 chapters.
It's from Bobby's POV and it starts when the boys are teens. They had always been extremely close and Dean was seriously sick and weak. Sam had been trying to find ways to keep him alive or cure him for years and as the years go, they grow closer and closer, taking codependency to a whole new level, each time Bobby sees them, it's got worse than the previous time. After a while, they break all contact with Bobby for years to the point where Bobby doesn't know if they're still alive or dead, the hunter world is full of different rumors about those Winchester boys. One day, years later, he's on a hunt and this man comes in and Bobby watches him from a distance because there's something vaguely familiar about the guy that he can't pin point. He hears the guy introduce himself as Sean to someone and he just knows that this guy is Sam AND Dean, that the boys somehow found a way to FUSION. I think Bobby mumbles under his breath something along the lines of "Well, I guess you did find a way to keep your brother alive after all, huh Sam?" at the end.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It was an amazing fic!
Thanks for your help.

08 February 2014 @ 03:05 am
I read this fic years ago and I can't remember the author or title. I'm pretty sure it was on live journal...

Basically it was a wincest fic that focussed on the codependency between Sam and Dean, specific parts that I remember are: whenever the boys would fight they'd end up making out, they semi-rationalised this in their heads as "relieving stress" or something? Especially Dean did this.

I also remember a moment when they confronted Chuck about the Supernatural, they were both quite distressed about their public lives being on display like that, I think, especially Dean again. Anyway, at one point the subject in their argument with Chuck turned to incest/their relationship, and I distinctly remember Chuck talking about how he had to tone their relationship down a lot, especially the kissing and stuff, and he was weirded out by it and even more weirded out by the fact that they didn't realise how fucked up their relationship was.

I think there was a couple times when there was an outsider POV? but I'm really not sure about that...

I don't think I ever finished it but I'd love to read it again, so if any of you can help me that'd be great!

(to the mods: I could of sworn there used to be a codependent!boys tag, but I've used connected!boys since I thought that was pretty close to what I'm looking for, I apologise if that's wrong)

26 January 2014 @ 12:26 am
Hello everyone,

I don't know if anything like this exists, but I've read a lot of everyone has a soulmate!AU's and pretty much universally the romantic pairing in the fic are also the soulmates. Dean/Cas is my ship, but Dean and Sam are canonically soulmates. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a Dean/Cas fic where Dean and Sam are soulmates that didn't involve any wincest. Unhealthy co-dependent brother realtionships are of course welcome.

Thanks for anything you guys can find!
Okay, here goes. I've got a lot of bits and pieces and I hope they're enough.

It's pre-series. wincest. Underage, Sam is 15 and Dean 19 when the relationship begins.

John and Bobby torture and kill a demon sympathizer's son.

In revenge, the sympathizer - the victim's father - kidnaps and tortures Sam, exactly replicating what John did to his son. It turns out the son wasn't infected with demon blood.

John, Bobby, Dean and a group of hunters rescue Sam. Dean is so angry with John that he won't let John help him take care of Sam in the aftermath.

Bobby guesses/knows about Sam & Dean's relationship.

And - I'm not as certain about this part - a legendary old hunter (OMC) gifts the boys with a set of magic knives, which they use to create a bond between them.



Gleeful thanks to[livejournal.com profile] cmsserenity

Mods - some of my original tags turned out to be wrong; can I fix that?
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13 October 2013 @ 03:27 pm
Hi guys! I'm looking for a few types of fics:

1. Fics about Sam and Dean having some sort of empathic or telepathic connection.

2. Fics where Dean is very possessive/overprotective of Sam and it scares Sam.

3. Fics where the boys are one soul in two bodies/soulmates.

4. Fics where Dean abuses Sam mentally, emotionally, or physically. Whether he realizes what he's doing is awful and stops or not doesn't matter.

I've read a lot of fanfiction in my day (*waves cane*), so I'm hoping to find something I haven't already read.

Gen only for all of these, please. Thanks!
26 August 2013 @ 07:50 pm
"To Dream, Perchance to Live" by peppervl is the story that I am looking for.  Does anyone have it?
Hello everyone! I'm wondering if you can recommend any Pacific Rim/Supernatural crossovers or AUs where Sam/Dean or J2 are Jaeger pilots. *crossing my fingers*

Please and thank yous! :-)
Seriously, this is one of my favorite fics ever. And so I been out of the fandom for awhile, and I come back and suddenly the story is gone and I can't find it anywhere on the net. I tried wayback machine, I tried scrolling through Rei C's journal, and I have tried to find her on A03. And I still can't find it, and I'm about to pull what's left of my hair out! Can someone point in the direction of where this fic is, and if it's permanently taken off the internet can someone email me a copy?

Please, pretty please?
03 July 2013 @ 01:38 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a fic that i read some time ago but i cant remember the title or the author. It's set in season six and basically Cas is making technically immoral decisions so he can win the war against Raphael, and it's corrupting his grace and (i think maybe) killing him. So he gives a part of his grace to Dean for safekeeping because as long as there is a part of his grace that remains pure he can use it to heal his own grace. I think that it mixes with deans soul and when he tries to get it out again he takes part of dean with it and they end up bound together? i'm a little hazy about that bit. And then there's a sequel from Sam's pov where they get his soul out of the cage and he sees how Dean and Castiel's relationship has changed. My thanks to anyone who can help me find this becuase i really want to re-read it :)
Edit: Found!
I'm looking for a specific fic in which Sam is sent to an alternate reality (by Gabriel, and against sam's will) in which he died as a baby. Sam exists as a ghost in this reality and is connected with dean so can't move very far from him. Dean can sense sam, but doesn't know who he is at first: he doesn't remember his brother sam because his parents never talked about him. Eventually Dean figures it out, and with the help of his amulet his real memories return to him (he was sent from the real universe along with sam but his memories were erased).

Turns out that Gabriel was working with the fates (unhappily), who were trying to restart the apocalypse, and this was a trial run, trying to get sam to agree that his family would have been happier if he had died as a baby. However, Lucifer still escaped and the Winchesters still hunted. Things aren't better.

specific scenes:

Sam communicates through txts and the computer.
Dean finds sams headstone at the cemetery- confronts his parents.
Sam walks over deans amulet on the ground and dean can see him.
Dean and John trap Sam in a salt ring- it hurts sam.
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23 June 2013 @ 10:27 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic where Dean and Sam bonded at an early age. The bond hurts them when they are really far apart, but it heals them when they're touching each other. The beginning of the fic opens with John looking at a map and deciding what colleges were close enough that the bond wouldn't hurt the boys, but far enough away that, in his mind, they would grow apart. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Also, if anyone knows of other great bonding fics, please let me know! Thanks!!!
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Hi, guys! I'm looking for complete (or regularly updated WIPs) first time Wincest stories of the Dean/Sam persuasion. Any rating and length is fine as long as the story is good and well written. These are the themes I'm interested in right now:

01) Stories in which both Sam and Dean both travel back in time and (for lack of a better term) repossess their younger bodies so they can go about changing some things they want changed. If only one brother goes back, however, I want him to tell the other brother everything so they can still work as a team and also because of trust issues. I have read both 'It's The Blueprint Of Your Life' by Queenklu and 'Sam Winchester's Helpful Hints For Stopping The Apocalypse' by Hopenight and loved them both, which is why I'm making this request.

02) Stories in which John is abusive (emotionally, mentally, physically, and/or sexually) toward Sam and Dean catches him at it, then stands up for his younger brother - possibly even taking Sam and leaving, threatening, beating, or outright killing John depending on the type of abuse and how bad it is. Then Dean should do everything in his power to take care of and comfort Sam. I have read 'No Fortunate Son' by Nocturniquette as well as a few other stories featuring John as a major asshole, but there can never be too many of them as far as I'm concerned.

03) Stories in which Sam is raped by someone else (but not Dean unless he is possessed or something) and Dean takes care of and comforts him, possibly even getting revenge on Sam's behalf. Maybe they could even go to counseling together to help Sam recover and to help Dean help him and also get over any guilt he may feel. Even going to someone they know like Bobby, Ellen, Castiel, or whoever instead of a professional would be cool.

04) Stories in which the boys somehow end up with a child, either through male pregnancy or adoption (even if the adoption isn't done through legal channels) and either settle down (doing the Bobby thing and occasionally taking hunts but not like they used to) or raise the kid on the road like they were raised but doing a better job of it than John had. I've read 'Phoenix Rising' by Slytherinblack and 'Houses Out Of Cardboard Boxes' by Cherie_morte and would love to read more.

05) Stories in which both boys become non-evil creatures and mate with each other or where both boys become warlocks or psychics or whatever and obtain powers (again without becoming evil). Stories in which the boys are bonded in some way would be great too, no matter what the reason. Their new abilities should make them even better at hunting. I've read several stories with soul bonding, but I haven't read many non-evil creature fics and I don't think I've ever read a fic where both boys get magical or psychic powers.

06) Stories in which Dean somehow finds out the truth about what happened in Broward County and realizes that Sam can't live without him any more than he can live without Sam, leading to a lot of hurt/comfort, chick flick moments, and Dean starting to fight for his life instead of acting like he has a death wish all of the time.

07) Stories in which someone important to them (like Bobby or Castiel) work to get Dean and Sam together as a couple.

08) Stories in which the brothers fall in love slowly, with lots of flirting, teasing, touching, and maybe even some cuddling and accidental dating.

09) Stories with super hot and/or really tender sex.

10) Stories in which one of the boys gets majorly jealous over the other and stakes a claim.

11) Stories in which the brothers get off on their blood relation.

12) Stories with bloodplay, knifeplay, and/or biting.

13) Stories in which the boys get hitched.

14) Stories in which incest saves the world somehow.

15) Stories in which Dean either goes to Stanford with Sam or Sam doesn't go to Stanford at all.

I also have on specific search: I read a story once in which Gabriel rescued Castiel and Dean from Purgatory and both angels got deaged, leaving the brothers to raise them.

Well, that's all, please help me! I'd really appreciate it!

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14 May 2013 @ 03:32 am

I am in the mood to read some good cliche fic - please rec me some, I'd really, really appreciate it. I'm feelin' kinda desperate (it's pathetic how my entire life revolves around fan fiction, but oh well). Anyway, I'd like complete fics or wips that are updated regularly. I'd prefer an NC-17 rating, but R is okay and if the fic is REALLY good I don't care what the rating is. I'd like long stories, but short are cool too - just please nothing with less than 2,000 words. Now for the cliches I'm askin' for (oh - first time Dean/Sam with happy endings only please):

Cut for a few spoilers for seasons 7 and 8 ... )

Okay, I got carried away and not all of my requests are cliches, but lately whenever I post here I hardly get any replies so I thought if I asked for a variety of stuff I'd get more recs (crosses fingers). Please keep in mind that not every little detail I put in this request has to be followed - I'm kind of OCD about details and can't help it - I just wanted to give ya'll a good idea of the stuff I like to read. Well, PLEASE give me recs! Thanks, ya'll! *HUGS* (prays for recs)

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Ok. So i'm looking for a fic that I read a while back, i'm not 100% sure whether or not it was a brokenwall!sam fic or not.

I remember clearly that Sam had to have Dean near him or he would collapse and they tested how far the distance could be between them out in the middle of a field. When Sam falls Dean runs over to him and says that he is stupid for doing the test.

There was a bit where they were holding hands in the street because Sam needed it and they were ignoring peoples weird looks.

Also, it is not fic: Consequentiality by Kerfuffling but it is similar.
11 March 2013 @ 07:41 am
Sam is trying to get Dean out of his deal and discovers a way but they have to fly to England. The process eventually leaves them soul bounded.
Okay, I was in the middle of a story when my computer shut off and now I can't find it.
I'm sure it was on AO3 but I've looked for two days in multiple places and can't find it.

Sensitive Topics )

Hopefully I haven't mixed up more than one story. I appreciate any help you can give.
Okay, so a while back I found this Wincest fic where the boys were hunting some ghosts I think? Basically people were committing suicide, and it turned out it was because they could hear each others thoughts and they had this sort of double vision, where they would see what the other person was seeing overlapped with their own, if that makes any sense? And so because of the lack of privacy n' stuff people were driven crazy and killed themselves, but with Sam n' Dean's codependency they end up feeding off it and at the end when the curse breaks they're devastated and they cling to each other.

I think it also took place by the sea, or at least like a lake or some sorta' body of water. I also remember them having trouble driving and Sam would have to ether keep his eyes on the road even while Dean was driving or have his eyes shut because of the double vision.

I think in this fic Dean was a little obsessed with numbers, like he would count certain numbers in certain ways over and over as a coping mechanism n stuff, but that might have been another fic where they could hear each others thoughts.

FOUND!!: Under My Skin by yourkidney
30 December 2012 @ 02:54 pm

1) Are there any fics out there that have Dean that have him as a fairy? He transformed into one or was born one? It can be similar to Nicnivin by henchgirl
2) Succubus or Incubus Dean? or Cas maybe? 
3) Dean with kids - like comforting them, or taking care of them. He doesn't have to be their dad or he can be, I'm not complaining.
4) Creature Dean - from an elemental to a werewolf, any are accepted!
5) Dean or Cas with a tail (any kind)
6) Soul bonded/connection Destiel

Slash and gen is fine.
Destiel (is preferred greatly) or Debriel is appreciated.
Please no Wincest or threesomes.

21 November 2012 @ 04:51 pm
Hi I'm looking for a fic, this is what i remember.

Jared was like seeing Jensen that wasn't real and like in a room or something like that. So people thought Jared was crazy i think one of the dogs reacted?
It turned out like a woman of desteny was like punishing Jared because they where like soulmates and got into a fight.
Chad was in it.

Anyone? =)

Found http://germanjj.livejournal.com/31659.html
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18 November 2012 @ 11:45 am
Hey everyone,

so I've been reading a couple of J2 AUs with imprinting and some where they are each others life companions (Purity, Imprint, The Word of us)  and I was wondering if there are more good ones out there???

Also, specific fic requests:

- J2 AU: The only thing I remember about this fic is, that one of the Js has a lot of used books, that he buys wherever he can get them, like a crazy amount, they are all over his appartment, I think he also doesn't have a lot of money, but he takes the other J in to help him (maybe the other one was homeless, or a hooker or sth.???)

Found: Link in comments

- this one was a J2 AU as well and Chris was in it, and I believe maybe also Misha: J2 are friends and they go to the same school, it was either a special school with a focus on music, or they simply where involved in the choir, or orchestra or sth., J2 get together and at one point Jensen moves away (New York I believe) and he is depressed and misses Jared, but doesn't call him because sth. happened between them

Thx for all your help in advance!
05 October 2012 @ 09:45 pm
I'm looking for a specific AU fic where Dean has applied to a school where humans learn more about angels. He has always been rejected year after year until one day he saves a life of a little angel and as a gift gains access to the school for a semester or something. Dean is paired with Castiel for grooming lessons and they get along well, falling in love but before they get together Dean discovers that the school has been created specially for angels to meet humans suitable for mating so he rejects Castiel even though they have some kind of bond already. There's also lots of wing stuff and Dean lives over a laundry place.

EDIT: Found! What I was looking for was in fact Jared/Jensen. Thanks for the help!
Two of my favorite J2 stories are Ours is a Reciprocal Gravitation Orbit by viridescence and I Have A Voice That Is My Saviour by sweet_lyri.

Both involve Jared and Jensen hearing each other in their minds/dreaming of each other/thinking the other is a figment of their imagination before they actually meet. I'd love to read more stories in a similar vein, but I'm not even sure what category this might be considered in rec lists. Does anyone here know of any stories that involve this sort of situation?

Also, I'm in the mood for romantic, fluffy stuff. Particularly fics that contain a "meet cute" or are rom-com ish. What do you recommend?

Self recs and rec list links are always welcome!
24 September 2012 @ 10:11 pm
I am looking for three things that I have recently become interested in. 

1: Dean/Sam/Castiel threesomes with bottom Dean. I've looked through the tags a bit, but I am craving more. I am interested in any recs that anyone has on this subject. I will take almost anything, AU or non AU, reluctant Dean to super slutty bottom Dean, the three of them as an established couple or Sam or Castiel join in occasionally, short of long fics (nothing over like 50,000 words though, unless it's really, really good), etc
- Bonus points for dp (Dean only) 
-NO: werewolves, alpha/beta/omega, jensen/jared/misha, dubcon

2: Soulmate fics. Any fics where Dean and Sam, or Jensen and Jared, knew from a young age that they were meant to be together. I recently read All in the Game, yo by [livejournal.com profile] sonofabiscuit77and I absolutely loved it. I'm not looking for similar stories, but a similar theme where Sam and Dean (or Jensen and Jared) are completely in love and loyal to each other and fiercely protective of each other and not afraid to show it. No angsting over whether or not they should be together, no occasional casual sex, but the two of them all in and giving everything they have and just knowing all they want is the other person from the start. Please no sex between Sam and Dean (or Jared and Jensen) before the age of 16. Kissing or whatever is fine.  
-NO: werewolves, alpha/beta/omega

3: Abused Dean. I keep seeing that you can find abused Dean fics everywhere, but I'm having trouble finding what I want. I don't care if it is AU or not, gen or slash, but I would like to see Dean being abused by John or some sort of parental figure (like a foster parent), but I have a few conditions that make the kind of stories I'm looking for difficult to find. I want Sam to be there and the boys not to be separated, I want Sam to know about the abuse or find out about it at some point in the story. I particularly love stories where Dean takes the abuse to protect Sam. No asshole Sam! I don't want Sam to be a jerk. And no sympathetic views towards John if he is the abuser, but Dean can have a misplaced love for him. Any kind of abuse is acceptable. I've already read We Three Kings 'verse by Cosmic Medusa.

Anyways, thanks in advance everyone. This community, and everyone in it, totally rocks!
Hi, everybody!

I'm looking for gen fic, strictly, although very intense love between Sam and Dean is great. I prefer fics that take place during or after the series.
  • fics where Sam and Dean are soul mates
  • fics where Sam and Dean have a soul bond and/or make soul to soul contact
  • fics with cuddling and/or bed-sharing
  • fics with belly rubs
  • curtain!fic where Sam and Dean are clearly going to stay together for the long haul, even after they're retired or semi-retired from hunting

I've already read plenty of cuddling/bed sharing fics and a handful of soul mates fics, so you can skip the the really well-known ones because chances are, I've already read them.

16 September 2012 @ 07:11 pm
Hi guys, I'm still pretty new to this fandom but already I'm having a hard time finding good, complete nc 17 wincest stories, mostly because I'm picky. I have looked through tags and done google searches and checked out the Sam/Dean Slash Archive as well as Archive Of Our Own. I'm still looking, even, it's just slow going. So I was hoping you guys might have a few recs for me or can direct me to rec lists. Here's what I'm looking for:

Under Cut )
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03 September 2012 @ 12:06 am
The basic premise is that the hand print on Dean's shoulder connects him physically to Cas. In one scene he is in the shower and he touches it and feels something, it continues on like that where he gets a tingle when he touches it. Meanwhile Cas is in Heaven and every time Dean touches the handprint Cas gets also gets a tingle but it is intense. Finally he shows up all rumpled and sex haired to tell Dean to quit it. One thing leads to another and there is the inevitable sex.
No idea where it could have been originally because I heard about it secondhand (most likely ff.net but that is not for sure)
18 May 2012 @ 11:47 pm
Hello again, guys! I'm looking for some really long (at LEAST 20,000 words) Dean/Sam stories that are rated R or above, and preferably have SOME smut but more plot. But I'll settle for just kissing if the story is REALLY good. Anyway, I don't want any AUs, please, and I prefer first time fics only. Here, to give you an idea of the kind of stuff I'm looking for:

Season 7 Spoilers )

Also, if you have a copy of a fic that fits with this request but isn't on the net anymore, I'd really like a copy. Tell me and I'll give you my email so you can send it to me. Thanks so much guys! PLEASE give me lots of stuff, I'm CRAZY bored! Love to all!
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18 May 2012 @ 09:09 pm
Exams finish in less than a month and, other than moving house and a week-long camping trip with my bestest boys, I have little in the way of plans for the two months following, so! STORY SEARCH.

1) It's been done a hundred times before, but I'm doing it again in the hopes that it'll turn up something new: alpha-beta/omega fics. ONLY ones where Jensen/Dean is the alpha and Jared/Sam is a beta or omega. Extra awesome if there's some needy Jared/Sam, vulnerable Jared/Sam, hurt!Jared/Sam or generally tactile behaviour with some protective or possessive!Jensen/Dean. Mpreg is fine, but J2 or Wincest only.

3) J2 or Wincest fics with mpreg!Sam/Jared and protective or possessive Jensen/Dean. Some nesting, scared!Sam/Jared and generally adorable boys.

2) J2 or Wincest fics with mpreg!Sam where something goes wrong - I'd rather that its something that threatens Sam/Jared more than the baby (like, the baby's delivered but there's some complications) and Dean/Jensen are worried and protective perhaps even feeling a little bit guilty (I'd love if they didn't want to see the baby until they knew that Sam/Jared was going to be alright. . However,  I will also accept any fics where both Sam/Jared and the baby are in danger (even miscarriage fics).

2) Fics where, as a teen something happens to Sam (mental health issues, an injury [though I'd rather there was nothing like he's permanently paralysed or has a body part amputated or something] abuse, anything) and Dean takes primary custody of him.  

3) Your favourite ever hurt!Sam/Jared or sick!Sam/Jared fics. Can be flu, cold or something more serious like cancer or diabetes.

4) Your favourite schmoopy J2/Wincest fics with lots of cuddles and snuggles. I LOVE sleepy boys. Seriously. 

Thanks a lot!
Hi, could ya'll please rec me some smutty, complete, first time fics that include one or more of the following:

1) AU after a specific episode
2) Pretend Couple
3) Fuck or Die
4) Case
5) Humor
6) Drama
7) Romance
8) Slow build up to relationship
9) Boys have Powers or become Creatures o
10) Hurt Comfort
11) Jealousy, Protectiveness, and or Possessiveness
12) Connected Boys
13) Horror

Please rec me everything you think of! Thanks!
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22 April 2012 @ 01:10 am
Hi guys!
I've been reading Leonidaslion's Suite Verse and several other fics that really got me wondering, are there any fics out there on soul bonding? Like how Sam decides to tattoo Dean, binding their souls together so he knows where Dean is, anytime, anyplace. I am ok with dub-con, but no non-con please. Maybe having the first party resisting the binding initially but eventually ending up loving it? The form of binding doesn't exactly have to be tattoo, maybe collars or via rituals or something?

I don't mind reading other pairings, but I am mainly looking for Sam/Dean and Jared/Jensen pairings, especially if Sam or Jared is being the possessive top.

On another note, are there any fics featuring possessive!Sam or possessive!Jared? I love reading how he gets so annoyed by anybody flirting or even looking at Dean/Jensen too long 8D

Thank you so much for the help! ^^