23 May 2017 @ 08:07 pm
I'm looking for fics that are set in the bunker. Anything about Sam and Dean moving into the bunker, settling in, nesting, picking their rooms, cleaning (do Sam and Dean dust, or does it just stay magically clean?) Mary and/or Cas can be there, or not. Wincest or cuddling or bed-sharing or clothes-sharing are a plus :) Gen is great too. Fics about Mary finding out about wincest when she's in the bunker with them would be amazing. I'm just craving fics about them having a home.
12 March 2017 @ 04:19 pm
This is hard to describe but i'm looking for stories where Sam is treated younger than what he is. I don't mean infantilism or with needs or de-aged. Like Dean or John baby him and Sam doesn't care. It could be,for example,Dean/John wipes his face after eating or they help him get dressed. They choose what he eats or what time he goes to bed.
I hope i'm getting it across what im looking for.

I'd also like any stories that have Sam/Jared being the emotional one of a relationship,cries,wants hugs,likes romance,likes being cared for.

Im up for any pairings and Gen fics.

Thank you.

This poor mummy whose child has gone on holiday needs something to keep her occupied for a week.
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18 February 2017 @ 11:05 am
I'm looking for a fic I'm fairly sure I read on AO3 a while ago. I can't find it anymore and it's so difficult to find pure Sabriel fics on AO3 because everyone and their mother tags that ship in their Destiel fics (I'm not bitter).

The fic I'm looking for is a human AU and has Gabriel as a professional cuddler who basically sleeps in Sam's bed every night because Sam can't sleep alone anymore. Feelings develop on both sides but the fact that their relationship is supposed to be professional keeps them from talking to each other about it. Eventually Sam invites Gabriel to stay over "off the clock" and I think this is when they actually get together? I can't remember any other details. As for length, my best guess is that it was at least 5k words, but it could be longer, I don't remember.
Hey guys!

1) does anyone know the fic where sam is in the library and dean comes in and just... sits on his lap, and they have sex? i dont really remember much about it, so if you know of any fics where sam and dean have sex in a library with bottom dean, ill take it.
also just any public sex fics with bottom dean, i would prefer not d/s or anything like that.

2) also, does anyone know of any wincest fics where they are very tactile and affectionate? just fics where they do things that normal couples do? like kiss hello and goodbye wheneverthey separate for a little while, whether its to go get food or to go talk to a witness of something. and where they actually say i love you when they hang up the phone or whenever they feel like it. holding hands or just sitting close with an arm around each other in a diner or bar. just anything where they touch a lot and are affectionate and dont mind showing it. could be already wincest or leading up to wincest. would prefer bottom dean please.

21 November 2014 @ 09:15 pm
I'm looking for a specific short fic that I read over a year ago and never bookmarked. It's the classic "whoops there's only one bed" scenario, and Dean doesn't want to share with Sam. He starts teasing Sam about being gay, and Sam mentions having dated a guy in college. They do go to sleep in the end, and when Sam wakes up, he realizes that the reason that Dean tried to keep the bed to himself is because Dean is super-cuddly and didn't want Sam to find out.

Does that ring bells for anyone? Thanks!
07 October 2014 @ 11:19 pm
J2 au fic where they are on a reality tv show where they are competing others for twins but they form a huge bromance and then fall in love with each other for real. Jensen goes by cowboy in it too. That's all I can really remember. Thanks!
01 October 2014 @ 09:51 am
Morning lovelies!

I've had a craving to read this fic again but cannot for the life of me find a link, so was hoping you might be able to help me find it:

Jensen runs a hardware store, and has been packless for a while due to something bad happening in the past. Jared and his pack move to the small town and really wants to get to know Jensen better, but Jensen is too scared/worried to make that connection

it's a fantastic fic that has amazing protective!Jared in it but have searched this comm and just can't find it!

Huge thanks if you can help xx
27 August 2014 @ 11:11 pm
Hi all! Would be great if you could help me. I'm really in a need of some well written fics.

1. Are there any fics dealing with the relationship between Bobby and John? I would love to read any fics with them together. Maybe with teen!chesters or wee!chesters (Wincest is okay for this, when the boys are adult). They can fight or have a happy time together with Sam and Dean, I don't care, just fics with Bobby and John. No slash please (only Wincest).

2. No specific here either. Just any well written fics (I prefer oneshots, but when it's a really good one, I also read multi chapters).
Classic Wincest but more schmoop then sexy times. Cuddling, hugs and so on, maybe some kind of slow sex? Any rate, but I prefer PG-13 or R for this, but as long it's good and maybe some kind of realistic (dealing with the incest theme, first time etc.). I also would love hurt!sam for this with protectiv!dean and lot hurt/comfort, but it's not a must. And bottom!Sam only please!

Thank you so much!
So lately I have been fixating on Jensen/Dean's amazing lips --- get your minds out of the gutter, I meant like soft kissable-looking giant lips, not like good-for-you-know-what-wink-wink lips. So yes, kissing. And other cute as hell things like playful neck nuzzling and eskimo kisses and oh god the cavities.

Yes, I'm asking for recs for fluff or schmoop or whatever you want to call it. I think there's a lot of hate for fluff from some peeps, and I also struggle to like a lot of the fluff I find because certain types of it come off to me as trite and cliche -- e.g. I have yet to find a holiday fic that didn't make me groan and facepalm. I'm the grinch, I hate holidays.

I'm hoping you guys can rec a few fluffy things my way -- kissing centric would be lovely if you think of one-- that are actually cute and first-love-butterfly inducing rather than kinda making me roll my eyes at overdone. I guess I tend to like physical affection or these little tokens of love rather than TV tropes-esque grand gestures.

As far as pairing I think J2 would probably be a better fit, maaaybe weecest but the adult winchesters seem a bit too angsty and manly to get their cuddling on.... I'm open to any of those I guess.

And for all of this, who knows? I'm just trying to give more specificity but all the things I've said probably have exceptions if it's really really well written, so like, don't be afraid to rec me something because I wont bite.

Just gimme your bestest ever fluff/schmoop recs, pretty please, spnstoryfinders comm! :)
Hello All,
I am just looking for some good old big brother Dean taking care of Sam ( Season 1- 8 okay)
with a lot of brotherly fluff, self rec welcome too.
Looking specifically where Dean is basically mother-henning the heck out of Sam and Sam is pouting cause he hates being delegated or reminded of his little brother status.

And there is no way to fight it cause Sam knows better from past experiences when Dean is in Mama Bear mode there no one that can get through and everyone who knows Dean step away and leave him to it. Something akin to "what I say goes Sammy"....
Also is there any of the stories has Sam looking to Bobby or Castiel or Even other characters for help..but they all have the same knee jerk reaction "awww hell no I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole... sorry kid you're on your own" They know better than to cross Dean when it comes to the well care of Sam....

I've been reading a lot of angtsy, tragedy, sad, and dark fic just looking for some sweet, light, fluffy, schoomp, man-hadnling cute fics to cheer me up this weekend/week really in a slump of sadness
15 August 2014 @ 11:12 am
Hello everyone!

Today I'm looking for two specific stories:

1) The pairing in the first story was Dean/Castiel. Their relationship developed very slow, especially when it came to sex. There was this scene, where they finally wanted to sleep with each other and Dean bought condoms. Sam saw the condoms and came to the conclusion that Dean planned to cheat on Cas. Dean had to tell Sam, that he and Cas were about to sleep together for the very first time. Sam was flabbergasted ;)
FOUND!! Link in comments.

2) Another Dean/Castiel story. The fic was about Dean trying to hide that he is gay troughout his entire life. Sam knew about it all along, but didn't tell Dean. In one scene Teen!Dean was holding hands under the table with another boy. At the end Dean and Cas were together and Sam finally told Dean, that he knew all along and that Dean didn't have to hide anymore.

Any ideas? Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Hello fandom :)
I'm looking for something with Sam having his soul back and feeling guilty for tons of bad things that Souless!Sam did to Dean.
Bonus if Dean just shruggs it off and comforts Sam.
Thank you you all.
Was there a Supernatural RPF where Jared is completely oblivious that he has Omega DNA/Trait because he never went into heat at the age they are suppose to. So he thinks as well as his family believes for him to be 100% human (since there has been no"ware" DANA in their family for 4/5 generations?) and Male Omegas are extremely rare, in fact there has not been one in a long time I believe it was more than a century? Female omegas were plenty.

Now he 24 yrs old and finally hired at a prestige law firm (junior executive?) after interning for 1 full year at the firm, but never met all three Owners? (Morgan/Singer/Ackles- name of the law firm) life is pretty awesome for him and he is in love ready to propose to his college sweetheart of 4 years (Sandy?)

Then the shoe drops when he finally meets Jensen (I can't remember if in passing to copier or they are at a board meeting and Jared is presenting) Jared start to feel a bit flush and thinks it's the flu excuses himself leaves for the day to rest because that night is the big night to propose to Sandy I think they are in a classy Restaurant/bar place, he woke only feeling a bit warm but everything else has relax inside of him?? Chad and him are BFF since kindergarten. Chad went with him for support and to hit on girls at the bar, Chad does has "Ware" DNA I think he was a Beta or Alpha too?
And I remember Chris, Steve and Jensen were going there for drinks and catching up on Firm business and Pack territories/borders business- you find out Jensen is High Alpha of a very large pack bordering three states (south west or east?), plus 50% co-owner of the law firm. Jensen Ackles of course is a billionaire (old Money). while Jensen and Company enjoy drinks, Jared has the waiter come over with the valet cupcake with ring on top for Sandy, then Sandy notice a slight sheen of sweat on Jared forehead,leans over to touch and asked him if he is okay simultaneously Chad head snap ups from the present conversation with a girl looks sniff the air and looks back toward Jared huge eyes and turns his head toward Jensen and company subtlety -they are laughing still, he gets up excuse himself from said girl ans walk casually to Jared as he looks back one more time he sees Jensen eyes narrow and sits up and dashes towards Jared interrupting as soon as the cupcake is place down
Does any of this ring a bell to any one?
23 June 2014 @ 11:04 am
I think it's a high school au. Dean and Cas are best friends. There's one scene where Dean and Cas are sharing bed and Dean is teaching Cas about spooning because Cas doesn't know how to do it with Meg. Then Dean kisses Cas' neck. I know it's not much, but this is bothering me for days, and I can't find it.

eta: I managed to find it myself. If anyone else needs it, here's a link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7311347/1/Touch
08 June 2014 @ 01:18 pm
I'm looking for any recs where someone takes care of Dean either because he's been hurt, has a concussion, nightmares- doesn't matter. They could be wiping away blood from wounds, massaging him, washing his hair, tucking him in, anything that is sweet and tender. And it can be anyone caring for Dean. If the fic is slash I don't want it to be sexual. I just need some old fashioned loving on Dean!


I'm looking for any fics that deal with subdrop and aftercare, but strictly bottom!jared/sam and only J2 or Wincest :)

Actually, any bdsm fic that you'd recommend...please, do!

In fact, I am also looking for any kind of good lengthy fic with the same pairings as before...Thanks so much for the help :))

22 February 2014 @ 07:29 pm
Hey! I´m looking for a 3 specific fics, pairing Dean/Cas. I looked everywhere for them, I just can´t find them... I think they are in livejournal, but I´m not sure.

1 - I remember very little of this story, only that is after Lucifer defeat and that Cas takes Dean to a motel, puts him to bed and holds him until Dean stomach starts to growl. It´s a Cas taking care of Dean, he evens "mojo" Dean bladder so he can rest... Can´t recall anything else, but I know that it´s more to the fic than just that!

2 - This one I remember a bit more! =) It´s a AU, in which Dean is self-loathing, and finds a job as a secretary for Cas. Cas can´t keep secretaries because when they make a mistake he spanks them. Dean really likes, to his surprise, of being spanked, because it gives him a sense of what his doing right or what his doing wrong. Dean slowly falls in love with Cas, and Cas thinking that he´s not the right person for Dean fires him. Dean depress and goes back to Cas and doesn´t move, by Cas comand, for 2 days I think, even when his father and his brother try to make him leave. In the end Cas takes Dean home.

3 - Another one I don´t really remember the story, just the final part. Dean tells Sam that he and Cas are together and Sam only really sees that they are in love when he hears them talking in hushed sounds and intimately. And Sam also realizes that Cas is good for Dean because they´re making plans for founding a house and stop hunting.

I really hope someone knows at least one of this fics, because this is making me crazy!! I´ve been looking forever!!! Thank you, in advance, for your help! =)
30 January 2014 @ 05:41 am
1) WHen hunting for a witch, Sam and Dean get turned into kittens.  Cas has to take care of them until the curse wears off.

2) After a hunt the boys end up stranded in the desert and after an argument, Sam ends up dehydrated without Dean noticing and ends up wandering farther into the desert.  Dean calls Bobby then goes to find Sam, using m&ms as a trail back to the impala.
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25 December 2013 @ 05:13 pm
I am looking for any fanfics where Dean treats Sam gentle and loving while they're having sex. Anything where he's loving, cuddly or just treating Sam like he's the best tresure he has and shows it to him while they are having sex. Would love it if Sam just eats it up and feels protected and cherished. Bottom Sam only  please.
17 October 2013 @ 06:19 pm
Hey so I have this thing for j2 being really good friends, really close before they get together and so they are super touchy feely and even a little sappy. Anything from holding hands and cuddling on the couch and lots of hugs and maybe even bed sharing and for sappy anything like saying I love you whenever they hang up the phone or leave each other to go somewhere? Any kind of stuff like that is great. Non-au or au is fine and when they do finally start a relationship, If there is sex, bottom jensen please. Any length and some angst is good too.and if there roommates, have them being domestic-like before they are even together.

Will take sam/dean fics too where they are overly touchy and sappy before getting together.

17 September 2013 @ 02:55 am
Hi everyone

Really hoping someone here can help: I am desperate to re-read a great fic I first found earlier this year (it may be a really old fic though as I've been going waaaay back recently) but for some reason I didn't bookmark it on LJ - may have been another site I found it on - and my stupid computer died so I've lost all my web bookmarks.  I've just spent the last 3 hours searching tags and trying to find it through search engines but so far I've got nada :( But I know all y'all are awesome with the fic finding so...

I'm a bit vague on the details but what I do remember is Sam and Dean were on a hunt for something that Dean had previously encountered while hunting with John; Sam's not aware of this at the start but knows Dean's holding out on giving him all the facts so speaks to Bobby to get all the info.  Dean goes off on his own to a gay bar to get whatever the monster is, Sam turns up after speaking to Bobby and scares off some guys who are trying to hit on Dean (I think he pretends to be Dean's boyfriend?). Dean's all clingy and Sam ends up cuddling him and saying something like "no one's ever allowed it to be about you".  I think it may possibly wind up being Wincest, but I'm not sure.

That's all I can remember... ring any bells anyone?

*FOUND* - it's Pretty Tiger by Anne Higgins

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] frostfalcon & [livejournal.com profile] sanshal y'all are AWESOME!
20 August 2013 @ 02:51 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Sam has a habit of sucking his fingers/thumb when he's little and John doesn't like it so he goes out of his way to make Sammy stop, like putting hot sauce on his finger and putting a nail polish that tasted bad and painting his nail and if it started to fade fast that's the way john finds out he still sucking his thumb so he beats sammy even if he 'doesn't want to' in the long run Dean gives Sam his thumb to suck. It leads later on to 'other' things as they get older like sucking his c**k as instead of dean's thumb. I know that in the ending after a blowjob they have sex together and I think it ends.
11 July 2013 @ 03:39 pm
I got this idea yesterday and can't seem to get it out of my mind. I'd really like to read a fic where Dean and Cas are very touchy-feely/cuddly with each other (it can either be due to a curse or just the way they usually are). They may or may not be in a relationship although I would prefer it if they somehow got into one during the course of the fic. Also, I'm not really looking for blatant pwp's, but more like something nice and fluffy.

I know this is becoming awfully specific (sorry!), so just for reference, I'm looking for something like Ergative/Absolutive by beatsofthesky or Mortal Angel by cloudyjenn.

Thanks in advance!
24 June 2013 @ 11:25 pm
fics in which Cas (or Misha) gets lots of affection from other characters, like hugs and compliments and them just actually appreciating everything that Cas (or Misha) does for them. I dont mind the situation to which the scenario comes about, maybe where Cas is sad/upset or hurt, or maybe feeling neglected and unappreciated.
14 June 2013 @ 09:55 pm
I'm reading a couple of long dark/angsty wincest fics and I'd like to have some recs that are romantic/schmoopy but in character wincest for when I need a break from the dark and draining fics I'm muddling through.

sexy times not a requirement but if there is any bottom!dean only and preferably nothing later than season 2 or 3 and no "AU they aren't really brothers" type stories.

Thanks guys.

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09 June 2013 @ 10:40 pm
I'm looking for a couple of different things:

1) Sam/Dean fics where they're affectionate with each other. Hugs, holding hands, pet names (sweetheart, babe, etc), cuddling. Little intimate gestures where it's really obvious to each other, and to the people around them, that they're in love.

2) Fics where the boys are having fun. They go to a theme park, mini golf, John takes the weechesters to Disneyland, etc. Happy, fun fics. I don't care if this one is wincest or gen.

Thank you.
Well I'm in the mood for some Crowley/Bobby which is something new for me :)
I'm searching for

a) fics dealing with domestic bliss, fluffly fics of Crobby leaving together, making something together, being thei're grumpy selfs around each other and so on

b) also I'd really love to read a story where Crowley and Bobby somehow came to care for kids, maybe the Winchesters got shrunk or they came to be the surrogate parents of an unknown kid, is something like this out there?

thank you very much for your help :)
03 May 2013 @ 06:08 pm

I am in need of any deaged!cas baby!cas, would love ones were the boys have to take care of him.

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26 April 2013 @ 07:04 pm
Looking for a specific (wincest, I think) where Sam and Dean always seem to luck out in motels. It seems that only a single bed is available all the time but nothing with two beds. Sam eventually finds out that Dean has been requesting a single bed, by asking the receptionist. I guess to be closer to Sam. Sam lets Dean know that it was ok and that Sam knows by telling Dean that there was only one bed left. I think the fic starts out before Dean went to hell and then time skips. Please let me know if you guys find it. I think it was wincest as well but not positive.

Found: The Streets are Oddly Vacant
Link: http://longsufferingly.dreamwidth.org/14902.html
23 April 2013 @ 07:15 pm
I saw a really cute wincest art where Dean is on his back and Sam is lying on his side with his head on Dean's shoulder.Now I want to read some fics about it. What I'm looking for is some wincest snuggling/cuddling time which doesn't have to lead to sexy times.I'm not looking for young Sam or young dean in this, weechesters could be referenced but the snuggling done by the adult versions (unless its really really awesome). Dean may bitch about it/pretend to sleep while Sam "sneaks" in, but secretly he likes it and cuddles too (wrapping his arms around Sam ect)

1. To stay warm, Sam and Dean sleep together/bundle up/sharing body heat.
2. Nightmares or any other situation which facilitates cuddling time
3. maybe since we haven't seen Sam's room at the batcave, they 're sharing a bed??
27 March 2013 @ 08:56 pm
Hey again

In light of last week's episode, where we really got a glimpse of Dean's headspace concerning Cas I was looking for some good stories that really illustrate the bond those two have. Especially if it includes hurt/comfort.

For example- some of my favorites(because I love to include recs in my requests):

The Depths Of Bitter Exultation [livejournal.com profile] jaimeykay Sad and dark with a tingly haunting to it that made me want to cry for what was cherished and lost.

The-Discovery-of-Oceans by Ivory Novelist
One the most beautiful stories I ever read with these two, its short and sweet and totally gen. Dean teaching Cas what a hug feels like.

The-Devil-You-Know by REB Jenn
Dean and Cas stranded away from Sam, hunted by angels and they have to look out for each other Cas share some hard secrets. I really do love it when Cas gets all protective of Dean.

If you've read any of these you know what I mean. Mainly Dean and Cas as close special friends especially with protective Cas.

10 February 2013 @ 10:58 am
1. So there's this fic i read a while back and managed to loose. -_-

In it, Dean and Cas are some kind of law-enforcement- i thing they were cops- and they more or less are domestic and so they decide to pretend to be a couple in order to reap the benefits they can as "homosexual" cops.

Only thing is, they're both in love with the other, and both of them don't know the other feels the same way. And then there's a lot of drama.

Vague, i know, but i hope you guys know what i'm talking about.

Also, if it helps, Cas does get shot in this and he ends up in the hospital but noone will let Dean see him because they aren't married yet and Dean gets really, REALLY pissed and emotional.

2. There's another fic i just remembered. If i'm correct, its a high school AU, in which there's this one scene where Dean is teaching Cas about either spooning or snuggling, and i think Dean kisses Cas' neck. I think it has background Meg, and Cas doesn't know how to cuddle or whatever with Meg. And this kiss on the neck thing starts things off for Cas and Dean.

I know its not a lot to go on, but i'm currently obsessing over entirely-too-fluffy-and-sugary destiel fic mood.
29 January 2013 @ 03:59 pm
Hello all. Not quite sure how to word this, but basically I'm looking for stories where Dean is kind of emotionally whipped by/buckles under Cas because he's so in love with the dude. Like he'll say something asshole-ish and Cas will shoot him a look and he shuts up. Or, more, like he just continuously gets blindsided/amazed by how much he loves Cas, so that he blushes/smiles under Cas's gaze. Stories where you just want to cuddle them, or have a scene were they cuddle with each other.

example: asunder by rageprufrock or an exercise in worthless by beastofthesky

For this request I'd prefer non-spn AUs but I'll take anything. Destiel as the main couple but I'm open to any other side pairings in the story. Bonus points if it has Sam (paired with whoever.) It can be established relationship or pre-slash. Any POV. I don't care who bottoms or even if there's sex. Please only happy endings.
I've been reading the Sammyverse by [livejournal.com profile] shangrilada nd I was wondering if anyone knows of similar fics with Sam and Dean being close and kind of tactile but that are not Wincesty at all?

I really like Dean viewing Sam as half his brother half his kid and anything like that I would be grateful for, AU or canon, I don't mind. 
Any other pairing is fine just no incest please.

Also, if anyone knows of any good Sam at Stanford fics, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Here I am, yet again!

I'm looking for panic room related fics. Actually, anything would be ok. Perfection would be wincest, possibly Sam being forced into the panic room, but any plot would be great. Also, when I say wincest it doesn't mean there has to be sex, so any rating is ok. Aaaand if you have any wincestiel (amazing), sastiel (ok) or even destiel (I'm really desperate here) in which someone is closed in the panic room, well, submit them please! Schmoopy and fluffy fics do the trick for me. Have I mentioned I love this community?

Thank you in advance

13 December 2012 @ 11:52 pm
so I know that there are searches for jealous!Sam and evil!Sam, but I am hoping for clueless-jackass-Sam. I would like fics where Sam hurts Dean with words, carelessly talking about his crap childhood and Dean feeling like a failure, or Sam talking about going back to school/quitting hunting or Deans failures of hunts or shallowness when it comes to women, ect. Basically verbal pained Dean and Castiel notices and comforts or defends(though this is not neccessary) Dean.

below is a fic that has elements of what I want but it itsn't the main focuswhere Sam is talking to Babriel about things from Dean and Sam's past hurting Dean and Cas wraps his wings around Dean for comfort when he see's just how much Sam's tactlessness hurts Dean

The fic One a Wing and a Prayer by <ljuser="otp_destial"> is fantastic and there were a couple of scenes which made me want to read more things like it.

Deastiel preferred, no wincest unless its one sided Sam. Anything, setting or otherwise, would be awesome!     

Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for a specific fic set in Stanford where Sam had been raped by a guy. Kind of au and pre-series. Sam and Dean are already together: Sam is studying at Stanford and Dean is somewhere on the other side of America, hunting. Dean gets called by Jessica and rushes over her apartament, where he finds a broken Sam who is crying in his sleep. At first Sam is scared and doesn't want his brother to see him, but then he gives in. A lot of cuddling and comforting!Dean. I've been looking for this for two days, I feel like I'm going crazy!
18 September 2012 @ 11:14 pm
Heyy! well i read a certain specific fic where sam is 14 and he is alone in the motel bathrrom and he is cutting. but he doesn't realize how far he went until he passes out. dean comes home and brakes down the door and sees sam lying in a pool of his own blood with a hunting knife and wrist bleeding. but he knows sam did try to commit suicide he just went too far. so he takes care of the wounds and sam wakes up on the bed and dean asks why and thats all i remember. so please can you find this one? and others like it? i lvove stories where sam cuts and Dean catches him and sam cries and dean is supportive and stuff! yeah... especially teen!chester(not necassary) 
also are there any teen!chester stories where dean kissed the top of sams head or sam's forehead. or any fics like http://m.fanfiction.net/s/6365336/1/  -Shower by WaitingForNoExit I love it!!! when they are so close and sam is cute and dean is sturdy but wavering and he kissed sam's forehead not wincesty! yeah, any fics like those. any at all.
Gen. no slash or het of any kind. unless its just Dean getting laid by some anonymous hot chick. yeah. only season 1,2 and Teens. sam 14 or older. no stanford. thanks :) 
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Hi, everybody!

I'm looking for gen fic, strictly, although very intense love between Sam and Dean is great. I prefer fics that take place during or after the series.
  • fics where Sam and Dean are soul mates
  • fics where Sam and Dean have a soul bond and/or make soul to soul contact
  • fics with cuddling and/or bed-sharing
  • fics with belly rubs
  • curtain!fic where Sam and Dean are clearly going to stay together for the long haul, even after they're retired or semi-retired from hunting

I've already read plenty of cuddling/bed sharing fics and a handful of soul mates fics, so you can skip the the really well-known ones because chances are, I've already read them.

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good animal transformation fics? Where one or both boys get transformed by a curse/spell etc. And there is much bed sharing and cuddles and schmoop and love between the boys during this time.

A perfect example is the brilliant fic Take Me Home by the incredible Rather a Story, which is full of cuddles and angst and hurt-boys and such goodness.

(I don't mind which animal, although dogs are my soft spot).

Thanks in advance. You're all wonderful.
09 September 2012 @ 01:11 pm
1. Give me your best schmoop Sam/Dean! Hugs, hair stroking, doesn't have to be wincest, just some nice closeness because its nice and sunny outside and I'm feeling mushy today. Something to make the smile I have on my face crack into a grin. Something just nice and 'awwww, that's so cute I wanna cry.' I don't know what I'm looking for specifially so throw anything cute at me.

2. Sam and Cas begin to have a profound bond of their own, wink wink nudg nudge. And they don't tell Dean right away or he doesn't know because he's oblivious, and then suddenly he does know and he's shocked, in a good way or bad. Can evolve into Sam/Cas/Dean thing, he can be really happy for them. Or he can be super jelous, or really unsupportive. Any reaction, just as long as he's not aware until Sam and Cas are quite far into their relationship. 

Thanks peeps!
07 September 2012 @ 11:09 am
Hi folks,

A simple request - I'm looking for really cute, adorable fics from when the boys were kids. I'd prefer Sam not to be a baby as I'd like some interaction between the boys, but I'm really just wanting something to make me go awwww! :)

Gen ONLY please.

31 August 2012 @ 07:10 pm
Would love any fic with castiel with a pet dog, cat , goat does not matter as long as they are in love with cas and follow him everywhere humor is needed

plus dean, sam bobby and gabriel are encouraged in any story especially if they might not really like said pet but cas will not get rid of said pet, platonic or slash stories are welcomed, short or long does not matter, self rec are welcomed as well
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I'm looking for anything Dean/Cas with lots of nice, light, fluffy cuddling and/or bed sharing (hopefully and). I'd prefer nothing that's goopy to the point of being cheesy, but if big cheese balls are all you've got, then hit me; I'll give it a shot and long as it's written at least somewhat decently. I really just want copious amounts of sweet little destiel snuggles.
Bonus points for description of how one/both of them sleeps, comforting from nightmares or insomnia, one of them being a clingy or wiggly sleeper (or both of them just flopping all over each other; that'd be nice too), and extra mega supernova bonus points for anything with Cas laying on top of Dean.
Thank you so, so, so, so much!
You're all lovely, lovely, fabulous little peaches!

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