I was hoping for help finding two Sam/Dean fics I read years ago.
1. The first story was an AU in which Dean was a serial killer and Sam was enthralled by him. I think the title had "shells" in it. Sam ended up tracking down Dean and they ended up having a relationship. In one of the later parts Dean was jealous of a friend of Sam's and threatened to kill him.

2. The second story is another Sam/Dean but they are still brothers and hunting. They both are either online dating or talking to someone online and don't realize it's the other. Sam and Dean set-up a date to meet and once they show up at the dinner date, they realize that they've been talking to each other.

Thanks for any help in advance!!
I was cleaning up my own journal and found a list of Big Bang recs from 2009, including "The Lady-Killers" by [livejournal.com profile] thrdstrike. I think this is a fic that I posted here searching for a few months ago, but it wasn't found, and I didn't know the title or author at that time. I'm wondering if anyone has a link to it, if it's still on the internet somewhere? Or a copy of it? Googling brought me here, but the entry that allegedy had a request for a PDF is returning a "Journal Deleted" error, which is bizarre considering I'm typing a post to this journal right now, lol. Actually, I'd even take a summary of the fic, if anyone remembers, because I'm trying to figure out if it is, indeed, the lost fic I was looking for.

Thanks in advance!

There is a PDF download in the comments. :D Thank you for your help!

Since a bunch of people were having trouble, I uploaded the file myself, to Box, HERE
17 May 2017 @ 07:19 pm
I'm trying to find this specific fic where Jensen is a serial killer. I've looked through other people's posts about serial killer fics, but I can't seem to find this specific one. Jensen and Jared were childhood friends and Jensen killed Jared's dad because Jared said he wanted his dad to die. Jared knew (or at least suspected) that Jensen was the one one who killed his dad and he was happy that Jensen did it. But Jensen didn't know this and thought that Jared wouldn't accept him so he leaves and that's the last time they see each other for a long time.

Flash forward and Jensen is now a serial killer. He uses a specific MO to kill a bunch of people, and then he moves and completely changes his MO. So the police think there are all these different serial killers when it's actually just Jensen. Jared is the only one who figures it out as he now works for the FBI or something like that. He finally finds and confronts Jensen in a dinner and the two end up together.

Thanks for any help!
08 May 2017 @ 10:41 pm
Hey guys,

1. I was wondering if there any stories that involve the yellow-eyed(I know his name but I can't spell it) kids that lets them beat the prophetic match or at least they pull one over the yellow eyed one.

2. Or stories that involve the boys becoming more of part of the hunter community, and they don't become hunted

3. BAMF Sam is also apperciated without dean being a dick would be awesome

4. Does anyone have any stories where the boys are dark but still hunters and not insane or demotic.

5. The boys use hoodoo and magic but are not evil

Basically I just want the grey!boys who don't see the world as black and white.
Any length, any paring, and I would prefer complete
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03 May 2017 @ 12:38 pm
I read a story a while ago and can´t find it anymore.

Jensen had turned or mated Jared against his will. Jared was pregnant and hated it. I think he commited suiced in the end but I´m not sure.

Can someone help me please.
27 March 2017 @ 08:04 pm
Hi guys so I've been searching all over for any fics with a cult being the central part of the story. Long/epic fics are preferred but any length is okay. I don't care who's involved or what ship it's for (gen is fine too!).
I'd prefer if the characters in the story were an actual part of the cult in some way (they were raised in it and tried to leave, etc.) instead of being kidnapped. But I'd even be okay with that if Stockholm syndrome was involved?
Anyway just give me anything you got that has cults in it and I'm sure I'll love it :)!
23 March 2017 @ 02:44 am
I'm looking for a story I read where Cas came to the bunker after the angels fell, andunder cut for triggers for abuse/non-con )
I know it was on the kink meme a long time ago, not sure if it was ever posted anywhere else... anyone know the story I'm talking about? :)

23 February 2017 @ 11:47 pm
I think castiel is an assassin or a killer, who on the job freed a young dean from slavery.

castiel becomes obsessed with dean. otherwise he is apathetic. later he goes undercover as deans slave to get closer to dean. He goes to the room where dean is having a threesome and they have sex.

Cas can leave at any time he just doesn't want to. Its like a vacation to him. He finally leave at the end.

At the end dean realizes castiel is the one who saved him.
Guys, I'm looking for a specific story where Dean is kidnapped and forced to fight. Dean is kept in an underground cell and his kidnappers, pretty sure it's one very rich man, make him train for the fights and then transport him to the fight venue in chains.

I remember big bodybuilder type guys are Dean's minders and I believe that the man has also kidnapped Sam and is keeping him in a separate location to use as a hostage against Dean, he makes Sam hold up a newspaper as proof of life.

Sorry I can't remember if this is Gen or slash but I sure hope someone out there recognizes this because I'm keen to read this again.

Thanks for you help and fingers crossed.
I'm looking to read Wincest fics where there's a plot twist or surprise ending, where the reader doesn't know what's really happening until later, such as 1) one of the brothers gaslights/manipulates the other, 2) secretly a demon/monster and the other doesn't know, 3) someone else has changed reality for one or both of the brothers, 4) one is hallucinating/mentally ill.
Hi, so I'm looking for a specific fic. I'm pretty sure it's only 1000-2000 words.

It starts with either Sam or Cas closing the gates of hell, and Cas gets stuck in hell where he's captured. It cuts between Cas getting tortured and Dean looking for a way back into hell. Sam gets back into a normal life (I think?) and tells Dean that he should go search for Cas, coz he'd never be happy not doing so. Dean looks for and eventually finds Death, who tells Dean that he can't help him get to hell, but he can help him find God. He gives Dean back his amulet.

Cas is on the Rack downstairs, and he's not broken. From what I recall, he's described as flayed, and mising an eye. I recall a new demon gets his turn, and Cas fixes his one eye on the demon, and calls him by name, and describes the deal the demon made (I think it was removing her cancer). The demon is unerved, and recalls what they say about Castiel. They can break angels, who have faith only in their Father, but Castiel, he has faith in a human, still after all these years, and he is not broken.

The title, I am sure, is either a comment on Cas's faith or on his eye. It's a really dark peice, and very visual in terms of torture. I thought I had it bookmarked on AO3, but it's not there, so I'm desperately hoping it's not been deleted.

It's not romantic Dean/Cas, but the faith and depth of their relations is certainly above that of a romantic relationship, so...
03 October 2016 @ 11:50 pm
I've been searching for quite a while for all three of these fics.

1. This fic is kind of a redo of the striga episode where in this Sam is pregnant but he doesn't know until the striga attacks him and attacks the baby and he ends up having a miscarriage.FOUND!

2. This fic reminded me of The Crow because Sam and Dean were in a restaurant that ended up getting robbed and they both were both shot and 'killed'. Dean comes back and goes after the people that were involved and tries to find Sam. I remember in this one Sam was shot in the head up against a display case.

3. This story involved Dean and his flashbacks from hell. He creates a rack out of Sam's bed frame and tortures him. Sam is able to escape and stays with Bobby. It's a long time before he feels comfortable being around Dean.

I hope someone can help me find these fics, I've been really wanting to reread them. Thank you!
19 September 2016 @ 01:59 pm
Just a general, non-specific search for stories that feature mentally ill and/or suicidal Jared or Sam. The more dark and messed up the better, I really want him to hurt (I know, I'm a terrible person). It can be AU, non-AU, gen or slash (but if it's slash please only Wincest or Jared/Jensen). I've seen a lot of mentally ill Sam fics out there but not many ones focusing on Jared. The longer the word count the better. Thanks!
15 September 2016 @ 09:18 am
I cannot recall the title or author of this story. Here's what I remember (as I believe Sam was underage in the story, I will put it below the cut):

Underage non-con )

Thanks for the help!

Found by a helpful soul on Tumblr. Just For Me by [livejournal.com profile] goandgetthegun on Ao3.
08 August 2016 @ 11:49 pm
Hi guys,

I'm looking for:

1) Fics where Sam and Dean are captured/kidnapped and forced into having sex with each other.
2) Sex pollen/magic made them do it type fics.

Anything goes as long as its based in the supernatural universe (no high school AUs please!), preferrably NO established relationship, Mpreg, or main character deaths.

Hope you can help :)
25 July 2016 @ 12:20 am
I wasn't aware that this huge and amazing novel was a podfic until recently, it was read by blackbyrdy and written by leonidaslion. A Sam/Dean story.

It appears all links are dead (here) and that the podfic archive does not have it (access denied when you click its link).

Does anyone know of a place it is still online to download or can anyone upload it? I really want to listen to it. I need all 38 hours of it in my life! It is my favourite fan fiction ever.
15 July 2016 @ 12:32 am
Sam and Dean are together, and Sam has yellow eyes like Azazel. Sam has gone over to the dark side and is working with Azazel and his special children, I don't remember if Dean is with Sam willingly or not. This isn't just one story but 3-4. The last one is called 'Yellow Brick Road' because one of the special children has locked Dean into a Wizard of Oz scene, while he was separated from Sam. Sam comes back from wherever he was and isn't happy. 'Penny Lane, and The Prodigal Son' are titles of a couple of the other parts of this story. Does anyone know what this is or who the author is? Thx to all who reply
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Hi! I'm looking for two fics I remember reading years ago, but haven't been able to track down since.

1. Dean is on the run from evil!Sam. Dean is in a bar while Sam is on tv telling the world that Sam will kill someone for every day Dean doesn't turn himself in. The folks in the bar don't consider this to be a problem; Dean does, and turns himself in.

Second request behind the cut for rape: Second request )
I want all stories about Dean or Jensen forcing Sam or Jared to get pregnant with his child or children.  Send me the links.  Thanks! 
25 March 2016 @ 02:24 pm
This J2 story that I'm looking for is about Jensen raping Jared every time he takes him out of the mental hospital or something.  Jared is ill in a way and he disappears.  He is married to Gen and they don't like each other.  They have kids.  The couple meets a realtor who is Jensen and Jared is in shock.  It was a new story last year.  It is a dark one!

Got the title but can't find the link.  It's called "It's A Very Beautiful Thing" by debrassteamyfiction.

Does anyone have a copy of this story or a link to it?
22 March 2016 @ 08:00 pm
I'm looking for an old dean/tentacle creature fic.

in this one dean gets taken while on a hunt by the creature but ends up liking it. and when he realizes that its driven by a breeding urge but can't acturally reproduce he goes back every year at the right time.

there was something about him having missed a season due to going to hell??
16 March 2016 @ 03:57 pm
I'm hoping someone has the complete (I know it hasn't been completely re-edited) Becoming !verse. Chapters 14-24 are not accessible. The last edited chapter was reposted three years ago.

If someone has a copy and wouldn't mind sharing (and if the author is okay with it), please let me know.

Link in comments thanks to [livejournal.com profile] deserthighway.
10 February 2016 @ 05:09 pm
Just starting season 10... Maybe it's not going this direction but thought it would make good fic anyways. Any fic where Demon Dean is chasing after Sam? Sam is on the run trying to not be found by Dean and at the same time trying to find a way to save him.

Also just any other EvilDean/Sam fic doesn't have to be above theme. Thanks!
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21 November 2015 @ 04:51 pm
Well, there's this abandoned fic(last updated 2009 so yeah) (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4559734/14/The-Falling)
Basically, any stories out there where Dean deals with the darksides of his soul? Maybe with Michael or Lucifer as a catalyst of sorts, or were actually parts of his souls. Demon Dean is also awesome too.

Not really interested in sex, but hey, if it fullfills the conditions above, then whatever. 
Gen for all of these.

1. Specific fic: Sam and Dean become trapped in an endless series of rooms. Each is more horrific than the last, but there is no way to go but forward. I don't recall there being a happy ending.

2. Usually when I see Dean demonstrate his torture expertise, sadism, etc., it's after the whole roadside confession. Show me something where the big secret comes out in a decidedly less pleasant manner.

3. So..... Any good Halloween commentfic memes I missed? I'd love links to those in general but in particular I'm looking for any new creature!fics. Dean or both boys. Vampires are my favorite.
15 October 2015 @ 10:11 am
Well school has been super busy meaning I have no time really to look for fics I haven't read.

1. Dark boys but not neccarliy evil boys,

2. Some John-disliking stories

3. Canon divergences stories, like something change the story line, more around either stanford and yellow eyes arch.

4. Sam or Dean with a kid or raising one, or collecting kid hunters.

5. If you can find a story where we see harsher consquences of growing up nearly from birth hunting, please

6. The boys actually uses all their tools, demon-blood, hell torture, being stuck with archangels.

7. Or you know how the show sometimes seems to sand the boys edges in some scene, is there any stories that don't do that.

At this point give be everything.
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30 September 2015 @ 05:52 pm
I am looking for an older fic: when Dean's time runs out, Sam volunteers to take Dean's place. His offer is for three days but time in hell moves much slower. Dean is not happy.

But during all his torture, Sam grows to love the pain and comes back very different.

Specific things I remember:

When Sam comes back, one of his torturers nuzzles his neck in front of Dean and Sam can't help but be turned on, much to Dean's horror.

Torture scenes were extremely detailed, including one where his mouth was torn apart and held open by sharp sticks(?).

Dean finally accepts that Sam is not the same and arranges violent sex for him since Dean can't bring himself to hurt Sam the way he needs it.

Thank you in advance for any help! I've looked everywhere and any way I can think of for a long time, this is my last resort.

(Third attempt, I KNOW I added tags, I hope they show up!)
13 September 2015 @ 01:50 pm
It's an older story that I don't think was ever finished but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I vaguely remember it was about John believing that Sam was evil and abusing him for it. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!
25 August 2015 @ 11:38 pm
Hi, I read a story a while ago . Jensen was a well established doctor i beleive his parents adopt jared who for some reason comes to live with jensen. jared is really naive and young. jensen trains jared that he is an omega and makes jared beleives him and so the training begins.

19 August 2015 @ 12:16 am
Yup, pretty much what the title says! Any and all fics with a dark!sam or dark!castiel. (I'm particularly fond of possessive!castiel or possessive!sam) Anything is fine, except no-con please (dub-con fine)

Thanks! :)
Hi All,
SO I've been trying to locate this specific Wincest Story I read maybe last year.

I can't remember the title. But this is what I kind of remember:
Dean is back from purgatory with Benny and Sam of course is Jealous and throws a fit or accuse Dean of sleeping with Benny. I think Dean loses it or gets really pissed off and ties Sam up (can't remember if he does or not)

But I do remember Dean asking Benny to hold Sam so he doesn't run away and Benny whispering in Sam ear "looks like you push big brother to far this time, maybe he'll let me share in the fun". I do remember Sam getting scared at this point and Dean actually gets mad at Benny and tells Benny to lay off "I told you to hold him not scare him"

I can't recall if this was a D/S relationship between Dean and Sam or it becomes one because how purgatory has change Dean.

Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? if it does can you please rec it to me??

Also while on the subject does any one have any good Purgatory Dean Recs. I mean where the writer actually explore Dean total 180 change his new skills he aquired. I mean remember how he could hunt down the monsters easily while he was in Purgatory and smell a lie easily (interrogating that guy in Jail). and Sam's reaction/feeling to this whole new Dean. I mean Dean was a good hunter before but now, he is Scary Bad-Ass better. It could be Wincest or Gen. if it is Wincest I preferred Bottom Sam. I mean after 1 year in Purgatory Dean is more likely all Alpha and Dominant.
13 July 2015 @ 08:39 am
Alrighty, I am seriously having trouble finding fics that don't that are not beyond frustrating either because it is a dead fic unfinished, the plot rocks but the writing makes me want to cry in horror, the writing is to wind baggery for my attention span (like 'you need to turn left, then right, then circle back around...ect' when only need to say 'it is right beside you').    OR TOO SHORT AND NOT SQUEAL IN SIGHT :''(

1. I would love if people can rec fics that boys are bamf and get things done. You know where they are kicking arse and taking names. Whether as hunters or supernatural creatures. Maybe the boys boys destroying some kind of system/plane of existance or just a kick arse on hunt.

2. Fics with Sam having a record of addiction (drugs, self-harm, tobacco, ect) before (and maybe after if you have some) the demon blood.

3. Anyone have any dark!stanford fics.

4. Season Eight Universe Alterations. Where everyone gets their crap together and it either gets better or worse, or everyone stop brushing everyone eles mental states off.

5. Any fics that are based in canon and the boys are angels in there own rights.

Any pairing, any type. No rules, just fics. 
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10 June 2015 @ 10:35 pm
I am hoping maybe you amazing people can help me. I need a bunch of stories because I hit a dry spell and can't seem to find anything to read.

1. I am looking for gritty, real-life and dark fics about the boys and their (canon) lives. Like do you remember the Ghostfacers episode 3.13 where it wasn't as polished nor as censored as the regular show. That's what I am hoping for.

2. Dean: All those angels, all those demons, all those sons of bitches -- They just don't get it, do they, Sammy?
Sam: No, they don't, Dean.
Dean: You see, Brady... We're the ones you should be afraid of
- Take that how ever you want and give me some awesome fics.

3. Fics that deal with the kids or teens the boys have saved in earlier seasons becoming hunters and the boys finding out

4. Sam hunted in Stanford and never dated Jess although they were friends

5. Sam's stanford friends are pulled in the world of hunting

6. Organized hunting [mentors, websites and ect.}

7. Sam isn't at Stanford when Dean goes gets him {or fics like that}

8. The boys ascend from as human as they are in canon to higher supernatural being {not vampire/werewolf/shifter nor that way from the being fics)

9. A fic where it highlights that the boys are beyond normal hunters and how different they are are, how BAMF they are even the oldies like Pastor Jim, John and Bobby. Maybe they get in to a situation where they are captured or even time travel.

They has to be of decent length and no weird ending (like when a story has so many loose ends you can make a shag rug and no sequal in sight or when you feel like you were gypped). I don't care how dark, as long as the pairing isn't either bobby/(one of the boys) or John/(one of the boys) rec whatever you want. Self-rec are fine.
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28 May 2015 @ 10:57 pm
can`t find the story about Boyking!Sam and Dean as his slave, really dark and non-con, and i remember just the last paragraph where Dean crawled behind Sam on hands and knees, and Sam casually asked, let`s see if you could take my whole hand now?
08 May 2015 @ 12:12 am
Hey guys,
Found in the comments thank you!
I'm looking for a specific non-con destiel fic, I don't remember many details.

- Sam, Dean and Cas are all traveling together.
- Sam thinks Dean and Cas are in a consensual relationship and books 2 motel rooms so they could have privacy.
- Cas became a human or is graceless
- Cas is not allowed to sleep on the bed, he has to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.
- Cas is abused by Dean as punishment.
- Sam finds out Cas is not allowed to sleep on the bed and freaks out.
- I'm pretty sure it was on ao3 but it could also be on livejournal.

I'm also looking for some dark destiel fics, preferably hosted on livejournal.
One of them is dark, both of them are dark, neither of them are dark but they're in a dark situation,etc...
Au's are more than welcome, as are self-recs. I like Sam too so I'm totally okay with him being in the story as well.
Happy ending not required.
21 April 2015 @ 12:19 pm
Hey guys, I'm looking for some stories where Dean or Jensen is just fucked up. I'm looking for some high quality angst in a Dean or Jensen centered story. I'm not pick about the length, and my preferred ships are J2, Wincest, DeanCas, and Cockles. I also prefer bottom!Dean and bottom!Jensen, so let me know otherwise, please. If it's RPS, please no wife-hate!
Thank you!!
12 April 2015 @ 05:44 pm
I'm looking for a story that I read a long time ago that was centered around Sam and Dean dealing with Sam being raped.
This is all I remember from it: Dean and Sam retire from hunting from what I remember and they buy a house and Dean takes the bath out because for some reason baths are triggering for Sam. Sam had been kidnapped and raped by some creature that reminded me of and alligator-monster. And Sam has messed up feet from torture. The first part is in Sam's pov but there's and add-on that is in Dean's
I'm sorry I suck at summaries but if you can help, it's greatly appreciated!
Oh my, I feel really bad to ask this, but...  Fic found!!!
It's a dark and kinky fic, sorry... )
Also, any recs for dark J2 fics with a "happy" ending would make me very happy!!! I don't mind if it's a true happy ending or only a perceived one... (ie I don't mind if they're still serial killers in the ending, as long as they're happy together)
I think this is quite clear, but please no death fic!
09 January 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Mods, I'm not sure what other tags to use ^^

Based off a prompt I saw on the Spn kink meme.
So I've read a lot of vampire stories, but I was wondering how many of this fics where there where one of the guy's is a priest and the other decides to turn him, because they think they're too pretty or whatever to be a priest.

Or if that's not possible, I was wondering what your favourite vampire fics were. I have already read all the fics on J2 recs, and I have read all of Leonadislion's works. Anything else besides that?

All pairings and genres welcome .
Go as dark or as light as you want :)
Hi All,
This story was request last year and it was found, unfortunately, I forgot to save it. I can't remember the title or author. I just remember a certain scene playing out so I hope it is enough information. Here goes:

I can't remember if Sam is suffering from Stockholm symdrome or is just really mentally unstable ( gone crazy) because of Dean.

I can't remember if Dean was a Ware or Serial Killer? I do remember he was wanted by the FBI and he was #1 most wanted in the nation. He was dangerously really good at killing and evading the authorities.

I do remember that the Feds either arrived at where they knew Dean was staying at but the found Sam there instead (I don't remember if he was bound or lock in the basement?). Well they took him in to the closest precinct to question him/interrogate him? I remember that Sam was either really terrified and wanted to get back or he was totally crazy and ranting? I do remember him looking at the Fed/Cop and saying " The wolf is coming, you should't have taken his cub?" I do remember all hell brakes lose in the Precinct after Sam said that or maybe a bit later?

Does this ring a bell to any one? Would really love to read again.
Thank you Guys for all your help.
20 December 2014 @ 05:42 pm
Thank you all for your help on my last request! Thanks to you it wasn't bored on my long flight :)

Today I was wondering how many Destiel fics there are focused on the beginning of season seven, when Cas went all crazy and declared himself as the new God? You know, fics where Godstiel is determined to make Dean his consort or whatever and is crazily possessive/protective of him. Or fics where he forces Dean to bend to his will.
Some fics which I totally loved on that trope are The Soul Puzzle by otp_destiel and Trust In Your Unfailing Love by DarkmoonSigel. Apart from that though I really haven't read anything as I'm pretty new to the whole Destiel portion of the fandom. So really, any help will be much appreciated. (Dark fics are my jam so don't be afraid to rec them!) The only thing I ask is there be no non-con please! (Dub-con is fine)

Much appreciated! :)