28 August 2017 @ 01:40 am
I've searched high and low for this fic. Google, all my memories, through out storyfinders and even Ao3. I can't for the life of me remember the author's full penname or what the story was called. What I do know is this: the author's name had to do with the word vampire or red. the author has passed on for awhile now. Dean had come back from hell, season 3 style. dean was having a lot of issues, like being aggressive, violent and his head was all messed up. he's just a completely changed man. I'm pretty sure he was getting into fights for no rhyme or reason. it was quite a long fic. it's definitely wincest.

I don't know what else to go on. Maybe the journal's deleted now since she can't update it anymore? or I'm somehow just missing it? I just know it's a really good fanfic and I want to read it again.
The latest episode has reminded me of how much I love fics where the Winchesters are just huge BAMFs.
I'm looking for fics that show how actually dangerous Sam and Dean can be, especially against "normal" enemies (i.e. nothing world-ending (although they do kick ass there too)). Can be monster or human related (e.g. law enforcement etc). Outsider POV is always cool for these kind of things, but that's not a requirement.

Can be Sam and/or Dean centric (although I'm more of a Dean!girl *cough*).

Double bonus if you could point me towards "Dean being a dangerous bamf in Hell/ Purgatory" fics

I'd prefer no Wincest, but I'll read it if you think the story is just that good.

Thanks! :)

[Is there no "Hell" tag or did I overlook it?]
30 December 2016 @ 09:22 pm
I'm looking for a fic where Sam and Dean switch bodies to save dean from going to hell.
They are at Bobby's and they start experiencing each other's memories (since some of these remained within the body).
And there's also some overlap in abilities/habits/(dis)likes, for example I remember Sam reading and not being able to do it anymore (because it was straining/boring to him etc), and I think the boys sticked to eating habits that their bodies (not their souls) were used to.
I hope I'm remebering correctly and not mixing stories.
Hope somebody knows the fic I'm talking about, I've been looking for quite some time. Thanks in advance!
21 December 2015 @ 02:42 am
Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I read a looong time ago that I've really been struggling to recover. I think it was quite short and it dealt with Sam and Dean's souls mixing slighlty so they each acquired some of the other's personality traits. I think this mixing might've occured as a consequence of trying to save Dean from hell or something like that.

It might've been deleted, but if anyone knows where I can find it I would be eternally grateful!

This is an older one shot, completely gen with Dean supposedly settled down in Lawrence (?). He and Sam living normal lives with regular jobs that don't include hunting and Sam is married. It was kind of in the style of What Is and What Should Never Be, it starts with Dean rushing to the hospital (I think) to witness the birth of Sam's first born son. Sam and his wife were fine and the baby was beautiful. Dean has to leave the hospital (?) in a hurry to make his deadline. The deadline it turned out is that by day he lives his days with his family and by night is dragged back to hell to be tortured by demons. He keeps this all secret to protect his family.

Does this ring any bells with anyone. It was a great short story written from Dean's POV.

FOUND: by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] saltandburnboys
Price of Perfection by the wickedly talented [livejournal.com profile] reapertownusa
27 September 2013 @ 07:57 pm
Today I was suddenly reminded of a fic that I read a while ago that I am now having trouble finding, which either means that I didn't tag it well enough, or I forgot to save it.

Details: Dean's has been sent to hell and Sam doing everything he can to try to get him out. Sam eventually goes to Gabriel (who is still disguised as a Trickster) to ask him for help; Gabriel agrees to help out Sam. So the 2 of them come up with a plan that will somehow get Sam into hell to pull Dean out. (I don't remember what the exact plan was.) However, once the plan is put into action, Sam learns that it was for nothing; Dean has already been rescued.

Some time passes and the brothers talk about Dean's hell-break. Sam goes on to tell Dean that he had came up with a plan to save Dean but that the plan had ended in failure. Dean responds by saying that everything alright because Dean was rescued anyway. However this only leads to Sam saying that he feels that he failed as Dean's brother because the two of them always rescue each other and this time Sam didn't do that (thus break the status quo).

Found: It's The Promise at the End of This Book by [livejournal.com profile] electrolitestar.
30 November 2012 @ 09:26 pm
I am looking for a fic based on A Christmas Carol.
In it, Dean is vidited by his three "ghosts"; I believe they are Pastor Jim as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Azazel as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Mary as the future ghost? I believe they were showing to Deanwhat would happen if he did not get out of his deal. I remember once Dean "wakes up", Sam hasn't shaved in a while, which reminds Dean of the Sam of the future, and Dean makes him shave immediately.
Thank you guys!
15 November 2012 @ 11:41 pm
Hi there! I'm looking for stories in which:

1) Sam sells his own soul to save Dean from his deal.

2) Any other scenarios where Sam sells his soul for Dean, independent of Dean's deal.

Wincest is preferred, but Gen is also fine. No Dean/Cas, please. Any genre or theme is fine with me, I'm not picky. I'm a great fan of happy endings, but if the story is really good, I can deal with sad ones too. Just rec me anything that comes to mind. :)

Thank you in advance!
19 September 2012 @ 04:21 am
Hello! I'm looking for a specific story. Dean doesn't get out of his deal and dies. Sam gets off the demon blood and continues hunting. About 16-18 years later, Sam is working as a psychic on a boardwalk. An OMC teenage boy is having these strange dreams about hunting monsters with a brother he's never seen. His sister convinces him to go to the local psychic with the problem. The boy recognized Sam immediately. It turns out the boy has the reincarnated soul of Dean. The boy begins switching from Dean to the OMC. They eventually begin a relationship, but I don't remember if Sam and Dean's relationship had reached that level before Dean died. I can't remember too much more, although I'm pretty sure Gordon Walker's kids are after Sam and they have a showdown at the OMC's house. I also don't remember if it had an underage warning or not.

If anyone can get me the link to this story, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

FOUND!  http://www.sinful-desire.org/archive/viewstory.php?sid=1573&warning=5
03 September 2012 @ 12:07 pm
I am looking for a story that I believe I read on Supernaturalville about 2 years ago. It is before Deans deal comes due and Sam is desperate to save him. I only remember bits and pieces which is making it very hard to find it. Bobby and Ruby are in the story and the one part that sticks out in my mind is that Dean writes down in a journal everything that he wants to pass on to Sam after he is gone and then he leaves (disappears). The story follows Sam and Bobbys search for him.
Thanks in advance for any help on locating this story.

One more little tidbit I remember. Sam is injured (shot, knifed in the chest?) and Ruby heals him.
16 August 2012 @ 05:11 pm

I'm looking for the following fics

Specific: a story where the crossroad demon couldn't take Deans soul because it turns out that he gave it to Sam when they where kids.
FOUND it myself (apparantly I was blind the first time I looked)

Recs: Can anyone rec me some good Dean-comes-back-from-hell fics where he's traumatized and Sam take care of him? I love slash but gen is ok.


20 July 2012 @ 09:07 am
I am looking for a fiction that I believe is called:
The List.
It is a Sam/Dean fic about a list dean makes of things he wants to do before his time is up.  It is set in season three after he makes the deamon deal to save Sam's life.
Any help would be apprieciated!!!
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Hi, I know we have a Demon!Dean tag, but it's mostly all slash and Wincest...I don't want that.

I'm looking for ANY, Gen Demon!Dean fics

It can be finished or unfinished (but actively updated)

Dean can be Evil or Good.

Thank you for your time and help.
07 June 2012 @ 06:37 pm
Does anyone have or know where to find Big Pink's The New Deal? It's the last in the Red series - I've read all the others and now I'm dying to read the last one, but the link I've seen other folks reference to the story in her livejournal is broken, and it's not listed with her other works on FF.net. I would really appreciate if anyone can point me to a copy! The suspense is KILLING me!

I'm looking for a spcific fic I failed to safe in my unbelievable stupidity.

Facts I remember:

- eventually Wincest
- takes place shortly before Dean will have to go to hell
- Sam convinces Dean to go on a road trip (for leisure not hunting), because they’ve never done that before
- Sam becomes increasingly desperate, slowly realizing he won’t be able to safe his brother
- on their journey Sam tries to be closer to Dean in baby steps, Dean is rather reluctant
- at one point they are at a fun fair, Sam tries to kiss Dean behind a stall
- Dean eventually gives in to Sam

Additional details/how I rant about it in my head:

It's season 3ish, Dean and Sam are on the road, and it's, I don't know how long exactly, but a summer/a few months (or just one month) until Dean will have to go to hell because of the Crossroads Demon deal to safe Sam.  Sam knows about the deal and becomes increasingly desperate. Of course, being Winchesters they don't talk about their angst etc., though Sam would like to, but Dean won't let him (again, typical Winchester). Sam tells him something like "I've never been on a road trip before" - Dean of course thinks Sam's crazy, because they're practically living in the Impala - but Dean humors Sam; so they go on a road trip. They are not in a relationship/just brothers/pretty canon-ish, BUT then during that journey, Sam makes attempts to be closer to Dean/talk to him about things. You don't realize immediately, it's kind of subtle, but Sam wants to finally act on his urge to kiss Dean/be sexually involved with Dean. It's kind of like Sam thinks it's now or never and wants to be with Dean before he dies, all "I thought we had more time"-like. Dean's reluctant. I think he would like to, but has a gigantic inner struggle going on.. I'm pretty sure that at one point they are at a fun fair and Dean has a cat face painted on, Sam eats cotton candy and tries to kiss Dean behind a stall. There might very well be some rather schmoopy star gazing somewhere in it.  I can't remember the end, though they do end up having sex, I think.

I hope somebody remembers this, I loved it, it was beautifully written, and I could facepalm all day thinking about that epic failed-to-safe..

Thanks so much for your help :)
I was about halfway through this fic when my computer crashed!! Unfortunately, I read so many fics every day that I don't remember the author name or fic title!! :( I do remember clearly that the fic was here on livejournal, and it was divided into multiple parts.

Here are all the details of what I read so far, I would be INCREDIBLY grateful if someone could help me find this fic, I was about halfway through and I'm DYING to finish it! :(

After Dean sells his soul and goes to Hell, Sam does a spell to bring him back-- but instead of "his" Dean who went to Hell, he gets a Dean from a parallel universe. The Dean he gets is a Dean whose Sam is also dead. But Sam doesn't care because he got the wrong Dean, and all he can think about is his Dean suffering down in hell. Then Sam gets really dark and morally ambiguous (letting demons abuse him, killing people for a reaper, etc.) because losing Dean made him go sort of insane. So the Dean he summoned with the spell, who we will call “sane Dean,” makes it his mission to stop “dark Sam” from becoming totally warped and ending up in Hell alongside his original brother.

Thank you in advance for your help, beautiful people of spnstoryfinders!
10 April 2012 @ 08:33 pm
I'd be forever grateful if anyone had some fics that kind of match what I'm looking for. Alright here we go:
  1. Dean was in hell for 40 year, right? I want fics where that shows. For example: he has nightmares, he comes back with a few new kinks, he misses being tortured, ect,ect. Basically, I'll take any fics where post-hell Dean is not exactly the same as pre-hell Dean. I'll take any parings (preferably destiel or gen but I'll take wincest too, gotta share the love). Dean/Alistair gets you brownie points.
  2. Any Dean/Alistair fics. It's so fucked up it works (at least in my mind it does)
  3. And finally, someone tries to torture Dean but they fail spectacularly because he was in hell for 40 years.
21 March 2012 @ 09:33 pm

ONE ))

I don't think I've read many fics about Season 4!Sam: I can't recall any, at any rate. Now, those fics must exist somewhere, and I'd love to read them!

I’ll gladly read Sam thinking he knows what he’s doing with Ruby and twisting their relationship around in his head to something consensual, but I’m a firm believer that canon Ruby/Sam is noncon. Sam being presented as being in complete control of his relationship with Ruby is not my cup of tea.

In that vein, I’m not keen on eroticised or graphic Ruby/Sam unless it’s adding to the creepy/angsty/plotty factor.

TWO ))

Any fics that fill the gap between seasons 3 & 4 would be wonderful.

For both: gencest preferred, Sam/Dean tolerated, noncon Ruby/Sam is love :)
ps. I was tempted to tag this as Blind!Sam :-P

08 March 2012 @ 12:06 pm
I'm looking for stories where somehow the boys get Dean out of his crossroad deal. Don't care how or who & no preference of gen or slash; interested in picking up whatever anyone throws down. Thanks in advance.
06 March 2012 @ 09:40 am

Are there any really awesome fics in which Sam goes darkside to save Dean from hell? Full on anti-christ would be great, but even Sam just committing pretty morally ambiguous actions to save Dean is fine, too, but wincest (even if it's non-con or one-sided) only please with NC-17 or approaching rating.

Rec lists, delicious accounts, and self-recs are more than welcome.

Thank you!
01 February 2012 @ 12:15 am
Hey guys,

I'm looking for fics where Dean gets sent back in time, and he interacts with John and Sam. I'd prefer if they knew it was Dean and they get to see how much of a BAMF he is, or learn about his deal and that he went to hell and all that jazz. That sort of stuff! No wincest.

Please and thankyou!
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29 January 2012 @ 05:37 pm
I was in the middle of tweaking this 3-part Buffy/Angel/Supernatural xover for printing when I realized the heading was incomplete. I have it in the folder for Faith Winchester's stories at Twisting the Hellmouth, but I can find any sign of it by any author. I've looked at Twisting, FanFiction.Net, and Supernaturally Twisted. The series is called 'To Live is to Die' and the stories are 'Sleep of the Just', Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance', and 'Sweet Child of Mine'.

Faith and Dawn are on the road with Sam and Dean. Faith and Dean are together, but their jobs often separate the two pairs. The girls are away doing Slayer duties when Sam is stabbed at Gold Oak and Dean doesn't want them to know about his deal. When the year is up, Dawn and Faith happen to be away meeting Buffy and Giles. No one realized that Faith was pregnant until later. Willow does her mojo and Dean has to dig his way out of his coffin (No Cas here.) Dean is shock to se her belly when Sam brings him home to the house the three are sharing. A dark prophesy brings Angel, Spike, and Connor to join them in protecting the unborn child. They are attacked in the hospital by many demons and Faith is killed protecting Dean and baby John. (There's more in part three which I haven't done reading yet.)

I hope someone knows where this is archived, because I'm totally puzzled.
This search has led me to realise that I am missing a story.

It is in the "Sam rescues Dean from Hell" trope with a heck of a twist. spoilery details here )

I really would like to find this and share it with the original searcher. Thanks for any help!
25 December 2011 @ 04:52 am
I have searched for this story for a while and I have yet to find it. I know that Deans Deal doesnt go through because when he was a child he gave his soul. to Sam. I dont really know anything else, but I think that the beginning of the story is when they are children and as the story goes on, they get older.   Thank you for all of your help.
13 December 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Hi there! I'm looking for any fics in which either Sam or Dean somehow get a glimpse of the future and they try to change it.

The cause of this knowledge could be a vision, a spell, time traveling or even someone (supernatural creature, person from the future etc.) telling/showing them what is about to happen. The thing that is shown to them has to be something really bad: Sam's or Dean's death, Dean's deal, the Apocalypse, Lucifer, or any other horrendous scenario, and they have to try to stop it somehow. The main idea has to be that of a do-over, a chance to make things right.

The pairing should be Sam/Dean, or Dean/Sam. No Dean/Cas, or Het, please. However, if they're really good, I'll take gen fics, but only if there is a fair amount of brotherly bonding and schmoop, the boys willing to do anything for each other and all that. :)

I'll take any kinks and any genres, as long as there is a decent plot. The longer the story, the better! Self recs are more than welcome.

I really hope you can help me out. Thank you in advance! :D
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05 December 2011 @ 03:08 pm
I believe this story was just a one-shot.   Cas and Dean are talking and Dean say something about Sam being ok without him (maybe this is before his  deal comes due?)  Cas says that is not true and shows Dean what becomes of Sam without Dean around.  What he shows Dean is Sam, all dressed in black with a scar down his face fighting ruthlessly with someone in a dark alley.   That is all I can remember, hope someone can help.  Thanks!
04 December 2011 @ 10:49 pm
sam/dean stories

1: a story where sam accidentally lets slip out that he likes beards but only on other guys and dean teases him about it

2: a story where sam threatens dean with no blowjobs and dean isn't worried because "you love my cock more than I do"

3: a story where sam and dean stop at a restaurant in California that sam's friend recommended and it turns out its a vegetarian restaurant. Sam finally gets up the nerve to kiss dean in public

Two maybe three of these are the same story

This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure) by clex_monkie89.
19 November 2011 @ 02:27 pm
Looking for a fic that I read back when I first got hooked on Supernatural, which makes it about 18 months ago.  I believe it takes place a short time before Deans deal comes due.  The only thing I specifically remember is that Dean writes down in a journal everything that he want to pass on to Sam and gives it to Bobby to give to Sam after he is gone.  Dean then goes missing and Sam and Bobby search for him.  Ruby is also in the fic.
13 November 2011 @ 01:38 pm
Hey there,

I've had a real hankering for a fic where Dean gets sent back in time and finds himself with John and teenage Sammy and he's all bamf, and they find out about Dean's deal, Hell, the Angels and all that! Is there anything at all like this out there!?!?! Angst would be good! But no wincest please. And no season 7 spoilers if you can help it!

Please and thankyou!
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11 November 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Okay, first things first, this is my first time using this site so I am sorry if I post anything inproperly. I have been browsing the site though for a long while so lets hope after so much reading I can do this right :)

I am looking for any fics that involve Dean as Michael. I have read all of the fics on Aceofannwns' livejournal site (http://aceofannwn.livejournal.com/20662.html) and would love to see if there are anymore out there. I get so excited when I see a Michael!Dean fic and I would love to get excited more in the nearby future! I really appreciate any help.

Also if there are any fics anyone could suggest that involve Dean finding God (with the amulet)or discovering a secret about God

Thanks guys!
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28 October 2011 @ 07:17 pm

I'm looking for a story that is a crossover,unfortunatelly I don't remember what the fandom is.Dean and Sam go to Bobby to see if any of his books has a way to break the deal. Bobby has company,2 guys an a woman he's teaching how to be hunters.One of the guys and the girl are really smart,the other is more of a jock,I think football. Sam gets together with the jock,and I think their first time was in the laundry room at Bobby's place.Sam also has more than brotherly feelings for Dean ,the jock knows about it and doesn't mind.They even have a threesome a time or two before Dean calls it off because he doesn't feel comfortable. Sam,Dean,and the jock leave Bobby's and take a job where they clean crime scenes while investigating a case. They head back when Bobby calls that they found a way to break the deal. The deal is broken with some math that the new hunters figured out. Sam,Dean and the jock stay together and travel taking cases.

I looked under Dean's Deal tag,but was unable to find it.Any help would be great!!
16 October 2011 @ 05:37 am

I'm looking for 2 specific crossovers that I'm having trouble locating.I swear my computer somehow vanishes my favorites links.

1) Dean adopts Harry Potter when Harry is a small child.The Winchesters still hunt.Dean still makes a deal with the crossroads demon to save Sam. Harry eventually finds out and tries to make a deal with a demon to save Dean. I think this story was at fanfiction net and it was complete.

2)Harry is an adult and he has custody of Teddy.He works for or is friends with Bobby.Dean and Sam visit Bobby and stay for a while.The story was moving toward a Dean/Harry pairing and it was a WIP at livejournal.

I'm also looking for any good stories where any of the Winchesters or Bobby adopt or mentor Harry.
Gen,het, or slash is fine.


#2 FOUND! Still looking for #1
19 September 2011 @ 11:40 pm
Ok so I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago about Dean in Hell. In it he meets up with Bela and they are traveling through hell to find this guy who can help Dean I think. I remember the guy was some sort of collector and he wanted Dean's amulet? maybe? I might be confused at that part. But anyway I think at the end Sam found a way to open a devils gate and Dean met him there...

This may be two stories blurred together. Again it's been a long time since I read this so I don't really remember much but I really want to read it again.

I have two completely unrelated requests.

1. Are there any stories where Sam and/or Dean, and/or other cast members join a reality talent show like American's Idol, or America's Got Talent? I'd especially like it if it were Sam and Dean doing it for a Hunt, but a no-supernatural one would work as well.

2. Any good post season three or AU season four stories where Bobby and Sam work together to get Dean out of Hell. Maybe with Dean doing his best to survive and fight his way out as well?
11 August 2011 @ 02:30 pm
Ok, I think both of these took place around season 3 and concern the demon deal, but I'm not positive.

1. Dean's deal comes due and he dies. Sam drives out into the desert/middle of nowhere, digs a grave and buries Dean, then plans to drive to turn himself in to the FBI. He's furious that Dean's brought him back just to watch his brother die, furious he couldn't save Dean, and wants nothing more out of life than to suffer in prison.

2. I don't know if it was the deal or not, but Dean dies. Sam starts telling anyone who'll listen about his big brother and describes Dean in specific detail. He creates a website with pictures and his description of his brother. This website also contains an image of the sign which can be meditated upon to create Tulpas. Eventually Dean, just as Sam remembers him, returns to Sam.

Does anyone know where these fics can be found. I don't know the authors or the titles, and that's making them practically impossible to find.
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10 July 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Hello everybody!

I am looking for Sam/Dean fic from about 2 (or maybe more) years ago. I read it a while back so I don't remember the title...or the author.
Here's what I recall though. Sam and Dean settle down at a house in a small town. Dean owns a garage and Sam is a professor. After an unlucky hunt (curse?) Dean has this weird thing where he cannot be touched by anyone but Sam, otherwise he becomes catatonic. I think, Sam tried to save him from the deal with crossroad demon and something went wrong, so both of them have matching scars.
The POV switches between Sam, Dean and a guy that works at Dean's garage and has a massive crush on him. He ends up finding out that they are lovers, and they are forced to leave the town.
Well yeah, that's pretty much it. I really hope someone read it and has it saved. That story was AMAZING!
I keep thinking it was from big bang challenge but I can't find it there =(

Thank y'all in advance!

Crush by Sonofabiscuit77
+ audio version
Thank you guys for your quick responses!
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28 May 2011 @ 05:48 pm
I haven't used this community before, so I hope I'm doing this right.  If not, by all means, Mods, delete this post.  Anyway, I was hoping to find three certain types of fics:

1.   One where Sam is inflicting Harm upon himself, maybe because he can't take the pressure of life, or maybe he's away at Stanford, and can't take being away from his family, as much as he hates to admit it.  Now, I'm not picky, but I'm looking for a quite lengthy one where Dean finds out and helps him deal with it (Preferably not Wincest, but again, not picky). 

2.   I remember seeing a fic where Dean was back from hell and taking Drugs.  I know, that's not much to go on.  But, if it helps, It was a really long fic, in a series of fics revolving around that genre/issue.  But Sam finds out, and he's definitely not happy. 

3.  I feel awkward asking this, but does anyone know any fics where Dean is sexually assaulted/raped?  I know there's a bunch out there, but for the life of me, I can't find them.  I would be eternally grateful if someone found some. 

Thanks a lot, in advance!
11 May 2011 @ 04:42 am
Hi, am looking for a general type of story, with a couple of specific ones in the mix.

Type of fic is any recs where Dean's deal with the Crossroads Demon is invalid because he's already given his soul over to Sam, either consciously or without realising it. Have read all I can find under the 'Dean's deal' tag on here already, including Council for the Defence by Teand

Specific ones are:
1. This one where Dean gives his soul over to Sam during sex shortly before the deal's due.
2. As children, Dean gives Sam his soul. I don't think he 'traded' it in any way, just gave it over to Sam for safe-keeping in such a way that Sam was all wide-eyed and happy and Dean was happy because Sam was happy. If that makes any sense.
(Edit: Possibly Dean gave it to Sam to make up for some disappointment?)

I know, there's been ALOT of requests lately. And I've held off for as long as I could. But.... I need some help fellow Story-Finders. Allow me to explain:


[001] I found this as one of my very first SPN stories, over on FF.net. I have hunted by every variation of dentist, wisdom-teeth, tooth, whatever, and can't find it. Ironically... I have the story saved. Just not the title or the author's name. And I'd love to rec it, but I can't find that info to share it with anyone. So I guess this is a reverse search. In it, Sam (teenaged) had just had his wisdom teeth removed, and was on painkillers. And hallucinating badly. He was weilding a wooden spoon as defense against the gremlins that were trying to invade the motel room, and had 'salted' the windows and doors with baking soda. When Dean asked WHY the gremlins were trying to get in, Sam said it was because they were after their socks (which Sam threw in the bathtub, since Gremlins don't like water). It was more from Dean's POV than Sam's, and short and sweet and Dean kept thinking that he and the dentist were going to have a LONG conversation about this. Help? 

[002] ~~FOUND~~ I have this one saved somewhere, and when I hear it, I know I'm going to beat my head on a wall. I have a line saved as a status of mine on Facebook, and it's bugging me that I can't find what story it's from: “Jenny, that boy didn't even come when you were pushing mail through his slot at two in the morning.”

“Wow!” says Mike, appearing at their sides like magic. “Are we playing the How Many Sexual Innuendos Can I Fit in One Sentence Game? Here, I'll go!”
[livejournal.com profile] ratherastory found it...thank you again!

[003] ~~FOUND~~ I found the banner for this on GoogleImages, but no link anywhere, and my google-fu is failing me tonight. It's "Cop'Verse", and the banner has an image of handcuffs dangling between the boys. I'm assuming it's a J2. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] marlowe78 .

[004] ~~FOUND~~The story where Jared gets a fever,and dreams that his liver ate it's way out of his body and was trying to destroy civilization, and Jensen was all panicked over it. Ring any bells? The awesome [livejournal.com profile] peppervl shared her link for it! 

[005] ~~FOUND~~There's a J2 fic out there, I think college-based, in which Jensen keeps making Jared drink pineapple juice. cut to protect the innocense of small children and grandmothers everywhere... ) Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] sd_singer for the link! 

[006] ~~FOUND~~ So I was researching "Everyone Loves A Clown", and SupernaturalWiki says that it's a shout-out to gekizetsu.net, in which there was a story that involved Sam and Ronald and it looked good, but their link was dead. And I can't find it at gekizetsu.net. I thought maybe the veteran SPN readers around here might know...[livejournal.com profile] funshine908 found 'em!! Link in the comment area. *smishes*

[007] I think this was a mockery of wincest, but it had Sam ...those pesky grandmothers and kids.... ) Odd, I know, but does anyone know what I'm talking about?

[008] ~~FOUND~~I lost this one last night. >.< It's an AU, Boy's not as brothers... Dean runs the Singer Salvage Yard after Bobby dies,and runs into Sam, whose fleeing his abusive boyfriend Dex with his daughter Em. Sam's into physical therapy/massage... I lost it. I meant to save it, but the laptop shut down too quick. Help??  THANKS [livejournal.com profile] cherry916 for the link!!!

General Searches:
[009] Okay, so in "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things", Dean was all "What's dead should stay dead, right? Are there any fics where Sam throws that back in Dean's face after "All Hell Breaks Loose" and Dean's deal? Because... I see that as too much ammo for Sam to not have used... you know? 

[010] Any fics that involve Sam's broken wrist after "CSPWDT"? Getting it set and all that, Dean forgetting in his chick-flick moment, anything? I'll take Jared too. ^_^

[011] I don't remember what episode, but the boys busted through a stained glass window to escape from a church. And somehow...were perfectly fine. O.o Yeah, can we replay that, with some abuse and hurt and maybe stitches for the cuts from the glass? Thank you! EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] ratherastory let me know it's "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and yeah, the boys DID get hurt. I'll happily take any and all fics that involve that scene.

[012] I've found a few stories that have neurotic/OCD-cleaning Jensen. I can't remember them, but I adore obsessively-cleaning-Jensen... got any recs for me? I'm happy with self-recs, any rating, any genre (except horror), and wincest is always, always welcome.

Thanks guys. You all rock, you know that??

EDIT: Still looking for #1 and for #7, and still taking the general search recs.

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21 March 2011 @ 07:57 pm
I have a few request for all you lovely rec-ers.

1. I'd like to read anything that has Dean killing Ruby. I don't care if it is canon or AU, but I would love, love, love it if it is canon and occurs in season 4, but prior to 4x22. It doesn't have to, though. It would also be great if the boys kill her together...like they did in 4x22 (Sam holding her, Dean stabbing her) I'd like the story to describe Dean's feelings about killing her. Of course, Dean killing Ruby doesn't have to be the main focus of the story, but if it isn't I'd like there to be a good amount of words about it. Like, I want more than, "I killed Ruby. I loved it."

2. I would love some season 4 or season 5 re-writes. I'm thinking a long story where something happens that drastically changes things. For example, Dean finds about what Sam has been doing in season 4 earlier, or a big player (that isn't Sam or Dean) is killed, or Sam never escapes the panic room, or the boys don't separate...anything and eveything

3. And along the lines of my second request, I'd like stories that have Dean never going to Hell. It is amazing how few I have found. I don't care how it happens, whether Sam breaks the deal or there was some loophole, or something else entirely. The only thing that matters is that Dean never goes to Hell....(I'll take Sam saving Dean from Hell, as well, but I prefer it if Dean never goes)

I like Gen and Wincest. I accept Het if it is one of Sam's canon pairings. Please no angel pairings. The longer the better, but I'll take any length. Please no evil!Sam....unless Dean is evil, too.

Thanks in advance!
17 January 2011 @ 12:02 am
ETA:  Stories were found - Devil is in the Details and Re-Hymenated by [livejournal.com profile] anne_higgins .

These two fics were on my flist just today, but my internet unexpectedly closed down and I lost all my open tabs.  I had a chance to read them, but not leave feedback or save them.  They were both AU, set at the end of S2 or beginning of S3 - Crowley has knowledge of the future, and he doesn't like it, so he convinces Dean to rework his original deal, except with Crowley this time.  And, it'll take more than a kiss to seal it.  There is a little daddy!kink involved as well.  I think the second one was called Rehymenated, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, I'd really love to find them again, so I'll thank anyone in advance who can provide the links.

Just an added note - I have searched through my entries on my flist with a fine tooth comb, using several methods, and I haven't been able to find the stories again.  I don't know why I'm missing them, but I am.
15 January 2011 @ 08:00 pm
Hey!  I know I just posted, but I really want to keep reading, so.....here's more requests!  :)

1. I'd love some Christmas Carol style with DEAN being the one getting a wake up call about how much Sam needs him or how awesome Sam is, anything along those lines.  

2.  Claustrophobic Sam or Jared?

3. As many gen J2 stories as you can send my way!  :)

4. Sam stopping the deal without too much lasting damage on himself.  Preferably without Dean knowing beforehand that he's doing something.  Creative ways to stop the deal count too.  I've read the one about the bet with the Trickster.  :)  


Hallo again! I know I'm pushing my luck, what with posting twice in less than a week, but you all were wonderful last time, so... :)

follow the white rabbit... though it was probably a demon anyway )

Thank you again for being awesome :)
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25 December 2010 @ 05:21 am
Hi, I'm searching for a fic and I can't seem to find it, even after looking through the tags...

Basically, it's about Dean's deal. Dean makes a list of the things he wants to do and Sam finds out about it. The first few items on the list are more about places he wishes he could go; and there was one where he wished he could spend a whole day eating chocolate, and another about eating sushi... Later on, he wishes that he could make Sam laugh more often, and that Sam would kiss(?) him, I'm not sure... And basically there's a misunderstanding where Sam says that he wouldn't be doing this if Dean wasn't going to die and Dean thinks that it's only out of pity...

I know it's a multi-part but I can't remember how the story ended, though I think it was a happy ending...

I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me the title of this fic. Thanks=)! I'm counting on you guys=)

ETA: Found by twinkletoesjess. The fic is The List by Char and Brie.

29 November 2010 @ 10:04 pm
Hey! =D

I was looking for one specific post Swan Song fic where Dean hallucinates about a younger Sam? I think Sam was way young, probably ten or eleven. Dean's sitting on the couch and drinking and Sam's asking him questions...

Does that ring any bells? It was a BRILLIANT fic and I want to rec it to someone as well as read it again myself!

Thank you.

Apart from that, ANY post 5.22 REUNION fics would be great. You can never get enough of those, even halfway into the sixth season. Any reunion fics, really. The old days after Dean's return in Lazarus Rising, or something after AHBL, anything that even vaguely resembles an awesome, hurt/comforty reunion!

Thank youuu.
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22 November 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Hey everyone! I have a couple requests.

1. Now, I know there is a Harry Potter crossover tag, but there is a one specific thing that I want that I know a lot of HP crossovers don't have. I would like either Gen stories or ones where the only slash pairing is Sam/Dean. I have read The Art of Survival over at fanfiction.net and Damned Demented Demons by hells_half_acre, and Old Country, but it seems like anything else I find has other slash pairings in it. (Besides Sam/Dean)

2. Season 6 Spoilers )

3. I'm also always looking for stories where Sam breaks the contract and Dean never goes to Hell and stories where Sam doesn't break the final seal. For some reason, I have a difficult time finding that many.

Thanks in advance!

Live, love and be happy
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15 November 2010 @ 02:07 pm
I am looking for a specific fic were Sam breaks Deans deal by going kind of nuts and thinking that he is Dean and makes Dean dress up as him.

Also are there any fics out there dealing with My Bloody Valintine and Dark Side of the Moon and Sam and Dean being soulmates?