02 May 2015 @ 01:32 pm
I'm looking for destiel fics (established or starting) where some angel custom crops up and causes either problems or confusion. be it nesting, a particular view on the roles of humans and angels in matings, or anything else whatsoever so long as it causes a bump in the road as it were. So if its a fic before they get together it can be about how castiel views them as already together or as dean belonging to him due to the handprint scar or what he's done for dean.

angelic pon farr/nesting/egg!fic

anything not normal/common/expected/... in human relationships.

some good examples of what I'd like are home or clue feathers

no sam/angel pairings other than Lucifer or dean/sam
05 August 2014 @ 01:30 am
Ok this one maybe a bit hard.
I'd love some cute stories of Team Free will couples; I want the focus to be the couples getting to know each other or simply being adorable and cute together and such I want there to be some plot to the fic so cute adorableness with plot .
I'd love to see some good AUs as well as normal old fiction where they make stuff off the show.

1. this was brought about through reading a lot of [livejournal.com profile] kijikun's works but got completely stuck with their shattered soul story so if you you know any like that throw it in.(but please don't give me more of Kijikun's works a lot of their work is incomplete)
2. basically cute couple fics
3. great plot filled cuteness where kids are put into the mix though Mpreg or having an Egg or adopting I don't really care how the kids end up in it as long as they pop up.

But Please No Mpreg/egg laying Sam (Sam always gets ruined for some reason)

Gabriel/any male character I just want as much Gabriel as you can give me.
John Winchester/any male character that's not Dean or Sam action is also appreciated.
NO INCOMPLETE WORKS Please, you don't know how many times I find good stories but the authors just drop them.
01 June 2014 @ 07:41 am
I was hoping to find some Dean/Castiel fics. Which you'd think should be easy enough, right?

Thing is, I have specific preferences.
1. I prefer the emotional focus to be on Dean. I like Cas well enough, but I do not connect to him emotionally, so as a result I have no interest whatsoever in hurtCas, woobieCas or Cas as the center of the story.

2. If the fic is abo, a trope I love, I would prefer for Dean to be the Omega, and Cas to be the Alpha. (and if Sam has a major role in it, I prefer for him to be an Alpha as well. It distracts me out of the story when people try to write Sam as anything other than the dominant guy he is in canon)

3. In most stories I prefer for Cas to be the dom to Dean's sub, the top to Dean's bottom...

4. I love wingkink stories where Cas uses his wings protectively, covering Dean with his wings, carrying Dean. With a focus on how much more powerful he is than Dean.

5. I just love stories where both of them are BAMF, but with a focus on Cas looking after Dean and taking care of him.

6. And if the fic is m-preg or egg fic, I'd prefer for Dean to be the one who's pregnant or carrying the egg or whatever
03 November 2013 @ 11:29 pm
Hey everyone! I'm searching for fics with mpreg - and (specifically) eggpreg.

I really love dragon!fics and I've read lots of them(: I'm currently reading Fancy Rained Like Grace by [livejournal.com profile] salire and LOVING it but unfortunately, it's currently a WIP stuck at chapter 12. :( Anyway! I'm a huge mpreg fan and I've pretty much devoured all the mpreg in this fandom... So my main things are

+COMPLETED stories
(The longer the better)
(dragon fics ftw)
--Also I'm not really into Alien fics but if it's good I'll read it!

Anything you can find me is great! And thank you in advance! *kisses*
25 August 2013 @ 07:51 pm
I'm searching for a specific fic where angels have a method of asexual reproduction where a 'shard' splinters of them and then they and another angel feed the shard with energy/grace. Plot spoilers )
I thought the story title was Shard and googled it and searched the comm and ff.net for it, with no luck. :( Anyone? Thanks in advance!

ETA: Found! Available at LJ or ff.net.
05 July 2013 @ 12:39 am
Hi. A year or so back I read this fic. Without even the slightest amount of exaggeration I can tell you it was the strangest fic I have ever read, but also very entertaining. Dean and Cas had a baby... Might have been egg fic, or mpreg. But definitely Cas somehow brought a child that was decidedly his and Dean's into the world. Because the child was mixed species, though, it ended up being a pile of goo. And, uh, I think the pile of goo's name was Danielle. Ringing any bells?
03 May 2013 @ 06:08 pm

I am in need of any deaged!cas baby!cas, would love ones were the boys have to take care of him.

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23 May 2012 @ 07:58 pm
Hello. I'm looking for any and all Cockles fics that you consider to be at or above B grade. I've had lousy luck finding anything at all, even in the tag here.

Novel length, three parts, one shot; any and all lengths are fine, though I prefer longer.

As a secondary request I'd like any mpreg/eggpreg/ambiguous origin kidfic recs. Thirdly, any slavery recs, please and thank you. For all of these I don't mind who tops/who is pregnant/who the master is.

I've seen all of qthelights's stuff and it's phenomenal, so none of that please. Also, even if it's amazing, refrain from adding Destiel. I have more than enough to work through as it is, and my Cockles to-read list is in short supply.
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17 May 2012 @ 10:48 pm
Just reread bellacatbee's Pet!verse(http://bellacatbee.livejournal.com/tag/pet%21verse) and in the mood for destiel :) Does anyone know of fics where angels are known creatures and kept as pets or studied or just living among humans? emphasis on how angels are a different species from humans. Prefer destiel but don't care who tops or bottoms :D Since its baby-bird season a Cas with birdlike qualities would be awesome!
09 May 2012 @ 05:00 pm
Hey! So I was wondering if anyone had any stories for the following requests:

1. Any stories where Dean lays eggs? It can be because he had sex, or a curse, or whatever, but only Dean can lay the eggs!

2. Any stories where Jensen and Jared are working on Supernatural, but Jensen's very shy and won't talk to Jared. J2, please. If Jensen is abused, that's okay. I'd like an epic or long length story, but little oneshots work, too.

Thanks a million in advance!
13 April 2012 @ 02:56 am

THINK I got all those tags right... Anyway! Hi again everyone! :D So, there's a very specific type of fic I'm looking for at the moment. We've all seen the stories where Sam seduces Dean, either pre-stanford or series. What I'm looking for is the other way around, with Dean seducing Sam, preferably pre-series, but I'll take anything. Now, there's a few ways to go about this:

1. Dean catches sight of/thinks he see's Sam looking at him the way brother's aren't supposed to look a eachother. He decides to go for it, even if Sam is a little reluctant.

2. Dean drugs/let's someone else drug Sam and takes advantage of him, as seen in Slip Me Another by autoschediastic.

3. From a young age, Dean's always been protective of Sammy, to the point where when Sam starts thinking about sex, Dean decides he's going to the one to teach Sam how it's done. And he's the only one Sam's allowed to do it with.

I would love, love, LOVE if any recommendations could be dub-con, with bottom!Sam. Dean being jealous and possesive is never a bad thing.

On a final note, just because: any egg fics? Not really creature!boys, just Sam and/or Dean (preferably Sam) really having an egg!kink.

And just to let you guys know, I have read [livejournal.com profile] bewaretheides15's Not A Verse series.

Self rec's are welcome, and thank you in advanced! :D

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06 March 2012 @ 04:29 pm
I am looking for any fics where
1) Castiel gives birth to Dean's child
2)Castiel is born and the story of his birth

I am hoping to have a lot of fics
general request
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Hi guys! Im hoping you can help me out here(this is my first request lol I ever made so I hope im doing it alright...if its not, sorry :c) and rec me some good Stories.

So Im not really looking for some specific stories, any genre is fine with me. Curtain, hurt, comfort,AU,knotting,egg!ficetc... doesn´t bother me at all I read all of it so that its not a problem.But I really would appreciate if you only recomend me stories where Sam is the one who is pregnant(I relly like pregnant!Sam)

So..that´s all, oh and sorry about the crappy english, not my first language...So, I hope you can help me :)


P.S: I hope the tags are fine..
10 February 2012 @ 11:43 pm
I'm looking for some good Sam/Gabriel mpreg/egg!preg fics to read tonight. Anyone have any recs?
So, I am usually a Sam/Dean girl, but I've been exploring my options lately and thought I would give Dean/Castiel a try. I've mostly stayed away from the pairing because I just adore Sam/Dean, but I've practically scoured the internet of all Sam/Dean fics and read what feels like all of them. *g*

Anyways, so I was wanting to know if the Dean/Castiel fans out there could rec me your favorite fics with the pairing. I like first-time R or NC-17 rated fics that are preferably over 10,000 words (or a lot more!). I would be fine with either bottom!Dean or bottom!Castiel, though I usually like for them to stick to one position throughout the fic, so preferably no switching. I like smutty sexytimes in fics, but I like plot to, so no PWPs. I don't squick easily and rather enjoy the more kinky/extreme kind of fics say mPreg/egg!Preg, crossdressing, BDSM, etc.... the only thing that squicks me are really dark!fics and death!fics (where you know, they stay dead, LOL). Oh, and I would like Completed fics only, thanks!

05 February 2012 @ 06:23 pm
I would like to read all stories about one of J2 carrying eggs in his womb and letting the eggs out.  They would be hatching.  Are there stories for that?
26 January 2012 @ 08:21 pm
I'd love to read an mpreg/egg!fic/kid!fic/fledgling!fic/whatever story in which Sam and Lucifer are in a happy relationship, so no non-con please! I want to see a happy family with cute angel babies!
08 January 2012 @ 11:13 pm
I just read a Sam/Gabriel egg!Preg fic and it got me interested in reading more. I like Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel or any combination of Winchester/Angel pairing. I prefer longer fics, but i will willingly take shorter fics if they are good. Any rating is acceptable, but i prefer NC-17 or R rating the best. I'm looking for anything, from schmoopy to angsty to fluff, just as long as it's some good egg!Preg between the Winchester boys and their angels. The only thing i don't want is really dark fics or death!fics.

Thanks in advance!!
16 November 2011 @ 03:02 am
Can any kind souls point me to some good m-preg or egg!fic. (egg-preg? heh.) I'm not picky on the pairing though I like SamxDean or DeanxCastiel. Just looking for some prego boys really, thanks!
Ok, we all know Sam got hooked on demon blood and had a tough time getting over it. But are there any stories where Dean gets hooked on ANGEL blood, like in an attempt to stop Sam or Lucifer or even to try to save Cas after 6.22? All I ask is that the fic has Dean addicted to angel blood (preferably Cas's), Sam, Castiel. Preferably Dean/Cas slash (NO WINCEST) and double hugs for portrayal of Dean going through the addiction and (if applicable) withdrawal. I love dark stories that end on a happy-ish note and self-recs are always welcome!!!

Also, there are several m-pregs with Cas having Dean's baby (or egg, lol) but are there any where Castiel is pregnant by someone evil (like Lucifer, Raphael, Crowley, some well-written OMC forced it on him somehow or whatever) or even by Sam (NOT by force, at least NOT Sam's fault but more a spell gone wrong or something forced them together) and Dean STILL takes care of Castiel and baby? Would especially love a fic where a baddie knocked Cas up and tries to kidnap the baby... And if Sam's the daddy, how would that affect his and Dean's brotherly love as well as Sam and Cas and Dean and Cas? Dean/Castiel NO WINCEST! Can be an egg!fic.

26 October 2011 @ 05:11 pm
Anyone know of any stories where Balthazar is the pregnant one? Can be any pairing, I am not picky.
I just have not seen ANY Balthazar mpreg stories out there...
As the title says, I'm searching for fics that deal with the following things - list below - to read and safe to my laptop while I'm not in the net. Self pimping, recs and any rating is welcome! 

Firstly, I'm craving egg!fic after reading some of it a while ago. It doesn't matter if it's Gabriel/Sam or Dean/Cas, or both, or different combinations or pairings... I take it at any rating and in any form. It's practically mpreg - which i will gladly take as well, as long as the angels are the carriers and there is at least a mentioning of a Egg or fledgeling somewhere.

And secondly, I'd love to read RPS/RPF about some sort of world end/sudden WWIII/Apocalypse/end of days that happens in the real world and now forces the actors to have their share of what they have only acted in TV land up until then. In other words, fight for their lives, or travel home to Texas to their families with no means of transportations - Think "The book of Eli" or "The Road" - something like that. Again I take any lenght any rating and any warning. The more variation the better.

Please indulge me while I baby-sit my - bitchy and just released from hospital- dad for the next two days.

Pretty please?