Older story, but here is what I remember: Sam and Dean are still hunting, Sam has lost an eye, writing sigils or devils traps, etc causes him pain, but he's grateful to still be working with Dean. I think the demon blood is causing the problem. Very short story and pretty sure it's Gen. I tagged au and possible future fic. Thanks so much
This was a few years ago but I'm desperate to find this story again. It involved Jared living in the country with Tom (he was a toddler I think) and a lot of women had died of a strange disease that was killing women only. Gen had caught the disease and there was a few flashbacks of Jared nursing her until she died. He was on his own and in touch with Jensen and then Jensen comes to visit him. Jensen stays and they fall for each other and live together with Tom.

It was the 'real' J2 and Supernatural existed but obs it was AU.

I hope someone recognises it from my ramblings!

Found in comments - thank you so much!
So, it's Real People Fiction (I can't recall if it was slash or not; I don't think it was) and it's set in a post-apocalypse (I think zombies; the settlement/camp reminded me of The Walking Dead).

It had a rather wistful/sad tone to it.

Starts out with Jensen's POV and nobody knows he used to be an actor on a show called Supernatural, although I think someone realizes he's the model on a burnt/destroyed billboard watch advertisement. He's like "that was a long time ago" or something. You also find out his family perished during the outbreak & he's just pretty miserable/unsure why he's even still trying to stay alive.

Scouts of his camp/settlement alert everyone there's a band of survivors approaching, and Jensen always hopes/prays it's someone he knows.

I'm pretty sure the climax of the story is just that the band of survivors includes Jared Padalecki (whose family also perished) and they hug it out & cry.

There might be a little bit more after that... describing how meeting each other pulled them both back from the edge & became more personable with others as well as better contributors to the community, but I think that's it.

It was pretty short, but the scene where Jensen recognizes Jared was friggin great. I'd love to give it a reread.

Also, after checking with /r/fandomnatural on Reddit, it seems like When the World Ends; That Is When We Begin by TruelyEsoteric might be the fic I'm thinking of, but the details seem off: Jared was alone when he arrived at the camp, Jensen didn't have a surrogate daughter, & I don't think it was slash.

Thank you so much for any/all help on this!
27 October 2016 @ 09:34 pm
I've been looking for a fic that has some gen but slow burns into winces with one or both of the boys injured I think Sam worse than Dean. In the beginning Dean picks up Sam from the hospital and he still needs to go back for PT. I remember that they lived or rented a second story apartment or house and one of them had a hard time getting up there. They settle down for a bit and I think Dean gets a job bartending ot it could be Sam. I also think this could have been post cage for Sam... or post hell for Dean, one of them had some anger issues. Please help.
18 September 2016 @ 05:09 pm
Hi there,
I am looking for a story I read about four years ago. It's post apocalyptic. Sam rules a kingdom on earth and somehow Dean is there with him but I THINK he is mute, but maybe not and acts as Sam's hound. Not a dog, but scouts for him and fights for him. I think Meg or Ruby are there too. They are fighting a battle against the last free humans on earth.

I don't remember a lot about this story, but in the end Dean betrays Sam and goes to work for the human's. Rather than lose Dean, it forces Sam to change his mind and come along side him.
I know this description is super vague, but any help finding this would be appreciated

Dare Frame thy fearfull symmetry by [livejournal.com profile] keerawa on LJ
Also on AO3 (link thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dinkwerks)
Hello! I will be out of the country for a few weeks and I am looking for J2 PDFs which I can download. However, regular links for stories are also welcome! I love reading J2 fics but unfortunately it seems that I have read all the good ones and there haven't been any new stories in the genres I want. But I am hoping I have missed out on some, please help!
Here are a few topics, all J2 pairing, preferably newer fics:
1) Where one or both Js are cops, spies, FBI agents, basically being BAMF!!
2) Space stories where the whole story takes place primarily on the ship, or on some new planet for a little while.
3) Where one or both Js are superheroes, or have special powers.
4) Hurt!Jensen, AU, Non AU anything-- this is my favorite topic! I like it when he is not too delicate but more like a strong scruffmuffin (<3)
5) Alpha!Jensen, Beta!Jared paring like Alpha Pack, no mpreg preferably. I like when Jared is strong too, not a weak omega.
6) Any stories where Js, especially Jensen is being a hot badass! I like stories with less smut (LOL), but if there are sex scenes I prefer Top!Jensen. However if you think the plot is awesome, rec away!
No death!fics, no WIPs
Self-recs are welcome!
Thank you!!!
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FOUND by the_diggler - it's probably MissAnnThopic's sequel to The Shattered One (LJ or AO3). The sequel has currently been taken down.


Hi all, I think I'm looking for just one fic, but I may have mashed two together in my memory.

1. Dean, Castiel and Sam are mostly retired and living in the same house and raising a kid, which is part angel - Castiel's child I think. Sam starts a relationship with a female hunter, and Dean and Castiel have a slow burn going on. I think Baltazaar sometimes comes to visit. Castiel and Dean sleep in the same bed, but it takes a while before the relationship turns sexual.

2. I think this scene is from the same fic - the scene is from Castiel's point of view, and he and Dean have sex in the Impala. Castiel is completely overwhelmed by it. I think Dean has been in denial and this was the turning point in their relationship. If I remember correctly, I think Castiel bottoms from the top.

I've checked my bookmarks and Google, and scanned back through the tags here. I'm sure it's a well-known fic, and it's at least a couple of years old, possibly much older, but I just can't find it.

Thank you for your help.
27 October 2015 @ 01:23 am
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for the story Signs and Limits. For some reason I can only find chapter 15 of the story and it won't let me see any of the other chapters. If anyone could help me out. Thank you!
14 October 2015 @ 08:49 pm
Hello! So, I'm looking for any fics that include the characters time traveling and meeting their younger/older selves. It could be S10 Sam and Dean time travelling and meeting S1 Sam and Dean, or S9 Cas travelling back and meeting his S4 self, or maybe even S9 Cas meeting Claire, Jimmy, and Amelia from S4. Also young Mary going forward in time and meeting Sam and Dean from the future, or perhaps S1 John meeting S10 Sam and Dean. All those are just examples, but it'd be cool if I could find something like that

I prefer no slash ( but if it's a good fic then by all means recommend it!)

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29 July 2015 @ 06:30 pm
Hi, I'm looking fics in which Sam is dead, Dean is no longer a hunter, and after a time he is reunited with Castiel. Does anybody know some? Thank You.
27 July 2015 @ 11:59 am
Hey, guys. I'm looking for a specific fic I read a few years ago. My google-fu has failed me, and so now I turn to you.

It was a longer one-shot, where Dean was a demon that made it out of hell. It was very dark, as the first scene had Dean (or another demon?) possessing a girl in order to lure and kill a pedophile. As the fic progresses, it's seen that Dean does not remember his past. He then comes across Sam, who's now about fifteen or twenty years older, and Dean ends up following Sam because he can't shake the feeling that he somehow knows the guy. Sam is unnerved because he keeps running into Dean, and ends up figuring out that Dean is Dean before Dean does.

I don't believe it was Sam/Dean, but it was damn good. Intelligent writing and very enthralling.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.
01 July 2015 @ 03:24 pm
I'm looking to re-read a long series of fic. The main fic was dean/cas in the future after some type of apocalypse type-thing. Dean and Cas had a farm house outside of a small town and were raising Ben Braeden (possibly Dean had tried to save Ben and Lisa, but Lisa died under a collapsed staircase, that might be a different story, though). Gas and medicines are at a premium, so Baby is only brought out for special occasions while Dean does small jobs around town and small hunt jobs in the local area. Dean may have had a leg/knee injury. A couple of kids are taken in by Dean and Cas (one was dropped off by her dad in a station wagon because it was wasteful to feed a girl, he kept his sons and left her behind) and Sam shows up and stays, there are issues between him and Dean and him and Ben. Eventually in the series Sam and Dean make up, Sam dates and marries a local girl and things aren't so bad. Thanks in advance for your help!

Found by Greekgirl1990! It's the "Sun 'Verse" by enigmaticblue on archiveofourown. Thanks!
16 March 2015 @ 08:13 pm
Hey there,

I'm looking for a story - I think I read it on ff.net. It's set pretty far in the future where an old, scarred ex-hunter (Sam) who works in a bar gets wind of an author (Dean) who's kind of famous in their circles. Sam had thought he was dead, so he goes straight there to see if it's true. I know Dean had a daughter, and he was a professor? Or she called him professor, something like that.

Hope you guys can help, thanks!
15 February 2015 @ 09:37 am
I recall reading at least one story a few years ago where the boys were old and took daily walks in the park. There were several park regulars who recognized them. By the end of the story only one of them was coming, and it was implied the other had passed away.

I think there might have been two similar stories - both were responses to a prompt from one of the LJ communities. I don't believe the stories were slash, exactly, but they could have been read that way if I remember right.

Thanks if you can help me find one/both of these! :)

ETA - One has been found (if there are actually two), link in comments.
10 February 2015 @ 11:34 pm
Hello everyone. I've been looking for this story, but all that I remember is a little of the plot.

It takes place in the Croat!verse. Dean and Cas were on a supply run, and they ran into some demons at a convenience store. Cas ends up getting shot and taken back to camp where they had to dig the bullets out without anesthesia.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
08 February 2015 @ 09:38 pm

I was going through recs and bookmars for a good wincest fic to read and this "Journal of Caregiver" seemed right my alley. Sadly, the author seems to have deleted their LJ account and doesn't seem to have an AO3 account either:

Summary: Dean serves as the vessel for Michael and suffers the consequences. Sam cares for him and helps him heal from serious brain injury. (~50,500 words)

It was written in 2009 and seems an AU future!fic from Season 5.

If anybody has a copy that's willing to share and upload, it would totally make my day! (In case email is okay too)

Thank you!

ETA - FOUND! As explained by our dear [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator, the author doesn't mind people sharing this and her other stories, but only by email (not download link). Also she doesn't want her username linked to the fics, so from now on she's just "a talented gal". If anyone want them please PM [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator with your email for them.
23 January 2015 @ 06:17 pm
I’m trying to find a S/D/C fic. The story mainly focuses on the three of them as senior citizens, living together in a group marriage, and Castiel is supposedly human. As it turns out, Castiel pretended to lose his angelic powers so Sam & Dean would give a relationship with him a chance. I think they find out the truth when Cas is called back to Heaven for something.

If it helps, I remember there were flashbacks of how they got together. The brothers were already in a relationship, Cas was in love with both of them and approached them, but they rejected him. Then Cas “lost” his powers, and as they tried to help him recover them, Cas gave up hope and broke down one night, and while comforting him the brothers admitted they wanted him, too. They all got married on a beach, just the three of them exchanging vows alone, and they eventually took over Bobby’s job, mentoring the new generation of young hunters.

Thanks to anyone who can help me find it.

I don't remember the specific details of the story, except that it was a supernatural rpf semi-AU in which Jared and Jensen abruptly lose touch after Supernatural ends.

If I remember correctly the story is told mostly from Jensen's POV and he grows more and more confused when Jared stops calling, texting and eventually communicating altogether. He loses his wife (iirc it wasn't Daneel) either through divorce or is a widow, and Jared still is MIA.

Eventually Jared "gives up" running and reappears without an explanation. Jensen gets angry and demands one. They have a very emotional confrontation scene in Jensen's hotel room, and Jared confesses that he's in love with Jensen.

The story is longer than average with an interesting plot. I hope someone knows which one it is, it's been driving me mad. To not be able to find it...

Thank you!
21 November 2014 @ 03:27 pm
Hi, all. :)

I'm looking for future fics with Sam and Dean together. Domestic-themed or hunters or total AU - whatever is fine, so long as they're finally done with all of the major-crisis-saving-the-world stuff. I read a couple fics recently where the brothers are training younger hunters (Lessons Learned and The Sam Winchester School of Hunting) and really liked them - are there more like that?

I'm a samgirl at heart, so sam-centric is nice, but it's not necessary. I don't have any bottom/top preference or triggers, but a/b/o and mpreg are a little squicky for me.

The other general requests are stories in which Sam's skills and sacrifices are recognized by other characters. I'm in need of a little Sam-comfort at the moment, and I always love when people notice how bamfy Sam is. :)

28 October 2014 @ 01:41 am
Hi, I've been going through my bookmarks trying to find a certain fic I used to read and love but it seems I've miss placed it. What I remember, it was definitely Wincest Sam/Dean and I believe it was sort of a curtain fic, boys either retired or got out temporarily. Dean got a job as a farm hand and Sam used to bring him lunch. Then at some point I remember a tractor fell on Dean and he got hurt but that's about all that I can remember. Please, if any of this rings a bell, I'd be eternally grateful!
Hi, I just recently read
pinkisgoth's Signs and Limits http://pinkisgoth.livejournal.com/26818.html

Summary: Two years after Supernatural ends and Jared Padalecki is the star of The Watch – the new cult hit cop TV show. Jensen Ackles has left acting behind and is World Champion of the Extreme Prix – the fastest growing spectator sport in the world commonly called the ”Death Races”. Because of vastly different careers, the two have drifted apart. When a freak flood puts off a race, Jensen and Jared are reunited, and start repairing the wounds caused by their years apart. Slowly, a relationship of love and trust begins to develop.

and it now has me searching for more of the same type. Jensen is a race car driver or I would even be interested in stories where he is top player in some other extreme sport or keeping in line with Signs and Limits, stories where Jarod has stayed acting after Supernatural and Jensen has gone on to be great doing something else and the J's have stayed connected but finally become a couple.

Thank you in advance, oh and self recs are always welcomed.
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10 September 2014 @ 09:27 am
Hello, I've been trying to find this old J2 non-au fic.

I remember the plot as kind of future fic-ish, I believe they're approaching 40s in the story. where Jensen is a huge movie star and Jared is still doing TV works. Jared just got a divorce and Jensen invited him to Paris (his latest shooting location) and they play tourist for a few days in Paris where Jared can avoid the media for awhile.

I've been wanting to re-read the fic but couldn't remember the title.

Hopefully someone remembers! Thanks in advance :)

I'm looking for a fic where Dean wake up few years in the future (in a motel room I think) and discover he is married to Castiel.
He take it a bit bad, "gay panic"
Sam try to calm him down and stuff he tells him to be nice with Castiel because Cas kinda lost his Dean (future!Dean) and he (past!Dean) act like a dick to him.
I remember that it's really hard for Cas, he is hurt a lot (:/) that Dean push him a away a lot.
I remember that Cas hide his ring a bit but not sure.
But finally Dean accept the thing and come to like this intimate relation with Castiel and yeah he admit he is in love with him.
I remember Sam and Castiel find a way to send him back in his time (and of course the future Dean is back to his time too) (or maybe it happen itself because there's a lot of fic like that and I may mix things together sorry :p)
I'm sorry it's blurred it's been a great while and I think it's well known fic but I searched for 3 days and I can't find it, please help?
Thank you very much !
Have a great day/night :)

Oh and it's NOT :
The story of you and me : http://archiveofourown.org/works/985737/chapters/1942668
neither it is : The day the world went away: http://pyjamagurl.livejournal.com/166757.html (it's similar and it's a great fic btw I rec it to you guys!)
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There's this oneshot (unless it was part of a series) that I can't find for the life of me. It's short and sweet and it consists entirely of Dean and Cas terrorizing their daughter's teacher (elementary school) during a parent teacher conference, and talking about how great their kid is. It's really fluffy and simple and cute and I need it (and its author) in my life again.
I'm looking for any fics that are about Sam and Dean after they stop hunting and settle down into civilian life, but that shows how they are still always there for each other. I want something where the focus of the fic (or at least a major moment) is about how they are still Sam&Dean and they are still always there for each other and still know each other better than anyone, even their new girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/friends. It can be Sam/Dean or with other relationships, I'm pretty open to anything. I just want something that is about them and their history and all that they've been through together and how that has created a bond that will never go away, even when they're not hunting anymore.
27 March 2014 @ 11:19 pm
My search for this fic has been killing me!

What I can recall is Sam is staying at the Camp with Dean and Cas, but no one trusts him because they believe him to still be Lucifer or still possesed by him. Sam forms a relationship with Cas (& it's Bottom!Sam), and I believe Dean is an a-hole to Sam. I know that in the end, Dean reluctantly decides that Sam is a danger (& sadly Cas too) & they end up crushing Sam alive with stones or burying Sam alive (one of those) while Sam (feeling betrayed) screams his love for Cas:( It turns out that Lucifer was still in (or found?) Sam, takes him over, then kills everyone in the Camp.

There is a similar End!Verse (or Future!Verse...whichever) story where Sam gets pregnant by Cas, Gabriel helps them & Chuck is there too (& something to do with a Dragon-what Sam was actually pregnant with-cleansing the earth from evil), but that's not the one I'm looking for.

Thanks & hopefully someone can help!
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21 March 2014 @ 04:04 pm
This was a series with two short fics that I read a while ago on AO3, but I think have been taken down?
Castiel had been deaged, the how/why either i can't remember or wasnt specified. In the first fic Dean was getting Cas a new coat, and Cas picked out a trench coat. Dean got wings sown onto the back of it. In the second fic Dean was enrolling Cas into Kindergarten. The specific thing about these fic was that Cas was autistic and didnt talk at all.
I'd really love to find them, so if anyone knows what I'm talking about and/or where I can find them again, that'd be brilliant
I'm looking for three stories. Maybe you guys can help me...

1) The first story is Wincest. Sam and Dean live in the Men of Letters bunker. Dean has a beard. Sam wants him to shave it off, because he looks like John and it's just weird when they are in bed together.
Edit: FOUND! Links in comments

Becaus of possible triggers I put the next two requests under a cut:
Read more... )

Any ideas where I can find these stories?
Sorry for the mistakes, English ist not my first language ;)

Thanks in advance!

Edit: All three stories found in record time!!! Thank you so much!

06 January 2014 @ 02:12 am
Hit there, I'm really hoping that someone out there might have a copy of the following fic by winchesterhaunt. I've looked through the deleted journal post and I know this has been requested before and got no response but I thought I'd try my luck.
The story is basically Young!Sam dropping into the Croatoan 'verse and meeting 2014!Dean:

The Rest is Still Unwritten
Summary: The Winchesters’ fates have been written out for them since before they were born, but when Sam’s first hunt isn’t what it should be, the timeline between what is written and what has yet to be is shattered. Sam is dropped into an uncertain future where the world is much different than the one he left behind. A hunt for his brother leads him to some unexpected revelations. What is the secret Dean is hiding from him, and do all roads really lead to the same destination?

I'm hoping someone has saved this fic or maybe even some other stuff she's written. I've heard her work is really good.


Thanks to both the nonny who pointed me to the link to the PDF and to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] d0llface_h00ker for providing it.
04 November 2013 @ 08:01 am
Hello all!

I recall reading a story (actually, I think it might have been a series) in which Cas falls and is somehow injured, leaving him blind. Dean and Sam set him up with a house but then more or less leave him, I think because Dean is so guilty he just can't stay. The chapter/story that I mostly remember is that Cas has visions of the future and is kidnapped by some hunters who want him to give them some info. They then abandon him by the side of the road, and he's totally lost and wandering down the road until he's saved by some good samaritans.

Hope someone recognizes this - I've looked through a bunch of blind!cas fics and haven't struck gold yet.

07 September 2013 @ 11:44 am
Okay the past month or so I've been in love with Curtain,domestic,and kid fics. I read The New Normal (loved and waiting for the next part) and Chicago'verse (I'm still iffey on it,but it was good). Basically what I'm looking for is:

1:Any fics where Sam/Dean stop hunting (fully or halfway) and get a house/apartment or just use the batcave,and they start to become domesticated. Can be any rating just must be Wincest.

2:Fics like The New Normal where Cas or Gabriel or both are de-aged and Sam and Dean have to raise them and its just schmoop and love all around. Any rating,must be Wincest.

3:Fics where Sam/Dean get married/have kids/get a dog or just something like that where it's a big decision or step they make as a couple. Any rating,must be Wincest.

Please and thank you! :3
26 August 2013 @ 09:19 pm
I'm looking for a copy of starkraves The Last Angel on Earth. It was a Dean/Cas story set in the future from The End. The journal was deleted. Does anyone have a copy or know if the author does not want the stories distributed? Thanks!

I'm sure this podfic is at least a year old and more than an hour long. It's set in the future, but I'm not sure if it's a 2014!Cas or AU. This story is almost completely Cas'. I believe Sam said yes to Lucifer and Dean went off to find/kill him. When Dean leaves Cas, he's lost without him. He wanders and comforts himself with alcohol and drugs. In his journey, he's staying in an apartment. There's an religious woman who believes this is a test God has given to Cas.

I thought the title was something like Thursday's Angel or Angel of Thursday, but I haven't been able to find it under that title, reader, or author.

If anyone can find the podfic or the text version of this, I'd be so grateful and promise to bookmark and back it up for the next time my mp3 player dies on me.

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12 May 2013 @ 01:09 am
Hey! I'm looking for three kinds of fanfics.
The fist is a fanfic where Dean goes to 2014 and found that 2014!cas and 2014!dean are dating (bonus if he takes a while to accept it)
the second is also a destiel, where Dean and Cas (and some other characters if possible) are under some spell and are forced to only talk the truth.
And the last one is a fanfic where Sam and Gabriel are dating, but Dean doesn't know about it, and he finds out by accident.
10 April 2013 @ 09:46 pm

A few weeks ago, the awesome hurt!sam author winchesterhaunt suddenly deleted her journal. I was hoping she would come back but sadly the journal is purged now. I'm still berating myself for not reading in time her latest Gen BB, which basically had Young!Sam dropping into the Croatoan 'verse and meeting 2014!Dean:

The Rest is Still Unwritten
Summary: The Winchesters’ fates have been written out for them since before they were born, but when Sam’s first hunt isn’t what it should be, the timeline between what is written and what has yet to be is shattered. Sam is dropped into an uncertain future where the world is much different than the one he left behind. A hunt for his brother leads him to some unexpected revelations. What is the secret Dean is hiding from him, and do all roads really lead to the same destination?

I'd be eternally grateful if anybody had that one saved and could help me. And of course any other of her many many amazing stories would be welcome too!

Thank you very much!
Hello everyone... Sorry for my bad English .. I'll describe what I remember of the story and if anyone knows, I'd be very grateful.

Jensen and Jared are separate, they have a son who I think was called Lucas or Luke, Jared is still working in the industry, I don't remember what Jensen does. But their son also goes working with Jared and ends up injured on the sets. Jensen rushes to the hospital and Jared is there, they argue and Jared throws in Jensen's face that Lucas / Luke is not his biological son and because this, Jensen have no right tell Jared what is good or not for Luke.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance
06 March 2013 @ 01:56 am
Hi guy's!! I'm looking for a specific Sam/Castiel story set in 2014 future in The End episode.

I only read it once but this is what I can remember. Sam had said yes to Lucifer just like in the episode, anyway the story starts with Dean and his team have just defeated Lucifer. (I don't remember if they kill him or send him back to hell.)

Sam is knocked out but still alive, though Dean just walks away leaving Sam there. I think he knew Sam was alive but of course he's upset with Sam. Pretty sure it's Castiel that brings Sam back to there camp. Because Dean isn't ready to be round Sam and everyone else in the Camp see's Sam as Lucifer still, he as to stay with Castiel in his cabin.

Castiel becomes protective of Sam as time goes by and feel's worried when Sam isn't round him etc. I also remember a scene Sam goes off on his own somewhere and some men from the camp go to attack him, while this is happening Castiel knows Sam is in trouble and go's to find him.

* Gabriel keeps Sam locked in a house near the end of the story.
* Pretty sure it was BottomSam cause that's what I normally read. XD

Thanx again!! ^3^

EDIT - Found - http://m.livejournal.com/read/user/thunder-nari/280689
1) Any hope of some Crazy!Castiel? like how he was at the end of season 7. That couldn't have just gone away while they were in purgotory. So please, some Crazy!Cas, and Dean and Sam forgiving him completely, that bit's important, I don't want anyone being nasty to him over leviathan or the whole godcas thing (unless it's a bad guy).

I read one somewhere where Cas adopts some kittens to sort of prove he was still a useful, functional person which was cute.

2) Pacifist!Castiel, where he really sticks to his guns about not wanting to hurt anyone ever again. Maybe he has a mini breakdown if he hurts someone even by accident and is afraid he'll really hurt others like when he was god!Castiel and Dean and Sam comfort him... but really, anything with some pacifist Castiel would be awsome.

3) Any fics about future!Cas and Future!Dean. I was rewatching the episode (because Cas is just awesome as a stoned hippy), and it struck me that future Dean was sending Cas in to die because he knew he wasn't going to make it and he couldn't bear to leave Cas behind him, because that would really break future!Cas. So because I had that heartwrenching thought I need me some happy future!Cas and future!Dean fics, where they don't die, or  set before past!dean arrived, where they are just together and sorta happy.

4) Cas becomes the new Bobby. I don't know if anything like that even exsists, but it would be awesome. Cas would completely own all the people who called in to check on hunters , because seriously, would you ever not believe him if he told you to let some random person dig up a grave in your area?
16 February 2013 @ 01:26 am
Sorry about this, but I couldn't help myself.

Are there any stories revolving around Micheal, you remeber, that kid from Something Wicked, Jesse the little Anti-Christ boy, Ben, Claire (Jimmy's daughter). fics where they meet each other and join forces, Just watched the episode The End, and the idea of all of them forming their own little resistance group is just too precious for words. But seriously, anybody got anything?

Maybe... maybe something Tribe like (does anyone else remember that show or am I showing my age?), if you have seen it you'll know the sort of thing I mean.
I'm looking for a specific fic where Jared's family gets in trouble with a crime boss and Jared, in order to raise money to send his two siblings away, contracts himself into slavery for a set amount of time.

I remember a woman with a private company brokering the agreement between the Js. I think Jensen, a rich, powerful business man from a prominent family, arrived at the meeting via helicopter.

One unique detail I remember had to do with food: the society eats, almost exclusively, prepackaged nutritional bars/drinks. Fresh food is a big deal/luxury.

Jared starts to help Jensen with his business presentations using skills he had from his previous life.

Chad is in there a bit too, I think as a friend to Jared but I'm not sure.

Hate to be spoilery but I think there's a kidnapping and rescue.

I have searched everywhere for this and can't seem to find it!

FOUND! It's Redemption by [livejournal.com profile] ancastar. No longer on her journal because she published it on Amazon but the J2 version can be downloaded here.
19 January 2013 @ 11:17 pm
So, I'm looking for Dean/Cas AUs, set after the apocolypse that wasn't-you know, the kind where Dean and Cas get together, settle down in suburbia, maybe get a pet and a kid or three, Sam settles down with a nice girl who fits right in, the neighbors are nosy, someone bakes cookies, etc.
Basically, any post saving the world fics where Dean/Cas are settled down in boring old suburbia, living their lives, happy and free.
Bring on the fluff : )
Thanks : )
I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. Jensen is living in New York with a whole new group of friends, and Jared still in LA. He and Jared are still friends but they've started to grow apart and they're mostly communicating through voicemail/phone tag.

At one point I think there's a hook-up in a limo? And both are awkward about it after? And I think one of them (I want to say Jared?) has a boyfriend who can tell he's in love with Jensen. They get together after Jensen sings at some kind of bar or cafe, and Jared can tell the song is directed at him. There's a line in it about Jensen having an epiphany on the flight home, something about realizing at 30,000 feet that he's in love with his best friend. In the end, Jared and the dogs show up at Jensen's to say they're moving to New York.

Help? This is really bugging me.
Hey there!

I'm looking for a specific fic that I read about a year ago. It was the first J2 fic I ever saw and I can't remember the author or the title in the slightest.

Here's what I remember:
A few years after SPN ended, Jared has become a huge movie star, lives in fame with women hanging off both of his arms and scoring drugs with Chad every night. He has lost any contact with Jensen. Then he meets someone (?) with supernatural powers, and that someone sends him to an alternate reality to teach him a lesson, where he lives with Jensen and their kids (I think it was two? boy and girl probably?) and Harley/Sadie in their own house. After overcoming his shock at the revelation that he's living in a gay relationship, yadda-yadda, lots of angst and Jensen bringing him back on track of what happened in the past years, Jared slowly comes to the conclusion that this is what would really make him happy. He is aware that this isn't reality throughout the whole time, and he's unsure how long he'll stay there. But after a few months and the realization that he does want this for real (instead of being the constantly shit-faced and stoned, but lonely movie star) he instantly knows that this dream/AU is over. Which happens, as far as I remember, on Christmas morning, when Jared finds Jensen playing with the dogs and kids outside in the snow and he realizes he's reached perfect happiness.
True to that, he wakes up the next morning in his movie star villa with Chad passed out on the floor or something, packs his bags, goes to find Jensen (who hasn't seen him in years and is very surprised) and kisses him right there on the street and tells him that they should buy a house and have kids. It's really sweet and all, and I'd love to read it again.

A little detail that might help: Chad is wonderful in this. Not the usual duchebag (well, for the drug-scoring part at the beginning, he is), but while Jared is in his AU, Chad is there too - married (I think to Sophia?) with kids. And when Jared wakes up from the AU, he tells the still half-passed-out and hungover Chad "You know what? You'd be a wonderful father." That's right before he goes to find Jensen.

It might have been a big bang fic, I think I remember a wordcount around 20k to 30k.

So, if someone had an idea which story I'm talking about, I'd be very, very happy. Thanks in advance!
27 December 2012 @ 09:16 am
I'm a liiiiittle bit taken at the moment with Jeff Buckley's cover of 'Hallelujah', so I was just wondering if there are any Dean/Cas fics out there based on its lyrics? Like, not fics with titles taken from the song but stories that actually have their narrative derived from the verses, ie. Dean and Cas (and maybe Sammy) settle down into domesticity, Dean cuts Cas' hair after he turns human, some tears are jerked ... :D

I'm really not fussy & deathfics are more than fine.

Also, are there any great Dean/Cas fics that have the boys taking on a case? Dean and Cas can be in a pre-existing relationship or the story can have them coming together - I don't mind. Even pre-slash works; UST is welcome. I'm really just looking for any story that has Team Free Will hunting down monster(s) with Dean/Cas sliding along for the ride. I'm fine with the monster hunting being necessary to avert the apocalypse or whatever came after. I would give examples of what I'm looking for but alas I've found naught of such. I suppose the closest things I have read are the occasional case-episodes in the Redemption Road epic and the beginning of Contrapasso by [livejournal.com profile] takadainmate.

Any length of fic is great. Thanks!
19 December 2012 @ 12:19 pm
Are there any fics where 'survivors' of the MotW get together, for any reason. Whether it be to have someone else who understands what they've been through, to talk to (as the subject line suggests, a support group). Or some of them band together and become hunters.

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24 November 2012 @ 08:33 pm
I'm in search of two fics, both of which I know I read on AO3 and can't find now.

1. A "Heart"-related fic, from the POV of one of the cops investigating Madison's death.  I seem to remember that when I read it it wasn't finished (and given how long ago "Heart" was, it very well might never be).  The cop, who was female, met Henricksen and wasn't impressed, but I don't think she interacted with Sam or Dean at any point.  It was sort of "CSI: Supernatural" in feel. FOUND!

2. A "2014!Cas ends up in 2009" fic, in which it turns out at the end that Gabriel is the one who helped him travel in time.  Includes Dean having sex with both Cas and Castiel, though I don't think the two versions of Cas make time with each other.

Apparently I messed up my tags first time around?  I thought all the ones I put in were relevant, but perhaps not.
Hi, I'm back! This time I (again) have a general search, a link search, and a pdf request.

1) Are there any J2 (or wincest) remakes of The Princess Bride, either book or movie version, out there? Self-recs are welcome, as are WIPs as long as they are still currently updating more or less.

2) [livejournal.com profile] feather_touch's J2 fic "Children of Men". She took it down to be published, but has stated that she doesn't mind others sharing the pdf if they have it. So... does anyone have the pdf to share/download? (Pleasepleaseplease?)
Yes, I checked the list of deleted authors/journals/stories, but both searches for feather_touch are for her Branded 'verse.

3) A working link to [livejournal.com profile] transfixeddream's Mamma Mia fic. The links I can find all go to sinful-desire, where you get this message.

Any of these would be much appreciated!

EDIT: downloads for #2 and #3 are available in the comments!
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12 November 2012 @ 08:15 pm
Are there any good Supernatural Science Fiction stories out there? Technology-Indused Time Travel, Alien Inventions, Deep Space Explorers, Robots, Super computers ruling the world, Colonies in space, Clones? I'm a huge Science Fiction geek and I'd love to see Sam building his first Self-Thinking Robot, or Dean making lude comments about wormholes, or Castiel the Android of the LORD. :D

The longer the better! I love verses. Crossovers are welcome, but I've already read a lot of them from SF shows (Firefly especially, and Dark Angel). No slash, please, Gen heavily perfered.

Thank you all! Here's to success! *raises glass of milk*

*Mods, do you think we need a "Genre: Science Fiction" tag? Completely up to you. Thanks for keeping this wonderful site running! :)*
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01 November 2012 @ 09:37 pm
I'm looking for one where Dean says Yes to Michael and then after its over he is letf a vegetable and Cas takes care of him in the after math.Feeding him,changing him and all that. In part of it Cas falls and has to walk back to Dean. I think there was also part where Cas sees a stain glass window of Michael wearing Dean'']

Please and Thanks
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13 October 2012 @ 09:02 am
Hi, I'm looking fro some recs that have Dean and Cas' future kids traveling to the past and met them, or something along these lines.  The kids can be older younger, sent from happy times, or apocalypse times, come willingly, or sent by a witch or what have you, boys or girls, angels, half angels, anything really.  I just want interaction between Dean and Cas and their kids.  The fics can be in any state, I'll take what I can get.  Thanks. 
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