18 September 2017 @ 11:19 am
Hello, I was hoping someone might have the podfic of "Red" by big_pink (Big Pink) saved and do not mind to share access to it. It's not back on the audiofic archive and I looked on other pages where the link to it had been posted. I loved the fic and would love to listen to the podfic version of it.
Thank you very much in advance.
There is a fic that I have been searching for everywhere, but can't remember the name of it or the author. Heck, I'm not even sure if it really exists or if my imagination is just making it up.

Anyway, I seem to recall that the story is about John needing to hold Sam up on his feet after Sam gets impaled on something. John's actually not a bastard in this and is rather frantic to keep Sam awake and standing so he won't be injured any worse.
I think the story took place in a haunted house and Dean was sent out for help, but John has to basically hold Sam up for a really long time. I can't remember much more than it was a good story and it really bugs me that I can't find it anywhere and I would love to read it again.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Hi I'm looking for a fic which is a short look at what Dean and Sam's life woukd be like if Supernatural were 'real', i.e., they were semi alcoholics after all the terrible things they've seen, they had to get rid of the Impala cause it was too obvious etc. Also, Dean got drunk at a bar and told some radom guy (Chuck) abou their lives, and it's now a successful TV show that Dean is watching in the fic - it's pretty drepressing, but a good read and I can't for the life of me remember who wrote it/ what it's called - any help appreciated!

28 June 2017 @ 06:17 pm
I've read so many fics with the BAU from Criminal Minds interrogating Dean and I love them, but I never see any with them interrogating Sam. If you guys have any fics with the BAU interrogating both brothers or just Sam alone that would be great! I would prefer gen fics, but if it's slash that'd be okay too. Thanks guys!
I'm looking for a fic where Dean and Sam are on a case in the middle of the woods and stumble across a group of armed men who (I think) hunt humans for sport.

They shoot Dean because they want to test the brothers' loyalties(?) and see if Sam abandons Dean to save his own skin, but the brothers end up taking the group down one by one, using survival tricks John taught them.

The fic was gen and, I think, an older one set in pre-season 5, but I can't be sure.

Edit: Found! To The End by K Hanna Korossy
08 May 2017 @ 02:27 am
I read a good bones/supernatural crossover two or three years ago that I can't find again and I don't see in my bookmarks. I thought it was rightous man in the grave but reading that it's not the right one. Could have been there were two with the same title but I don't know and need some help.

What I remember is some guys doing work in the forest (cutting trees?) found Dean's grave. Bones and her team take it to the Jefferson and Bones remarks how the skeleton belonged to the poorest of the poor because of his teeth and bones. Sam is with Ruby I think and they head out to get Dean's body back. Dean is brought back by Cas and the lab is destroyed. Bones and crew are confused about naked Dean in the lab and Booth questions him. Cas tries to talk to Dean and breaks stuff with the noise. Fuzzy on the next bit but Ruby might have seen Cas and told him to look human? Dean gets out somehow and reunites with Sam.

If this sounds familiar please help me out I am going crazy looking for it. Thanks for the help.

Mods I hope I got the tags right forgive me if I didn't.
17 April 2017 @ 11:01 am
Hey, I feel like I've read every Sam fic out there at this point so I thought I'd come here to ask for help.

Anything Sam-centric, but other characters are definitely welcome, and I don't mind which era it's set in or if it's AU. Preferably gen. Hurt!Sam is a bonus. Casefics, one-shots, long fics are all welcome. I really like dark/horror fics and hurt/comfort fics. Just throw whatever you've got my way, recs and self recs, and I'll be grateful! :)
1. Are there any canon universe fics where they go to another planet? Probably set back when Cas had his wings, he flies them there. But anything really.

2.S12 Spoilers )

3.S12 Spoilers )Particularly hoping there's some where he meets up with Cas and they go it alone, start a new life somewhere else, a home together. Hunting or whatever. I don't like curtain fics, but something like a break from hunting is ok, or something I can read that way (no 'and they lived in peace until they died of old age' endings)

4. Hunts/case fic in the snow. Anything set in Alaska?

5. Ben becomes a hunter fics, set in the latest few seasons. Hopefully gets his memory back and meets up with the Winchesters...

6. Fledgling!Cas is taught how to angel by his older siblings, pre-series, pre-human era? Cas being in awe of the splendor of earth.

Destiel or gen fic only. Bottom!Cas only pls. No human!fallen!Cas pls. Thanks
03 April 2017 @ 04:51 pm
This one is a bit of a long shot guys, but I'm going to ask anyway because I've been thinking about this fic for a while now.

This was a short (?) Gen, pre-series, Dark Angel crossover fic featuring teen Dean. I think it may have been an outsider POV too.

All I remember is one scene where a woman who works for Manticore is mugged in an alleyway and teen Dean comes to her rescue. Dean ends up with a superficial injury, a cut lip or something like that and the woman dabs the wound dry with a hanky.

Dean is modest and kind to her and then goes on his way. When she returns to work the woman remembers how brave Dean was and replaces the DNA Template of one of the proposed X5's with Deans DNA.

I loved they way the author spliced the two fandoms together and would really like to read it again.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me an author or story name?

Fingers crossed and many thanks.
24 March 2017 @ 12:52 pm
hi! i am looking for fics similar to vigilance or the messenger where john meets cas and gets protective of dean/the boys, because he doesn't trust the supernatural, or maybe cas just seems creepy like in the messenger.

i would prefer pre-series but canon era is nice too. gen, pre-slash or slash welcome. :D

thanks in advance!
20 March 2017 @ 03:30 pm
Literally underground! I'm suddenly craving anything that finds Sam and Dean in a mine, cave, tunnel, etc. Preferably stories involving both brothers, but one or the other is good too. Gen only, please. Thanks!
14 March 2017 @ 01:33 am
I saw a post for Sparing you by JasonMorganfan87 while looking through the searches. A PDF was sent around via email a while ago and I was wondering if anyone still has a copy :).
I'm just looking for any fics, preferably gen, where Sam and Dean party, go out drinking, or just do something fun together. Even if it's just playing together as kids. Would especially love to read about the two drinking together, even if it ends up turning morbid instead of fun (as things pretty much always do with them right?)

Is their any series were sam has asthma epilepsy or something alonf those lines. So john and dean has to baby him and look after him.

Also is there any stories were sam is tramatized and has night terrors and need consoling.
I'm looking for an old crossover I've read years ago.
Sam and Dean are after a werewolf and somehow they are transported to Harry Potter universe to 1979 or 1980 (before Voldemort kills Lily&James Potter) but they don't realise. They hear howls and break in to Sirius and Remus' flat to kills Remus and Sirius stops them, then Dean realises something is wrong. I'm pretty sure he says something like "We almost wasted Professor Lupin" (because of course he is a secret HP fan)
Then they proceed to tell Sirius that they are in books and what happens with Pettigrew etc.
I don't think it was crack but it was pretty lighthearted and it should be an oldish fic.
Hope you can help me.
27 February 2017 @ 09:09 pm
Hey guys, it's been a while. I'm back with two specific requests, one that I searched for before but never found.

1) crossdressing - Sam and Dean make a bet about something, Sam loses and has to wear a pair of panties, Dean laughs at him and teases him, Sam says something about Dean thinking he's disgusting and gets really upset because he likes wearing the panties. (wincest)

2) suicidal!sam - After Sam finds out he's Lucifer's vessel, he tries to kill himself. Lucifer brings him back but Sam eventually starts committing suicide just to get some rest. This works for a while but eventually the damages start carrying over after he's brought back. (ex. he shoots himself in the head, he's resurrected with a hole in his head; cutting his wrists leaves scars, etc.) (gen, i think)

Thanks for any help!
11 February 2017 @ 08:44 pm
It seems like I've run out of fics to read D: What are y'alls favorite fics?? Whether it be j2,(i love yes)wincest or just gen -- i'd be so happy to have something to read. No destiel or cockles though please; nothing against it, I just can't read it.

Bonus points for long fics
extra bonus points for stories with pdfs.

Thanks a bunches!! x
07 February 2017 @ 07:48 am
Hello, All!!
I'm looking for any fic where Dean is an angel and Sam is a demon, but they're still brothers that so close to the borderline of incest (though maybe not incest) like in canon. And plus, if there's reason on their species differences (like maybe Sam used to be an angel too but he got involved when Lucifer rebeled). Double plus, if Dean took advantage of the angels' plan about the Cage and Lucifer to free/meet Sam again. Triple plus if the fic can make me moved to tears. I prefer Gen, but if the story's slash I want it wincest or destiel with bottom!Dean only.
Thanks in advance~!
07 February 2017 @ 05:13 am
Okay, so, this is a fic where Dean (and Sam?) were abducted very young. John has been looking for them ever since, while I'm pretty sure Mary is still alive but has given up the search and gone back into hunting. John is in contact with Bobby, doing odd jobs for him. Not hunting, I don't think.

He's running an errand in some city when he somehow runs into Sam or Dean, but loses them. I think. Something to do with him showing people a photo. When he finally finds them again, it's in some kind of abandoned warehouse where they're playing.

When Dean spots him he kicks him and calls him a perv and tries to escape on their bike. I think they split up? One of them gets hit by a car, and John takes him to the hospital.

That's all I can remember. I was pretty sure it was on fanfiction.net but the search is not helping much.
30 January 2017 @ 02:10 pm
Looking for some sam-centric fics, preferably about the following (gen)

-sam as a werewolf/shapeshifter/ghost/vampire/creature
-sam with powers (telepathy, empathy, mind-reading, whatever)
-pretty much any guilty!sam
1. This is what I remember from the story:
- It is about dean and sam exchanging gifts for each other as pranks throughout december, and each tried to outdo the silliness of the gift (i think they had a rule that the gift must be used/worn immediately after receiving)
- At one point Dean gave Sam a reindeer headband, and Sam gave Dean a sweater with a red plusg reindeer nose on it (which Dean gladly wore since it's really warm)
- Purely Gen, and I it was a humour fic

Maybe I'm imagining this fic (I sure hope not) but I'll be really grateful if anyone could find it for me :)


2. This one is a general search
please rec me a fic from outsider pov which shows how much Sam regard Dean highly and/or choose Dean over anyone (could be from Jess or Amelia pov, I've read some really interesting pov of them) -- Gen only please (preslash or gencest are fine)
AU, crossover, self-rec are all ok
The longer the better :)
26 January 2017 @ 06:07 pm
I'm looking for a fic where the brothers find out that they are not biologically related. Instead Dean's younger brother is a guy named Matt. The demon switched Sam and Matt so Sam and Dean grew up together while Matt grew up in another family. Sam and Matt both had demon blood in them.
I'm pretty sure this took place in Lawrence and Matt worked at the motel the boys were staying at.
I read this fic a long time ago and just can't find the name again.
Thank You.

I would like to read
1: Lucifer-centric hurt/comfort stories; like some kind of angelic-family-fix it stories where Lucifer get comfort/protection/understanding from his family, and
2: any angel-family(fix-it) h/c fics.

I looked hard but I barely can find any. Anyone know any well written fic like that?

What I need:
1: hurt!Lucifer
2: any physically hurt!angel brother
1-2: protective angel-family/brothers
1-2: Lucifer only in Nick (if it's mentioned)
1-2: keep the characters in the show (no full human Au, or kidfics)

Please don't link
angelic incest
incurable injures
any school centric fics
sad ending

Gen or Destiel or Sabriel is okay. Any level of torture is okay until there are aftercare/comfort too. Human Luci or other humaned angels are also okay. THANK YOU!

[No hurt!Lucifer or fallen!Lucifer tags, can we get them pls?]
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20 January 2017 @ 09:52 am
I'm looking for a fanfiction which I read quite some time ago and have been unable to find again. It took place after Soul Survivor in season 10. Sam and Dean were in a fragile place after everything, so they didn't talk face to face for several weeks; instead, they used a whiteboard to tell each other all the things they were sorry for. They each thought that the other person had set up the whiteboard, but it was really Cas, I believe. It wasn't very long, but it was very sweet. I'm pretty sure I read it on fanfiction.net
Hey guys! So, about a year or two ago I read this fanfic on FF.net and I’ve been looking for it for a few months now to read again but I can’t find it. Here’s what I remember:

Teen Sam and Dean.

Dean was hurt on a previous hunt, something is wrong with his leg (I don’t remember if is a broken ankle or something like that), he has a few broken ribs among other things and John needs to hunt again, so instead of waiting for Dean to get better, he decides to leave Dean alone in this house that it’s falling apart (it’s what he could afford for) to heal and takes Sam to hunt with him. Sam gets angry at his dad for leaving Dean alone in such a state, but goes with his father anyway.
After they leave, even being injured Dean does what he can to leave the house in a better state, cleaning it up and fixing a few things – even though in a lot of pain. After that, he feels even worse and tries to rest. No long after, a couple of thug teenagers enter the house and beat Dean up, leaving him in a really bad state and with even more broken bones. I’m not sure how he managed to ask for help, but bottom line Bobby and Caleb are made aware he’s hurt and Caleb run to help his friend.
Caleb is horrified to find Dean in the trepid house bleeding out and with the teenagers still beating him. He makes sure the teenagers won’t hit his friend anymore and then I don’t remember if he calls an ambulance or if he takes Dean himself to the hospital, but when he gets there Pastor Jim calls to say that he found John and Sam hurt and that a helicopter it’s taking them to the same hospital Caleb just got in with Dean.
Things go down hill for Dean from there, because although John and Sam aren’t that bad and are expected to make a full recovery, Dean is really bad off, and when he finds out, John feels guilty for what he put his two sons through.
There is a point when the adults have to send Sam home to rest properly after being discharged, and even with him refusing to leave his brother, they still manage to take him.
Sam has a nightmare, and so does Dean. While John consoles Dean in his arms on the hospital bed, Bobby decides to take Sam to the hospital to give both kids some peace of mind. But when he gets there, the night guard on Dean’s hospital door refuses to let Sam in while Sam cries out for Dean, and hearing his brother’s distress, Dean takes off his ventilator before John can stop him, and throws up blood – leaving the men in the hospital room livid.
Dean’s doctor helps him, and says that he hurt his throat, so they can’t put the ventilator back, but the teen seems to be doing well enough to go on without the equipment.
After that, they don’t try to separate the boys anymore, and even in ICU Sam in allowed to visit his brother. From there, they get progressively better with the help of Bobby, Caleb and Pastor Jim.
I think I found this story in a community of fanfiction.net, but I’m not sure. I looked on a few and did research on google but couldn’t find it again.
Hi there. I've recently been reading some Djinn/dream world fics to which one or other of our Sam and Dean are transported.
While at first there seem to be perks to these worlds, such as John and Mary being alive/Jess/ Sam going to college/Dean having a wife, etc, invariably the brothers have never bonded, barely acknowledge each other and at times dislike or even hate one another.

It'd be nice to read a fic where they have bonded, and love and care for one another just as our Sam and Dean do.
I wondered if there were any fics that took the Djinn/dream world in that direction, for though I enjoy the genre, the stories always leave me feeling kinda sad for what could have been for the alt. Sam and Dean.

Only looking for gen. If the alt. Winchesters are in a wincestuous relationship, the dynamics of this type of fic change completely.
Thanks to all.
15 December 2016 @ 06:32 pm

A) Sam n Dean in a car accident. They are stuck in the snow over night with no reception. Dean's arm is hurt and Sam is severly injured. I think it was on fanfiction.net.

B) I read this years ago. They come back from a hunt and Sam is really upset about not saving these kids or something like that. Dean gets Sam to take out all his angst by hitting Dean.

Thanks :)
05 December 2016 @ 09:23 pm
Been eager to read a story I read (I believe on LJ) from years and years ago...

All I remember is that Sam has a serious head wound, pretty sure it was from a gunshot. And Dean is taking care of him at Bobby's while Bobby tries to help.

I don't remember too many other details, but I obviously remember it was good. And I'd kill to read it one more time!!


Hi (:

1. I'm looking for a fic I started reading a couple of days ago on fanfiction.net that i didn't get to finish. I forgot to bookmark it and I don't remember the title but it was about the boys when they were teens and Sam was acting kind of sick/depressed and Dean was really worried about him. Sam broke down one morning and Dean made him stay home from school... The last chapter I read had Dean stopping a robbery at a diner, but not sticking around to talk to the cops because he wanted to get Sam back to the motel. Sorry its not much to go on. Also, I dont know if the fic was finished or not - it might be a WIP. -Found! It's Open Book by pineapplefan

2. Also, with the holidays coming up, I've been trying to find some good Christmas fics. I've already read The Christmas Spirit by Noxbait, but that's a good example of what I'm looking for (the longer the better, and I love hurt/comfort)! I'd love to hear your recommendations! - only gen please!

Thank you!

Specific searches, all of these are Gen:

1. A multichapter vampire!Dean fic I'm almost positive is on FFN where, after Sam has convinced Dean not to kill himself, Dean's understandably upset about the whole situation and starts acting out. Sam meets Bobby in a restaurant and Dean comes in, possibly in sunglasses, and starts trying to get a rise of out them by talking about how he wants a steak, nice and bloody, etc.

2. Another vampire!Dean fic (possibly the same one???) where Sam, Dean and Bobby go on a hunt with Jo and Ellen without the latter two knowing he's a vampire now. They mistake Dean holding an unconscious Sam with his fangs out for unrelated reasons as Dean trying to attack Sam.

3. An S4 fic where Dean misses Hell, and takes to locking himself in the bathroom with a heat lamp and a little tin of sulphur. [FOUND: Images of Broken Light]

General searches, still Gen please:

4. Any Gen vampire!Dean or unusual creature!Dean you know of from LJ. I'm pretty sure I've picked Ao3 clean at this point ;)

5. As an extra tragic twist, does Gen creature!John fic even exist...?

6. Would love to see a fic where, after the big S9 argument, Dean leaves. Would be supercool to see one in S8 where Dean runs off to be best buds with Benny- haven't seen one that isn't just slash yet!
17 October 2016 @ 12:56 am
Do you guys know any fics where teachers/coaches (or anyone else who knew the boys as children) see news reports years later saying Sam and Dean are mass murderers and wonder what ever happened to those little boys and/or feel partially responsible for not intervening when they had the chance? I read this one story like that and I thought it was a really cool idea, but I haven't come across any others like it. Preferably gen please. I just want people who met them as kids wondering how they could grow into something so seemingly evil and trying to speculate what could have done that.

Thank you.
29 September 2016 @ 11:20 pm
Please please please rec me some Long/Epic SPN AU fics... (AU as in completely different kind of world/universe, whether Hunter exist or not is fine)

as long as it's GEN and has Sam&Dean being brothers and all BAMF, I'll take anything
crossover & self-rec are ok
the longer the better ;)

Fairy tales, medieval, sci-fi, military, anything are fine.
(I've found a really nice Kingdom Hearts xover, so game world definitely are ok too)
I've been reading plenty of them, but it's difficult to find anything Gen AND long AND focused on the boys

thankthankthankthankyou before
I'm in the middle of mountains of repetitive-and-boring-yet-has-to-be-finished job and in need of fresh story to escape a bit ;)
17 September 2016 @ 08:15 pm
does anyone have the podfic of [livejournal.com profile] oselle's Lazarus Came Forth read by [livejournal.com profile] twasadark? The link at audiofic.jinjurly.com is no longer working and the podficcer only has chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 available on her LJ, chapters 3, 7 and 8 are missing.
I'll be grateful for any help!
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a fic whose title I cannot remember that, if I recall correctly, took place some time after the events of S05E03 "Free to Be You and Me," when Dean told Sam to "pick a hemisphere" after they had learned they were Michael and Lucifer's vessels. I guess it would be considered canon-divergent since Sam and Dean end up not reconciling or getting back together for a year or two, when they accidentally end up on the same hunt-- I think they might have been hunting a vengeful spirit in a barn or something? But the hunt was only a brief part of the story.

Anyway, during the hunt, Sam saves Dean from getting killed, I think, but Dean is still badly hurt, so Sam drives him back to the motel where they both happened to be staying and patches him up. On the way, Dean starts getting curious when he notices Sam's limp, which only becomes stronger when Sam goes out of his way to avoid talking about it, so Dean ended up sneaking into Sam's motel room the next day and saw Sam's prosthetic leg laying on the bed right before Sam came out of the shower. Dean was so shocked he threw up, and Sam ended up explaining that he had been hurt on a hunt (I think?) and had to have his right leg amputated, but didn't call Dean because he didn't think Dean wanted anything to do with him. Dean suggests that they start hunting together as brothers again, but Sam is conflicted because Lucifer has been making his phantom pains worse or something in an effort to force Sam to say "yes" to him, and he's afraid he'll eventually give in to relief the agony, I think?

I'm pretty sure that was more or less it as far as the story goes-- I am almost positive it was a one-shot, and that it was written in third person but in Dean's point of view. If I recall correctly, I read it in a Supernatural community here on LJ, but I'm having no luck whatsoever in tracking it down in any of the comms I belong to, and I didn't see it in the relevant tags here, either, so I don't know if its just been deleted or moved to a different site or what. If anyone can help me out in finding it, I would be so grateful! This is my first post here, so I'm hoping I did everything correctly.

ETA: thanks to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lennelle the fic has been found! it is "Sufferance" by [livejournal.com profile] utsusemia
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20 August 2016 @ 05:36 pm
I remember reading this fic when I first joined the fandom.  Sam and Dean had been seperated as kids.  I think Sam was kidnapped when he was a kid during a fire at a motel.  They meet on a plane on the way to the olympics.
Dean picked up a book from some old friend of Bobby's
Sam ended up confronting his adoptive mother
I think the title had the word gold in it.  It may have only been available in pdf.
Any help you guys could give me would be much appreciated. 
08 August 2016 @ 08:55 pm
Hi all.

I am looking for a fic I KNOW I have red and maybe even recc'd before. In it Becky, Madison & Charlie? I think? Are all flatmates who know about Supernatural but don't know that they all know the boys... I'm pretty sure... Well its been a while since I read it! You can't hold my crappy memory accountable!

Anyway, yeah - Becky plus two other Women of Supernatural flatting together.

Thanks for all your help. Kisses.

Mods; Since I remember so very very little, I just tagged as best I could. Hope your having a good day anyway. You're awesome people!  
27 July 2016 @ 11:16 pm
Could anyone suggest some good spn x pacific rim
( gen / wincest only. I don't really like other pairing)
I have read everything i could find by google and ao3, so uf you could suggest some more pleaseeee and thank you :)
Self-rec are fine too.
Oh, and happy ending only please

(I tagged with connected!boys since it's basically the usual plot in pacific rim,
and i hope it's ok for me to write new tag in crossover: pacific rim since i couldn't find any)
25 July 2016 @ 10:32 pm
For some reason, I'm dying for fics where Dean is sent to a universe where the canon events haven't happened, or time-travels back to when he was younger, yet he still has all his memories. Also, does anyone know of some fics where Mary finds out what the boys have been through and doesn't react well to it? Basically any fics where alternate universe or pre-series Mary/John/Sam meet canon!Dean.

(In case you want examples, some really good ones that I've read so far are:)

If I Knew Then What I Know Now:
Given an opportunity to change his family's destiny, Dean Winchester finds himself back in 1983 as his four year old self, yet with his adult memories still intact. But can he alter the events of that tragic night? And if so, will young Dean, his family, and Castiel be ready to survive all the evil that destiny has in store for them?

The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass:
Dean goes to sleep in a motel room in Texarkana, and he wakes up 17 years old, in his childhood bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, 1996. He has no idea how he got there, why his parents are still alive, why his brother is an adorable freshman with no memory of his adult life, and why the only ally he has in this place is the angel he left behind in Purgatory – somehow also 17 years old.
Hello all you wonderful people, i believe this one should be fairly easy (I hope)

This is GEN:

So I think i read this story about 3 years ago maybe 4- but basically it was actually a disciplinary/spanking verse kind. It was Set in season 3/4 Dean coming back from Hell, maybe it even started in Seasons 3? AS I recall a scene where Sam went summon the cross-road Demon that had Dean's deal and he shot here with the colt and when he tried to sneak back in, Dean caught him and well proceeded to put Sam over his knees and spank him.

Its Dean basically spanking Sam for misbehaving/lying/sneaking- in the whole verse and I think it is a verse because the same writer continues the story line with Season 4 when Dean cam back from hell and he finds out about Ruby.

I recall one of the Chapter Dean looks at Sam (after catching him lying again) and he informs Sam "you're gonna wish I haven't comeback from Hell"

So yeah if any of this sounds familiar to any one would appreciate the help :)

Also if you know of anymore Where Dean takes a firm approached with Sam after picking him up from Stanford or later seasons?

Love yous guys, thank you
15 July 2016 @ 11:23 pm
Hi! I'm looking for any fic where Dean is an angel and Sam is a demon, but they're still brothers that so close to the borderline of incest (though maybe not incest) like in canon. And plus, if there's reason on their species differences (like maybe Sam used to be an angel too but he got involved when Lucifer rebeled). Double plus, if Dean took advantage of the angels' plan about the Cage and Lucifer to free/meet Sam again. Triple plus if the fic can make me moved to tears. I prefer Gen, but if the story's slash I want it wincest or destiel with bottom!Dean only.
I've read this fanfic a few months ago but although I can remember a few details, I still couldn't find it on google. Hope someone can help me! :D

------ Sam was raised as a hunter by Mary and Bobby, and Dean has a normal life with John, and likes to help him on his auto shop while he dedicates himself on school -----

2sd november 1983
Mary ran away with a 6 months old Sam and faked their death by putting her car in a river. Their bodies were never found.

Around 12 years later, john was coming back from his work at the auto shop and needed dean (who as coming from school) to grab a few thing for him in a new client named Robert Singer, in Sioux Falls.
On his way, Dean has a little car accident. I don’t remember exactly how, but Sam sees him and helps dean. As dean still has a headache and isn’t really trust worthy behind the wheel, Sam takes him home – currently Bobby’s home – where his mommy is still at work on the hospital, and Bobby’s on the garage.

Mary works as a nurse at the hospital, and John has an auto shop, raised Dean well, is overprotective over him, and calls him to know if he’s alright because it was a long drive to get to his destiny.

Meanwhile, Sam talks a lot about his “family” and so does Dean, and they have a feeling that something isn’t adding up. Later, Mary gets home and kind angry at Sam because she doesn’t like he takes strangers to their home (she raised him as a hunter like her and Bobby) until she recognizes Dean.

Sam gives Dean his number before Dean leaves.

When Dean gets home, he starts to do research about his and Sam’s past, and starts to think they’re brothers, while Sam does the same thing and come to the same conclusion. Dean calls Sam and tells him about his suspicions, and they decide to meet again.

This time Dean confronts Mary and I think that at this point she tells him and Sam the truth. Dean gets angry at her and doesn’t accept her excuses for separating him and Sam.

At some point he tells John everything, but john doesn’t stay angry at Mary as much as Dean to his dismay, and they kind stay together as a family, although Dean doesn’t forgive Mary completely.

FANFIC FOUND: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9782513/1/
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03 July 2016 @ 04:14 pm
As the subject says, I'm looking for Casefics. Multi-chapter preferred but they don't have to be epic. Post season fics can concentrate on either aspect of the cliffhanger. Also, gen preferred, only canon pairings.

I know I'm not giving many details, but...

The crossovers?

Houdini and Doyle (it can be done somehow)
Super girl
NCIS (original or NOLA)
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who
White Color
Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis)
Dark Angel
Harry Potter

Or anything else you think is *really* good
02 July 2016 @ 08:10 pm
As the subject line says, I'm looking for gen fics with platonic kisses between Sam and Dean!

Can be any genre; h/c like The Wound or crack/humor like Black White Red. Sam kissing Dean would be awesome but I'll take it the other way around too.

No slash, please!
20 June 2016 @ 11:02 pm
OK, so I saw this picture and title http://all-spn.livejournal.com/6646698.html and now I would really like to read stories where Sam acknowledges Dean as his father figure. Perhaps WeeChesters where Sam makes Dean a Father's Day card or gives him a coffee mug with #1 Dad on it. Or could be TeenChesters where Sam has to have a parent show up for something and Dean is the one that shows up and Sam says that Dean is the one that raised him. Would like stories where Sam doesn't just realize the sacrifices that Dean has made for him over the years but that he actually acknowledges it to Dean and to others. That he considers Dean to be more of a father figure than John ever was. Can be AU where Dean literally does raise Sam and Sam accidentally calls Dean "dad" when he's sick or tells Dean he couldn't have had a better dad. Anything along these lines would be great. Please no WIPs and self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you in advance.
I'm searching:

1. OlderBro Sam & YoungerBro Dean in Canon Universe. They are canonical biological brothers and still hunters. NOT de-age fic or Time/Dimension Travel fic. Preferly just Gen. But I love wincest too as long as not just PWP. Canon pair (Sam/Jess) accepted as long as they are not the main story. Example: The road always goes on and on

2. Female Dean with Canon Male Sam. Still canonical siblings, and hunters. Not Magic/Curse/Science turn Dean into Female. Dean BORN Female. Preferly just Gen. But I love wincest too as long as not just PWP. Canon pair (Sam/Jess) accepted as long as they are not the main story. I have no example for this one, so I need help.
16 June 2016 @ 05:25 pm
I found these fics long time ago.
Both are gen and I think both are on fanfiction dot net
In the first one, Sam ( or maybe Dean?) doesn't know how to tie his tie and Dean always did it for him, but now they're hunting separately and there's some angst. I think it was a oneshot.

In the other fic Sam read the Lord of the Rings books throughout his life and occasionally Dean read the books too. I think it mentioned how Sam and Sam from the LOTR were similar. I think it was a oneshot.

1. I am looking for a story where Dean is beat up by a bunch of guys from his school who are on the football team, he goes to Bobbie's to get help. He's pretty beat up and it turns out that most, if not all of them, were possessed. Bobby comments how it is amazing that he survived. At one point John and Sam arrive , discuss the situation ( it has something to do with Sam's power) they leave Dean alone at Bobby's where I think he gets attacked again. No pairing.

2. A deaged Dean fiction where Dean is 13 -17. Everyone , mostly Sam but Bobby a little too, wants him to stay young but Dean remembered how hard it was to be so pretty at that age. Sam forces him to go to school but he is sexually assaulted by his classmates. Sam has difficulty realizing that Dean is used to being strong and invulnerable . I think the witch that cursed him lives or hangs out on the beach. He eventually finds her.
Found!: The Do-Over

02 June 2016 @ 06:05 pm
Do you know any good Avengers or HP crossovers that involve any of the angels (Cas or Gabriel in particular). I don't want any fusion fics - I want fics where characters from the supernatural universe meet characters from either the HP or Avengers universes. And no pairings please. Chaptered fics would be great, but anything is fine. So far I have read "The Last Archangel" series.
02 June 2016 @ 12:58 pm
i'm looking for a rebirth/reborn/reincarnation story (dean and sam get to live their life again in whatever AU) where their memories of hunting life is still there.

I've read incredible stories such as :
Secure the Blessing
Puddle Jumping

those two are perfect example since they have ALL that I want (brother bond, outsider pov, bamf boys, etc)

GEN only please (slight wincest or pre-slash is still ok)

spoilers, crossover, any plot are fine as long as they have a happy ending
(mainly I just want to see dean and sam being brothers and happy and powerful, really)

sorry for the tags (please inform me if i'm wrong)

i read this fic a couple years ago on ff.net. it might have actually been two fics that i'm combining in my head.

all i can remember is that sam and dean can no longer hunt, or maybe it was an au of some sort. dean was hurt, or maybe it was post-hell. dean possibly has psychic abilities. this isn't helpful at all. i'm sorry. but i do remember some specific events of the story

1. dean jogs everyday
2. dean passes this old lady's house everyday
3. he notices something wrong one day, and hops the old lady's fence and finds her hurt or having a heart attack. either way he saves her life. her daughter is very grateful.
4. dean consults for the police sometimes (jody?), and sam kind of acts as his handler/buffer against the world.
5. dean helps the police find a missing child, who was taken by a woman (her mother?).
6. it was possibly an incomplete story or series at the times.

i'm pretty sure it was gen, too because that tends to be what i prefer.

any step in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.