22 May 2017 @ 12:26 am
I'm wondering if there are any fics where Dean or Sam (slight preference for Dean) have an abusive girlfriend - and this is NOT used to make him alter or reconsider his sexuality (that is, he does not suddenly discover an interest in males) or throw him into the arms of someone else (regardless of said someone else's gender/sex). Apparently, this is a trope for Destiel fics, but I'm a non-shipper so any non-ship fics of this sort I'd love to read. I just see both brothers (slightly moreso Dean) being really ripe for a manipulative romantic partner. Because I'm a canon-only sort of girl, please no abusive boyfriends for either brother.
17 March 2016 @ 06:24 pm
Hello, lovely people!

If you could please help with the following:

1. I read a fic a while ago where Jared was some sort of leader in a community (a chief, I think?) and everyone there could have sex with any of the kids there whenever they wanted. I remember a scene where Jared was sitting on a rock by a stream and Jo was there, underage and wanted to seduce Jared (I think) and Jared was attracted to little Jensen. Jensen's parents I think were outcast and didn't like that everyone was open for the taking and liked to live monogomously.

2. Any fic with any pairing (No Cas/Misha as the focus please) (Prefer J2 or Sam/Dean) where people can just have sex whenever they want with whoever they want, in public or private, doesn't matter. Seeing someone having sex is as normal as seeing someone take their dog out for a walk - no one thinks twice of it unless they want to join. Would love if there was het involved, genderswitch or always a girl, doesn't matter.

01 March 2016 @ 04:02 pm
After I read this fic Days by Scarlet Natsume, I've been wondering if there's another fic with similar plot. Gen or with pairing is fine for me. But nothing heavy stuff like rape, please. And I also want fic with outsider p.o.v (hunter/supernatural beings/civilians in the bar) about how surprised they are to know that the badass Dean Winchester is an omega.
25 January 2016 @ 10:30 pm
Hello, I have a couple or requests if you could help me out!

1) Redeemed!Lucifer - where lucifer kind of joins team free will or just doesn't want to do the whole "Satan" thing anymore. i think im thinking of an actual story i've read. I thought it might have been Unexpected Destinies, but It wasn't. Since I remember no other details, i'll just ask for any fic recomendations, any paring, as long as it's complete!

2) Fics featuring the angelic family. like i said, Ive just reread Unexpected Desitnies and I'd love more of the family dynamic between the angels. I read this other fic called make it on your own by SailorChibi that started out with Gabriel taking care of fledgling!Cas, that was so cute and i wanted more! Please no Human!AUs, and complete fics only.

I dug around in all the requests for SG-1 crossovers, since I wad hoping someone else had asked about this, but no dice. It was set pre-series for both shows. John Winchester came to Colorado Springs hunting changelings, and after he killed them he tried to return all the children to their homes, using missing persons reports I think, but couldn't find one boys home or family. So he ends up keeping him. It turns out that the boy is Charlie O'Neill. I can't recall anything past that. I don't think it was very long, and it might have been WIP?

Also, can anyone rec me any well written 'John adopts a crossover character' fics? Especially any that go past the first three seasons? (I'm reasonably sure I've read all thr BtVS Xovers, though!)

Good example of what I'm looking for: The Book of Darcy by lforevermore (http://archiveofourown.org/works/4599903)

Any thing but wincest is fine!

Please no AUs where the supernatural doesn't exist.

Thank you!!!
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Hey all!  I had a couple of general requests!

1. Are there any stories where Dean doesn't come to Stanford or Sam doesn't go with Dean that deal with what would have happened if Sam was there?  Whether Jess lives or not, either is fine.  :)

2. Are there any girl!Sam stories with her not related to Dean?  Just curious!  Also, anything with girl!Sam being protected from humans by Dean?  Or just protective!Dean with girl!Sam in general?

3. Are there any stories where Sam runs away pre-series (for a ligitimate reason, nothing that makes him the bad guy/selfish one/whatever) and they don't find him for a while?  Does he become a hunter?  Is he successful?  Something where he and Dean reunite later - brother bonding and forgiving on both ends?

Thanks so much!  Gen or het would be great!
05 April 2015 @ 05:53 pm
I've just reread the Holy!Dean Verse and was looking for simpilar fics where Dean is maybe placed in charge of angels or given some holy task or responsibiliy. I've alread read Named and On the Wings of War. Despite all the listed stories being Dean/Cas, I have no preference about pairing, as long as it's dean centric, please,and complete!
22 March 2015 @ 08:10 am
I'm looking for a specific Dean/Girl!Sam fic.

Here's what I remember:

1. Girl!Sam's name is Jackie. Or something like that.

2. Dean meets her in a diner and has no idea she is Sam. I can't remember if Sam knows who he is at this point or not. But I do know as the story progresses, she becomes more and more Jackie and less and less Sam.

3. Dean takes her virginity and is surprised when she's still at the motel room in the morning.

4. In the end, Sam comes back to himself, and is surprised that Dean still wants him. It's bottom!Sam and I remembered he gets mad at Dean when he makes Sam come too soon because he's "not a girl anymore."

It's a lengthy fic, around 30K?

Any help is appreciated. It's been driving me nuts.
12 February 2015 @ 12:10 am
So I've been marathoning some 'Sons of Anarchy' lately and it's got me in a kind of a mood. I'm sure I've seen more than a couple of fics based off that show, or at least that take place in a world where the characters belong to a motorcycle club, but I can't remember them.

Any pairing is fine, no pairing is fine, AU, canon, RPF, FPF, it's all good. Just please, please rec me any and all motorcycle fics!!

Oh, I do still know of this one: Devil's Plaything (Dean/Cas), so no need to rec that again :)

Thanks so much.
03 September 2014 @ 03:41 pm
With season 10 approaching I was hoping to find some good season 10 speculative fics. Anything covering what people think is going to happen in season 10, or that start where season 9 ends.

Gen or any pairing (het or slash), I just really would love to see something about what happens next in the show.
09 August 2014 @ 03:01 am
I'm looking for a specific hot like fire Dean/Jo fic. Here's what I can remember:

  • Pre-series

  • AU where they possibly (??) knew each other growing up

  • Sort of dub-conny

  • Jo POV (not 100% sure on this one)

Dirty details! )

This is my first time posting to the comm, so I hope everything's right!

I found it completely on accident! It's "The One with Jo in a Skirt" by beckaandzac.
31 July 2014 @ 10:02 pm
I've recently been more interested in femdom stories but have found it really difficult to find them in the supernatural fandom. I'm interested in any fics (self recs included) where Sam is being dominated by a girl during sex (doesn't matter if it's a character on the show or a oc) thank you!!! 
I just finished reading killabeez's lovely stories And The Devil Makes Three and Siren Song. SPOILERS FOLLOW!! The fact that Dean and Sam and the OFC end up together and the scene near the end where Sam and OFC have unprotected sex (Dean already has kids with her) made me itch for a fic where Dean and Sam have kids with the same woman. They can end up in relationship, ideally, or if not I'll even take whatever, surrogate or weird demon hoodoo, however it happens. Also, it doesn't have to be an OFC, can be Jess/whoever from the show.

If that doesn't exist, I'll also take more Dean/Sam/SomeGirl threesomes. Longer fics not required but also a plus. No mary sue type stuff, please.

.... I guess I'd also take creative interpretations vaguely related to my request e.g. where one of the boys is genderswapped and has kids with Dean and OMC; or they're both girls and have kids with the same guy? Idk....
14 June 2014 @ 06:21 pm
Hello everybody
I'm trying to write a fic with Dean and Lisa being in love and together and I need some "inspiration". So could you please give me links to fics or vids with them being together.
(The fics could be Au or not, rated from R to NC17.)

I just have two requests :
- I just want THIS pairing, NO Destiel or fic with Dean being with Lisa but breaking up with her to get with someone else.
- I would rather read fic with an happy ending, because I love seeing them together and happy (and I did not get my happy ending in the show !!!)
Thanx a lot for your help.
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31 May 2014 @ 08:49 pm

I'm looking for stories in which one character is already pregnant when they meet/start a relationship with the other character, and they deal with difficulties inherent to that type of relationship.

Mpreg isn't my number one thing, but in this fandom, I realize that het stories are not the norm, and I can suspend disbelief if the writing is compelling. I'm not picky on pairings, but I tend toward Dean/Cas; Dean/Gabe; Sam/Gabe; J2 over Wincest - but again, I can read it if the writing is good. I've also recently been into CMM/CK, and I'm open to original female characters - not picky.

I may have gotten a bit over-zealous in tagging.

17 May 2014 @ 12:25 am
Does anyone know of any stories where Dean has a monster girlfriend and knows/accepts what she is? Canon character or OC doesn't matter. Neither does the type of monster.
11 May 2014 @ 04:48 pm
I would really like to read stories where one character calls another "Little One". It can be between lovers (Cas to Dean, Gabe to Sam, Dean to Sam), between family (John to Dean, or Dean to Sam) or in a playtonic situation (example: Bobby or Ellen to one of the boys, an angel to one of the boys) like Michael to Dean in OTP_Destiel's Unexpected Destinies. I am really open to any situation, any or no pairing. I just want a character being called "Little One". Thanks for any you can find.
23 April 2014 @ 02:02 pm
Hey so I am feeling nostalgic and I thought about the very first Supernatural related fanfiction I have ever read, which made me addicted to the world of fanfiction. What I wanna know is the very first Supernatural or RPS fanfiction that you read. And how that started the chain reaction =)

My very first one was Crushed! by lady of arabia in Fanfiction.net. It has a very interesting storyline. There are OFCs that boys are together, so it's a HET story.

Summary: An accident when hunting leaves Sam in a wheelchair. Dean will stop at nothing to help his little brother walk again but there's no such thing as a quick fix, even for them. Lots of OC's/Angst/Humor/hurt No slash. To be continued.....
link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4194378/1/Crushed
13 March 2014 @ 10:25 pm
I'm looking for some awesome Dean centered fic recs. Anything with Dean or Cas going back in time, purgatory!Dean, Michael!Dean , being the central heroic figure etc. Something long and plotty would be ideal. I love fics where Dean meets Cas before being pulled from Hell, or when Dean doesn't go and get Sam from Stanford and Sam learns about everything later. I'll take anything gen, het or Dean/Cas, but no Wincest, please. Thanks in advance!
24 February 2014 @ 09:04 pm
Hi, I would like to ask for twi things:

1. Any good gen or het SPN fics (not J2), from season 1 (or pre-series), any genre, warning or length.

2. Any and all fics by [livejournal.com profile] incompletework2, especially the Jared/Chris pieces. You can either comment, link, PM or send me an e-mail at:
denig 37 @ azet . sk

Thank you!
14 January 2014 @ 07:30 pm
Hello all,

My last request worked out so well that I'm at it again. I'm looking for recs of multi-chapter (epic length if you have them) Dean/OFC stories.

I'm currently reading "End of Me" and "Crossing Over" if you were thinking of reccing those (awesome stories on FF.net if you haven't heard of them). I've also read the Skye Verse and the Hope Verse, which were beyond awesome. But I'm really looking for something that will fall within the requirements below.

1. I don't care if any of the other characters are gay or bi but please No slash for Dean or the OFC.
2. No threesomes with Sam (or some other guy) and along that line none this half in love with Sam nonsense and I've delved through story after story and really can't take another where Dean gets Sam's sloppy seconds...just sayin.
3. No melodrama. Dramatic twists can be good if well written but the ridiculous soap opera-y drama, not so much.
4. Would be beyond amazing if it's Stanford era, but I'll take it at any point in the timeline.
5. If it's one of those "girl-from-parallel-universe" stories, it would have to really well-written (along the lines of crossing over by marleejames).
6. I'd prefer if the girl is not a hunter. Throughout the course of the story she can become a hunter, that's fine. It's just that I've found in stories where the OFC is a hunter, she's this superbad awesome hunter that's better than any hunter who ever existed and then the writer generally takes the hunts from the show and gives them to the girl as if Dean and Sam are totally incompetent.
7. No relation to Bobby (I'd take a distant relative of Ellen), but there's just no way in hell I buy that some relation that Bobby is extremely close to and that visits his house often would never have even bumped into Sam and Dean. I WOULD accept a relation that Bobby didn't even know existed (like a long lost daughter from an affair he had before his wife went all demony or whatever) or even some relation of Pastor Jim. Just, if there's a connection to the boys, I'd like it to be believable.
8. And please no superpowered/angel-descendant whatever girl. Those just never work out for me.

I know this list is super long and very specific but y'all don't know my struggle when it comes to finding good Dean/OFC stories! I look forward to any recommendations and thanks in advance!!!!
05 January 2014 @ 08:20 pm

I'm looking for stories with a few key plot points. I'd like to read something where one of the characters is in a morally ambiguous, dangerous role and the other one is more introverted/shy/retiring, and I'd really love them to be a librarian or something like that (cliche, I know).

As for pairing, I'm really not picky, so I've only tagged characters/people. If the writing and characterization work, then I'm happy. I also read het, but I know that's not really on offer in this fandom all that often. I'd also read gen stories with similar ideas (friendship, protection roles rather than romantic).

29 November 2013 @ 09:49 pm
I'm looking for a specific story. I remember one scene in particular. Dean picks up a girl in a bar - I recall she wipes off her (red?) lipstick before they adjourn for privacy (I think in the restroom).

This is where I get confused: as I recall, Sam and Dean are reading each other's minds...or seeing through each other's eyes maybe. Sam is able to influence Dean's actions with the woman. I think it's a curse that makes them have this ability, and I think it ends in wincest.
24 October 2013 @ 08:17 pm
Hi I am new to the SPN famdom, I am only current to the end of season 2 in watching episodes. I also never posted in any communities, so if I make a mistake I'm sorry and I'll do my best to correct it. I have no idea where or what to start reading there are so many options! I usually start off reading a famdom by taking a look at the newbieguide on livejournal but their page just overwhelmed me. I like to read mostly slash but I  also like a good het fic as well. I usually am not, into incest but I'm willing to give it a shot. So does anyone have any fics to convert me?

Also crossover fics I'm not sure if I should list all the famdoms that I know? If it crosses over into a famdom I don't know I'll give it a shot and see. Please give me any fics that are based in season 1 & 2 and are  fics you would want to read, when your new to Supernatural.

Thanks so much to anyone who responds.
11 October 2013 @ 12:22 pm
Are there any stories where Dean doesn't break in hell, and so doesn't break the first seal? I don't mind if he is the Righteous Man or not, although it would be cool if he still was. No Wincest please, otherwise any pairing is fine.
12 September 2013 @ 11:28 am
I'm looking for a fic, that's about different crossover characters Dean slept with. I think it was mainly DC characters, but I'm not sure.

I know one of them was Dick Grayson, and I think another was Stephanie Brown. One of the characters gets pregnant but doesn't tell Dean.

1. Are there any stories where either Dean or Sam is germophobic? Gen or any pairings allowed.

2. Are there any stories where either Dean or Sam knocks up a girl as a teenager? Gen or any pairings allowed.
11 August 2013 @ 11:33 pm
Hey guys. I think I may have discovered the rarest pairing in the SPN RPF fandom, and it's Alona/Jared. Can ANYONE give me ANY Alona/Jared fics?? I went through AO3 and was horrified to discover that it doesn't exist! Please tell me SOMEONE has written these two together! D:

I've seen Jensen/Alona, however, so if you could give me any of those fics I'd also take them. But Jared/Alona is primarily what I'm looking for.

Sorry mods, you guys don't seem to have a tag for Alona Tal, so I couldn't list her in the tags section.
I've read stories where Dean is firmly on Sam's side in an argument. I was wondering if there are any stories where Dean openly supports Sam's decision to go to college.

Any pairing is okay. Gen is okay as well.
Hey guys! So today I'm looking for a kind of specific type of fic based off the episode What Is and Should Never Be from season 2. Are there any fics out there based in the same exact universe where Dean ends up hooking up with uptight, college boy Sammy even though he's with Jess and Dean's with Carmen (Carmen doesn't necessarily need to be in the rec'd story, just the Sam with Jess part)?

On the flip side of the coin, are there any Wincest (or hell I'd even take gen/het) where Sam ends up in this universe and he's still with Jess but Dean is the one who doesn't really like/connect with Sam? He can be completely indifferent to Sam, care deep down, ect but I love the idea of the Dean Sam was talking about in the episode. You know, the douche bag steal-my-brothers-prom-date, gambling addicted thief who that Sam can't seem to stand.

You guys got any ideas on some fics similar to this concept? I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! :D
03 August 2013 @ 11:19 pm
Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone has a copy of [livejournal.com profile] vinylroad's fic 'The Second Time'. I saw a link to it here, only the journal is locked. From what I can find on here, it appears the author is ok with fic being shared, if this has changed since, please let me know. Thanks!
Normally, I'm all about the Sam/Dean, but for some reason, I have a totally different fic craving right now. So, I'm looking for two general types of stories:

1) Fic set during the ep 'Jus In Bello', where the sheriff's secretary Nancy loses her virginity to Dean. (I mean, she even said she was gonna have tons of sex after the siege was over, so I'm sure Dean would have been happy to help out. He would have made sure she had the most awesome introduction to sex possible. Heh.)

2) Dean going home with an adventurous girl and getting introduced to assplay. Basically, I'm looking for fic where one of his female hookups either fingers or pegs or rims him. Bonus points if it's the first time for him and he end ups loving it. Extra bonus points for light bondage or spanking, or any other form of playfully submissive Dean. Please no actual D/s though. Other kinks are welcome, as long as it's fully consensual. Threesomes containing the above-mentioned elements are ok, as long as the third party is either another stranger or Sam.
09 June 2013 @ 11:42 pm
I can't remember the title or the author but I can definitely remember the plot of this one. It's where Jeff finds Jensen on his doorstep, except Jensen has turned into a girl, and Jensen explains that he touched a cursed object that Eric Kripke brought on set, and it changed him into a girl. Then Jeff takes him shopping for girl clothes and stuff and all that. It's all hot and steamy and funny at times and it's just overall a great fic. But I can't find it. I read this a long time ago, I think? I had it saved on my phone but I since I changed my phone I couldn't retrieve the page >< It's from a LiveJournal writer, I'm sure of that. Can anyone help me with this please? Thank you so much! ^^
08 June 2013 @ 11:44 pm
Hey guys! So essentially what I'm looking for is the longest het stories you can give me, as I've been looking for more stuff to format and send to my Kindle for late night reading. I've been scouring teh interwebs and I'd love some assistance. <3

The pairings can be diverse, but I ask that the het not be secondary to a slash pairing. I'm alright with Sam/Dean as a secondary slash pair, but nothing else.

Here's some suggestions: Dean/Jo, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Jess, Dean/Bela, Dean/OFC, Sam/Jo, Sam/Jess, Sam/Sarah, Sam/OFC, John/Jo, Dean/Ellen, Sam/Ellen, threesome pairings like Sam/Jess/Dean and Sam/Jo/Dean, girl!Sam/Dean, girl!Dean/Sam, the list goes on and on and the possibilities almost endless.

I'd be happy to take long one-shots (such as 10,000 words or longer) and uber long multi-chapter fics, because if it's too short I read it too fast and then I get sad. xD It'd be a plus as well if the fics were mostly on A03, but I'll take them from wherever. You can give me vanilla stuff to straight up porn, I don't care. Any genre. Only real requirement is het.

25 May 2013 @ 10:54 pm
I'm looking for some well-written AU's. Does anyone have anything to recommend?

I am not picky, all that I ask is that it not be slash or a death fic. And I am not a big fan of demon or angel storylines.

I love angst and hurt/comfort. The angstier and hurtier the better!

I also really like non-hunting AUs and pre-series AU's :)
25 May 2013 @ 02:19 pm
Like the subject line says, I'm looking for stories where Benny and Sam are friends. It can or cannot be established. It can or cannot be the main part of the story. I don't really care as long as they're friends. Gen, slash, or het is all fine.
This is a specific fic. I remember that Jensen was a younger girl named Jenny, and she had an older brother that she lived with. His name MAY have been Zach. Jared and a couple of other RPF guys were looking for him because I think he might have owed money to them. One of the guys may have been named Chris? I don't recall exactly. I don't think all of them were from the cast of SPN anyway.

I don't remember if it ever says that Jared is a loan shark or even a drug dealer, but I know he's part of something shady because he insists on coming in while Jenny's brother is away and waiting for him with his men in the house. Jenny is definitely intimidated by him and he gets a kick out of that. She has a little sister too, I think, that she's afraid that Jared and his guys will hurt if her brother doesn't give them what they want. I also remember he blackmails her into following him to a cabin where they later have sex.

I've been looking for this fic everywhere but my Google fu only seems to turn up slash. xD
I have a multi-request. I shall try to keep it brief and avoid offending your eyes with paragraphs upon paragraphs. (I may have tag spammed.)

1. I just read A Cold Academic Hell verse again. I have much love for this verse and have not been able to find anything similar. I've also read and loved the Three Kings verse. Can anyone rec any 'verses out there? Wincest is not my favorite, but if it's well-written, I can read it. I prefer some combo of Winchesters and Cas or Gabe. I also like AU rpf or a combination of character/actor pairing.

2. Het. I know it's nearly non-existent, but I realized I've been reading too much slash. I picked up a GQ this weekend and thought "hey, guys are pro-boob?" So yeah, I'd kind of like to read some appreciation for the ladies. I can't get on board with femslash, though. I just find it dull.

Read more... )

Okay, so a while ago I read this fic where John and Dean were still hunters. Dean in this story was a girl though  and really shy/meek instead of his normal cocky self. John is pretty big dick in this fic and from a young age started having sex and "training" Dean to be very submissive. Somehow on a hunt Dean got turned into his boy self and I remember John saying that because Dean was a boy now that he didn't want to have sex with Dean and was going to go find someone else. Dean got all sad and possessive and convinced him to stay and they had sex.

I don't think Sam was ever with them in this fic, maybe he died as a baby, maybe he'd left for college, maybe he'd never existed period, but I'm about 95% sure he wasn't in the fic at all. I would really appreciate any help in finding the fic! Thanks a ton in advance! :D

FOUND IN COMMENTS: The story is here http://blindfold-spn.livejournal.com/4508.html?thread=5535132

If you'd like to read it as well you just need to join the blindfold-spn community to access all the fics. :)
14 May 2013 @ 10:43 pm
Cut for a little spoiler ... )
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08 May 2013 @ 12:35 am
Hello all. I'm trying to track down a fic I read a while ago and I had such a lovely response with my last request, I thought I'd try asking here.
It was a Stanford era fic, where Dean turns up before the Pilot with his newborn baby girl, who's mother has just died. He'd met and married her in the time after Sam had left (I can't remember where John is during the fic, but I'm pretty sure he's not missing?). Dean turns up a Sam's because he needs somewhere safe and secure that he can crash with his daughter. Sam had recently broken up with Jess because he'd been having recurring dreams about her dying and they freaked him out.
I'm pretty sure it's a one shot, and am 90% sure I read it on live journal.
Thanks in advance if anyone happens to know the fic I'm referring to.
Hello, guys! So, my request here is pretty straight forward. I'd like the longest, multi-chapter het you'd be so kind as to give me.

Pairing wise, I'm particularly fond of Sam/Jess, Sam/Jo, Dean/Jo, Jared/Gen or Jensen/Daneel. I'll also take het wincest like girl!Sam/Dean or Sam/girl!Dean. Menage a trois pairings like Sam/Jo/Dean, Sam/Jess/Dean, Jared/Genevieve/Jensen or Jared/Daneel/Jensen (if that exists) are A okay too. And finally, I'll also take Sam/OC and Dean/OC stories.

I don't mind WIPs, but I'd prefer completed. I'll also accept one-shots that are more than 10,000 words.

The longer the better! <3 Extra points if it's on AO3 cos then I get to immortalize the fics as mobi files on my Kindle. :P

24 April 2013 @ 07:43 pm
So I recently watched this video which is basically a unique take on a world where heterosexuals are considered abnormal and homosexuals are widely accepted and normal. (Trigger warning for the vid: blood, suicide, bullying and homophobia shown as heterophobia)

Is there any fic that deals with this? J2, Wincest, Destiel or any canon pairing is preferable. Gen is alright too. Het, slash and genderbent is okay for me also.
Hey there! :) I'm looking for ANY fics about Sam being an animal. It can be Sam is born as an animal, or turned into an animal somehow... ANYTHING as long as Sam is turned into some kind of beast. Sam is Dean's doggy sidekick? Sam is turned into a moose? Sam turned into any animal? Give them to me please. :D It can be slash, gen or het, and if there is any, I am neutral to any pairing.

I also only read completed fics ^^ not WIPS. Thanks so much!
07 April 2013 @ 09:35 pm
I read a story today that has me wanting to read stories where they address the horrible voice mail Dean "supposedly" left for Sam at the end of season 4. I would like Dean and Sam to talk about it and address the problem. It can take time any place in the series; I just want them to address the voice mail. It can be wincest or not. It can be het, slash, or gen.

I've recently read a story that inspired this search.

I'm looking for stories where either Dean or Sam retires from hunting for some reason. Maybe Dean wants to try to make it work with Lisa or Sam wants to try to make it work with Ameile. There could be another reason for it as well. I'm not particular when it comes to the reason.

But even with one not hunting, I would like to see Dean and Sam are still close.

It can be gen, slash, or het.

I'd also prefer completed stories or at least one that are regularly updated. Please no stories that haven't been updated for two years.

18 March 2013 @ 09:30 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic. It might have included Sam/Dean, but I'm not sure. I do know that Sam seemed to have a crying!kink, and he watched Dean have sex with (an older woman, if I remember correctly) a woman at least once. The woman used a dildo on Dean.

If anyone can find this for me, I'd be very happy. :)
04 March 2013 @ 09:40 pm
I read this story a while back and it's probably my favourite story ever. I swear I bookmarked it but alas, it's nowhere to be found. It was really, really short like a couple hundred words. The first line was something like "He wasn't always such a selfish man."

Basically, Dean is really cold and selfish towards this girl who he's... y'know, and at one point he contemplates his time in hell and how it affected him now. He's pretty brutal, to-the-point, and very much the dom. And I remember the author saying that she usually didn't write het.

If you can help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated.