20 August 2017 @ 04:17 pm
Hi everyone! I love this sight so much, you have always been so helpful. I am looking for some high school AU stories. I feel like I have read them all. No preference for either real people or Supernatural characters. Just that it either focuses on Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen. Wincest/J2 would be great but Gen is good too! only Preference is only bottom Sam/Jared. Thank You So much in advance!I don't really have any squikes so any thing is welcome! Can have other pairings as well just no dean/cas unless he ends up only with Sam (same for real people fics). Also no spoilers for season 11 or 12 please ;) Love You All!
01 August 2017 @ 10:46 am
Hi all,

I have been searching for a specific J2 fic for a while now with no luck. The setting was in high school. Jared helped take care of his deaf mother and he was somewhat of an introvert. They had a very good relationship. She talked him into going to the school dance, and he did so reluctantly. That's where he ran into Jensen. Jensen was more of the outgoing popular type. Escaping the dance they slipped out back. Jensen to smoke a cigarette and get away from a girl (Danneel?) and Jared just to get away and pass time until he went home. After that they didn't leave each others side all night. Even at one time Jensen goes back to Jared's house and meet's his mother. I think there's one point too where Jensen is admiring all of Jared's books in his bedroom, and he lends him one. That's all I got. I really hope I didn't mix two stories together. I just really loved that story and would so appreciate help finding it! Thanks so much!
I've been looking for fics like this one http://lostt1.livejournal.com/316410.html
"Jensen has been in love with Jared for years. The problem: Jared is his best friend's little brother. The solution: Jensen moves to California and writes songs for popular pop artists. Every song is about Jared. But what happens when Jensen finds himself living with Jared after six years apart? Will the balance he's found fall apart or will he finally get the one thing he's always wanted?"

So, in short, fics that have one of the Js writing songs about the other, or fics that have the one of them being older than the other (high school, college) and pining.

12 June 2017 @ 07:23 pm
Hello! I'm looking for J2 high school fic. I don't remember much, but I know Jensen moved to a small city where Jared lived. They both attened a really small school with people like Danneel, Genevieve and Katie Cassidy and Matt Cohen. I think Katie and Matt were dating. I remember all of them having a movie night, and they were picking out the movie. J2 agreed on the same movie, when Matt (I think) said something about them finally confessing their love for each other so they talked about it and ended up together. I know I read it on AO3, but I can't remember the name or the tags.
I'm sorry if this is confusing or not enough informations, but it would be amazing if anyone recognized this fic.
Edit: I remembered few other things. Katie and Jensen were trying to get into school play, and Jared gave Jensen his bracelet, that his friends gave to him a long time ago, for luck. I know after the audition Matt and Jared were waiting for Katie and Jensen. Hope this will help.
I am pretty sure it's Dean/Sam, but they are unrelated in this story.
All I remembered from the story is that it was a series and had more than 3 stories,Dean had a piercing in one of the stories,Sam goes to a dance and Dean shows up,Sam and Dean have sex in Dean's car,Dean took Sams virginity,I'm pretty sure Dean called Sam pet names,one lived with Bobby and one with John, pretty sure Dean is older,there might be jealousy and possessiveness and that's all I remember. Hope someone can find it!!!
08 May 2017 @ 06:33 pm
So I am looking for one specific fic I cant find. Here is basically how I can describe it.

Jensen is a senior soon to graduate and he is the pranking king of the boarding school. Jared is a first year who doesn't talk to anyone. Jensen tries to take Jared under his wing and Jared proves to be harder then he thought. I cant remember exactly what was wrong with Jared but I do remember he got bullied at summer camp and is now afraid of water. They end up getting together and I remember in the end Jensen graduates and they are like happily together.

I hope I described that well enough and I did it right, this is my first post on here so don't hate me. Thank you :)
04 April 2017 @ 10:50 pm
I'm trying to track down a fic I have only vague memories of. I believe the Js got together in high school, but then someone - maybe Jared's brother Jeff? - found out and threatened Jensen so he took off without a word to Jared. I remember Jared falling apart when Jensen didn't show up for his graduation. Jared gets kind of wild, drinking and smoking pot. I think it's several years before they reconnect, and Jeff helps Jared find Jensen again in the end. Ringing any bells?

ETA: Found! It's For The Love Of Jensen Ackles, link to Mediafire for pdf in comments. Thanks so much all!
Summary: The prompt: A J2 version of The Ugly Duckling. Jensen is the fat kid at school and Jared either bullies him/is his only friend, but because he's younger he doesn't stand up to the bullies. The boys lose touch but meet again in college where Jensen has lost the weight, but is still very self-conscious and shy. Feelings ensue and they go back home to visit Jensen's family/friend and meet up with the bullies
19 March 2017 @ 06:33 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic that I read a long time ago. I believe that the Js were either in high school or college. The part I remember the most is that Jared and his friends liked to play street hockey and at one point Jared got hurt and had to go to the hospital and Jensen took him. I believe Jensen was popular and hung out in a different crowd then Jared did. If I remembered correctly sandy or maybe Sophia had a crush on Jensen and they started dating. However Jared secretly liked Jensen too. I vaguely remember Jared and his friends hanging out at a local diner in many parts of the story. Jensen eventually starting hanging out with them there too. By the end of the fic Jensen and Jared got together.

Sorry for the lack of details.

Thanks in advance!
Im looking for a Pre-Series Wincest story that was deleted from fanfiction.net, called How Do We Deal? by PoeticallyPathetic19.

In it Sam and Dean are in high school two gunmen come into Sam's class that broke out prison. One of them leaves looking for their kid/daughter. The other guy stays in the class and takes Sam and Dean hostage and makes them make-out and do some other stuff (they both secretly like it but are ashamed/guilty). I'm sure Dean was a senior, and he purposely failed so he could stay in school and keep an eye on Sam.

Offical Summary: An incident at school changes everything for the boys. AU. Wincest.

If anbody knows where this story might be posted elsewhere, or has a copy, I would be extremely grateful!  I've been looking for this fic for weeks, and finally found the name/author only to discover it has been deleted.
Yes I am craving this so bad so any recs for this would be wonderful :)
27 February 2017 @ 07:08 am
Just a couple general searches on one specific.
1) Is their any good stores were sam comes out gay to Dean and John.  (No wincest please)
2) Sam get a boyfriend and introduces him to his family.

3) There is one story i read a long time ago that i haven't been able to find since. Sam had a transgender boyfriend. It was a good story and would love to find that again.

I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!
30 January 2017 @ 06:38 pm
I'm looking for J2 fics were one of the boys outs the other; could be set in high school, college, ect. I'm in the mood for angst so the more angst the better but preferably with a happy ending. Can be either short or long I'm not fussed. Thank you!
20 January 2017 @ 09:41 pm
Hey all!

I'm looking for fics where J1 lives comfortably or is rich and J2 is poor and has low self worth/ is ashamed/sad, etc.

I'm especially interested in fics with this storyline with J2 as kids or teenagers, but I'll definitely take any age! I would love to read fics with rich/popular highschooler!jensen and poor!jared.

Self recs are awesome!

Thanks all! <3
11 January 2017 @ 02:55 am
The fic I'm looking for was from Sam's POV and was fairly long. There was a lot of Sam who was in high school pining for Dean who I don't think was. I remember two scenes clearly.

1) Sam and his girlfriend call Dean from the high school bathroom stall they're hiding in because someone's running around the school with a gun. Dean gets to the school and runs in and finds Sam and the OFC in the bathroom. Dean may have fought the shooter, but I can't remember. They all get out safely.

Second scene )
18 December 2016 @ 09:16 pm
Hey guys :) I was looking for random J2 school stories, no particular story line.
It can be any grade level, college or high school.

If you got any good ones to share that would be cool.
08 December 2016 @ 11:16 pm
HI again !
    I hoping somebody can point me in the direction of a couple good Destiel fic set in Highschool AU .. needs some serious fluff .. needs something to make me smile..  anything  is welcome with  jock dean, nerd cas,  or punk cas, nerd dean, etc... short or long doesnt matter .. thank you a whole bunches. !!
23 November 2016 @ 02:02 am
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Sam injures his shoulder (I think), and a teacher notices that he's carrying his backpack in a weird way, so sends him to the school nurse or smth and they call CPS. They check him out for injuries, I think they find that John has stitched a wound up and are horrified that Sam wasn't given proper pain medication, but I might be wrong there... And they also get Dean in and check him over. They then both go home with one of their teachers, and I think a case ensues, leading to everyone realising that John isn't a bad father and the supernatural exists.
I think I read it on fanfiction.net and not on AO3 and it would've been some time back now, but I desperately want to reread it, so thank you for any help!!!
Cheers, Emily
I read it on AO3 ages ago. It's a high school AU where I think Cas was in theatre group. Students could send in requests for songs and the members of the group had to perform them. Cas and Balthazar got a request to sing Agony from "into the woods". I also remember something about Dean taking cas's artwork and hiding it somewhere.
01 November 2016 @ 07:00 pm
Hi all,

I need some help finding a fic I read a long time ago, It was a high school au in which Jared, Jensen and some of the other CW crew go to high school together I believe one of them transfers to the school I am not quite sure which one. The thing I remember the most is that one of the Js was mute and the other J befriends him. I also remember that the mute J would always be by himself I kind of remember a scene where the mute J was sitting at a picnic table by himself and the other J would make a point to go sit with the other. I know for a fact that it is not "So Few Words" by anyothergirl415, although it is very similar and along same line.

Also if you would like to rec me your Favorite j2 Highschool fics that would be cool too. However no deathfics or ABO theme fics please.

I am sorry for the lack of details of the specific fic

Thanks in advance.
30 October 2016 @ 12:49 pm
Hi All,

I am looking for a J2 fic that I read a long time ago... What I recall is that it is a boarding high school AU (maybe college) where Jensen & Jared are roommates. Jensen was recently released from Juvie and has some difficulty being accepted. They end up in a relationship together. I believe that Jensen had a younger sister who he couldn't see because of his arrest (though I believe his arrest stemmed from him trying to protect her from abuse). Any thoughts?

23 October 2016 @ 11:22 pm

I'm looking for a specific supernatural rpf fic. I believe they were both in high school. Jensen was popular, Jared was a bit of a loner. Jensen was dared to befriend Jared and give him a makeover and get him a date for some sort of school function. Jensen's cousin was a hair stylist I think. Anyway, Jared found out, things got tense, but eventually worked itself out. If anyone has any idea of what story this is, please let me know. Thank you!

Also, I've been reading stories with mute/deaf/blind Sam/Jared and mentally ill/mentally disabled/autistic Sam/Jared and homeless Sam/Jared. I think I've read all that's been posted, but just in case, if you know of anything that is a bit harder to find, like isn't labeled for it, please let me know that too.

Thank you!

Story found! Title:My Problem is You Make Me Melt http://juice817.livejournal.com/200810.html or http://archiveofourown.org/works/6542323?view_full_work=true
I'm looking for a J2 high school fic, where Jared is a shy, mute boy and Jensen is the new kid. He's attracted to Jared immediately, and they begin a relationship. At some point, Jensen gets fed up with all the students and teachers who bully Jared, and he brings a gun to school one day and shoots them. He's arrested, and Jared goes to visit him, but his mom tells him that he can never see Jensen again. The story ends with Jared shooting the rest of the people on Jensen's list so that he can join Jensen in juvie.
17 October 2016 @ 12:56 am
Do you guys know any fics where teachers/coaches (or anyone else who knew the boys as children) see news reports years later saying Sam and Dean are mass murderers and wonder what ever happened to those little boys and/or feel partially responsible for not intervening when they had the chance? I read this one story like that and I thought it was a really cool idea, but I haven't come across any others like it. Preferably gen please. I just want people who met them as kids wondering how they could grow into something so seemingly evil and trying to speculate what could have done that.

Thank you.
24 September 2016 @ 05:48 pm
Hi guys!

Can you please help me find "Working out the Tension?" I saw it recommended here: http://del.icio.us/somersault1509/jock!Jared.

There's a link to a website called Journal Fen by a user called highon_life. When I clicked on the link, it said Not Found.

The description says that Jared has been watching cheerleader!Jensen ever since Jensen had his first day of cheerleading practice. I'd love to read it.

Thank you!
01 September 2016 @ 10:28 pm
Hi all, can you please rec me longer fics that are Destiel or J2, and set in a high school or college/university where both boys are students? I prefer stories over 10,000 words. Please no A/B/O or WIP. You're all awesome!
18 August 2016 @ 09:18 pm
A friend of mine is looking for a J2 fic where they're in high school and start dating. It turns out Jared's family is really negligent and don't care about him, so Jared starts spending a lot more time with Jensen's family. There's one scene where they play basketball and Jared gets hurt and his parents can't be bothered to come check on him, so Jensen's mom takes care of him.

I hope this rings bells with someone, my friend really wants to reread this. Thanks!

ETA: Found! http://myficjournal.livejournal.com/11461.html
13 August 2016 @ 06:32 pm
Today I noticed that a fic I had saved in my AO3 bookmarks had been deleted. I only remember a few things: 1. the title - Sweaters and Cigarettes 2. pairing - Dean/Castiel 3. setting - All Human Highschool AU featuring a punk Cas (with tattooes) and a possibly nerdy Dean. 4. The author's name might have had the word lemon in it.

Therefore, what I am asking is if anyone have a copy of this fic that they can sent to me?

Edit: After doing some further research, I found out the author's name is lemonoclefox. Soon after, I got a copy of the fic from someone on tumblr. However, I'll leave this post up since there might be others that are looking for the fic.
So my friend recently got into the fandom and asked me to share my favorite stories with her . . . except my computer recently crashed and I've lost ALL of my bookmarked stories (wahhh!). I've already googled and re-found my ultimate favorites, but I still wish I had more to share with her.

So I'm asking you to share with me your favorite stories so that I can pass them along. She loves hurt Sam with protective Dean. Gen is ok but wincest is better. No other pairings for the boys please. No short stories or one shots either. The longer/wumpier/angstier the better, really, though happy endings are ideal. =)

She's not completely caught up with the show, so any stories that don't spoil anything after season six would be fantastic (though feel free to share favorites from later seasons as well; she'll just have to wait to read them lol).

AU/cannon/whatever, it's all cool, but she really really loves stories set in high school. Either pre-series or high school AU, whichever. (feel absolutely free to share non high school faves as well, though!)

Thanks bunches!
26 July 2016 @ 10:09 pm
Hello all!

So literally years ago I read a fic wherein Jensen and Jared spend (I think) a summer together at some kind of sport camp? If I remember correctly Jensen played lacrosse and Jared played soccer. They become friends and I think more if I remember correctly.
Also, Jared only wanted to be called JT and no one at the camp knew him as Jared.

At the end of the summer (?) one of them gives the other their number on a piece of paper and they lose it and it's a sad time.
Then they end up at the same college or something and reconnect and then proper relationship.

I'm dying to read this again so if anyone knows wtf I'm talking about please help <3
24 July 2016 @ 04:34 pm
Hey guys I have two specific fics that I'll like to read again after a looong time. I don't remember the names or the subject, but I do remember one scene from each fic.

1) Jensen was abused by his uncle when he was a kid. Jared blurts it out in rage in Jensen's family gathering. Jared was the only one Jensen has ever trusted with this. He felt betrayed that Jared would do this. I think it was a longish fic and very emotional.

2)Jensen was tutoring Jared in high school. I don't remember if Jared was a jock or not but, in one scene I remember Jensen's father coming home during a tutoring session and Jensen getting scared (he might have gotten scared when he hears footsteps on the stairs). I am sorry I don't remember if his father actually hits Jensen in front of Jared or not. But I believe Jared learns about the abuse then.

I know I didn't give much, but I trust you guys' talent :) thank you in advance.
I actually don't have any specific fic in mind this time.

I just wanted any fics where J2 are young, perhaps in high school...and are feeling lonely or depressed? Maybe they have a hard time at school or a bad home life, fearfully closeted, bullied, etc.

Basically what I'm looking for is teen J2 angst where they meet each other and everything gets better / has a happy ending.
06 June 2016 @ 11:21 pm
Hey guys,
I'm trying to find a fic where the boys are in high school and Dean gets stabbed saving a girl from her psycho (ex?)boyfriend on school grounds.
I'm fairly certain that Dean is friends with this girl before the fight/stabbing and she is crying and he is comforting her on a staircase or something.
It might be in a teachers POV though I'm not sure.
Does anybody recognise this fic?

1. I am looking for a story where Dean is beat up by a bunch of guys from his school who are on the football team, he goes to Bobbie's to get help. He's pretty beat up and it turns out that most, if not all of them, were possessed. Bobby comments how it is amazing that he survived. At one point John and Sam arrive , discuss the situation ( it has something to do with Sam's power) they leave Dean alone at Bobby's where I think he gets attacked again. No pairing.

2. A deaged Dean fiction where Dean is 13 -17. Everyone , mostly Sam but Bobby a little too, wants him to stay young but Dean remembered how hard it was to be so pretty at that age. Sam forces him to go to school but he is sexually assaulted by his classmates. Sam has difficulty realizing that Dean is used to being strong and invulnerable . I think the witch that cursed him lives or hangs out on the beach. He eventually finds her.
Found!: The Do-Over

Hey, I'm basically looking for any fic where Sam is taken advantage of by someone outside the family (another hunter, or maybe a teacher) and Dean and/or John find out and are protective/supportive. A few things:

- I'd prefer for the "taking advantage of" to occur preseries, but the fic itself doesn't need to.

- It's totally fine if Sam doesn't realize he was taken advantage of, like if he's 15 and sleeps with someone in their 30s and doesn't know that's wrong. Also totally okay if he's fully aware that something wrong happened but feels like it's his fault.

- Wincest or gen, it doesn't matter to me.

Not sure if there's any fic like this out there at all, but I figured I'd ask just in case.
I'm trying to find this fic where Jared and Jensen are in high school and Jensen is kinda bullying Jared. To get revenge, Jared leaves a love note from a secret admirer telling Jensen to meet after school or something. He plans to embarrass Jensen by revealing that it was actually him that wrote the note or something like that. But when Jensen shows up, it's revealed that Jensen's "bullying" was actually his terrible attempts at flirting and when Jared thought Jensen's friends were laughing at him, they were actually laughing at Jensen's attempts at flirting.
Hi all,
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while ago on AO3, it was Destiel, an AU where Dean was raised by John, and Sam by Mary. Mary and Sam thought Dean died I think, and then Sam meets Dean by chance at a friends house when he's in college, or something. They're still hunters in it, but John doesn't let Dean hunt, Dean does all the research for John-and lives in a small apartment by himself I think-I can't remember why, there was something unusual about Dean, possibly he was an Omega? Dean was just forming a relationship with Cas. When Mary comes to visit, she first disguises herself and observes Dean at the garage where he works, before meeting him at a family barbecue. I think Sam already knew Cas. Sorry, I know that's rather vague. I think it was a WIP, and it was quite long.

I'm also looking more generally for any fics that have Chuck in a fatherly role, particularly high school AUs where Cas' family take Dean in for whatever reason, and Chuck is a father figure, if such exist. Basically anything where Chuck is acting fatherly towards Cas and Dean by extension.
14 May 2016 @ 02:05 pm
Hey, so I read this one a couple of years ago, and I really liked it but now cant seem to find it.

In it, John moves Dean and Sam to a new town right after their Mum dies and they meet Cas and Gabriel right away. They all become friends, with Dean and Cas being best friends. I remember at the beginning there was something about Gabriel eating sand. When Dean and Cas leave for college Gabriel stays behind to look after Sam. When John gets angry and throws a bottle at Sam he and Gabriel go to visit Dean and Cas.

I know the title had something to do with the song Fast Car, but thats it.

Any help would be awesome, and thanks in advance!!!!
21 April 2016 @ 12:08 pm
Hello everyone!

I just remembered a story that I read years ago and really liked, but I can't remember the author or title. It was a longer fic, high school AU, where Dean is depressed and drinking a lot. It starts out with him stumbling home from a party and falling into a lake/pond where he nearly drowned until Castiel, who happened to be walking by, pulled him out/saved him. I'm pretty sure Castiel had a really strict religious/homophobic family, so when they got together, they had sneak out to meet in an empty house that Castiel's family owned. I think there was a scene where Dean was at Castiel's house and Anna hits on/flirts with him as a way to hurt Castiel, but I may be mixing stories with that.

I appreciate any help!
26 March 2016 @ 05:42 pm
Hi Im new to the community. I am looking for fics that have any of the following critieria. It can be jared/jensen or sam/dean

I am looking for stories that fall in one of these categories.

-Jared/Jensen-Friends that turn out to fall in love with each other (It can be one avoidng the other friend when they realize they themselves are in love and thought they were straight before
-Jared/Jensen- Married either fight or divorce due to cheating but happy ending
-Jared/Jensen- Dont like each other either because the person being an ass is in love with the other and thats their way of coping.Or they fall in love later. Please dont include The Play Nice Provisio. I've already read it. Thanks :)
- Stories like True Colors---where someone is mentally handicapped or handicapped in some other way and they fall in love.
-Jared Jensen/Sam Dean Pretending to be a couple but fall in love
Sam/Dean-- High School--no younger than 15/16 either one. But I prefer stories where the older one tries fighting the feelings first or has an issue with it because they are brothers.
14 March 2016 @ 10:05 pm
I was wondering if anyone could help me find this fic. I read it a few years ago, and I would love to re-read it. From what I can remember, Sam and Dean were in a small town by themselves, as John left them there to go on a hunt. Sam is in high school, and is either with Dean or get's together with him early on in the story. I remember a scene, where they play truth or dare and make out in front of their friends, and then it's revealed that they are brothers. I think Dean was a mechanic, and Sam heard some of his classmates talking about how good he looks, but he was outside of school ready to pick Sam up.

Thanks to anyone who can help.
14 March 2016 @ 02:56 pm
Lately I've started to read colle­ge and high school stories even though I­'d been avoiding them before. So I've pr­obably missed a lot of good ones. I'm as­king for recs from that genre, but I wou­ld love to read something that is not to­o clichéd - a lot of those fics are pret­ty much the same, they meet, they fall i­n love, the end. It would be cool if the­re was something else to it too :) for e­xemple, I read that very cool story wher­e Jensen was a DJ in a radio, and Jared ­was a very shy college student who calle­d him every time he was on air, and I lo­ved it. Thanks in advance!
11 March 2016 @ 07:36 pm
I am trying to find a fic I read months ago. J2 were in high school, and either highly attracted best friends, or already lovers. Jared was attacked and beaten by a group of jocks (maybe the lacrosse team?) and he saw Jensen entering the room so thought he was part of the attack. In fact, Jensen had been trying to protect Jared. Jared is hospitalized because of his injuries, and his parents tell him Jensen hasn't been in touch while blocking Jensen's attempts to reach Jared. Eventually the truth comes out but I think it was several years later. Does this ring any bells?
Jared is a highschool freshman who thinks he's in a secret relationship with his older brother's friend Jensen, who is a senior. Sandy is is BFF who thinks their relationship is OTP and is always helping him out. One scene is Jared scribes "property of Jared Padalecki" on Jensen's back during a test. Another has Jared making a 'padacock' for Jensen to take with him to college. In doing this realizes Jared was in the relationship by himself as Jensen thought Jared was tormenting him for no reason!

There is also a second part from Jensen's point of view.

I hope someone out there remembers these.

Thanks in advance.

03 March 2016 @ 05:13 am
Hi! I'm searching for an specific fanfic that I read years ago. I can't remember the title (and google is being of no use)

It's a high school AU where Jensen lives with an abusive father. He has to do all the chores, gets beaten regularly and only has like three pieces of clothe to wear while his younger brother (I believe he was named Josh) gets a nice treatment and everything he needs. He only ever gets a break on his birthday when his mother bakes him a cake and he doesn't have to do anything.
Jensen is friends with Jared, Sophie, Chad and others at school, but they think he's really poor since he never has anything and there's a boy in school who bullies him a lot.

I know eventually Jensen's mom decides to leave his dad, but leaves her kids also, so now Jensen is stuck with him with no one to even try to defend him. And I also remember Jared gets him a Metallica CD that he listens to on his brothers discman, there's a party of some sort where the bully from school tries to attack Jensen and in the end I believe he finally goes to the cops.

Does anyone know this story? I really wanted to read it again.
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29 February 2016 @ 07:31 pm
So lately I've read Homework verse that is pretty classic AU and even though I was skeptical about that fic, I loved it, and I was blown away. Now I'm looking for another fic that consists teacher/student relationship. I know that there is a lot of them out there but I want to read something that is well written, has cool, interesting characters and is memorable. I want teacher!Jensen and student!Jared, it can be college, it can be high school, it can be whatever BUT I don't want Jared to be younger than 15. Any suggestions? :) Thank you so much!
25 February 2016 @ 03:43 am
Jared and Jensen were both in high school, Jensen was a senior. He was president of drama club or something like that and Jared joined this club because he had a crush on him. They became friends but then Jensen went to college. I remember that they almost got together last night of school but somebody interrupted them and it didnt happen. The second part of the story is about them few years later, in New Tork i guess, where they meet by accident on a Street and Jensen is in a relationship.Somebody recognize it?
23 February 2016 @ 09:59 pm
Do any of you know of some good fics with Dean as a high school student trying to take care of Sam? Especially if they still move around a lot and they've just come to town (although that's more a bonus than anything else). Hunters or not, whichever. Cas as a highschool student, if he's in it. General fics are good too. Anything that loosely matches any of that, really, I've just got some anti-John feels right now.
21 January 2016 @ 11:55 pm
I'm looking for a fic. I don't remember much, but I know for sure it was on fanfiction.net.

It takes place in highschool. Dean and Sam become friends and I don't really know much more about it except for one scene where Dean gets a call from Sam's stepfather and he hears sam call for him. When Dean finds sam he is kinda chained up I guess?? And I'm pretty sure he gets stabbed in the arm or something trying to carry sam out. Later he finds out in a hospital, that sam is his brother. Not wincest I'm pretty sure. Not positive though.

I've looked everywhere for this story but I can't seem to find it. I'm worried the author might've deleted the fic, but if anyone knows the story please let me know. It would mean a lot xoxo

//I've never used LJ before so let's hope this gets into the community post thing xD